Treat Bags

If you're taking your kids out for trick or treating, you'd better bring something to carry the treat part! You can find a treat bag to match their costumes, or just a classic pumpkin bag that makes them think of their happy Halloween night every time they go to the kitchen for a piece of their candy. Every kid can have the treat bag they like best, or they can all get the same matching design!
Kids' Wizard of Oz Trick or Treat Pail
Your child is all ready with her costume, but does she have a matching candy bucket? Our Wizard of Oz Trick or Treat Pail will let your little Dorothy collect her candy with a pail that matches her costume! This pail will also work for any Wizard of Oz fan, no matter their costume! The pail features Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, and Dorothy skipping together on a spooky Halloween night. Give her a spookier version the Yellow Brick Road this Halloween, with our Wizard of Oz Trick or Treat Pail!
Assorted Glow in the Dark Treat Bags
The glow in the dark tote bag will enable your child to spend the evening trick-or-treating and hold plenty of his favorite candies. You can also use it as a favor bag for a Halloween party.
Corduroy Horse Trick or Treat Bag
Show up to the party with a new horse friend that everyone will be begging to get a quick hug out of. But they'll have to wait their turn because the Tot Corduroy Horse Bag is here for you first and foremost to make your Halloween a special adventure. This product isn't just a cute looking horse; it doubles as a carrying bag too!
Indiana Jones - Indiana Jones Satchel
Dressing up as Indiana Jones this year? Then you're definitely not going to want to miss out on our Indiana Jones Satchel Accessory! With this one, you will receive just the satchel you need to go on all kinds of adventures with your best pals Featuring a beige tote bag with a brown Indiana Jones emblem and an over the shoulder black strap, you are going to absolutely love wearing this one with the rest of your look.