Adult Burglar & Prisoner Costumes

Steal the show at your next dress-up event with a burglar or prisoner costume! If you're looking for an excuse to make some mischief at your next costume party, a burglar costume will be the perfect reason to sneak some extra snacks, or play a practical joke or two. Plus, a handy prisoner costume can make it easy to keep them laughing after you get caught, with a stint on the chain gang for the rest of the party!
Adult Convict Costume
This Halloween, escape from prison and head straight to the party. No need to change when you're in the Adult Male Prisoner Costume. This high quality costume is classic prison garb: a black and white striped shirt, pants, and hat. You'll look like you just tunneled under the walls or hid in a laundry truck. Pick up cuffs, a ball & chain, or chain gang links each sold separately on our site. Shuffle around like you were just captured. Have a friend dress like a police officer for a great duo. Or pick up one of our sexy female prisoner costumes and go cuffed together as the hottest pair of inmates. Pick up some makeup from us and you can black out a few teeth and create some bruises on your face for a rougher prison look.
Adult Burglar Costume
Head to the party wearing the Burglar Costume and you'll have everyone on red alert from the moment they catch sight of you. With this sneaky set, you will receive everything you need to become a master of pickpocketing and robbing banks. Featuring a white and black striped shirt, a black eye mask, a matching black cap, and a white money bag, you're not going to want to miss out on this fun thievin' look this year.
Adult Prisoner Costume
You've spent your life being good. You've never been arrested never even gotten a parking ticket so this Halloween change things up a bit and see what it's like to be bad. Break the law in the Prisoner Costume for Women! This criminal costume comes in small medium and large and it includes a dress belt hat and mug shot sign. You may be an inmate but that won't stop you from looking incredible in this black and white striped dress and black belt. Put on the matching hat hold the mug shot sign and get ready to have your picture taken all night long. Complete your costume with a ball and chain or a pair of handcuffs and have fun telling everyone at the Halloween party what you did to land yourself in prison. Maybe you robbed a bank or stole a car. Perhaps it was insurance fraud or breaking and entering. You did the crime so you have to do the time but at least you get to do it in this fabulous prisoner costume.
Adult Prisoner Costume
Nobody will be messing with you this year when you show up to the party wearing our Prisoner Adult Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a dangerous criminal who certainly shouldn't be on out on the loose. Featuring a bright orange jumpsuit with the word "Jail Bird" printed in all black caps on the chest, you'll be telling everyone tales about your worst crimes this year when you're wearing this one.
Adult Jail Bird Costume
You'll be guilty of being the life of the party when you wear the Adult Sized Jail Bird Jumpsuit. This Halloween costume includes an orange zipper front jumpsuit with the words ?JAIL BIRD? on the chest and ?Department of Collections/Corrections on the back. It is available in Standard and X-Large sizes, and will fit most men. You can complete the ex-convict look with shackles, metal handcuffs, chain gang links, Maximum Restraint Mask, Ball & Chain, bruised makeup, or fake dynamite, sold separately on our website. You'll look dangerous and eye-catching in this convincing replica of a real corrections uniform. Go to your next Halloween party alone or with friends dressed in any of our other jail-themed costumes, easily found elsewhere on our website. If you're known for being a bad boy or even just for having a bad attitude, this jail bird suit is a perfect fit.
Adult Officer Carry Me Costume
Be on the lookout for this Officer Carry Me Costume for Adults! The Carry Me line is one of the hottest looks in Halloween costuming and this addition to that collection sticks out over all the rest! Cleverly designed soft and comfortable costume pants give you the appearance that you are writing on the shoulders of a very happy and accommodating neighborhood police officer! Whether you choose to dress as a partner cop or a robber you have an eye-catching complete costume that everyone will be talking about! Made of high quality and comfortable materials so you will love to wear it as much as everyone will love seeing it war as much as everyone will love seeing it worn. Add a prop sidearm or wear a badge on a necklace to turn this awesome outfit into its own buddy cop movie! Order your Officer Carry Me Costume for Adults online today for terrific price and fast shipping!