Kids Old Men & Women Costumes

Your child can poke some gentle fun at grandma and grandpa when they wear one of these elderly outfits! Any kid who loves to perform is going to want to go around with a cane talking about kids these days when they wear one of these costumes. Whether he's doing a play or just looking to play a practical joke, the funny old man costumes here will make your little boy look like Rip Van Winkle!
Kids Little Old Man Costume
Your little guy will feel like he's already reached his golden years when he's wearing our Little Old Man Boy's Costume! When he puts on this shirt with bow tie he'll start feeling like he has his grandpa's back problems for the night. Even grandpa will have to laugh at your son in this old man costume!
Kid's Aunt Gertie Costume
This Halloween complain about the rotten kids of today's generation as well as your aching back when you put on the Aunt Gertie Child Costume! Come on you know Aunt Gertie. She always has something to say about everyone and everything. Like how she thinks the president is a terrible man and how technology is getting way too advanced these days and how she loves that cute Leonardo DiCaprio guy she sees on all of her favorite films on the telly'. With your purchase of this fun elderly woman costume you will receive a curly gray wig as well as a stuffed pink and green dress with a plaid-like design. Pair this get-up with a cane so you can hobble around with a bad back and you'll be all set. Trick or treating as Aunt Gertie will be a blast. Limp your way to all of the houses to get your fill of candy this year and you'll surely give everyone a good laugh. Pick up your costume today and this Halloween have fun saying whatever the heck you like!
Kid's Uncle Bert Costume
Your kid will get lots of laughs this Halloween when he shows up as crazy, cranky, old Uncle Bert! They will add more than a few decades to their age when they step into this costume! This jumpsuit features a stuffed belly and typical elderly mans outfitgray slacks, belt, white t-shirt, and suspenders. To complete the look and fully transform into Uncle Bert, put on the bald cap and comb over wig! Dont throw your back out laughing at your elderly kid!
Kids Little Old Lady Costume
Your daughter is sure to imitate her grandmother when she puts on this Little Old Lady Girl's Costume! Even granny will have to laugh when she sees your little one in this sweater and hairpiece which will make her look like she's already reached her golden years! Don't miss this adorable kid's Halloween costume!
Kids Crazy Cat Lady Costume
Your little one will be showing her love for cats in a hilarious way this year when you dress them up in our Child Crazy Cat Lady Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a frenetic kitty lover who would do anything for her feline friends. Featuring a light blue robe with cat images printed all over, a pink curler wig, and a pair of fun pink glasses, they're going to love this look.