Adult Historical Costumes

You've never experienced history quite like this! Cavemen and Rococo aristocrats are all waiting for you in our historical costume selection. Pick a period and go back in time, whether you're looking for a Flintstones era look or King Louis XIV. We even have accessories to really make you feel like you're there, such as caveman clubs, jewelry for the ladies, and big powdered wigs. The only thing we don't give you is the time machine!
Men's Regency Duke Costume
Become everyone's favorite handsome Duke this year when you get all decked out in our elegant Regency Duke Adult Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to capture everyone's attention from the moment you walk through the door. If you're on the hunt for stunning Bridgerton inspired costumes, then you can't go wrong with this one. Featuring a sleek black jacket with a high collar and button accents, you're going to love this look.
Adult Patriotic Man Costume
Looking for a fun historical look for the costume party this year? Then look no further than our Patriotic Man Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to take a trip back to ancient Colonial America and get all suited up for battle. Featuring a blue and tan soldier jacket, a pair of matching tan pants, a tan vest, and a white jabot, you're going to love this real American look this year.
Adult Queen Elizabeth Costume
Head to the party wearing the Queen Elizabeth Costume and watch how quickly everybody clears the way for you to make your entrance. With this elegant set, you will receive everything you need to become the one and only Queen of England. Featuring a gorgeous regal red and gold dress with a white stand up collar and a matching gold headpiece, you are not going to want to miss out on this royal attire this year.
Adult Martha Washington Costume
They say that behind every great man is a great woman. Now you can step into the world of one of the greatest women in American history! This Martha Washington Costume for women consists of a stunning one piece dress constructed to look like an elaborate 1700's era outfit: a long, light blue gown underneath a cream colored [jacket?] patterned with blue vertical stripes and a subtle red and green floral design. The dress is detailed with white lace along the cuffs and collar, and ruffled blue edges along the [lapels] of the [jacket] and the hem of the gown. Everything is topped off by a matching cap, making you the spitting image of the first First Lady. Be sure to pay a visit to our Accessories section for additional items such as wigs, glasses, gloves, shoes, jewelry, and more. Show your maternal side by dressing like the mother of our country!
Adult Black Colonial Knickers Costume
Looking for the perfect pair of knickers for your colonial costume this year? Then look no further than our Black Colonial Knickers for Adult! Whether you're dressing up as a colonial soldier or an early American farmer, you're going to be looking your best and more while sporting these great bottoms. Featuring an all black pair of knickers that stop about the knee, you're going to have a blast wearing these fun American pants this year.
Adult Fencing Sword
Get ready to defend your honor this Halloween season! If any monster or beast gets in your way, you have this trusty prop weapon to protect yourself with. Show off your fencing skills and let others know that it isn't wise to mess around with you. Whether you are a musketeer, a fencer, or a knight for Halloween, this Fencing Sword will look absolutely spectacular with the rest of your costume and new look! The blade is approximately 24'' long. On guard!
Adult Colonial Officer Costume
Become a part of history with the Men's Colonial Officer Costume. You'll look like a soldier serving in the Revolutionary War with this officer's uniform. And you know what they say: women love a man in uniform, and this is a very fetching uniform. This costume is era appropriate and especially a must have for history fans. The costume includes the jabot, blue jacket attached white vest, knickers and boot top covers. Make sure to pick a wig for era appropriate hair. Now get out there, and help Washington save our fledgling nation!
Women's Statue of Liberty Costume - Deluxe
Head to the party wearing the Classic Liberty Womens Costume and you'll be looking and feeling stunning as ever in your classic American attire. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a beautiful statue who acts as a symbol of freedom, equality, and liberty. Featuring a gorgeous green gown with an attached drape, as well as a matching green crown headpiece, you won't want to miss out on this great patriotic look this year.
Women's Regency Blue Lace Dress
When it comes to beautiful Bridgerton inspired costumes, we certainly have you covered with our Regency Blue Lace Dress for Adults. Walk into the room donning this gorgeous garb, and you'll certainly be finding love before the night is through. Featuring a stunning pale blue accented dress with white lace glovelettes and a matching shawl, you'll be the star of the show no matter where you go. Check out our stylish wigs, jewelry, and more to complete your Bridgerton costume this year!
Adult Revolutionary Soldier Costume
Head to the party wearing the Revolutionary Soldier Mens Costume and you'll be telling all your friends your best tales from the battlefield. With this patriotic set, you will receive everything you need to become a skilled marksman and master with a musket. Featuring a stylish red and blue jacket vest, a pair of white pants, a white jabot, a set of white cross belts, and a pair of cuffs, you're going to love this historical look.
Women's Statue of Liberty Costume
Head to the party wearing the Statue of Liberty Adult Costume and you'll be preaching the virtues of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness all night long. With this patriotic set of attire, you will receive everything you need to become one of the most iconic symbols in the culture of the USA. Featuring a copper green long gown with an attached drape, as well as a matching crown foam headpiece, you're going to love this American look this year.
Adult American Flag Sequin Dress Costume
Whether you're heading to the 4th of July barbeque or just looking to show your love for your country on any random occasion, you're going to absolutely love wearing our American Flag Womens Sequin Dress this year. With this set, you will receive everything you need to sing your praises to the USA. Featuring a red, white, and blue stars and stripes dress dazzling with sequins, you can't go wrong with this amazing patriotic look.
Adult Alexander Hamilton Costume
Become one of your favorite politicians of historical America this year when you put on our Alexander Hamilton Mens Costume. Head to the party sporting this great patriotic look and you'll be making friends all night long. With this set, you will receive a blue and red long tail coat jacket with gold button accents, a pair of tan pants, a tan vest, and a white jabot to top it all off, you're going to absolutely love sporting this fun American look this year.
Adult Abe Lincoln w/ Hat Costume
Become your favorite American president of all time this year when you get all dressed up in our Abraham Lincoln Mens Costume w/ Hat. With this set, you will receive everything you need to lead the early American nation with honesty and integrity and respect. Featuring a black coat and pants, a gray vest with an attached shirt front, as well as a classic black top hat, you won't want to miss out on this one.
Adult Thomas Jefferson Costume
Take a slice from American history! This Halloween, dress up as one of the founding fathers of our country! You'll transform into one of our nation's heroes in this Adult Thomas Jefferson Costume! The disguise features a long jacket in traditional 18th century style! Add the fancy jabot (the lace dcor around the throat), fancy knickers and stylish vest for a historic Halloween you won't forget!
Adult Union Officer Costume
Head to the party wearing the Union Officer Mens Costume and you'll have everyone ready for war before the night is through. With this stylish soldier set, you will receive everything you need to command your troops like a pro and lead your side to victory. Featuring a blue long jacket with golden buttons and gold accent designs, as well as a matching pair of pants, you're going to love this fun US historical look.
Adult Theodore Roosevelt Costume
Head to the party wearing the Theodore Roosevelt Mens Costume and you'll be the most stylish president in attendance. In addition to being an excellent leader, Teddy Roosevelt was known for being a hunter of all kinds of woodland and exotic animals. Featuring a tan jacket, pants, and a belt, as well as a matching safari hunter hat, a blue bandana, and the classic Teddy glasses and brown moustache, you're going to love this special look.
Adult Henry VIII Costume
You'll be looking absolutely historical this year when you get all decked out in our Henry VIII Costume. Head to the party wearing this fancy get-up and everybody will be treating you like a natural born king. With this set, you will receive everything you need to live on the side of luxury. Featuring a stunning brown fur coat with golden trim, a matching tunic, and a fancy hat, you're going to have a blast sporting this regal attire this year.
Adult Patriotic Uncle Sam Costume
Uncle Sam is always picking people, so it's time that someone picks him! The Men's Uncle Sam Patriotic Costume features a blue jacket with tails and a striped red and white lapel, red and white striped pants and matching bow tie. It also includes a top hat that is red and white striped with a blue around the base that features white stars. This patriotic outfit is perfect for all dress up occasions. Show your colors at Fourth of July or bring the American love to a Halloween party this year! This costume is available in one standard size that is designed to fit most men comfortably. We've got the perfect patriotic accessories to transform you into Uncle Sam like our Uncle Sam Beard and Shoe Buckles Costume Accessory, both sold separately on this website. This is the perfect patriotic for any occasion so get your Men's Uncle Sam Patriotic Costume before they ship out!
Adult Uncle Sam Inflatable Costume
Everyone will want YOU this Halloween in our Uncle Sam Inflatable One-Size Adult Costume! This Uncle Sam costume blows up to an incredible sizealmost as big as your love for your country! You'll turn heads at any Halloween party when you walk in wearing this eyecatching red white and blue inflatable costume!
Adult Cavewoman Brown Costume
Looking for a gorgeous and wild get-up for the costume party this year? Then look no further than our Brown Cavewoman Costume. With this fun set, you will receive everything you need to emerge from the wilderness and party it up with all of your other cave friends. Featuring a beautiful brown animal print dress with jagged edge accents and a black corset, you're going to absolutely love sporting this ancient cavewoman look this year.
Adult Admiral Costume
Either stir the ship with precision through the rough waters and stormy seas or try to command your mighty vessel with power and authority in this striking outfit. Introducing the Admiral Costume! With its respectable and polished look not only is the costume as a whole look stylish but also distinguishes you from other military personnel. Whether you want to be an actual admiral a historical figure of an admiral that is in the history books and one that is very well known or an admiral from your favorite television show or movie this costume is certain to make you look like them. Having that respectable look people are sure to take you seriously and say how professional and sophisticated you look and how awesome in general! Who knows? There might be a few that will think you are an actual admiral if you happen to get in character with this costume.
Adult Regency Collection British Redcoat Costume
Command your troops to take over the colonies! Wear the Men's Revolutionary Reenactment British General Costume and lead the fight against those pesky minutemen. The British Empire shall not fall especially when are in charge. However history cannot be you can keep trying your best. This particular outfit comes as a standard military uniform from its time. It comes as a red gabardine coat with blue accent coloring along the lapel and collar. Brass buttons decorate along front. A white vest and pair of matching trousers are included. Wear the British General costume during historic portrayals theatrical performances and as your choice for Halloween. There are a number of uses for this redcoat ensemble so you will definitely get your quid and pounds worth. Browse through our listing of 2018 Halloween Costume Accessories such as wigs hats stockings and more to make it complete. You can still have fun even if you're on the losing side.
Adult George Washington Costume
Head to the party wearing the George Washington Mens Costume and you'll be telling everyone tales of what it was like to lead the nation as the country's first ever president. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the most revered leader in American history. Featuring a long black jacket with golden buttons, a pair of matching knickers, black and gold cuffs, and a white jabot, you'll be looking regal as ever sporting this special presidential attire.
Adult Usa Flag Skin Suit Costume
What's more patriotic than showing up your next holiday even in the USA Flag Skin Suit Costume for Men. This bodysuit is made out of a stretch material that fits closely and becomes like a second skin! Show your love for the red, white and blue in this incredible skin suit. The body and one of the arms is red and white stripes and the other arm is blue with white stars. Who needs a flag when they can just have you? Be the center of attention next Memorial Day or 4th of July! Where it to a BBQ, parade, or just show your pride for the country you love up and down the streets! Have a great time in this awesome jumpsuit that covers you from head to toe.
Adult Abraham Lincoln Costume
Stand tall this Halloween when you wear the Abraham Lincoln Men's Costume. Do you want to have some fun this Halloween? Then put on this outfit and tend bar. It wouldn't be the first time that Abe was behind a bar. Years before he was elected president Abraham Lincoln was a licensed bartender and co-owner of a saloon. We don't know if he wore his stove pipe hat tending bar but we bet he was a great listener. Everyone knows that he freed the slaves and led the Union to victory during the civil war but not many people know that he signed the act that created the first federal income tax. Every hero has a flaw. But there are no flaws in our costumes it is just perfect for a party. Place an order today using our easy online ordering system.
Adult Cofounding Father Costume
Be a staple in history this Halloween. With the Mens Co-founding Father Costume, you can almost be sure you'll end up on a dollar bill. This ensemble is perfect for any costume occasion, like a Halloween party or class project! It comes with knickers with elastic waist, vest, and jacket. Add some great accessories like a feather pen or hat to complete this look from long ago!
Adult Deluxe Uncle Sam Costume
Halloween is not the only time we dress up. The Adult Deluxe Uncle Sam costume is perfect for the 4th of July or Memorial Day. The brilliant blue gabardine jacket is lightweight and has red and white stripes on the big cuffs and wide lapels as well as red trim along the edges of the long tails. It also has red and white buttons. The white vest front has red trim and a blue bow tie. The costume also comes with gabardine pants with a red and white striped pattern. For the perfect authentic Uncle Sam look, add a white wig, white Uncle Sam beard, white gloves, spats, and a Stars and Stripes Uncle Sam stovepipe hat in foam or fabric. These are all sold separately on this site. This year you can be America's mascot at any patriotic event.
Adult Colonial Woman Costume
This Colonial Woman Costume Adult comes with a dress and bonnet. The blue dress is floor-length, as was the style of the day. It has a small waist, full skirt, lace accents on the long sleeves and white fabric on the bodice. A small blue bow sits in the front of the white bonnet. During the colonial period, women worked as hard as the men. In most homes, tasks were divided by gender. Women's responsibilities including taking care of the children, cooking, cleaning, laundry, sewing, making candles and emptying chamber pots. Fortunately, your lot in life is not as difficult. You have indoor plumbing, electric lights and instead of making your own costume, you can order it from us. Makes a great outfit for Independence Day, Halloween or Thanksgiving.
Adult Southern Belle Costume
Head to the party wearing the Southern Belle Womens Costume and you'll be feeling charming and dashing as ever. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a gorgeous Southern lady who knows a thing or two about manners, charm, and looking absolutely stunning in the sunlight. Featuring an elegant white dress with an emerald green belt, you are going to absolutely love wearing this one of a kind Southern look this year.