Kids Vampire Costumes

Whether your child is thinking of Twilight or Nosferatu, vampire Halloween costumes are as immortal as vampires themselves. The kids will love the drama of our Gothic vampire costumes, and the thrill of fake fangs never fails to get kids excited. (Don't worry though, the fangs can't hurt anybody!) And while the aristocratic costumes might look stiff and formal, they're crafted so that your child will feel as comfy in these outfits as they do in their own pajamas.
Kids Transylvanian Vampire Costume
Children of the night - what spooky costumes they make! Let your boy unleash his inner bloodsucker his Transylvanian Vampire Boy's Costume! Included is a pair of black pants and a red and black vest with gold buttons and attached white shirt sleeves and matching white jabot. You'll also receive a long black cape, lined in red, fastened with faux gold chain, and with an attached black stand up collar. Finally, there's a gold colored medallion with a ruby red (or is it blood red?) jewel, strung on red velvet ribbon. Don't forget to add white gloves, face makeup, fangs, a cane, even a pair of sunglasses for modern flair - all available at our accessories page. The perfect balance of charm and chills, your little monster will have a scary good time in this Transylvanian Vampire Costume for Boys - you can Count on it!
Baby/Toddler Dapper Drac Costume
Your son will look ready to take charge of the family manor in our Boy's Dapper Drac Costume! For his first Halloween, your son will look gentlemanly in this black and red tuxedo, and the bowtie featuring a plastic bat will charm any adult into giving him all the candy he wants! There's a lot of frills on this suit, but it's all in one piece, so he won't be in danger of losing any costume pieces! He'll also receive a high vampire collar and cape, which no fashionable vampire would be caught undead without. Make his first Halloween stylish and spooky, with our Boy's Dapper Drac Costume!
Kids Vampire Costume
Sink your teeth into some fun with the Vampire Child Costume. It features a white shirt, attached vest with fiber optic lights, cape with collar, and black pants. The lights glow a bright red for an added eeriness to the wardrobe. Check out our accessories page for fangs, fake blood, and a makeup kit to create a terrifying vampire appearance. Dracula has never looked so good. This blood sucking figure is ready to trick-or-treat on Halloween night. Show some teeth when you smile, and let everyone know that you are a prince of darkness. You are going to have a blast biting down on some delicious candy in this amazing ensemble. Don't wait for the sun to go down, order your Vampire Costume right now!
Baby/Toddler Lil Vlad the Vampire Costume
Your little angel will be the cutest bloodsucker in town this year when you dress them up in our Vlad the Vampire Baby Costume. With this adorable set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a magical young vampire who has a knack for making everyone around them happier. Featuring a red crimson red vest top, a matching red and black cape, and a pair of black pants, you're going to fall in love with this adorable look.
Kid's Ombre Vampire Costume
Dress your little vampire princess in this cute birthday costume! This Vampire Princess Girls Costume will be perfect for your daughter's upcoming birthday party. The costume includes a beautiful black and pink dress with frilly sleeves and is available in 4 different sizes: Small (4)
Kids Victorian Vampire Costume
Rule the supernatural world in this Girls Victorian Vampire Costume. Become Victoria, the Vampire Queen, and show those mortals you are the most powerful being to ever live. This outfit comes as a single dress. It has a long overcoat-like design featuring intricate details. A grey skirt is ruffled along the bottom and falls below knee level. You receive a waist belt depicting a bat emblem in front and a large fanned collar. Show up to Halloween parties in this Victorian Vampire costume and all attendees will bow before you!
Kids Gothic Vampiress Costume
We always knew vampires could be entrancing, but who knew they could be so cute? Your girl will suck up all the attention and plenty of fun in this Gothic Vampiress Kid's Costume! It includes a black velvet overdress with an attached red gown. The bodice features gold lace, and there's matching gold trim along the edges of the whole dress. Long red cuffs give this elegant getup a regally Gothic touch, and the dark red stand up bat wing style collar pushes this costume firmly into bloodsucker territory. She'll love playing in this spooky ensemble at Halloween, birthday parties, and more, while you'll love the unbeatable price! Drive everyone even battier by accessorizing with shoes, vampire fangs, fake blood, and make up kits, all available on our site. Children of the night: what adorable memories they make!
Kid's Promo Vampiress Costume
Your daughter will be hanging out with all the bats and ghouls this year when she's sporting our Kids Vampiress Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into an adorable bloodsucker who loves coming out when the sun goes down. Featuring a black and red dress with long draping sleeves and a high collar, as well as a red belt, you're going to love this special look on your daughter this year.
Kid's Victorian Vampire Costume
Your kid will be the undisputed ruler of Transylvania this year when you dress them up in our Victorian Vampire Child Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to suck blood, transform into a bat, and stay away from garlic and crosses! Featuring a slick black jacket with an attached red vest and white jabot, as well as a matching black and red cape, you're going to love this special look on your tyke this year.
Kid's Vampiress Queen Costume
Lurk the streets as the queen of the night. The Vampiress Queen Child Costume features a full-length black and red dress with lace-up chest, puffed shoulders, fringe trimmings, and large collar. Check out our accessories page for fangs, fake blood, and makeup to make your vampire character even scarier. Add a tiara to appear more like royalty, and rule the underworld with panache. This blood sucking temptress has an alluring appeal that is absolutely spellbinding. Her beauty and grace is what has made her such a powerful figure. When you put on the Vampiress Queen Costume this Halloween, the throne to the Netherworld shall be yours. As heir to the eternal crown, you will have complete control over all demons, ghouls, and spirits. They will be yours to do as you please!
Kid's Valentina the Vampire Costume
When the sun goes down, your daughter will emerge from her castle to hang below the full moon when she's wearing our Valentina Vampire Girls Costume. With this stunning set, you will receive everything you need to turn your daughter into a regal vampire monarch who knows a thing or two about ruling her clan. Featuring a beautiful red and black dress with black lace accents and a floral embellishment, she's going to love this one.
Kids Royal Vampire Costume
Take your kid on down to Transylvania this year when you dress them up in our Child Royal Vampire Costume. With this stylish set, you will receive everything you need to turn your kid into a powerful young Dracula who is a firm believer in sticking to a healthy diet of blood. Featuring a long black coat with an attached bright red vest and shirt front, as well as a gold and red medallion, your kid is going to have a blast with this special look.
Kid's Hooded Cloak Black Costume
Your kid will be all ready to turn into a bat and suck some blood this year when they're sporting our Hooded Black Cloak. With this stylish accessory, you will receive just the cape your tyke needs to become a powerful vampire or vampiress who lives in a castle in Transylvania. Featuring an all black cloak with a hood, your child is going to have the time of their life telling tales about their vampire adventures this year to all of their friends.
Kid's Velvet Vampire Cloak Costume
Your little one will be the coolest ghoul in town this year when you pick up our Velvet Green Vampire Cloak. With this one, you will receive just the cloak your kid needs to become a stylish young vampire who has no problem drinking blood and hanging out all night long. Featuring a dark emerald green velvety robe cloak with an attached hood, your child will feel on top of the world while they're wearing this great look.