Kids Burglar & Prisoner Costumes

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Whether they're still committing the crime or they've already been caught, your little mischief-maker can look the part next time they try to sneak some extra sweets after dinner. There's nothing like an old-fashioned robber mask or a black and white chain gang outfit to get a laugh, especially if your child uses our burglar and prisoner costumes as part of their good-natured pranks around the house! They'll certainly steal the show when they perform their antics in these outfits.
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Kids' Black and White Striped Jailbird Costume
Kids' Black and White Striped Jailbird Costume
Your little one will be breaking all the laws this year when you dress them up in our Child Jailbird Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a master criminal who knows a thing or two about living life on the wild side. Featuring a black and white striped inmate shirt, a matching pair of pants, and a convict hat, your kid is going to have the time of their lives while all dressed up as a scary prisoner this year.
Kids Inmate 101 Costume
Kids Inmate 101 Costume
Are you the kind of kid who likes to cause mischief? Are you constantly getting into trouble with your parents and teachers? Take your mischievous mayhem to the next level in the Inmate 101 Costume for Boys! You've never done anything prison-worthy of course but Halloween is the perfect time to embrace your bad side. Do hard time in this orange prison outfit which includes a shirt and a pair of pants. INMATE #101 is stamped on your shirt in black because when you're in jail you're not a name you're a number. The costume comes in small medium and large to accommodate young prisoners of all sizes. Complete your incredible inmate costume with a ball and chain or a pair of handcuffs and you'll feel like you really belong behind bars. Order the Inmate 101 Costume soonit would be a crime to miss out on this great getup!