Rodents & Animals Decor

Place some rat decorations around your home to make your party guests watch where they step! Our creepy animal decorations make your haunted house literally come alive. There's nothing like vermin to make a place feel truly grimy, so your new little friends are going to really help create a freaky vibe during your party. The trick or treaters will love these rats too, since there's nothing that fascinates kids quite like the gross-out factor!
Zombie Skeleton Flamingo Lawn Decoration
Zombies have taken form people never would expect them to and because you love zombies so much you can think outside the box and set this Flamingo Zombie Lawn Ornament outside in your yard to scare and intrigue passersby at the same time.
3 Foot Slashing Bat Light Up Animated Prop
Is your goal to scare your trick-or-treaters, or perhaps to scare the guests as they walk into your party this Halloween? Then this Creepy Hanging Bat Animated Prop is perfect for you! Hang this bat and watch as its eyes flash red, and it causes a jump from each person who dares to walk by. Use this in combination with many of our other props, and you could give anyone who ventures by your house a fright to remember this Halloween!
3 Foot Flamingo Skeleton Prop
Take Halloween out to the tropics this year when you decorate your lawn with the Skeletal Flamingo Prop - 3'. If you're looking for a unique and somewhat unusual Halloween prop, then you can't go wrong with this one. Featuring a flamingo skeleton with attached stakes on one of the legs, you can plant this prop on your lawn with ease. Buy yours today, and then scan our site for the matching skeletal octopus, spider, and unicorn too!
15-inch Black Bat Hanging Decoration
Scare your friends and neighbors with horrifying bat-themed decorations. Purchase the 15" Plastic Bat and add it your Halloween decorations. The black bat with green eyes is perfectly eerie.
5-inch Black Crow Decoration
Crows seem to make everything just a little bit scarier, which is why you're going to love decorating your home with our Black Crow Prop for Halloween this year. With this one, you will receive just the black crow you need to send a dark and spooky message to all the trick or treaters. Featuring one 5" tall black crow, this little bird will look perfect on the porch or on a tree on your front lawn.
10 Inch Vulture Skeleton Prop
A picture is worth a thousand words--so a skeleton must be nearly a book. Amaze your friends and neighbors with this vulture skeletal prop. Versatile enough for indoor or outdoor display. Just wear your eyes to believe and tell your tallest tales.
6-inch Brown Realistic Rat Decoration
Add the Fuzzy Rat Prop to your dcor this year and you'll be giving everyone a proper scream! With this creepy animal prop, you will receive just the rat you need to really make your guests and trick or treaters feel all kinds of fear and fright all night long. Featuring a brown fuzzy rat prop complete with ears, eyes, and a tail, it doesn't get any more realistic than this one. Place on the porch, on the walkway, or wherever you like for maximum scare effect!
5 Foot Black Bat Hanging Prop
This Halloween, get ready to have the coolest decorations on the block! Our 5 Foot Hanging Black Bat Prop will have all the trick-or-treaters tiptoeing to your door for candy. This spooky d�cor item features a 5' tall black bat with a sleeping eyes face and black cloaked wings that are curled inwards, creating a haunting scene that nobody will forget in a hurry. It's the perfect way to make sure everyone knows you're ready to celebrate! Get ready to have an amazing Halloween with this giant nocturnal creature hanging from your porch or tree.
Zombie Skeleton Cat
Spook the neighbors and trick or treaters this Halloween when you buy the Undead Zombie Cat Prop! This creepy prop features a bony and skeletal cat in a pouncing position with eyes bright and yellow. Put it on your porch your lawn inside your house or wherever you'll get the most scares! Buy yours today!
7-inch Skeleton Frog Decoration
All your guests will be hopping and leaping in fright this year when you decorate the home with our 7-inch Skeleton Frog Decoration. Perfect for adding a reptilian touch of spookiness to any ambiance, this creepy frog looks like it just emerged from the graveyard and is ready to wreak some havoc. Featuring a 7" frog prop with a realistic skeletal frame covered in a bright green coat, this ghoulish frog will be leaping and hopping all across the yard to spook the neighbors and trick or treaters. Pick up yours today, and then check our site for more creepy skeletal animal props!
15-inch Spooky Cat Skeleton Decoration
Your house will be looking truly purrfect this year when you decorate with our 15-inch Spooky Cat Skeleton Decoration. If you're a cat lover and a fan of the dark and macabre side of life, then this spooky prop is sure to please. Featuring a dark black skeletal curled up cat with bright red glowing eyes, this little feline looks like it emerged from the underworld. Whether you decide this is an indoor cat or an outdoor cat is entirely up to you. Either way, it's sure to scare your guests! Pick up yours today, and then check our site for more of your ghoulish decor needs.
17-inch Haunted Goose Skeleton Decoration
If you're on the hunt for a unique and spooky decoration for the home this year, then you can't go wrong with our 17-inch Haunted Goose Skeleton Decoration. A skeletal goose with a murderous streak? What's more fun and creepy than that! Featuring a 17" goose prop with a white bony exterior, a yellow beak, and a pair of legs that prop the entire goose up, this creepy goose is ready to fly into your home and build its nest. Pick up yours today, and then check our site for more creepy and ghoulish props and decorations!
78-inch Posable Green Snake
Looking for a large serpent decoration or accessory for your home or your costume this year? Then look no further than our 78-inch Posable Green Snake. Whether you're dressing up as Medusa, a witch, or a pirate and looking to adorn your look with a massive snake to drape around your neck, or whether you're looking for the perfect decoration to add to your Halloween decor, this big green flexible snake is sure to please. Coming in at 78" with a green and black scaly appearance with a red forked tongue, you can't go wrong with this one of a kind reptilian prop.
7-inch Demon Rat Decoration
A rat infestation from the underworld will make for a truly haunting decoration this year when you get all set up with our 7-inch Demon Rat Decoration. If you're looking for an evil little rat to put out with the rest of your spooky decor, then you can't miss out on this one. Featuring a hunched over black 7" rat with a long curvy tail, a vicious set of teeth, and a pair of glowing red eyes, this little rodent looks like it has been conjured by warlocks and dark magicians. Pick up yours today, and go make all your guests scream in fright!
10-inch Skeleton Rat Decoration
What's worse than a rat infestation? A skeletal rat infestation of course! With our 10-inch Skeleton Rat Decoration, your house will look like it's been taken over by rodents from the underworld. Featuring a 10" rat prop with no flesh and all bones, this creepy creature knows a thing or two about scaring some guests. Perfect when paired with some other spooky decorations and props from our site, you're going to have the scariest house on the block in no time. Pick up your skeleton rat today, and go make this a Halloween you never forget!
20 Inch Flying Crow Light Up Animated Prop
No witch's lair or haunted house is complete without an Animated Flying Crow, so get this familiar for your porch ASAP! After all, who's going to bring you messages from your witchy friends around the neighborhood, or help you find ingredients for your potions, if not this cute but spooky little crow? With this guy flapping around your house, you're going to have everything you need to scare the living daylights out of the trick or treaters.