Easter Costumes & Accessories

Church events and egg hunts alike are all great moments for an Easter costume, since everyone is happy to see Lent end! Whether you need an Easter Bunny suit or a Biblical costume, our selection for Easter has what you need to celebrate the rising of Jesus. They're especially great for kids, since your children and younger relatives are going to love to see a real Easter Bunny going out to hide the eggs this year.
Adult Funky Chicken Costume
It's time for everyone to stop what they're doing and get down with the funky chicken with our Adult Funky Chicken Costume. This funky colorful costume will catch eyes and turn necks as it comes complete with a yellow jumpsuit, chicken headpiece, chicken feet shoe covers, and stockings. The costume in the following available in sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. The outfit is versatile as it can be worn for any costume party or Halloween. This costume is one of our most coolest in stock and at such an affordable price it's sure to be a great steal this Halloween. In addition, you can accessorize with our large assortment of accessories such as a rubber chicken, white gloves, or Family Costume Makeup Kit.
Baby/Toddler Baby Carrot Costume
Your little angel will be the cutest vegetable in town this year when you dress them up in our Carrot Baby Costume. With this adorable set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into the crunchiest cutest little carrot to ever come out of the ground. Featuring a bright orange tunic with ridge line accents, as well as a matching orange tunic with a green leaf adornment, you won't want to miss out on this precious look this year.
Baby/Toddler Plush Cutesy the Lamb / Costume
Make all of your child's farm animal dreams come true this year when you dress them up in our Baby/Toddler Cutesy the Lamb Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to hang out with the cows, horses, and pigs, all while looking adorable as ever. Featuring a beige and white cozy tunic as well as a matching lamb face headpiece, you don't want to miss out on this precious look for your tyke.
Pet's Easter Bunny Pet Costume
Don't let the pets miss out on all the fun Easter adventures, give them a costume that will make them look cuter than they already are with the Easter Pupper Pet Costume! This adorable pet costume is suitable for all fur pets no matter their size. Bring the fun of Easter into your pets life and order this adorable costume now!
Adult Deluxe Bunny Mascot Costume
You'll be the messenger of joy and rebirth this year when you get all dressed up in our Easter Bunny Deluxe Costume. With this amazing set, you will receive everything you need to hop, skip, and jump and spread happiness and laughter to all the kids. Featuring a white jumpsuit with attached shoe covers, a pair of matching mitts, a colorful spotted vest, a matching bowtie, and a bunny mask, you're going to love this one.
Kids Saint Joseph Costume
With the holidays upon us, you want to make sure you have everything you need to get ready for the annual Christmas play. The Saint Joseph Boys Costume is one of the most important pieces. Your child can now be dressed up in this outfit which comes complete with a robe, attached overcoat, and a headpiece. The outfit will transform your child's looks in minutes and have him looking just like a saint. This costume is perfect for a Nativity scene or to have your child learn more about Saint Joseph.
Kid's Mary Costume
The mother of God is brought to life in the stunning blue and white creation of our Child Mary Costume. This elegant design has loose fitting long sleeves in a lovely powder blue. The rounded neckline appears right under the neck for a classic touch. The floor length gown has a long thin gold belt around the waist, for some added femininity. This elite ensemble includes a white headpiece, so your daughter can cover her hair like the women did in Mary's time. Pair this look with beautiful open front sandals for an even more authentic look. This costume is perfect for religious costume parties and reenactments. It can also be worn on Halloween. Shoes and additional accessories can be purchased separately. This costume comes in a variety of accommodating sizes. See our online Size Chart to determine your daughter's best fit.
Adult Simply A Bunny Costume
Nothing say cool like the old school, and this Easter you can show off your holiday joy with a costume that is so exciting that you don't need anything else! The Adult Classic Easter Rabbit Costume bring everything you love about Easter to the table. Both stylish and original, this classic character celebrates nothing short of a great time. Bring the fun and joy to your next Easter event or gathering and order now!
Baby/Toddler Chick Costume
Dress your tyke up in the Baby/Toddler Chick Costume and they'll be all ready to take a trip down to the farm! With this cute outfit, you will receive everything your little guy or gal needs to become an adorable little clucking chicken. Featuring a white cozy jumpsuit with orange chicken feet footsies and a chicken face headpiece, you're going to absolutely love this cute little farm look on your son or daughter this year.
Adult White Shepard Crook
Whether you're dressing up as Little Bo Peep or a shepherd from the Bible, you will certainly be looking the part when you are wielding our 4 Piece Shepherd White Crook. With this one, you will receive just the shepherd's cane you need to herd your sheep with ease. Featuring a white crook measuring 68" with a curved handle at the top, you are definitely not going to want to miss out on wielding this great accessory this year.
Gladiator Child Sandal
Prepare for arena combat this Halloween by picking up only the most authentic in gladiator wear. The Gladiator Sandal for Children is an action packed accessory that's perfect for play fighting with your friends in the name of glory and honor. You'll feel like a real life Gladiator when you're fully suited up thanks to these realistic looking sandals. They're based off the footwear of actual arena fighters which means you and your friends will be that much closer to glory!
Baby/Toddler Little Bunny Costume
Your little guy or gal will be hopping and playing all day long with a smile on their faces when they're wearing our Toddler Little Bunny Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to become the cutest bunny in the briar patch. Featuring a white cozy jumpsuit, a pair of matching footsies with pink paw prints, and a bunny face headpiece with long bunny ears, you won't want to miss out on this one.
Kid's Plush Bunny Costume
Your kid will be leaping through the air and hopping like a pro this year when they're wearing our Child Plush Bunny Costume. With this cute outfit, you will receive everything your child needs to become the coolest rabbit in town. Featuring a cozy white plush jumpsuit with a pink belly, a matching pair of pink footsies, as well as a long bunny ears headpiece, you're going to love this hoppin' look on your tyke this year.
Bunny Rabbit Nose
Your child will be hopping around all day long when they're wearing our Rabbit Nose Accessory. With this one, you will receive just the item you need to turn your tyke into an adorable little hopper who knows a thing or two about carrots, hopping through the fields, and thumping their feet. Featuring a white and pink rabbit nose accessory with a white string cord for ease of wear, they're going to love this special animal look this year.
Baby/Toddler Plush Bunny Costume
Look at this Plush Bunny Infant Newborn Costume. This costume will look amazing on your precious one. This costume can be worn on multiple occasions. It can be used for Halloween, Easter, plays or for birthday pictures. Either way this soft cuddly plush costume is a must. It comes with a bodysuit that has a snap closure when it comes time to change your baby in cause of an emergency. It will also keep their head and feet warm with the attached hoodie and booties. Parents, don't leave without purchasing this today. This is a hot item and sells out quick.
Jesus Easter Wig and Beard Set
Put a bit more religious aspects into your appearance using the Mens Jesus Easter Wig and Beard Set. Jesus was well-known for sporting long locks and facial hair. Now, you can too during plays and other performances. You receive a wig with brown, curly hair along with a matching beard piece. It also comes with a crown of thorns headband. Wear this all during church events or remove the crown and use the rest for all kinds of creative ideas. Check out other items on our website for fitting supplies.
Adult Spartan Warrior Costume
The Adult Spartan Warrior Costume is one outfit only fit exclusively for a guy with the heart and spirit of a true warrior. The total costume ensemble consists of a cape, shoulder harness, arm and leg guards, and shortsand loin cover. The costume comes in a wide assortment of sizes including: small, medium, large, and extra large. The outfit is versatile as it can be worn for any costume party, history project, or Halloween. This costume is one of our most coolest in stock and at such an affordable price it's sure to be a great steal this Halloween. Shoes are not included but our pair of Brown Roman Short Sandals will work great with the outfit. In addition, you can accessorize with our large assortment of accessories such as a Roman Short Sword, Shield Costume Accessory, and Long Roman Sword Costume Accessory.
Joseph Child Costume
Pay tribute to the son of God in the white and brown outfit of the Child Jesus Boy Costume. This unique ensemble makes for an ordinary costume idea this Halloween. While other boys dress as their favorite television characters, your child can feel very cool dressed as one of the most popular religious figures of all time. This costume comes with a brown short sleeved robe that reaches the ankles. There is a white under robe that shows down the middle of the design. It has a v neck cut, long sleeves, and a ribbon belt that ties around the waist. The hem of the under robe reaches the ankles as well. Shoes, facial hair, and shepherd's staff are sold separately. See our online Accessories Tab for even more creative ideas for this look. This costume comes in a variety of accommodating sizes. Please utilize our online Size Chart to determine your child's best fit.
Kid's Deluxe Shepherd Costume
Your child will be the commanding member of his flock when he wears the Child Deluxe Shepherd Costume. This Christmas or Halloween costume includes a long, white satin tunic with rope belt, a top layer hooded robe with blue, gray and black stripes, and a coordinating hat. The loose-fitting outfit will comfortably fit size Small, Medium and Large boys. Staff and sandals are not included, but you can complete the look with Shepherds Crook or Biblical Staff Brown, Brown Roman Sandals for Child, or biblical wig, sold separately on our website. This robe is modeled after those worn by Shepherds in Biblical times. It will be a festive addition to any Christmas, church, or Halloween party or event. If you're looking for a historical look that is an alternative to standard holiday costumes like Santa Claus, look no further than this authentically detailed costume.
Adult Long Roman Sword
This Long Roman Sword Costume Accessory is based on the spatha, or cavalry sword, and comes from later in the Empire's history. This sword also looks appropriate for any ancient period costume.
Men's Roman Military Belt
You'll be looking like you just emerged from ancient Rome this year when you show up to the party wearing our Roman Belt & Apron. With this set, you will receive just the apron and belt you need to become the strongest warrior to ever step onto the battlefield. Featuring an old Roman styled apron and belt that will pair perfectly with the rest of your Roman gladiator attire, you definitely don't want to miss out on this one.
Kid's Deluxe Joseph Costume
Joesph was the earthly father of Jesus Christ. In the tan and blue design of the Deluxe Joseph Boys Costume, your son will make a respectable husband to Mary at his next religious reenactment, play, or Christmas party. This costume includes a comfortable white headpiece with a band of blue and gold material across the front. The long sleeved, lengthy tan coat has light blue cuffs with embellishments around both sides of the blue fabric. The opening displays gold trim on both sides and reaches to the floor. There is a light blue under robe, which also ends at the feet. It comes with a white rope belt for that genuine inspired appearance. There is gold detailing down the front of the design. Crook, wig, beard, and sandals are all sold separately. See our online accessories page for additional creative ideas!
Adult White and Pink Bunny Ear and Tail Set
Step into whimsical charm with the Adult White and Pink Bunny Ear and Tail Set from Costumes.com. This delightful ensemble combines an adorable bunny ear headband with a fluffy white-and-pink fur tail. Together, this playful two-piece set is perfect for a night out on the town or embracing the Easter spirit on Halloween. With oversized ears and a plush tail, you'll embody the essence of a bunny with every skip. Whether you're looking to impress at parties or you want to add some fun to an evening of candy exchanges with family, this set guarantees a hopping good time.
Bunny Rabbit Kit
Head to the party wearing the Adult Bunny Accessory Kit and you'll have everybody hopping your way to say hello. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the most stunning hare to ever leap with their thumpers and hop around in style. Featuring a white headband with white and pink bunny ears, a cute bunny tail, and a white furry bow tie, you definitely don't want to miss out on this cute set.
Kids Mary Costume
Learn about the mother of Jesus by becoming her! Use this Girls Mary Costume to look and feel like the Biblical figure. She is a very vital religious symbol used for prayer. Everything in this order is made to look like the traditional depiction of her. Pick the Mary costume for little ones to wear during church plays and performances. There are a number of matching items on our website to include in the order and enhance the ensemble.
Kid's Shepherd Costume
Guard the flock this year in the genuine inspired black floor length robe of the Child Shepherd Costume. This comfortable ensemble includes a robe, an under robe, and a belt to literally tie it all together. Your child will feel like an actual farmer once he steps into this long sleeved outfit. The white under robe has long sleeves and a v-neck. The hem reaches the ankles, so your child can show off a cool pair of dark sandals. Black coloring on the short sleeved top robe contrasts sharply with the rest of the design. There is a long black string belt at the waist. Staff and shoes sold separately. See our online Size Chart to determine your child's best fit. Additional shepherding accessories can be purchased separately. Use our online suggestions to get even more creative ideas!
Kid's Deluxe Mary Costume
Blue and white are the signature colors seen on ancient depictions of the Mother of God. Your daughter can bring the paintings and statues to life in the beautiful blue and white design of the Deluxe Mary Costume for Girls. This pretty ensemble includes a long sleeved costume robe of royal blue, created out of shimmery fabric. The cuffs stand out in a lighter shade of the cool color with satiny white ribbon trim appearing on both sides. The opening of the robe has two additional bands of the same satin fabric down its length. There is an attached white headpiece with this design. A powder blue gown with an attached white rope belt is also included. Pair this look with open toed sandals for a genuinely inspired look. This costume is great for religious reenactments, plays, and Halloween. Sandals sold separately.
Adult Parade Bunny Costume
Looking for a truly unique bunny costume for the party this year? Then look no further than our Adult Parade Bunny Costume. With this one of a kind look, you will receive everything you need to hop around town in style. Featuring a white shirt with a long colorful vest front, a pair of white fleece pants, as well as a large oversized rabbit headpiece, you can't go wrong with this incredible animal attire this year.
Adult Thorned Crown
Whether you're dressing up for the costume party or the Church play, you will be looking holy as ever this year when you are wearing our Thorned Crown. With this one, you will receive just the crown you need to become the holy Son of God who died on the cross. Featuring a brown twig-like crown of thorns that will pair perfectly with the rest of your Jesus Christ attire, you definitely do not want to miss out on this religious accessory this year.
Adult Brown Gladiator Flat Sandals
Hail Caesar! These Roman Adult Sandals are great for bringing back the glory of Rome. Step into another age as a gladiator, legionary, emperor, god or goddess this Halloween. Sandals feature fake leather straps and fabric soles. Complete your look with our full range of Roman costumes and accessories!