Garfield Costumes


You'll have a bad case of the Mondays this year when you get all dressed up in one of our classic orange Garfield costumes. With our premium Garfield collection, we have all the bright orange feline looks you need to get yourself or your child ready for the big day. One thing is for certain, lasagna will certainly be on the menu when you're sporting one of our cozy wears. And if you're more of a dog person, don't worry, we have adorable Odie costumes for your child to play around in as well. Funny Halloween costumes are hard to pull off, but who doesn't get a great big laugh out of Garfield?

Garfield Adult Costume
Whether you love lasagna or hate Mondays, sometimes you just need to unwind, kick back, relax and put on this Garfield Adult Costume! Including jumpsuit and headpiece, America's favorite fat cat is ready to bring his unique brand of mischief to the costume party with a high-quality representation that will turn heads wherever you go. Comfortable and durable, go with a costume that is instantly recognizable and adored by millions. Bring all those funny pages to life!
Garfield Baby Costume
Break out that lasagna and hope it's not Monday when you put your little one this Garfield Baby Costume! They will be ready for whatever the night throws at them with this adorable romper with attached hand covers and Garfield headpiece. The romper is bright orange, has an attached tail, and Garfield's black markings. Everyone's favorite chubby feline is your easy way to give your baby a costume that is adorable, comfortable and guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser.
Garfield Adult Inflatable Costume
America's favorite fat cat just got larger than life when you are wearing this Garfield Adult Inflatable Costume! Powered by two concealed fans, this inflatable style of costume has been taking the industry by storm and now lovers of lasagna and Monday haters have an inflatable costume of their very own to bring their favorite comic book feline to life! Made of high-quality materials, and comfortable enough for even the most boring office parties, you're going to have a blast with this one.
Garfield Pet Costume
Infuse your furry friend's world with a dash of irresistible charm and a touch of mischievousness with our Garfield Pet Costume. With this whimsical ensemble, your beloved pup will be transported into the playful universe of the iconic lasagna-loving cat, ready to embark on a journey of delightful fun and heartwarming adventures. The costume itself is a vibrant tribute to Garfield's timeless appeal. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the bright orange plushie costume is adorned with captivating black stripe designs that perfectly capture the essence of the lovable character. Your pup will not only wear the costume but embody the spirit of Garfield in every playful romp and wag of their tail. Adding to the authenticity, the attached cat tail and Garfield face hood complete the transformation, turning your dog into the star of the show. As you watch your pup don this delightful ensemble, you'll witness their personality shine through as they embrace their newfound feline identity. Embrace the cuteness overload as your pup channels the essence of Garfield's famous quirkiness. From their endearing laziness to their infectious humor, your dog will embody the charm of this iconic character, leaving you and everyone around utterly enchanted. Incorporate some Garfield-style "Mondays" into your pup's routine and let them revel in the attention and adoration that their new attire brings. Whether it's for a costume party, Halloween, or simply to infuse some light-heartedness into your day-to-day activities, our Garfield Pet Costume is the perfect choice to add a touch of whimsy to your furry friend's life. Capture the spirit of Garfield's mischief, playfulness, and heartwarming charm with this meticulously designed costume. Order now and watch your pup step into the paws of the iconic lasagna-loving cat, embracing a world of fun and laughter that is bound to bring joy to both you and your furry companion.
Garfield Odie Baby/Toddler Costume
Get ready for some comical fun and excitement when your little one is wearing this Garfield Odie Baby/Toddler Costume! Garfield's partner in crime is ready to celebrate with your family with this comfortable costume including a bright yellow romper with attached hand covers and Odie headpiece. Odie's recognizable black spots are on the romper's back side with an attached tail. You will love seeing your little one toddle around as the iconic pooch we all love from the funny pages!