80s Decade Costumes, Accessories & Toys

Adult Beetlejuice Vinyl Mask with Hair
Say his name three times and he'll appear. "Beetlejuice!" The Beetlejuice Three Quarters Vinyl Mask with hair is a replica of the mask worn by this famous undead movie character. The mask is easy to find, but his suit might be a little tougher. Beetlejuice.
Ghostbusters Slimer Pet Costume
If your being pestered by a precious poochie poltergeist, they need this Ghostbuster Slimer Pet Costume! Depicting the Ghostbusters most iconic troublesome spectre, this adorable little outfit includes plush jumpsuit with attached arms and Slimer-face hood that is begging to have its picture taken! For multi-puppy families, it's a perfect match with a doggy Ghostbusters costume with stuffed Proton Pack. We're who you're gonna call for every pet Halloween costume! Check out our entire selection and order your Ghostbusters Slimer Pet Costume today!
Men's Beetlejuice Wig
Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! Say his name three times, and he'll appear. Or, you can embody the iconic ghoul right at home, by topping off your look with this life-like Men's Beetlejuice Wig. Perfect for costume parties, Halloween movie marathons, and comic conventions alike, this unique headpiece is just what you need to replicate all the excitement and terror of the enchanting world of Beetlejuice. This headpiece features messy white hair and an attached grey striped skullcap, designed to capture the likeness of his wild mane and his sickly skin tone that's spooked audiences for decades. Let loose and embrace the chaos with a high-quality wig that's sure to unleash your inner creature of the night. Made from lightweight, high-quality, durable materials, this wig is designed to rest comfortably on your skin, stay in place, and withstand the passage of time, so you can spook your friends all season long, and look good doing it. No need for hair gel or styling products - transform yourself into the monster of your dreams with ease, and get ready to be the life of the party with a costume accessory that'll scare everyone to death!
Adult Bob Ross Painted Top
You'll be ready to film a how to video in seconds when you put on our Bob Ross Costume Top for a Halloween party! When you take out your paint set in this costume top, you'll feel like a master. Paint a bush in this costume top and all your costume party guests are going to be wowed. Plus, you won't have to worry about an uncomfortable costume when you have on this simple shirt!
Kids Top Gun Deluxe Costume
Your kid will be ready for anything this year when you're dressing them up in our Top Gun Deluxe Maverick Costume. With this set, you will receive all the gear you need to turn your tyke into the number one fighter jet pilot in the force. Featuring a stylish aviation jumpsuit with zippers, pockets, and embroidered patches, as well as a matching cap, you're not going to want to miss out on this great look.
Adult Top Gun Deluxe Costume
When there is danger in the skies, the only person who is equipped to handle the job is you when you're sporting our Deluxe Adult Top Gun Costume. If you're a huge fan of the old classic Top Gun movie, then you're going to have the time of your life this year sporting this great aviation look. Featuring an olive green deluxe jumpsuit with red and blue badges embroidered on the chest and sleeves, as well as a matching black cap, you don't want to miss out on this stylish look.
Karate Kid (1984) - 8" Clothed Action Figure - Mr. Miyagi
From The Karate Kid, the iconic ‘80s film that sent a generation of kids rushing to enroll in karate classes! This clothed action figure of Mr. Miyagi, played by Pat Morita, comes with bonsai tree and alternate hand holding chopsticks. The fully articulated figure stands approximately 8” tall and features an authorized likeness. Window box packaging.
Adult Top Gun Costume
Enter the party donning the Womens Top Gun Costume and everyone will be looking your way all night long. It's not every day that people get to witness a master aviator in the Navy! With this set, you will receive a stylish gray dress adorned with red and blue embroidered badge patches, as well as a matching hat. Team up with your other fighter pilots this year and go make this your most high flying night yet!
Adult Top Gun: Maverick Aviator Sunglasses
Walk into the party sporting the Top Gun Maverick Glasses and you'll be the most stylish pilot in attendance. With this accessory, you will receive just the pair of aviator shades you need to be looking dapper and stylish as ever while taking on enemy fire. Perfect with a matching Top Gun or Maverick costume from our site, you are definitely not going to want to miss out on this great aviation look this year.
Kids Top Gun Jacket
Your kid will be looking dapper and stylish as ever in the skies this year when they're sporting our Child Top Gun Bomber Jacket. If you're looking for the perfect aviation jacket for your tyke this year, you can't go wrong with this one. With this look, you will receive a brown faux leather jacket with a front zipper, a white fur collar, and red and blue badges printed all over the chest and sleeves.
Adult Pleather Jeans Red Costume
Help make your next special dress-up look something everyone will remember when you add the Adult's Four Pocket Pleather Pants! If you're building your own tough-guy look, or some other cool costume style for your next night of costume parties, trick-or-treating with the whole little crew, or some other fun dress-up event, this item is a great way to make your look unique! This item comes with pants only. It does not include shoes or a shirt. Polyester.
Adult Top Gun Deluxe Costume
If you're looking to dress up as Maverick this year, then don't look any further than our Deluxe Mens Top Gun Maverick Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the best fighter pilot in the Navy. There's a reason they call you Top Gun! Featuring an olive green jumpsuit with embroidered badge patches and a matching black cap headpiece, you'll be feeling your best and more while sporting this great aviator attire this year.
Adult Gold Jumbo Link Chain Necklace
Add some bling to your look and elevate your glamour quotient with our Adult Gold Jumbo Link Chain Necklace. With its jumbo link design and gleaming gold finish, this necklace will have you feeling like a true rap god. Whether you're attending a red-carpet event or simply aiming to add a touch of lavish charm to your costume, this necklace ensures you'll be the embodiment of golden elegance, ready to make a statement that shines as bright as your personality.
Top Gun Pet Jacket
Your pup will be ready for action this year when you dress them up in our Top Gun Pet Jacket, featuring a thick, warm quilted lining that's perfect for those chilly October nights! With this set, you will receive everything your dog needs to find out what it feels like to soar across the skies as one of the Navy's most trusted aviators. If you are a huge fan of the classic Top Gun movie, then you're going to absolutely love this fun and adorable look on your doggy this year.
Ghostbusters Pet Costume
Include your dog in the Halloween festivities and dress him or her up in this adorable Ghostbusters Jumpsuit Costume for Dogs. Your friends or family members will get a real kick out of seeing your pup dressed up like the ghost fighting team from the popular Bill Murray film. The Ghostbusters Jumpsuit Costume for Dogs features a shirt and an inflatable backpack prop. The coat like top is long sleeved and snaps closed in the front. The yellow top features that familiar and famous Ghostbusters logo on the chest. The inflatable backpack is designed and decorated to look like the ghost vacuum the Ghostbusters used in the films to suck up and capture evil ghosts. The backpack is colored and styled to look like it has gadgets and gears all over. This is a hilarious and adorable costume you don't want to miss out on so order yours today!
Kids Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Deluxe Costume
Help out the ghosts and other undead creatures who are walking around the neighborhood this year by wearing the Beetlejuice Deluxe Child Costume and scaring away all of the living residents so that you can all help yourself to their candy. The ensemble comes with a black and white striped top and matching pants set. To accessorize, a mask that covers the forehead with an attached wild grey wig is also included so that you can really emulate the look of this hilarious character this Halloween. The hilarious 80s film quickly became a Halloween favorite and maintains its popularity to this day, so everyone on the block will really appreciate this look when you go trick or treating this year. Get your friends to dress up as some of the other characters to create a fun group theme!
Care Bears Grumpy Bear Walking Pet Costume
Your pup may be grumpier than usual this year when you dress them up in our Care Bears Grumpy Bear Walking Pet Costume, but trust us, the cuteness is well worth it! With this adorable set, you will receive everything you need to transform your furry fella into a grumpy little Care Bear who just wants to chew on a bone and be left alone. Featuring a walking blue plush Grumpy Bear outfit with arms, complete with a rain cloud design on the tummy and a matching headpiece with ears, this costume is just too cute to ignore. Feel the joy and delight of your furry friend waddling around the neighborhood looking grumpy but spreading smiles all around!
Adult Top Gun: Maverick Hat
Take your style to the skies this year! Nobody will be able to take you down when you're sporting our Adult Top Gun: Maverick Hat. With this look, you'll receive just the cap you need to do all kinds of tricks from behind the wheel of your fighter jet. Featuring a stylish black aviation cap complete with an embroidered patch, this costume will make you feel like a tried-and-true pilot! Pair with a matching Top Gun: Maverick costume from our site and your new look will be complete. From the braided brim to the adjustable tab, this must-have hat will fit you just right and keep you looking cool from takeoff to landing. You'll feel like a real ace in the cockpit!
Kid's Wild Costume
Your little rebel will have the time of her life this year when she's sporting our Wild Child Girls Costume. With this free spirited look, your little tyke will be breaking all the rules without breaking a sweat. Featuring a black "I heart the 80's" shirt with colorful designs, a pair of pink and black tiger stripe pants, a pink sash belt, fishnet glovelets, and a matching pink headband, you won't want to miss out on this one.
Care Bears Cheer Bear Walking Pet Costume
What's one thing both Cheer Bear and your dog have in common? They both want to spread love and make everyone happy, of course! With our Care Bears Cheer Bear Walking Pet Costume, you will receive everything you need to transform your furry fella into the most joyous pink bear to ever inhabit Care-a-Lot! This walking pink Cheer Bear costume with arms and a pink cub ears headpiece features velvet-grain textured fur and a lovely rainbow design on the tummy, which will surely have everyone your dog comes across feeling the cheer! Perfect for Halloween or just for fun, your dog will love wearing this comfy costume. Have multiple doggies? Be sure to check out the full selection of our Care Bears pet costumes so everyone can join in on the fun!
Kid's 80s Punk Rock Star Girl Costume
You may not have been born in the 1980s but that doesn't mean that you're not ready to rock. Doesn't matter how old or young you are you are wild at heart no matter the age! Let your inner rocker out this Halloween season and impress others at the party with your new look. Includes mesh shirt top with attached skirt and leggings.
Men's Black Wise Guy Tony Wig
Get outta here! With the Men's Black Wise Guy Tony Wig, you'll be ready to take on the streets of New York in no time. This realistic black wig is perfect for gangster costumes and more, featuring just the right amount of volume and shine to add style, authority, and sophistication to any outfit. Become a notorious mob boss in seconds with this high-quality wig that's sure to stay put so you can take on the world. Iconic, sleek, and always classic, this wig is your go-to accessory to pair with a gangster costume to help you look and feel the part. So grab a cigar and a pin-striped suit, and get ready to look like you stepped right off the silver screen.
Ghostbusters Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man Jumpsuit and Headpiece for Toddlers
Based on the iconic movie villain, this Ghostbusters Stay Puft Toddler Costume is perfect for your little one. The costume comes with a bubble bodysuit, which mimics the look of Stay Puft's marshmallowy body from the movie. It even comes with a sailor-style bib on top and a red neckerchief. The head is shaped like the Marshmallow Man's head and features a generous opening in the front for your child's face. It even has a little hat attached to the top! Finally, the legs feature the same puffy style to give your child a complete look.
Baby/Toddler Top Gun Costume
Your tyke will be soaring through the clouds like a natural born pilot this year when you dress them up in our Top Gun Maverick Toddler Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into an adorable little fighter pilot who thrives on getting out there miles above the ground. Featuring a green printed fleece jumpsuit with printed badges, as well as a matching cap, you're going to love this adorable look.
Women's White Beetlejuice Wig
Dressing up as a creepy and devious poltergeist this year? Then don't miss out on our Beetlejuice Womens Wig! With this one, you will receive just the wig you need to become your favorite ghostly spirit who has a knack for breaking the rules and doing things his own way. Featuring a messy white wig that will pair perfectly with the rest of your black and white Beetlejuice attire, you definitely don't want to miss out on this one.
Kid's 80'S Rock Star Boy Costume
Rock and roll returns in the bold red, black and white design of the 80s Rock Star Boys Costume. This look includes a bold red bandana, which can be worn over your child's head or one of our long rock star wigs. A black mesh shirt fits loosely over the snug skull and crossbones tank top that is also included. There is an eye-catching silver belt with a pattern of small shiny squares that wraps around the waist. Straight leg zebra pants are also included, so your son will feel capable of really putting on a wild performance. There is a coordinating red bandana that can be tied around the leg, so your child will have that full rock inspired appearance. Wear this look with studded gloves, wrist bands, and a microphone, which can all be purchased separately. Shoes not included.
Unisex 80s Wig Black
If you're going out as a John Hughes character or maybe a generic 80s teenager you'll need this Unisex 80s Wig - Adult Black to finish off your look! This spiky 80s hair will make you feel like you stepped back in time for Halloween. Don't forget to check out our other 80s 2018 Halloween Costume Accessories to complete your 80s costume!
Adult Beetlejuice Scary Adam Overhead Latex Mask
Become your favorite spooky character from Beetlejuice this year when you get all dressed up with our Beetlejuice Adam Adult Mask. With this one, you will receive just the mask you need to show your love for your favorite horror film. Featuring a life-like Adam mask with an extremely long nose, a creepy set of teeth, spooky skin spikes on the top of the head, and contours all along the cheeks, you can't go wrong with this one.
Adult 1980's White and Black Rock Star Zebra Pants
You'll look like you just stepped off stage when you wear the 80's White and Black Zebra Pants. This accessory includes a pair of tight zebra print stretch pants. It's a funky addition to any 80s rocker costume.
WWE Hulk Hogan Womens Costume
You are going to be laying down the Smackdown this year when you show up wearing this rough and tumble WWE Hulk Hogan Womens Costume! This complete costume includes tights, costume top, boot covers, belt and Hulk's iconic red bandana to give you a fan favorite wrestling look that was worn by the legend himself! Perfect for sporting events or any other costumed celebration, this one is comfortable and made of high-quality materials for a fit that is great every single time!