Pet Scary Costumes

You might not be able to imagine your dog as a scary monster, but with one of our scary pet costumes other people will certainly see him that way! Now your furry friend can turn into a fearsome beast, so make sure to keep him on a leash so people don't get too scared! Your dog's bark may be worse than his bite, but they won't know that when they see his new claws and fangs!
Child's Play Chucky Pet Costume
Is your dog a little on the devious side? Why not turn him into a cute little demon Chucky doll with our Child's Play Chucky Walking Pet Costume? You're going to need an exorcist once the spirit of Chucky possesses your furry friend in this set of dog overalls that comes complete with unruly red hair, arms, and a plush knife in hand! Take your pup for a Halloween stroll around the neighborhood with his spooky new Chucky costume on and he'll be sure to garner attention!
Halloween Michael Myers Walking Pet Costume
If you want your dog to have a killer Halloween costume, you can dress him up for walkies in our Michael Myers Walking Pet Costume to give the whole neighborhood a scare! With this adorable little serial killer costume on, your sweet, furry little friend will suddenly look a lot more threatening. (And by "threatening," we mean "adorable.") From the iconic spooky mask with a tuft of brown hair at the top to the plush arm pieces with a plush knife in one hand, your pet will look as frightening as the iconic horror character when they're scurrying around in this little number! The Halloween movies have never looked so darn precious!
Friday the 13th Jason Pet Jersey and Mask
Take your dog for a walk while they're wearing the Jason Pet Costume and watch how quickly the other dogs run away in fright. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your pup into an adorable serial killer who will be burying all kinds of bones in the backyard. Featuring a red and black hockey jersey with a Jason mask print on the sleeve, as well as a hockey mask for your pup to wear over their head, you're going to love this cute and spooky look this year.
It Pennywise Walking Pet Costume - 2017 Movie
Everybody will be calling your dog Puppywise the Clown this year when you dress them up in our Pet Pennywise Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your dog into an evil scary clown who loves to terrorize children. Featuring a fun gray and red clown step in shirt with a bright orange spiked hair wig, you're not going to want to miss out on this adorable clown attire this year.
A Nightmare On Elm Street Freddy Krueger Pet Costume
You don't want Freddy Krueger to appear in your dreams, do you? Well if I were you I would purchase this Pet Freddy Krueger Costume. This scary costume comes with a tattered crimson red ebony black sweater along with a polyurethane foam claw glove and creepy hat. Besides, we all love to see our furry babies dressed up during Halloween it will be a treat. You must buy this costume before bedtime or else Fido will meet you in dreamland!!
Devil Horns Pet Headpiece
Your pup will be looking like a real bad boy or bad girl this year when you dress them up with our Pet Devil Horns Headpiece. With this one, you will receive just the headpiece your dog needs to show their wild side in a real adorable way. Featuring a cute red headband with two curved devil horns attached, you are going to absolutely love this devilish look on your little demon dog this year.
Blue Monster Pet Headpiece and Leg Fluffies
Your pup will be looking like a little terror this year when you dress them up with our Pet Blue Monster Costume. With this one, you will receive everything your pup needs to no longer put on the act of being a "good boy" or "good girl." With fun costume on, they can let their little monster inside let loose! Featuring a blue hood and 2 fluffies, your dog will be looking cuter than ever when they're all decked out with this one.
Pet Skeletal Harness Costume
Looking for the perfect Halloween costume for your precious pup? The Skeleton Harness Costume For Pets is a spooky delightno bones about it! This black one-piece costume features a white skeleton bone print and your dog's leash easily attaches to it. Your furry friend will be amazingly adorable in this great costume!
Pet Devil Hoodie Costume
Turn your adorable doggy into a little devil this Halloween when you buy the Devil Hoodie Costume for Pet! This cute costume comes as a red outfit with two black horns and a matching black tail. Take your dog for a walk with this devilish costume on and you're sure to give everyone a scream and a fright. Buy your devil dog costume today and go give your doggy a Halloween they will never forget!
Pink Monster Pet Headpiece and Leg Fluffies
Your pup will be the cutest creature in town this year when you dress them up with our Pet Pink Monster Costume. With this one, you will receive everything your furry friend needs to wreak havoc and cause all kinds of mischief in the house. Featuring an adorable pink monster hood with eyes and horns, as well as 2 pink fluffies for their paws, they will be looking way too cute when they're all dressed up in this one.
Pet Devil Wings Costume
Your pup or cat will be flying like a bat out of heck this year when you dress them up with our Pet Devil Wings Costume! With this one, you will receive just the pair of devilish wings your furry friend needs to really show their mischievous side. Featuring a cute pair of red wings with trim lining, you definitely don't want to miss out on this adorable demon look for your little furball this year.
Creature from the Black Lagoon Gill-Man Pet Costume
Prepare for an eerily exciting Halloween escapade with our Creature from the Black Lagoon Gill-man Pet Costume! Transform your furry friend into a spine-chilling swamp-dweller straight from the depths of mystery, complete with a reptilian-inspired costume and a matching headpiece. This captivating ensemble is tailor-made for those who relish embracing the eerie and uncanny aspects of the Halloween season. Watch as your pup becomes an embodiment of the legendary Gill-man, exuding an air of mystery and intrigue with every stride. The meticulously designed costume captures the essence of the creature's aquatic origins, immersing your pet in a world of murky enchantment. Embrace the sinister charm of Halloween as your four-legged companion dons this uniquely haunting get-up. Their transformation into the Gill-man will undoubtedly spark conversations and turn heads, making them the center of attention wherever you go. This costume is the perfect choice for pet owners who revel in the macabre and seek a standout look that deviates from the norm. As your pup slips into the shoes of this legendary swamp dweller, be prepared for an adventure that promises chills, thrills, and a dash of the unexpected. Just like the creature itself, this costume is designed to capture the essence of the eerie and evoke a sense of awe in anyone who lays eyes on it. However, it's important to be ready for a bit of mess, just like any thrilling swamp expedition. Keep a towel and mop handy to clean up after your muddy monster, ensuring that the experience remains enjoyable for both you and your pup. Get ahead of the Halloween excitement by ordering the Creature from the Black Lagoon Gill-man Pet Costume today. Prepare for a night of howling good fun as your furry friend becomes the embodiment of mystery and suspense, making this Halloween one to remember for all who encounter the enigmatic Gill-man.