Wednesday's child may be full of woe, but our collection of costumes and accessories from the Tim Burton Netflix series, Wednesday, will bring a smile to even the most morose Addams Family fan.

If you're looking to embrace your inner (or outer) goth child, you can't go wrong with a Wednesday Addams costume. Choose from among her most iconic looks in the series: her custom black-and-grey school uniform, the tulle dress she wore at the Rave'n dance, or her classic black midi dress with the white cuffs and collar.

If you're a different kind of creature of the night, we've got just the thing for you. From the blond wig with blue and pink highlights to the standard-issue blue Nevermore Academy uniform, you can transform into everyone's favorite soon-to-be werewolf sidekick, Enid Sinclair. Get your claws out, put your uniform on, and braid your hair - classes are now in session.

From Halloween to cosplay events to everyday melancholia, our range of Wednesday Addams costumes will ensure no one underestimates your apathy ever again.