If you've gotta go fast, you’re going to have a blast getting all decked out in one of our classic Sonic the Hedgehog costumes and collecting golden rings.

Become everyone's favorite flying fox with a Tails costume, gear up for wall-climbing and rail-gliding with a Knuckles costume, or blast off with super speed as the iconic blue hedgehog - Sonic himself - with our range of costumes featuring characters from the classic SEGA video games and the recent hit film starring James Marsden and Jim Carrey. If you’re feeling villainous and have a hankering for some Chaos Emeralds, our inflatable Dr. Eggman costume will surely please. Everyone can get in on the fun - from kids to parents and even your pets, the whole family can fulfill their need for speed.

From Halloween to cosplay events to speed-running your favorite retro video games, our Sonic the Hedgehog costumes will have your whole gang speeding toward fun!