Dinosaur & Reptile Costumes & Accessories

Kids Inflatable T-Rex Costume with Sound
The dinosaurs are no longer extinct with the Kids Inflatable T-Rex Costume with Sound. Don't be a fossil when you put this costume on. You'll look hilarious when you show up as an inflatable T-Rex. This costume comes with all you need for a great time this Halloween. It includes a full body inflatable costume with open face and gloves. A battery operated fan keeps everything going!
Kid's The Original Inflatable T-Rex Costume
Stomp your way back to the Cretaceous Period with Deluxe Inflatable T-Rex Child Costume. This outfit set recreates the classic likeness of this feared predator. This creature is the same dinosaur that scared viewers in the original dinosaur age. This creature is famous for eating goats, breaking out of its cages and chasing jeeps. This creature is a carnivore and is known to be the king of all dinosaurs. That's if the Indominus Rex doesn't steal the title! Now you can become this feared dinosaur with this deluxe inflatable costume set. This outfit features this giant reptile's battle damaged exterior, an attached battery operated fan, attached shoe covers and wearable 2 fingered gloves. Dinosaur fanatics will feel large and in charge when they don this realistic outfit.
Baby/Toddler T-Rex Costume
Get ready for a roaring good time with the T-Rex infant/toddler costume. The green jumpsuit features a fun tail topped with shiny scales. The attached hood completes the look. Perfect for Halloween or playtime! Shop children's costumes online today.
Rugrats Reptar Pet Costume
Your pup will be looking like they belong on Nickelodeon this year when you get them all dressed up with our Pet Reptar Rugrats Costume! With this one, you will receive just the cute and fun get-up you need to turn your furry friend into the most adorable dinosaur in town. Featuring a green Reptar hoodie with blue spikes on the back, a purple open mouth with teeth, and yellow eyes, you are going to love this precious Rugrats look on your pup this year.
Inflatable T-Rex Teen Costume
If your child wants to dress up as their favorite dinosaur this year, then don't miss out on our Teen Inflatable T-Rex Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your kid into the biggest and baddest dino on the block. Featuring a brown inflatable full body jumpsuit with attached arms and claws, a tail, and a large oversized T-Rex head with teeth, as well as a battery operated fan, they're going to love this one.
Children's Velociraptor Inflatable Costume
Give your kid the prehistoric night of a lifetime this year when you dress them up in our Velociraptor Child Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a quick and agile predator who is feared amongst all other dinos. Featuring a full body green inflatable jumpsuit with attached legs, arms, a tail, and a giant head, as well as a battery operated fan, you are going to absolutely love this one.
Baby/Toddler T rex Fossil Costume
Want to dig up some ferocious cuteness this Halloween? You can when you dress your toddler up in this T-rex Fossil Costume! This comfortable black jumpsuit is printed with a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton and has attached feet, gloves, hood, and tail. The hood has the iconic T-rex skull printed on it. Your kid will have a great time with this fun, prehistoric costume!
Kid's Feed Me Dino Costume
Nobody will be messing with your tyke this year when they're all dressed up in our Toddler Hungry Dino Costume! With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your little one into a prehistoric force to be reckoned with. Featuring a green and brown scaled body piece with a carnivorous dinosaur face on the front with a tail in the back, your kid is going to love sporting this fun dino look this year.
Men's T-Rex Inflatable Adult
Few moments in cinema history were as thrilling as the Tyrannosaurus rex reveal in the first film. It was a huge step away from the clunky claymation bodies from countless films before it, and it was the first time people had the chance to see what this massive, frightening animal might have REALLY looked like. Get ready to bring the most well-known dinosaur of all time to life with this T-Rex Inflatable Men's Costume! It's an inflatable getup that's both comfortable and eye-catching, and it even comes with a battery operated fan to help you stay cool while you stomp around at the Halloween party. Your friends and family will be impressed by the quality of your getup, and the kids will be amazed that they finally get to hang out with a T-Rex!
Turtle Shell Pet Costume
Your little furball will be well protected this year when you dress them up with our Pet Turtle Shell Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your pup into one of the slowest moving reptiles to ever play fetch in the backyard. Featuring a green and yellow plush shell with a tiny nub tail and a zipper, you are going to love this cute animal look on your doggy this year.
Baby/Toddler Al Gator Costume
Dress your young tyke in the Al Gator the Alligator Baby/Toddler Costume and they'll be searching for candy all Halloween to fill their appetites. Did you know that even though alligators are carnivorous predators they are often found chomping on fruit? It's quite funny because we're used to always thinking of alligators as nasty predators with terrible terrible teeth... but yes they enjoy fruit as well! While that doesn't mean alligators are harmless by any means it certainly shows a different side to them. Luckily this Halloween you'll have the most harmless and adorable alligator of all when you buy your son or daughter this special costume. With your purchase you will receive a green one-piece jumpsuit with a spiked back and tail clawed feet a beige belly and a hood with an alligator face on it with a whole line of faux sharp teeth. Buy your alligator costume today and go make this Halloween a super yummy one filled with loads of candy (and fruit)!
Kids Triceratops Costume
Dinosaurs are making a comeback in a cute and loving way! Your little one can transform their looks with the Triceratops toddler costume and crawl their way to the leafy treats. In this outfit, your child will be dressed in a jumpsuit with printed dinosaur looking scales and booties. To complete the look, a padded dinosaur hood is included. Your toddler will be a bright green and yellow dinosaur just waiting to be held and loved. It is an outfit that will definitely have your toddler stealing the spotlight!
Baby/Toddler Spike The Dino Costume
Transform your little one into a prehistoric animal that not even the animals in Jurassic Park will be able to handle. There is nothing like walking into a room with your tot and immediately getting all of the attention just because of what they are wearing. With Halloween coming up quickly you have to make sure you get that one item that will not only make sure that your kid win best costume at his little Halloween parade but also one that will make him love the holiday. That's exactly what this Spike the Dino Costume for Toddlers will be for them. This comfy item will have your son wanting to wear this item daily. Who knows just because of how adorable he looks in it you just might allow it to happen! It's going to be one great night of trick-or-treating that not even a meteor will be able to stop.
Adult Velociraptor Inflatable Costume
Rawr! You will be the center of attention with the Adult Velociraptor Inflatable Costume. The outfit will make you tall and stick out from everyone else. Imagine a prehistoric item walking around the streets, it is going to be a sight to see! The costume includes a full body dinosaur costume with gloves that have a battery-operated fan. With this costume on, you can teach your kids about dinosaurs or just show them you still have a heart of a kid!
Adult Inflatable T-Rex with Sound Costume
This Halloween, release a giant roar when you put on the Adult Inflatable T-Rex Costume with Sound. This fully inflatable costume features an open mouth T-Rex face bearing teeth, piercing yellow eyes, a few battlescars, and a long tail. You'll also receive a pair of T-Rex hand gloves which have within them the sound component to control the giant roar sounds you'll be delivering to all your friends and prey. Included also, is a battery operated fan to inflate your costume. When you enter the party as T-Rex, everyone is going to run in terror from you. You're the King of the Prehistoric Era. Pick up your Adult T-Rex Costume today, and this Halloween, have fun being on the top of the food chain!
Kid's Spunky Triceratops Costume
Your kid will be feeling like the coolest herbivorous dinosaur to ever roam across the Earth this year when you dress them up with our Spunky Triceratops Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your tyke into their favorite prehistoric dino. Featuring a purple, orange, and blue triceratops jumpsuit with attached hands and shoe covers, as well as a matching dinosaur face hood, your kid is going to feel ancient as ever wearing this fun dino look.
Kid's Dinosaur Costume
Ready for some prehistoric playtime? Your youngster can put on the Boy's Dinosaur Costume and be ready for trick or treating or an action packed game of make-believe. The outfit features scales running from the top of the head to the tip of the tale, a large mouth with "teeth" and claw hands. Kids are fascinated by these extinct creatures because they were so big and powerful. While we can learn a lot about them from their fossils, there is so much we will never know. We know that the T-Rex walked on two legs. They were very large and yet had small arms. Did they use their arms to hang onto their prey? Perhaps, but we will never know. However, you can find out how much your youngster likes the costume; order it now and you will see!
Baby/Toddler Turtle Costume
Your little hatchling will be shelling out cuteness in this Toddler Turtle Costume! Your toddler will be super comfortable in this soft and snuggly hooded romper. This romper has a bright green shell for its back with attached flippers and big green eyes on its hooded head. Transform your Squirt into an adorable sea turtle so they can go under the sea this Halloween!
Adult Crocodile Plush Costume
This costume is all about have a good time, but also posing as a mild threat! Lurk around corners, and jump out at friends for a scare! Also, have you ever seen a crocodile break it down on the dance floor? Well, that could be you doing the electric slide in crocodile costume! This costume includes headpiece and jumpsuit with attached hands and shoe covers.
Adult Inflatable Ride-A-Dinosaur Costume
Kick it back to the prehistoric ages this year when you put on our Inflatable Dinosaur Rider Adult Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to jump atop the back of a giant dinosaur and ride your way to the party this year. Featuring a large green dino inflatable jumpsuit with attached brown rider legs, an electric fan, and a battery holder, you're not going to want to miss out on this fun get-up.
Kids Dino Mite Costume
Your tyke will be looking just like their favorite dino this year when you dress them up with our Dino-Mite Toddler Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into the cutest prehistoric carnivore on this side of the Earth. Featuring a green printed jumpsuit with green clawed gloves, a tail, and a matching dinosaur face headpiece, your kid is going to have the time of their lives sporting this one.
Jurassic World Dilophosaurus Gills Pet Headpiece
Transform your furry companion into a pint-sized dinosaur with our Jurassic World Dilophosaurus Gills Collar Pet Headpiece. This accessory is all your pup needs to embody the fierce demeanor of a Dilophosaurus, ready to stomp and roar through playtime. The collar showcases a vibrant combination of green, red, and yellow, forming a striking Dilophosaurus headpiece that will instantly make your dog look fearsomely adorable. This versatile accessory is an ideal choice for Halloween or any costume-themed event. Whether you're pairing it with a full dinosaur costume or letting it shine on its own, this Dilophosaurus collar will ensure your pup radiates the charm of a true prehistoric creature. Its eye-catching design is guaranteed to captivate attention and spark conversation at any gathering. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add a touch of prehistoric excitement to your pet's look. Order your Jurassic World Dilophosaurus Gills Collar Pet Accessory today and let your pup embrace their inner dino with style and flair!
13 Inch Dragon Skeleton Prop
Don't believe the people who say dragons aren't real. We have a Skeleton Dragon right here that proves they are. The creature stands on all fours as if he is standing guard. Dragons were known to covet treasure and kill anyone foolish enough to steal it from them.
Baby/Toddler Zippy the Gecko Costume
Leaping lizards! This adorable gecko costume is perfect for your little one. The Baby Zippy the Gecko costume is great for a baby who has started to crawl. Easy to wear, slip on the green bodysuit with attached legs and arms and watch this little lizard move. Slip on the attached hood and your baby is ready to go. Order your baby lizard costume today!
Baby/Toddler Baby Sleepy Pink Dino Costume
Whether stomping around or taking a nap this Toddler Sleepy Pink Dino Costume is perfect for your child. Kids love dinosaurs and dressing up as one is going to be fun. This outfit comes as a single jumpsuit in pink. There are details to represent scales spikes and even a heart shape. It has an attached character hood so they are a dinosaur from head to toe. If you are in need of something cute for their first Halloween this is a great choice.
Baby/Toddler Crocodile Costume
Your little angel will be the cutest amphibian in the marsh this year when you dress them up in our Crocodile Baby Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a tiny little chomper who will make everybody melt from all the cuteness. Featuring a green crocodile bodysuit with an attached cracking eggshell, as well as a matching crocodile face headpiece with eyes and white teeth, you're going to love this adorable look on your child this year.
Kids Cute Lil Dinosaur Costume
This Halloween, your little one can trot their way into a great look. The Cute Lil Dinosaur Toddler Costume is perfect for your little fossil loving reptile fan! When they set foot in this costume, they'll love to be a dinosaur from long ago. Dress them up in this costume that comes with a jumpsuit with tail, shoe covers, sound chip, and headpiece. Make them roar this Halloween with the Cute Lil Dinosaur Toddler Costume.
Kid's Dinosaur Costume
Your kid will be celebrating the prehistoric ages in style this year when you dress them up with our Dinosaur Child Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to terrorize all of their friends while all dressed up as a monstrous T-Rex. Featuring a green scaled jumpsuit with an attached spiked tail, hand covers, and shoe covers, as well as a matching dino face hood, you don't want to miss out on this one.
Jurassic World T-Rex Costume for Kids
Have a roarsome time in our Boy's Jurassic Park 2 T-Rex Costume. Jurassic Park is home to many dangerous creatures especially Tyrannosaurus Rex the tyrant lizard king. Orders come as a jumpsuit featuring printed designs to resemble skin and scales. The boot tops look like feet and there is an attached tail in back. Complete it all with the 2018 Halloween Masks featuring sharp teeth. Fans of dinosaurs and the films are going to enjoy stomping around in this ensemble.
Kid's Chompin' Crocodile Costume
Swim your way around the deep blue like you own the placewell technically you do especially when you're in this creepy but awesome Chompin Shark Costume for Boys. Who doesn't enjoy watching Shark Week? Everyone loves to learn a little something about the monsters that lurk in our oceans are we right? Well you can say goodbye to watching them only on television you can actually become one this year and watch everyone go absolutely nuts! If there is one item that you are going to need in order to ensure that you night is awesome and one to remember then this is it. Being that sharks can smell fear your little guy is totally going to smell all of the intimidation that will be coming his way with everyone knowing that he has the best costume in town. It's going to be the best time your kid has ever had that's for sure.