60s Decade Costumes & Accessories

Kid's Hippie Costume
Spread the message of peace love and understanding to your child. Start with the Hippie Costume for Kids. Included in this colorful set are pants and a shirt with attached vest. The vibrant pants feature a pattern of flowers in red orange yellow green and blue. Flowers represent peace for the members of the hippie counterculture in the 1960s and 1970s. That is a great message to convey and we all should continue to strive for peace. The white long sleeve shirt features a v-neck with collar and attached is a vest with the same floral print. Blue fringe trims the bottom of the vest. Forget about all those dark and scary costumes that you have seen. Order this bright and cheery outfit. Place an order today and take advantage of our low prices quick shipping and great service. Sandals eyeglass frames wig bandana jewelry and flower are not included.
Adult Black Patent Go Go Disco Boots
Embrace the swinging style of the 60's this Halloween with the Adult Black GoGo Boot. You won't be able to resist showing off your grooviest moves when you're sporting footwear that was made for dancing. This product is an excellent addition to any GoGo dancer costume.
Adult Mod Girl Costume
You'll be looking groovy as ever this year when you waltz into the party donning the Mod Girl Womens Costume. If you're looking for a truly colorful psychedelic look, then you certainly don't want to miss out on this one. Featuring a colorful pink, blue, and yellow top, a pair of bright pink pants sporting hearts and peace signs, as well as a matching head scarf, you're going to fall in love with this incredible hippie look this year.
Kid's Peace Lovin Hippie Costume
Teach your child the value of peace love and understanding and start by ordering the Peace Lovin' Hippie Costume for Girls. The dress includes an attached vest and comes with a coordinating headband and fringe boot tops. In the 1960s and 1970s young people rebelled against the older generations and that was reflected in the way they dressed. Long hair for men and colorful clothes for all was in fashion. They wanted and end to war and preached for peace not bad values to have. Flowers representing peace and love were used often in fashion. Real flowers were worn in the hair and clothes featured flower patterns just like our mini dress. The v-neck dress also has long sleeves that are a little flared at the end. The attached brown vest is trimmed in fringe and accented with a colorful peace symbol flowers the word peace. Glasses and jewelry are not included.
Adult Long Black Hippie Wig
Transform your look into a psychedelic showstopper with this Adult Long Black Hippie Wig. This long, layered hair is a great addition to any 60's or 70's hippie costume, and the yellow headband can be removed to make this wig perfect for a variety of other costumes as well! Strut to the beat of your own drum with this free-spirited look that's sure to unleash your inner flower child. For festivals and Halloween parties alike, don't be afraid to show the world your wild side. So get ready to express yourself and spread a whole lot of love in this light-weight, comfortable wig that will stay on your head all night.
Adult Black Dream Leader 1960's Wig
You'll be inspiring everyone you see this year with sage advice and words of wisdom when you put on our Leader of Dreams Wig. Walk into the party donning this gorgeous black wig, and you'll be making speeches and rallying your friends around important causes all night long. Featuring a black short-haired wig that will pair with a whole variety of costumes and looks from our site, you certainly don't want to miss out on this special wig.
Adult White Patent Go Go Disco Boots
Be a groovy go-go dancer for Halloween in the Adult White Gogo Boots! These gorgeous white boots will look great with your ?60s costume. If you don't want to go retro, put on a show in your pop star costume or add some sexy style to your angel ensemble with these amazing boots.
Adult White Patent Go Go Heeled Boots
Head to the party donning the GoGo Shoes - White and you'll be getting questions about your stylish shoes all night long. With this set, you will receive just the pair of shoes you need to pair with the rest of your mod girl or hippie costume. Featuring a high white GoGo boot shoe with a zipper on the side for ease, you're going to feel like a true diva donning these gorgeous kicks on your feet.
Adult Go Go Girl Costume
Do you love to dance? Do you wish you'd had the chance to be a go-go dancer in the Swinging Sixties? Transport yourself to the not-so-distant past in the Go-Go Girl Costume for Women! When you wear this dress head scarf and necklace you'll feel like you belong in a 60s nightclub or an Austin Powers movie. The fashionable black minidress has bell sleeves and features rainbows large pink hearts small white hearts and little blue stars. The matching head scarf will make you feel like a groovy chick and the peace sign necklace will show everyone what you stand for. You can dance your heart out in a small medium or large costume. Make sure you get the perfect pair of go-go boots to complete your fun ensemblealmost any color will look great with this multicolored dress. Go-go order the Go-Go Girl Costume before they all go-go to other customers!
Kids Silver Metallic Go Go Disco Boots
Tear up the dance floor while showing off some seriously groovy dance moves thanks to shoes that will really put in the mood for psychedelic fun. Add a touch of retro flair with the aid of the Silver Child GoGo Boot. Just in time for this Halloween it's a perfect shoes to go along with your GoGo Dancer costume.
Fake Jumbo Marijuana Cigarette
Complete your rebellious retro look with the Fake Jumbo Marijuana Cigarette. This accessory includes a realistic large white marijuana cigarette prop. Add some humor to any 60s or 70s themed costume with this affordable item.
Men's Brown 1960's Hippie Singer Wig
You'll be looking and feeling like you belong in the Beatles this year when you get all dressed up with our Singer 60's Wig. Ringo Starr and John Lennon would certainly be proud if they caught you wearing this stylish brown wig. Featuring a dark brown classic 60's singer hairdo that will pair perfectly with a moustache and pair of glasses from our site, you're not going to want to miss out on this Beatles inspired look.
60s Go-go Brown Wig
Dressing up as a mod girl or hippie this year? Then don't miss out on our Adult 60's Brown GoGo Wig! With this look, you will receive just the wig you need to become a fashionable 60's diva who knows her true worth. Featuring a gorgeous set of brown hair that flows and comes down past the shoulders, you're going to love this special wig. Pair with a matching hippie or mod costume from our site and you're sure to have a fun night like never before!
Kid's Flower Power Costume
Attention ladies and gentlemen, the train is pulling in to Funkytown station! Introduce your child to a time of peace, love, and granola with this groovalicious kid's Flower Power Halloween Costume. Included is a psychedelic vest hemmed in bright red fringe and patterned in a floral design with all the colors of a 1970's rainbow. A pair of matching color pants flare out into bell bottoms, while a simple black tube top ties it all together and proves once and for all that we can all just get along. Your kid will have a far out time getting to know their Awe Sooky Sooky side, and you'll dig the vibes when you see the reflection of your own awesome possum years. Take it to the max by accessorizing with 70's era wigs, jewelry, footwear, and more. And at the end of the day, don't forget to just let it all hang out. LOO-kin' GOOOOOOOD!
Women's Groovy Fringe Bell Bottom Pants with Belt
Be the grooviest chick at Woodstock (or the Halloween party) in the Adult Hippie Pants with Belt! These form-fitting denim pants flare at the bottom and are adorned with brown fringe and a vivid tie-dyed pattern. Tie the long brown belt around your waist and show off your Swinging Sixties style!
Adult Adjustable Tie-on Jumbo Peace Necklace
Promoting peace and harmony is almost like a second job, but with these peace sign necklaces, you can get the message across with ease. It features a jumbo metal peace sign pendant with a rope necklace tie-on. This item is ideal for a hippie or go-go dancer costume.
Adult Groovy Girl Costume
You'll be the hippest girl in the room when you walk into the party wearing our Adult Groovy Girl Costume. If you're looking for a costume that is oozing with joy and good vibes, then you can't go wrong with this one. With this set, you will receive a purple fringe tunic with a turquoise shrug, a pair of psychedelic print pants with purple flare out bottoms, a brown headband, and a colorful peace sign necklace to top it all off.
Adult Hippie Peace Fringe Handbag
Add some flair to your Hippie costume with this stylish Hippie Hand bag. This costume accessory is a brown hand bag with faux suede fringe a psychedelic pattern peace sign detail and multi-colored handles. You'll be ready to get groovy with this hand bag
Adult First Lady Costume
Look like Jacqueline Kennedy, America's most famous First Lady this Halloween with the Womens First Lady Costume. This Halloween costume features a pencil skirt that ends just above the knee, a pink pill box hat, and a pink suit with a double breast swing jacket, three-quarter sleeves, and a crew neck with no lapel. Look like the First Lady, and complete the look with white gloves, black 60s sunglasses, oversized pearl choker necklace, purse and shoes, sold separately. Be the smartest, most influential-looking of your friends this year. People will know your appreciation of one of history's most influential women as well as your knowledge of history and politics when you wear the Womens First Lady Costume to your Halloween party.
Women's Blonde Mod 1960's Wig
Make a groovy entrance to your next Halloween costume party with this fabulous wig! The 60s Mod Blonde Wig for Adult is a wig that has long blonde hair down the back and short bangs in the front. Stylize this wig with a nice headband and you'll become one rockin' mod superstar!
Sexy White Boots
If you're looking to really make a fashion statement at the party this year, then you don't want to miss out on these Sassy White Boots. With this pair, you will receive a stunning set of white high heel boots that are designed with some real curves and style. Perfect for a hippie or mod girl costume, you're going to feel like a billion bucks or more while donning these gorgeous white shoes on your feet.
Hippie Wig With Headscarf
Head to the party wearing the Adult Hippie Wig w/ Headscarf this year and you'll be making new friends all night long. Engage in meaningful conversations about the meaning of life and share your philosophy on free love all while donning this magical wig atop your head. With this great headpiece, you will receive a beautiful brown curly wig complete with a rainbow tie-dye headscarf to really complete your groovy psychedelic look for your costume this year.
White Mod Sunglasses
Go back in time to the Mods of the 1960s with the White Mod Sunglasses. These sunglasses have stylish white frames and black tinted lenses. Simply wear this with a matching Mod costume and you'll be a part of the English artistic avant garde.
Hippie Fringed Boot Tops
The 60s were a long time ago but the 21st century could use some hippie attitude. We could all use a little more peace and love in our lives and you'll embody that spirit in the Fringed Hippie Boot Tops. Slip these brown fringed boot tops on and transform your favorite pair of shoes into far-out footwear from a different decade.
Women's Black Beehive Wig
You'll be feeling like the Queen of Darkness this year when you get all dolled up with our Black Beehive Wig. If you're on the hunt for a wig that exudes power, mystery, and beauty all at once, then look no further than this special hairdo. Featuring an all black wig with a towering set of hair with a red jeweled accent on the front, you are definitely not going to want to miss out on this stunning look this year.
Adult Hippie Groovy Set Male Costume
You'll have everyone feeling one with the Earth this year when you show up to the party wearing our Mens Groovy Hippie Set. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a wise sage hippie who preaches nonviolence and free love for all. Featuring a beige shirt with an attached fringe vest printed with groovy designs, as well as a matching colorful headband, you're going to love this spirited look this year.
Adult Hippie Headband, Pendant and Glasses
Siiick, dude! This Hippie Kit is one for the books. It includes a comfy headband with rose-colored glasses and a peace pendant. Pair this set with your own tye-dye gear for a totally far out look. Order online today! Shirt not included.
Adult Hippie Costume
You'll be the wisest guy in the room this year when you walk into the party wearing the Groovy Hippie Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to stop all the violence in the world and bring people back to their deep roots in the Earth. When you're wearing this psychedelic hippie look, you'll have everyone singing by the fire, feeling the wind at their skin, and remembering why they came alive.
Kids Flower Costume
Do your grandparents always talk about how great the 60s were and you wish you could've experienced the decade yourself? Unfortunately time machines don't exist yet but we have the next best thing: the Flower Child Costume for Girls! This groovy hippie costume can be ordered in small medium or large and includes a shirt a pair of pants and a head scarf. You'll exude 60s style in the comfortable blue bellbottom pants. The lovely floral shirt has bell sleeves and is a vivid sight in pink purple turquoise orange green and yellow. Once you put on the matching head scarf you'll look like you're ready to rock out at Woodstock or attend a drum circle. The 60s were all about peace and love two things everyone could use a little more of. That amazing decade was outta sight and you will be too when you wear the Flower Child Costume!
Kids White Patent Go Go Disco Boots
Want to be the envy of all your friends this Halloween? They'll be so jealous when they see you in the Child Silver Gogo Boots! These metallic silver boots will look great with a far-out 60s costume, or you can be a fierce superhero or an alien from another world. You'll love these spectacular silver boots so much that you'll want to wear them every day!