Catwoman Costumes & Accessories


Become a shadowy feline who knows a thing or two about scaling buildings, doing backflips, and kicking butt this year when you get all decked out in one of our stylish Catwoman costumes from our Catwoman collection. Whether you're looking for a classic Catwoman get-up, a Cat Noir look, a wig, or a pair of goggles, we have all the best Catwoman options for adults, kids, and babies alike! Team up with Batman and Robin and stroll through Gotham in style all while donning one of our killer DC Comics costume looks this year.

Adult Dark Knight Catwoman Costume
Share your excitement about the new The Dark Knight Rises movie with the Sexy Batman The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Women's Costume. This costume includes a form fitting black jumpsuit with 3/4 sleeves, a wide black belt with a molded gray buckle, elbow length black gloves, a pointy black Catwoman headpiece, and a pointed black eyemask. Catwoman is a super villain in Batman comic books, games, shows and movies. She is a skilled gymnast and burglar, and has sharp retractable claws, bullwhips and a cat o'nine tails. This outfit is based on her look from the 2012 movie ?The Dark Knight Rises.? You can complete the costume with accessories like black and brown wigs, tall black faux leather boots and heels, and black eyelashes, sold separately on our website. Also be sure to check out our other Batman costumes, easily found elsewhere on our website for a fun group costume.
Deluxe Catwoman Girl's Costume
Cat woman is the cunning and skilled woman thief from the famous Batman franchise. This costume includes a one piece black jumpsuit, molded eye mask replicated after the Catwoman eye mask from the new Batman movie The Dark Knight Rising and molded belt. Make sure to include some additional accessories such as a fashionable pair of shoes and some matching jewelry to make this ensemble complete. Catwoman is a favorite amongst girls because not only is she tough and independent she is able to hold her own against the caped crusader himself. Unlike Batman, Catwoman doesn't have such a strict set of morals but that's part of what makes her so interesting. This is going to be a big hit this year which makes it a great choice for a Halloween costume.
Kids Dark Knight Catwoman Costume
Your girl will look as sassy as her favorite Batman character when she wears the Catwoman Costume for Girls. This costume includes a black jumpsuit with a front zipper detail and attached boot tops, a wide black utility belt, headpiece and a shiny black molded eye mask. Catwoman is a super villain in Batman comic books, TV shows and movies. She is known for her athletic and gymnastic abilities, burglary skill, and tight black costumes with climbing spikes and retractable claws. She uses a bullwhip and cat o' nine tails for self-defense and for gymnastic stunts. Whether your girl likes to watch Batman TV shows, saw the Catwoman movie or is excited about the new The Dark Knight Rises, she's sure to enjoy this authentically detailed costume. Be sure to check out our other super hero costumes, easily found elsewhere on our website for a fun group costume.
Child Catwoman Blister Kit
Your child will have everything she needs to step into the shoes of the coolest lady in Gotham with our Catwoman Blister Kit Child! She'll receive a 2018 Halloween Masks and glovelettes that will make her feel as confident and deadly as Catwoman herself. When she goes trick-or-treating in these 2018 Halloween Costume Accessories she's sure to give Batman a run for his money!
Girls' DC Superhero Girls Catwoman Costume - Deluxe
Your daughter will be scaling the walls and doing backflips this year when she's all dressed up in our Catwoman Girls Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your tyke into an acrobatic feline superheroine who can handle herself in any battle. Featuring a purple jumpsuit with an attached cat tail, attached black gauntlets, boot tops, and a belt, as well as a purple cat ears mask, she's going to love this purrfect look.
Adult Mischievous Cat Costume
You'll be pouncing and purring through all of Gotham City this year when you put on our Mischievous Womens Cat Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the slick and mysterious Catwoman. Featuring a sleek black unitard jumpsuit with a matching headpiece with attached cat ears, you can't go wrong with this DC Comics inspired get-up. Join Batman and Robin and go take down an entire ring of criminals and villains while donning this special suit!
The Batman Adult Selina Kyle Costume
Shes not your average cat ladyShes the cunning, strong, and dangerous Catwoman! As Gothams infamous jewel thief, Catwoman aka Selina Kyle continually evades Batmans capture, but sometimes the Bat and the Cat team-up! In the DC Comics movie, The Batman, they try to take down the dangerous Riddler together. Get ready to play a game of cat and mouse with Batman in this officially licensed Adult Selina Kyle Costume! This costume features Catwomans stunning black leather-looking jumpsuit styled with printed zipper and buckle details and padded elbow and knee details. Also included is a 3/4 black overhead mask with subtle cat ears.
Women's The Dark Knight Rises Sexy Catwoman Wig
You'll be the cat's meow in our officially licensed Women's The Dark Knight Rises Sexy Catwoman Wig. Sleek, shiny, and ready to go, this high-quality wig is crafted from life-like synthetic materials, so you can look like the real deal for all your fabulous adventures, and your wig will remain comfortable and stay securely on your head through it all. Add a touch of sass and seduction to your Selina Kyle costume this year with this authentic accessory, styled after Anne Hathaway's hair in the 2012 film. Channel all your inner strength and confidence as you step onto the scene in style with a long, dark, cascading brown wig that's sure to make you feel unstoppable. Whether you're attending a costume party, a themed event, or a comic convention, step into the shoes of Batman's most notorious love interest and command any room you walk into. Step out of the shadows and show everyone your inner bad girl with an iconic accessory that's sure to turn heads. What are you waiting for? Gotham needs you. Ready your whip and show up looking and feeling your best for a whole night of wickedly good fun.
Women's Batman Returns Catwoman Overhead Mask
Dressing up as Catwoman this year? Then don't forget to pick up the Catwoman Adult Mask! With this fun accessory, you will receive just the mask you need to become everybody's favorite feline supervillain turned superhero. Featuring a sleek black mask with stitch mark embroidering, you're going to have a blast donning this special headpiece. Team up with Batman and Robin and go thwart the evil plans of the Joker and his cronies, all while wearing this fun DC Comics mask.
Adult DC Comics Catwoman Costume
Let your naughty side shine through with our Grand Heritage Catwoman Costume Adult. This Batman outfit includes an eye mask, necklace, jumpsuit, belt, gloves, and ears. Copy the gorgeous look portrayed by Julie Newmar in this skintight bodysuit. The necklace and pointed claws of this catsuit point to this villain's lifestyle as a cat burglar. Catwoman, aka Selina Kyle, walks a thin line between crime and justice. She has often flirted with the two sides of her character, changing from crime to crime-fighting. She has also flirted with Batman from time to time! Enhance your beautiful burglar look with superhero accessories like a whip, high heels, bright lipstick, a sack of money, or leather clothing pieces. Attend your next comic convention or Halloween party in style with our women's retro Catwoman costume.
Kids Dark Knight Catwoman Costume
Prowl the rooftops and alleyways of Gotham City dressed in a costume that will leave you feeling ready for a heist at Wayne Manor. The Tween Girls DC Catwoman Costume is here to help transform your night of Halloween mischief into a comic book themed adventure. Based off her look from the hit Dark Knight Rises movie this Catwoman outfit features a distinctive domino eye 2018 Halloween Masks with attached ears for a distinctive look that will put a smile on the face of any Selina Kyle fan.
Women's The Batman Selina Kyle Overhead Mask
Catwoman is a complex character whose moral compass doesnt always point towards good since she is Gothams number one cat burglar. However, her criminal activities are usually for the greater good making her a true anti-heroine. Become everyones favorite jewel thief with this Adult Selina Kyle Overhead Deluxe Mask. This officially licensed mask is the one worn by Selina Kyle in the DC Comics movie, The Batman. Made from comfortable fabric, this black mask resembles a burglars ski mask but with subtle cat ear details making it the cats meow!
Adult Dark Knight Catwoman Costume
You'll be the talk of the town this year when you pounce into the party wearing our Catwoman Adult Costume. With this set, you will receive just the Catwoman get-up you need to be looking slick, sassy, and ready for action. Featuring a sleek black jumpsuit, a matching black printed belt, and a cat ears eye mask, you're going to love donning the look of this powerful feline superhero. Team up with Batman, Robin, and the rest of the Gotham gang this year, and your night will surely be one to remember.
Women's The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Goggles
Complete your dazzling outfit with the addition of the Catwoman Deluxe Goggles Women's Mask. The goggles feature a see-through visor for an incredible look that will enhance the allure of your disguise. Pair with one of our Catwoman costumes for the most extraordinary ensemble at any Halloween party.
Girls' The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Wig
Make this Halloween a memorable one for the whole family with this officially licensed Girls' The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Wig. Let your little one embrace her dark side with this realistic hairpiece, the perfect accessory to help her live out her superhero dreams. This dark brown, voluminous wig is made from high-quality synthetic fibers, designed to look and feel like real hair, to be comfortable on the skin, and stay securely in place for a whole night of fighting crime and causing trouble. With its sleek and edgy look, your child is sure to look fierce and feel inspired to be her most powerful, most authentic self. Whether she's dressing up for a Halloween party, a themed dress up night, or a comic convention, this long flowing hair is the perfect finishing touch for an infamous costume she won't soon forget. With this durable wig, finely crafted to replicate the likeness of Selina Kyle from the 2012 film, she'll embody all the sass and charm of Batman's notorious adversary without any hassle. Get ready to pounce and reclaim the night as your favorite mysterious vigilante, and prepare for a Halloween full of mischievous fun. Don't be afraid of the dark - embrace it.
Girls' The Batman Selina Kyle Overhead Mask
Has your kid been practicing their martial art and acrobat skills? Then they can show them off in a Catwoman costume! Selina Kyle is teaming up with Batman in the DC Comics movie, The Batman, to help save Gotham from the dangerous Riddler. Complete their Catwoman costume with this officially licensed Child Selina Kyle Overhead Mask. Resembling a ski mask, this black mask has an open bottom half and subtle cat ear details. Made from fabric, this Catwoman mask is easy to wear and comfortable.
Women's The Batman Selina Kyle Wig
Looking for the perfect addition to your Catwoman costume? We've got just the thing! Our Women's Officially Licensed Batman Selina Kyle Wig features a striking brunette pixie-cut hairstyle with a deep brown copper color, creating a sexy, catlike look that's sure to impress this Halloween. Being a cat burglar will come naturally when you're wearing this sleek accessory, so it's time to let the claws come out and fight some crime alongside Batman! You'll be looking picture purr-fect all night long.
Adult DC Comics Catwoman Costume
The Adult's DC Comics Catwoman Costume will have everyone loving your new look. This outfit comes with everything you need so you won't need to worry about getting any other 2018 Halloween Costume Accessories. You will get a headpiece belt jumpsuit and boot tops to transform your new look!
The Batman Child Selina Kyle Costume
Let your kid test their stealth and cat-like reflexes as the infamous Catwoman! In the DC Comics movie, The Batman, Selina Kyle aka Catwoman, teams up with the Caped Crusader. Now your child can help Batman take down the dangerous Riddler in this officially licensed Selina Kyle Costume! This costume features Catwomans black jumpsuit that has printed buckle and zipper details with an easy back closure. The jumpsuit has a leather-like look and padded elbow and knee details. The included mask is a 3/4 black overhead mask with subtle cat ears. In this costume, your child will be the purr-fect Catwoman!
Adult Dark Knight Catwoman Costume
Looking for the purr-fect villain costume to wear this Halloween? The Collectors Edition Catwoman Costume For Women will have you feline strong and sexy! Batman will have a hard time resisting you when he sees you in this formfitting black ensemble so you just might get away with your evil deeds.
Adult DC Comics Catwoman Costume
Turn a few heads this Halloween with our Women's Supreme Catwoman Costume. Catwoman knows how to command a room but she also knows how to slip away to grab the goods when no one is looking. Bring that skill set to your holiday celebrations by attracting and then disappearing with a Bruce Wayne of your very own.
Baby/Toddler DC Comics Catwoman Costume
Meow! The Dark Knight Trilogy - Catwoman Costume - for Toddlers is the purrfect way for your little comic book fan to show off their love of superheroes. Whether your toddler prefers the reformed Selina Kyle who fights the criminals of Arkham Asylum by Batman's side in order to save the people of Gotham. Or if she is a fan of the mysterious cat thief with a love of shiny objects and purloined pearls. This officially licensed costume ensemble will let your little one recreate their favorite comic book cartoon or movie moments for Halloween cosplay or dress up. This dark blackish grey jumpsuit features attached black arm cuffs and matching attached black boot tops. Your child's everyday shoes will look like actual superhero boots! A matching attached molded black belt keeps your toddler's gadgets close at hand. Futuristic sporty circle details adorn the jumpsuit and a front facing zipper runs the length of the torso for convenience. The included headband features attached thin bl