Rick & Morty Costumes & Accessories


You'll be traversing the cosmos in style this year when you get all decked out in one of our infamous Ricky and Morty costumes from our Rick and Morty Collection. Throw on your white lab coat, spike up your blue hair, and take out your portal gun, because when you're all dressed up as Rick, you're sure to be going on a wild intergalactic adventure. Featuring traditional Rick costumes, Pickle Rick costumes if you're feeling crazy, and even just our standard Rick masks, we have everything you need to team up with Morty and rule the universe like a natural. Check out more current TV & movie adult costumes available online from Costumes.com!

Rick and Morty Mini Cornhole Game
Ooh wee! Get schwifty with this Rick and Morty Mini Cornhole Game!
Rick and Morty "Far-Away Vibes" Beach Blanket
Get schwifty with this Rick and Morty Beach Blanket!
Rick and Morty "Unproductives" T-Shirt
Ooh wee! Get schwifty in this Rick and Morty tee!
Rick and Morty "Two Brothers" T-Shirt
Ooh wee! Get schwifty in this Rick and Morty tee!
Adult Rick and Morty: Rick Half Mask
It's time to get schwifty with the most powerful mad scientist of all time! This Rick and Morty: Rick Adult Mask is guaranteed to be a showstopper wherever your costume celebration takes you! Comfortable and made of durable materials, this instantly recognizable face will have everyone screaming wubba lubba dub dub as soon as you enter! The perfect thing to top off your complete Rick Sanchez costume, but can also turn any existing outfit into a quick and easy costume!
Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Adult Costume
Rick Sanchez has done it again, and now one of his biggest endeavors can be immortalized with this Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Adult Costume! This pullover style costume turns you into a human-sized depiction of Rick in his legendary pickle form. This quick and easy costume is a must-have for any big fan and a shoo-in at any costume contest. Take this look to another dimension and pair it with you best friend, Morty!
Adult Rick and Morty: Morty Half Mask
You'll be going on all kinds of crazy intergalactic adventures this year when you put on our Rick and Morty Adult Morty 1/2 Mask. Grandpa Rick is the most intelligent human in all the galaxies, and now while you're dressed as Morty you can sidekick him on all his cosmic adventures. Whether you're fighting alien invaders with Pickle Rick, surviving the Purge on another planet, or just getting schwifty up there in the stars, you're going to have the time of your life dressing up as this lovable little cosmic assistant this year. With this awesome Morty mask, you will be ready for whatever the universe throws your way. Featuring an officially licensed Morty mask that looks just like your favorite cartoon character with a classic distraught expression on his face, you definitely don't want to miss out on this one. Pair this great mask with the rest of your Rick and Morty costume and you'll be jumping through portals, attending planetary weddings of friends, and taking down intergalactic bounty hunters in no time. There's no telling where Grandpa Rick will take you when you're all decked out as the one and only Morty. Whether you're headed to a convention, a Halloween party, or just looking for a fun mask to celebrate your favorite cartoon TV show, this one is sure to please. If you're looking for more of Morty's look, be sure to check our site for the full Morty costume! Take the fun to the next level with a Rick and Morty costume theme with all your best buds. Pairing up with Rick, Birdman, Meseeks, Pensylvester, and all the rest of your favorite characters will make for an incredible night you'll never forget. Pick up your Morty mask today, and go get schwifty wherever you go this year!
Adult Swim Raygun Rick & Morty Vinyl Mini Figure 2-Pack
Kidrobot has teamed up with [adult swim] once again to release these Rick and Morty mini figures. The dimension-hopping, probably-mad scientist and his grandson are now available as a set of vinyl figures measuring 3 inches tall. Which could be an actual life size measurement in another timeline. Get ’em now, broh!
Rick and Morty Adult Morty Costume
Whether you're hopping through intergalactic portals with Pickle Rick, hunting down the evil Morty, or just getting schwifty with all the aliens you meet, you're going to have the time of your life when you are wearing our Rick and Morty Adult Morty Costume this year. If you're a huge fan of the wild adventure of a television show, Rick and Morty, then you're definitely going to love sporting the look of Grandpa Rick's sidekick. Cosmic adventures on faraway planets and galaxies surely await you when you're wearing this classic Morty look. With this awesome Ricky and Morty costume on, you'll be all ready to shrink down with Rick and go to a theme park that lives inside of a homeless man, as well as a whole lot of other fun unexpected adventures. Featuring a bright yellow T-shirt as well as a Morty mask displaying a distraught and stressed Morty facial expression, there's no telling what kinds of bizarre stories, and tales you'll be coming away with when you're wearing this one. For a look that is both instantly recognizable and incredibly fun, you're going to have the time of your life telling all your friends about your crazy Grandpa Rick. Whether you're heading to a Halloween party, a Rick and Morty watch party, or a cool convention, this Morty costume is sure to be a hit. To make it an even more fun night to remember, consider making it a Ricky and Morty costume theme! Just think about how great it would be rolling into a party with Grandpa Rick at your side while you're all decked out in this classic Morty costume. Pick up yours today, and then go check out our site for the rest of your Rick and Morty costume and accessory needs!
Rick and Morty: Rick Adult Costume
You just signed up for some interdimensional excitement this year when you put on this Rick and Morty: Rick Adult Costume! You will be everyone's favorite narcissistic mad scientist when you are in this costume top with an attached jacket and mask. Faithful to the show's design and constructed of comfortable materials for a costume that is great in every dimension. When you're in this costume, you'll be expect to burp through all your science-fiction adventures!