Scooby Doo Costumes


Hop into the Mystery Machine and start solving crimes and mysteries with all your buds when you get all decked out in one of our classic Scooby Doo costumes. Whether you're a bit skittish like Scooby or Shaggy, a little more inquisitive and intelligent like Velma, or more on the preppy side like Fred and Daphne, we have just the costume you or your kid needs to bust some villains in style. You can even get your pup in on the action too, with one of our adorable Scooby Doo pet costumes! Accessorize any costume even further with wigs, masks, and more fun items that will surely help you in your many missions to crack the case.

Scooby Doo Pet Costume
Your pup will be asking for all the Scooby Snacks this year when you pick up our Pet Scooby Doo Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your furry friend into everybody's favorite silly Great Dane. Featuring a step in brown Scooby shirt, a brown cape, and a matching Scooby Doo face headpiece, your pup will be looking extra adorable when you take them for a walk while they're wearing this one.
Adult Scooby-Doo Shaggy Costume
Zoinks! You'll be solving crimes and cracking the code to mysterious cases all night long when you walk into the party wearing our Adult Shaggy Scooby Doo Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need become your favorite skiddish investigator who loves a good Scooby Snack from time to time. Featuring a green pull over V-neck shirt, a pair of brown pants with an elastic waist, and a stylish Shaggy wig, you're going to love wearing this classic look this year.
Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Pet Costume
Your pet might not be a large great Dane, but he can still be a part of the Scooby gang. Dress him in the Scooby-Doo: The Mystery Machine Pet Costume. It features the blue and green van driven by Fred in the animated series and movies. It is accented with orange flowers and even has an image of Fred, Velma, Daphne, Shaggy and Scooby inside the cab. Like any good dog, Scooby has his head out the window.
Kids' Scooby-Doo Costume - Deluxe
Be part of the best mystery solving team in this super deluxe Scooby Doo costume; team up with some of Scooby's friends for a great group costume idea.Costume Includes:Kid size velour Scooby Doo character headpieceAttached jumpsuitScooby Doo collarScooby Doo is a very popular kids Halloween costume. Great for Boys or Girls
Kids' Scooby-Doo Shaggy Costume
What's that, Scoob? Ghosts and monsters are taking everyone's candy? Sounds like a job for the Mystery Gang, and especially for Shaggy, the sleuth with a bottomless stomach! This Kid's Shaggy Costume features Shaggy's unmistakable poofy hair do and scraggly goatee, plus his trademark brown pants and bright green shirt. No need for hi tech equipment or protective suits, this is all your child will need to go out hunting for ghosts - and for snacks! Let's face it, emulating Shaggy becomes less and less cute the older they get, so why not let them cut loose now while it's as much fun for you to watch as it is for them to perform! Don't forget to visit our accessories page for special props like shoes, flashlights and more. Going in a group? Be sure to look at our other Scooby themed costumes for the rest of your gang! Zoinks!
Girls' Scooby-Doo Daphne Costume
Fred was the brawn, Velma was the brains, Shaggy and Scooby were the stomachs... someone had to catch ghosts and look good at the same time! This Children's Scooby Doo Daphne Costume features her familiar purple dress with pink trim, along with pink boot tops, a long green scarf, and buoyant orange pouf wig with attached purple headband. Steer your Mystery Machine towards our Accessories page and take the outfit to even more dazzling levels by adding jewelry, makeup, shoes, and more. More than just another pretty face, Daphne's character garnered many different traits throughout her various appearances on TV and in the movies - ranging from being accident prone all the way to being a black belt martial artist. But however she changed, she always stayed one of our favorite meddling kids who wouldn't let the villains get away with it!
Women's Scooby-Doo Daphne Costume
You'll be getting yourself in all kinds of danger this year when you put on our Adult Daphne Scooby Doo Costume. As the most fashionable and stylish of the mystery hunter crew, you'll be looking absolutely stunning while sporting this flashy attire. Featuring a beautiful purple dress, a neon green mesh neck scarf, a pair of pink shiny boot tops with elastic around the feet, and a bright orange Daphne wig, you're not going to want to miss out on this one.
Women's Scooby-Doo Hooded Jumpsuit
Head to the party wearing the Scooby Doo Womens Costume and you'll have everybody howling your name! With this set, you will receive everything you need to become your favorite cozy canine who just wants to solve crimes and eat Scooby Snacks with the rest of the Mystery Machine gang. Featuring a brown hooded Scooby jumpsuit with an attached brown curvy tail and a blue collar, you're not going to want to miss out on this one.
Adult Scooby-Doo Overhead Latex Mask
Become everybody's favorite Great Dane this year when you put on our Scooby Doo Deluxe Latex Mask. Head to the party sporting this fun doggy mask and you'll have a blast hunting down mysteries with all of your buds. Featuring a large brown Scooby mask with perked up ears and an attached blue Scooby collar, you'll be hopping in the Mystery Machine with Daphne, Velma, Fred, and the rest of the gang in no time.
Women's Scooby-Doo Velma Costume
You'll be the most intelligent member of the Mystery Machine crew this year when you're sporting our Adult Velma Scooby Doo Costume. Walk into the party donning this stylish look and you'll be feeling gorgeous and bright as ever. Just do your best not to drop those glasses! Featuring an orange long sleeve turtleneck shirt, a red skirt, a red haired wig, and a pair of glasses, you're going to love this classic Scooby Doo look.
Men's Scooby-Doo Hooded Top with Gloves
You'll be eating all the Scooby Snacks this year when you pick up our Scooby Doo Adult Hoodie. With this one, you will receive just the alternative Scooby look you need to be looking super stylish while feeling comfy as ever. Featuring a brown printed front zip hoodie with a Scooby face printed on the hood, with an attached pair of brown gloves, you're going to love to solving mysteries with this great canine set.
Adult Scooby-Doo Fred Costume with Wig
Become everybody's favorite preppy investigator this year when you dress up in our Adult Fred Scooby Doo Costume. Head to the party sporting this classic look and you'll have everybody coming up to you asking if they can hop in the Mystery Machine and tag along for a mystery or two. Featuring a white shirt, a pair of navy blue pants, an orange scarf, and a blonde wig, you don't want to miss out on this fashionable Fred attire.
Scooby-Doo Bunting and Headpiece for Babies
Your smallest family member can play the part of everyone's favorite TV crime solving canine in this Newborn Scooby Doo costume for boys and girls. The Scooby Doo outfit includes a soft, brown bodysuit with a hood that features Scooby's big nose, eyes, and eyes protruding from the top. This Scooby Doo costume is available in one standard size that will fit most newborn boys and girls up to 6 months of age. This is one the best TV theme Halloween costumes that you'll find anywhere and we stand behind all of our costumes against any competitor. This warm and comfortable outfit for newborns is perfect for your smallest child's first trick or treating adventure and it is ideal for kiddie birthdays and other celebrations throughout the year. Be sure to browse through our entire line of great accessories that will make this and all of your other Halloween costumes something special.
Girls' Scooby-Doo Velma Costume
Some call her the pioneer of Geek chic, others call her the original female Hipster. Whatever you call her, Velma is clearly the smartest of the Scooby Gang, and a great Halloween Costume for kids! Featuring her familiar orange turtleneck sweater, bright red mini skirt, and of course her signature pageboy hair do and her thick brown glasses, this costume will have your little girl solving crimes and exclaiming ?Jinkies!? in no time. The only mystery that might remain unresolved is how this great costume is available at such a low price! Be sure to take a look at the accessories we have available, such as shoes, stockings, jewelry, bags, and more. And if you're going in a group, we have more of Velma's friends to tag along for the crime solving fun!
Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Pet Costume
Your pet might not be a large great Dane, but he can still be a part of the Scooby gang. Dress him in the Scooby-Doo: The Mystery Machine Pet Costume. It features the blue and green van driven by Fred in the animated series and movies. It is accented with orange flowers and even has an image of Fred, Velma, Daphne, Shaggy and Scooby inside the cab. Like any good dog, Scooby has his head out the window.
Women's Scooby-Doo Top and Headband
Show your love for your favorite cartoon dog this year when you put on our Scooby Doo Womens Costume Top. With this set, you will receive just the top you need to become the only Great Dane who loves to use their nose for both hunting down criminals and for sniffing out secret boxes of Scooby Snacks. Featuring a brown top with a Scooby face print on the front, you're going to love this stylish attire.
Adult Scooby Doo Scooby Costume
There is no mystery to solve; we know that the officially Scooby Doo Costume Adult is a playful and flattering outfit to wear on Halloween. The long sleeve, brown dress is highlighted on the bodice by Scooby's smiling face and a tutu skirt. The blue belt has a dog tag buckle with the Scooby Doo logo and the hood has two ears attached. This crime-solving pooch and his friends have been solving mysteries since 1969 and is just as popular today, but he has never look as good as you will look when you put on this flirty outfit. He is not very brave, but he will stick with Shaggy as the two of them investigate spooky occurrences. Most of the time it is someone masquerading as a ghost to scare people, but sometimes it is a real monster! Available in extra-small, small, medium and large.
Adult Scooby-Doo Scooby Costume - Deluxe
Hop into the Mystery Machine and head to the party this year when you put on our Adult Scooby Doo Deluxe Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become your favorite mystery loving Great Dane. Featuring a brown cozy Scooby Doo jumpsuit with a front zipper, an attached blue doggy collar, a long brown tail, and a pair of matching mitts and shoe covers, you're going love this comfy canine attire.
Scooby-Doo Costume for Babies and Toddlers
Scooby-Dooby-Doo! Rev up the Mystery Machine and get ready to solve mysteries and unmask villians! Everyone loves this famous retro TV show and with this Scooby Doo Costume, your little one will be one cute pup! This officially licensed costume includes a soft and comfortable romper and Scooby headpiece. The romper features Scoobys signature blue collar with his yellow diamond-shaped tag reading SD. You better make sure they get all the good Scooby Snacks when trick-or-treating!
Kids' Scooby-Doo Costume - Deluxe
Send your child out hunting for ghosts this Halloween in our Scooby Doo Super Deluxe Toddler/ Child Costume! This Scooby Doo costume is a one-piece plush jumpsuit that features Scooby's face on a hood, so your child's face won't be restricted by a mask! Your child will love investigating mysteries around the neighborhood while trick-or-treating in our Scooby Doo costume. Make things even more fun by creating a mystery for him to solve around the house before he goes out for the night! Order our Scooby Doo Super Deluxe Toddler/ Child Costume for a memorable and mysterious Halloween!
Adult Scooby-Doo Inflatable Scooby Costume
Head to the party wearing the Inflatable Adult Scooby Doo Costume and you'll be cruising around looking for villains in your Mystery Machine. Don't be surprised when all the guests start asking to join you on a mystery hunt when they catch you sporting this fun Scooby Doo attire. Featuring a brown inflatable Scooby Doo costume with a blue dog collar and an attached headpiece, you're going to love donning this inflatable Great Dane look this year.
Men's Blonde Groovy 1970's Wig
Whether you're dressing up as a groovy hippie or Shaggy from Scooby Doo, you'll certainly be spreading the psychedelic vibes when you're sporting our 70's Blonde Shag Wig. With this groovy look, you will receive just the set of hair you need to be looking like you just stepped out of a 1970's time machine. Featuring a brownish-orange set of medium length hair, you're going to love this dapper wig with the rest of your costume this year.
Adult Pus Size Scooby-Doo Costume
"Ruby, Ruby, ROOOO!" This Halloween, become that lovable Great Dane with an insatiable appetite in the Scooby Doo Plus Costume for Men! This costume includes a Scooby Doo Jumpsuit w/ Attached Headpiece. The plush jumpsuit is Scooby's fawn coat with his unmistakable spots! The headpiece comes over like a hood and lets your face peak out comfortably. The costume even comes with Scooby's collar! Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and Velma first appear on our screens on September 13, 1969 bringing Mystery Inc into our living rooms! Dress up as the iconic cartoon character and eat everything in sight! The party will absolutely fall in love with this as they're reminded of their childhood! Take a night off from being spooked by ghosts and break it down on the dance floor!
Kids' Scooby-Doo Inflatable Scooby Costume
Your child will feel like the master of all mysteries this year when you dress them up in our Inflatable Kids Scooby Doo Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your kid needs to let out a giant "Rooby rooby rooooo!" with all of their Mystery Machine friends. Featuring a brown Scooby inflatable costume with the attached Scooby face headpiece and a battery operated fan, you're not going to want to miss out on this fun canine look.
Scooby-Doo Costume for Toddlers
Scooby Dooby Doo! Your toddler will love looking just like his favorite cartoon when he wears the Scooby Doo Costume for Toddler. This infant Halloween costume includes a light brown jumpsuit with a tail and black spots on the arms, a light blue collar with a tag featuring Scooby Doo's initials, and a headpiece with Scooby Doo's characteristic features and an exposed face opening for safety and comfort. This detailed outfit will comfortably fit most toddlers, and all you need to complete the look is the Snuganimals Makeup Kit Assortment, sold separately. Also be sure to check out the Halloween Blinking Safety light to keep your little detective safe while he's trick or treating. This is an affordable, easy, and fun way to make your child part of the Halloween fun.