Adult Ninja Costumes

Whether or not you've mastered karate, you can look like you have in our ninja costumes! Whatever martial arts movie lives in your daydreams, you can bring it to life with our stealthy robes. We have classic black to keep you hidden under cover of night, or you can be more flashy for a duel out in the open with the rich reds and golds of a samurai. Plus, we have a full arsenal of ninja weapons to make your mission a success, so don't leave your katana behind when you go out to assassinate the emperor!
Adult Dark Ninja Costume
The Dark Ninja Men's Costume is the perfect costume to wear for any party event or special occasion. This outfit will have you completely disguised so you can become who you want -- whether it's a friendly or mean ninja. As a man of mystery all the ladies will want to know who is behind the look!
Adult Ninja Master With Hood Costume
Head to the party as the sensei with all the moves when you put on the Hooded Ninja Master Costume. Nobody messes with a ninja. They can pop out of the shadows at any moment to slay their foes. With your purchase of this fun fighter costume you'll receive a black and red ninja tunic with an attached tabard a pair of black pants with attached silver cuffs a black and red belt with an attached rope and a black silver and red hood with a face cover. Put this powerful costume on and you'll certainly turn heads this Halloween. Decide whether you're a man of fists kicks and submissions or if you're more of a weapons master. If you're interested we have all kinds of ninja stars nunchuks swords daggers and more on our site to choose from. Pick up your Hooded Ninja Master Costume today and go make this Halloween a fierce and powerful one!
Adult Ninja Skin Suit Costume
Secrecy is important to a ninja. That is why the Ninja Adult Skin Suit Costume is so popular. When you put it on you will be covered from your head to your feet so no one will know who you are. Includes a black jumpsuit with red accents.
Shang-Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings Xialing Women's Deluxe Costume
You will be the coolest martial artist in school this year when you dress up with our Xialing Deluxe Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a masterful fighter who seeks to take down the Ten Rings alongside her brother Shang-Chi. Featuring a fierce tunic top with a matching pair of pants, you are going to absolutely love this awesome look this year.