Adult Ride-on Costumes

Why dress up as one thing when you can dress up as two? Play a rider and the horse (or whatever you choose) with one of our many ride-on costumes! Whether you want to take a ride on a cowboy's horse, an alien, or even Santa Claus, we can make that dream a reality for a day. Give your chosen steed a spin and you'll never want to travel on your own two legs again!
Adult Ride a Pig Costume
Wait...How many people are part of this costume? At first, people might think that there are two people, and that is for a good reason. But in reality, it's just you! How is that possible then? You enter the pig costume through the back, and give the illusion that you are riding on top of someone else. Interesting, right? Make a one of a kind entrance during your next festival, costume party, or even Halloween party with this unique costume! The costume has a 34'' pull up waist.
Adult Presidential Piggy Back Costume
You can have everyone hooting and hollering at this great costume. The Presidential Piggy Back Costume is a look that will have all eyes on you. The costume includes an inflatable jumpsuit with battery operated fan. Your president has your back on this one. Pick up the Presidential Piggy Back Costume for an original look that will turn heads.
Adult Ride an Ostrich Costume
Go on a costumed journey to find the world's most beautiful animals! Purchase the Ride an Ostrich Adult Costume today and have fun! This incredible neutral toned one-piece jumpsuit comes with an attached ostrich. Wear boots or sneakers to complete the look. Also accessorize with gloves and a hat. All accessories are sold separately.
Adult Ride on Shark Costume
People are friends, not food, and we guess that is why this shark is giving you a lift. The Men's Ride on Shark Costume is an all-in-one pants outfit features a gray shark with a pair of legs on its shoulder. On back is a tail fin and a dorsal fin. Sharks have gotten a bad rap as man-eating predators, but sharks who attack usually do it in error and stop once they realize how bad people taste. These sea creatures live all over the globe. Some live in coastal regions, other in the ocean sea and in deep waters. There is even one species, the bull shark, that will swim in brackish and fresh waters. Costume is easy-to-wear, lightweight and fit most people who wear up to a 34-inch waist
Adult Ride In St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Costume
Head to the party wearing the Adult Leprechaun Rider Costume and you'll be introducing everyone to your magical leprechaun buddy all night long. With this set, you will receive everything you need to hop atop the back of a leprechaun and take him with you wherever you go. Featuring a pull on pants leprechaun costume with attached blue rider legs, you're not going to want to miss out on this great Irish look this year.
Adult Ride a Horse Pull-On Pants Costume
Ride the night away this Halloween with a costume that'll really net you some laughs. The Ride a Horse Pull-on Pants Adult Costume is a great wacky outfit, perfect for jokesters and those who just love not taking things too seriously. This product is made from Polyester materials. You can match the Ride a Horse costume with any number of tops, but particularly Wild West themed ones. The faux legs are a great addition, making it look like you're actually riding the horse while freeing your real legs up.
Adult Bull Costume
We can't bring the rodeo to you, but we can ready you up for one in the Ride a Bull Adult Costume! This outfit will have people laughing all night long and you will have lots of fun wearing it as well. This costume includes the step in stuffed bull with attached rider legs. You will steal the show and have a great time with this bull! It is the perfect piece to wear for a kid's birthday party or trick or treating.
Adult Ride In Chicken Costume
Who wants to play chicken? Have at it this Halloween when dressed in the Ride a Chicken Adult Costume. The all-in-one pants outfit is a giant chicken and you are the legs. Step into it. Now you are riding a big yellow rooster and have become a chick magnet. Cock-a-doodle-do!
Adult Myself On An Elf Ride On Costume
Ride into any holiday party in style with the Men's Myself on an Elf Ride on Costume. This is the perfect outfit to get folks laughing as soon as you step in the door. The costume is great to wear for any special occasion and perfect to ring the holidays in! The outfit includes a pair of pants that is designed to look like an elf with legs dangling over its shoulders. This one of a kind costume is all you need to show everyone you are ready to have a blast! The pants have an elastic band so it is easy to slip on and off.
Adult Ride-A-Turkey Costume
Looking for a fun costume that is sure to get the party going this year? Then look no further than our Ride-A-Turkey Adult Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to hop atop a giant turkey and ride yourself wherever you need to go. Featuring a plushy stuffed orange turkey body piece with attached turkey legs and a pair of blue faux jean rider legs, you don't want to miss out on this festive turkey rider look this year.
Adult Ride a Tiger Costume
Show off your new Tiger buddy this year with the hilarious Ride a Tiger Adult Costume. You'll be the life of the party when they see you getting a piggyback ride from this eager and friendly wild animal. The faux legs will make it look like you're actually riding on its back, freeing up your legs for some physical humor. This product is made from Polyester. Halloween's coming, make it memorable by bringing a truly unique guest.
Adult Cold Shoulders Snowman Ride On Costume
All year long you and your office coworkers have had lots of work to complete and you want to give everyone a good laugh at the holiday party. If you want to show everyone you are ready to have some fun, the Men's Cold Shoulders Snowman Ride on Costume is all you need! This outfit will have everyone smiling as soon as you enter the venue. The elastic pants that you slip on is designed to look like a snowman carrying you on its shoulders. It is cute and perfect to give everyone a funny moment to remember. Dance around all night long and show everyone you and the snowman are ready to get down!
Adult Officer Carry Me Costume
Be on the lookout for this Officer Carry Me Costume for Adults! The Carry Me line is one of the hottest looks in Halloween costuming and this addition to that collection sticks out over all the rest! Cleverly designed soft and comfortable costume pants give you the appearance that you are writing on the shoulders of a very happy and accommodating neighborhood police officer! Whether you choose to dress as a partner cop or a robber you have an eye-catching complete costume that everyone will be talking about! Made of high quality and comfortable materials so you will love to wear it as much as everyone will love seeing it war as much as everyone will love seeing it worn. Add a prop sidearm or wear a badge on a necklace to turn this awesome outfit into its own buddy cop movie! Order your Officer Carry Me Costume for Adults online today for terrific price and fast shipping!
Adult Ride-A-Mermaid Costume
Have you always wanted to be part of the deep blue sea and imagine a world so beautiful? If so we can have you living the dream for a day with the Ride a Mermaid Adult Costume! This one of a kind outfit will get some good laughs out of your family and friends but others will adore your new look. Can you imagine riding on the back of a pretty mermaid all day long to any event that will make people smile? The outfit comes with elastic pants that are comfy to wear and the pants feature all the mermaid you need. The realistic look will have everyone wondering where you found this piece from and some kids may even think you came straight from the movie The Little Mermaid. Have some fun in this enjoyable outfit that will be sure to bring you lots of attention this Halloween!
Adult Ride On Gorilla Costume
Your Halloween is sure to be a wild ride when you're wearing our Adult Ride On Gorilla Costume! When you walk into a party looking like you're getting a piggy back ride from this big ape people are sure to have a good laugh! This is a great costume for anyone looking to make an impression this year.
Adult Santa On My Back Costume
You've probably heard of having a monkey on my back, but have you heard of the Santa On My Back Costume Adult? This amusing outfit actually depicts you riding on Santa's back; we are guessing it's because you are someone's Christmas present. You will put your legs in Santa's pants and his face sits on your waist. Fake legs hang down so it looks like you are riding on Kris Kringle's back. St. Nick is dressed in his classic red suit with white trim and black belt with buckle. He wears a red cap and has a mustache, beard and bushy eyebrows, which are all white. The legs are wearing blue pants and what looks like black sneakers. We suggest you wear a red or green shirt and put on a Santa hat too.
Adult Santa Ride In Reindeer Costume
Want to be festive this holiday season but don't want to wear a simple Santa suit? Get the Men's Santa Ride-A-Reindeer Costume, which it features St. Nick riding on Rudolph. The set comes with a stuffed reindeer with attached Santa legs, hat and Santa jacket. The brown soft reindeer features two antlers on his head and a red nose. When you put on the reindeer suit, your legs become the its back legs and you hold up the front using the attached reins. Put on the hat and jackets and become Santa and Rudolph. The ninth reindeer first appeared in a 1939 book written by Robert L. May and has grown to become the most popular of all the reindeer. Don't forget to order a white beard, gloves and eyeglass frames, which are sold separately.