Brunette Wigs

Boys' Aquaman Beard and Wig Set
Enhance your child's Aquaman transformation this year with our Boys' Aquaman Beard and Wig Set, ensuring they sport a full-grown beard as a vital part of their heroic ensemble. This comprehensive set includes everything required to make your young one resemble more than just a hint of stubble. Comprising a realistic wig featuring long brown hair and an accompanying matching beard, your child is bound to emanate the appearance of a mature and rugged sea king while engaging in oceanic conversations with aquatic creatures and battling notorious supervillains. Elevate their Aquaman portrayal to a whole new level of authenticity with this meticulously crafted wig and beard set. Dive into the world of underwater heroics and epic adventures by securing this fantastic accessory – order now and watch your child become the ultimate ruler of the seas in both appearance and spirit!
Jesus Easter Wig and Beard Set
Put a bit more religious aspects into your appearance using the Mens Jesus Easter Wig and Beard Set. Jesus was well-known for sporting long locks and facial hair. Now, you can too during plays and other performances. You receive a wig with brown, curly hair along with a matching beard piece. It also comes with a crown of thorns headband. Wear this all during church events or remove the crown and use the rest for all kinds of creative ideas. Check out other items on our website for fitting supplies.
Women's Classic Wonder Woman Wig
Let your inner hero shine through this Halloween with this Women's Classic Wonder Woman Wig. Transform yourself into one of the most iconic superheroes of all time when you top off your costume with an accessory that'll make you look and feel as fierce as DC's Amazonian warrior princess herself. With this realistic wig, you'll strike fear into the hearts of villains everywhere, day and night. Crafted from high-quality synthetic fibers, this light-weight wig is designed to be comfortable and secure, so you can stay care-free and confident as you take on your destiny, knowing your wig won't let you down. Forget expensive box dyes and styling products - this easy-to-use hairpiece will help you to look your best in an instant. Complete your costume with this voluminous wig for an effortlessly powerful look. Whether you're taking center stage at a costume party or getting in character for your next comic convention, this beautiful hairpiece is sure to turn heads. Heroes and villains alike won't be able to resist your magnetic charm. Now is your time to shine. So ready your Lasso of Truth, make a statement, and save the day in style with the ultimate accessory for your superhero ensemble.
Women's Stranger Things Barb Wig
Someone has to be the responsible friend, and there's no better example than Barb from Stranger Things. Add this Women's Stranger Things Barb Wig to your costume or cosplay to nail Barb's sassy attitude and signature look. Styled in her signature updo with high-quality synthetic materials, this wig perfectly encapsulates Barb's character and will put the finishing touches on your outfit.
Girls' WW84 Wonder Woman Wig
Whether your daughter is taking on the Cheetah or just hanging around with all her superhero buds in the Justice League, she'll certainly be looking and feeling her best and most powerful when she's wearing our Girls' WW84 Wonder Woman Wig! Featuring locks of gorgeous synthetic brown flowing hair, this look will be no doubt be a hit amongst your favorite little girl's friends. Whether she's ruling the playground, fighting against injustice, or conquering any challenges that come her way, she'll do so in style with this amazing wig this Halloween! This year's costume party is in the bag.
Women's Secret Wishes WW84 Wonder Woman Wig
You don't have to be Lynda Carter to look and feel like a true superhero! Walk into the party wearing the Women's Secret Wishes WW2 Wonder Woman Wig with the rest of your Wonder Woman look and you'll be sure to drop some jaws! If you're on the hunt for a truly stunning set of hair for your superhero costume this year, then look no further than this little gem. Featuring a gorgeous set of long and flowy brown hair with a shiny headpiece, you'll be feeling like a superhero and a diva all at once while sporting this beautiful wig. You'll be ready to save the day in an instant!
Brown Afro Wig
Channel your inner disco diva or groovy guy in this Brown Afro Wig for Adults. This afro is brown, bold and full of volume to help you capture the style of the 70s instantly. This is the perfect way to top off your costume for Halloween or 70s themed parties this year.
Women's Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Wonder Woman Wig
Save the day with this licensed Women's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Wig. Day or night, the ultimate hero needs the perfect accessory. Whether you're fighting for justice or just trying to win a costume contest, this high-quality wig is exactly what you've been looking for to complete your heroic look. Made from comfortable and high-quality materials, this affordable wig will give you the silky brown locks of DC's favorite warrior princess. Complete with Wonder Woman's signature golden headband, this shoulder-length synthetic wig will help you replicate all the beauty and power of the star-studded champion herself. Ready your Lasso of Truth, and take on the day with this gorgeous wig that'll make you feel strong, independent, and unbeatable. Perfect for Halloween, comic conventions, themed parties, and more! Wear this wig and fearlessly face the forces of evil, without the hassle. This wig is designed to stay in place through all of your adventures, so you can focus on spreading truth and justice in style. Fans of the DC Comic universe rejoice! Let your inner superhero come alive with a look that's sure to help you leave your mark on the world. And remember always to "fight for those who cannot fight for themselves."
70S Dude Wig
You'll be looking like a truly psychedelic dude this year when you're sporting our 70's Adult Dude Wig. Whether you're hitting the disco or hanging out with a guitar by the fire with all of your friends, this disco hippie wig will certainly serve you well. With this one, you will receive a stunning brown wig with hair that comes down a little over the shoulders. Perfect with a disco fever or groovy hippie costume, you're not going to want to miss out on this 70's wig.