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With our incredible selection of Women’s costumes and accessories at Costumes.com, you can transform yourself into anything imaginable! Dreaming of saving the day as your favorite superhero or would you rather cause some trouble as the villain? Not a problem! Bring to life your favorite characters with our collection of Officially Licensed costumes. Easily find the perfect outfit that will transport you to another world, era, or wherever your imagination takes you!

Adult The Force Awakens Rey Deluxe Costume
Who knows what Rey would have ended up doing if she hadn't escaped from that giant junkyard of a planet when she did. While jumping around the galaxy at light speed and thwarting the First Order is pretty dangerous work, it sure beats digging through wrecked ships for scrap and power couplings! Now your child can do the same in our Star Wars Episode VII Rey Child Costume!
Adult Classic Star Wars Princess Leia Deluxe Costume
Join the Rebel Alliance and save the galaxy in this Star Wars Deluxe Princess Leia Costume Adult! Practice your Force techniques and master your Jedi skills so you can become the bravest woman warrior at your Halloween party or Cosplay event. Once you've perfected your lightsaber abilities, you'll need to make sure you look the part of an Imperial Senate member, which is why this ensemble comes with a Wig, Dress and the Princess of Alderaan's signature belt accessory. The dress resembles the floor length, white gown that fits Leia loosely, making it easier to fight off evil members of the Galactic Empire. Cinch your waist with the white belt adorned with silver accents in geometric shapes, and put on the wig made to look like the character's trademark cinnamon bun up do to complete your look. After you're all dressed up, grab your friends wearing other Rebel Alliance ensembles, like Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, or Han Solo and you'll be guaranteed to win the best group costume contest a
Adult Dark Knight Catwoman Costume
Share your excitement about the new The Dark Knight Rises movie with the Sexy Batman The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Women's Costume. This costume includes a form fitting black jumpsuit with 3/4 sleeves, a wide black belt with a molded gray buckle, elbow length black gloves, a pointy black Catwoman headpiece, and a pointed black eyemask. Catwoman is a super villain in Batman comic books, games, shows and movies. She is a skilled gymnast and burglar, and has sharp retractable claws, bullwhips and a cat o'nine tails. This outfit is based on her look from the 2012 movie ?The Dark Knight Rises.? You can complete the costume with accessories like black and brown wigs, tall black faux leather boots and heels, and black eyelashes, sold separately on our website. Also be sure to check out our other Batman costumes, easily found elsewhere on our website for a fun group costume.
M3gan Adult Costume
Head to the party as an artificially intelligent security doll this year when you get all dolled up in our M3gan Adult Costume. With this fun set, you will receive everything you need to become your favorite doll from your favorite science fiction horror film. Nothing is spookier than an android doll programmed to protect a child, who then goes rogue in her responsibilities! Now while all dressed up as M3gan, you can show the world just how powerful artificial intelligence can be, and why we need to be wary moving into the future with it. With this cute M3gan costume, you will receive everything you need to become a killer doll who knows a thing or two about protecting her target child. Featuring a long beige dress with buttons, an attached red, white, and blue bow scarf, and gray and white striped long sleeves, you're going to love this classic look from the film. With this costume, you will be looking stylish while feeling comfortable as ever. Whether you're headed to a Halloween party or a horror film festival, you'll have the time of your life when you're all decked out in this powerful AI doll M3gan costume. If you're looking to dress up your look even further, be sure to check our site for more great costume options. With wigs, makeup kits, jewelry, and other accessories, we have all kinds of items that will help dress your look up even further. Bring the fun to the next level by matching with a friend to play as Cady, your primary target of protection throughout the film. Pick up your M3gan costume today, and go make this a real fright of a night!
Girls' Star Wars Princess Leia Wig
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... Costumes.com started offering the Adult Star Wars Princess Leia Wig! So, if you are eager to transform into the galaxy's most formidable princess this Halloween, swap out the phrase, "Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?" for "Trick or treat!" during spooky season with this Star Wars Princess Leia wig. Featuring her signature side braids wrapped into buns, this wig captures the essence of Your Highnesses. You can join in on a couple’s costumes by asking your partner to dress up as Han Solo for even more excitement.
Addams Family Nevermore Academy Uniform Adult Costume
Roll call for all outcasts! Nevermore Academy has accepted your application so get ready for class with this Addams Family Nevermore Academy Uniform Adult Costume. Join your friend Wednesday Addams and master your extraordinary supernatural abilities in your new favorite school uniform. This adult costume includes a matching blue and black striped blazer jacket with the Nevermore Academy crest and a flowy midi-length skirt. Also included is a sleeveless purple sweater-looking top with an attached white collar and black tie. You’ll be looking sharp for when Wednesday introduces you to the whole Addams Family!
Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Rave'n Dance Women's Costume
This Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Rave'n Dance costume for women features an a-line dress crafted from black gauzy fabric, accented with dainty ruffles for a unique and fashionable look. Perfect for Halloween or themed-parties, this costume is sure to be a standout!
Adult The Last Jedi Rey Deluxe Costume
Enjoy getting to be the new hero of the Star Wars Saga with the Adult Deluxe Rey The Last Jedi Costume. This is an officially licensed Star Wars product inspired by Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. You'll look like a hero in this authentic costume, meticulously modeled after Rey's new outfit as seen in the film. This costume comes with the top with attached front wraps, pants with attached boot tops, arm warms, 1 cuff, and a belt. The outfit evokes traditional Jedi wear while adding in some real fresh elements making for a very pleasant costume. Be sure to pick up a lightsaber and fight against the Dark Side and the First Order with a costume that will make you feel like The Last Jedi.
Women's M3gan Wig
Make sure your M3gan costume stands out this year, with the Adult M3gan Wig from Costumes.com. The blonde waves and sleek middle part perfectly showcases M3gan's style - so you can focus on channeling your robotic movements and artificial intelligence to keep your human companion safe from harm. Have some fun and rock the classic M3gan wig with her unique style or go wild and create an everyday look all your own.
Clueless Dionne Adult Costume
You will have an iconic cinematic look that screams the 1990s when you put this awesome Clueless Dionne Adult Costume on! Dionne's instantly recongizable jacket, top, skirt and iconic oversized white hat gives you a costume that feels like it was ripped straight off the silver screen! Please note the thigh high stockings are not included. Perfect for 90s themed parties or movie marathons plus you can turn this into an amazing shared theme when a friend dresses as Cher!
Women's Elvis Costume
Just because his nickname was ?The King? doesn't mean the boys have to have all the fun! You'll get them all shook up in this Elvis Presley Sexy Women's Costume. Featuring a slim fitting low cut white jumpsuit with a large stand-up collar, this officially licensed outfit never fails to dazzle with its rhinestone and faux ruby stud detailing. Cinch it all together with a flashy red scarf, plus a wide white belt with even more gold and spangles, and get ready to gyrate that pelvis and make your fans scream, fawn, and faint to the ground. Looking for a way to take your performance to Vegas levels? Take a gander at our section of accessories for flashy shoes, capes, microphones, and more. Perfect for Halloween or a music themed costume party. Pack your bags and check out of the Heartbreak Hotel, because with this Sexy Elvis Women's Costume, you'll never again have to be lonesome tonight!
M&M's Red Adult Costume
Get ready to be the wittiest treat at any party with our M&M's Red Adult Costume. Step into the world of delectable delights as you transform into everyone's favorite color M&M. Red has been the main M&M spokescandy since 1996 and doesn’t want to give that celebrity status up anytime soon! If you are quick-witted, an expressive extrovert and like to be the center of attention, Red is the right M&M for you. This enticing costume set includes everything you need to become the life of the party. The bright red snack-inspired foam tabard tunic captures the iconic M&M's charm and will make you stand out in any crowd. If someone claims all M&Ms taste the same, you will be ready to prove them wrong! Whether you are attending a costume party, Halloween gathering, or any event where snacks take center stage, this delectable ensemble is a must-have. Dressing up as the M&M’s is a classic Halloween costume and is a quick and easy group costume idea. Indulge your playful side and bring smiles to everyone as you embrace this delectable world with our officially licensed M&M costumes. Grab a color for all your friends or family! Don't miss out on the chance to become the tastiest M&M in the bag. Grab your M&M's Red Adult Costume today and get ready to spread sweetness and joy wherever you go!
Adult DC Comics Batgirl Costume
Batman and Robin may get most of the glory, but Batgirl can kick criminal butt with the best of them - and she certainly looks better in skin tight clothing than Adam West ever did! This Adult Batgirl Costume for Women features a slim fitting black mini dress with a scooped neckline and bat wing hem along the short skirt. We've also included a pair of matching black boot tops, along with black gauntlets, black cape, and a black bat eye mask. Last but not least, you also receive a bright yellow utility belt that matches the yellow bat symbol on the chest. Dial up your crime fighting fashion at our accessories page by adding makeup, stockings, boots, a wig, and more. You'll be ready to show the boys how it's done in this Women's Adult Batgirl Costume!
Adult Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume
Villains are just as stylish as most women, some just follow the style of their own drummer, like Harley Quinn. She is very flamboyant, as you can see in the Women's Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume, which is based on the outfit worn by Margot Robbie in the 2016 DC film. This outfit includes a blue and red crop jacket with attached shirt, blue/red shorts black/gold belt and black fishnet stockings. The top has the message "Daddy's Lil Monster" on front. In the movie, a secret government agency, ARGUS, recruits villains to its special forces squad instead of imprisoning them. Harley Quinn is one of those recruited. She is an off the wall character, probably crazier than her love obsession, the Joker. Once a respected psychiatrist, she met and fell in love with the Joker when he was sentenced to Arkham Asylum and that was her downfall. There is no downfall to our costume; you can have some fun being a little crazy this Halloween.
Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Uniform Adult Costume
Finally, Wednesday Addams found a place that not only accepts her love of the macabre and all things death but encourages it! At Nevermore Academy, Wednesday Addams can follow in Morticia and Gomez Addams’ footsteps and master her supernatural abilities. Now you can update your Wednesday Addams look and add her new school uniform to your wardrobe rotation in this Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Uniform Adult Costume. This adult costume features a black, gray and white striped blazer jacket and long skirt. The jacket has the Nevermore Academy crest on it and the costume also includes a gray sweater-like top with an attached white collar and black tie.
Women's 1976 Carrie Bloody Prom Costume
This year, turn a Stephen King classic into an unbelievable costume appearance with this terrifying Carrie 1976 Adult Costume! Recreate Carrie's unmistakable and iconic prom look with this costume dress, sash and tiara that is right off the screen! Rarely seen, and never forgotten! Comfortable, creepy and clearly unhinged, join Carrie White as she gives you and your friends a night you will never forget. Don't forget to add some fake blood to duplicate Carrie's most notorious scene!
Women's Wednesday Addams Wig
Elevate your eerie elegance with the mesmerizing charm of the Wednesday Addams wig. Whether you're hesitating to fully embrace the Morticia look or simply captivated by Wednesday's unique flair, the answer lies in the Women's Wednesday Addams Wig, awaiting you at Costumes.com. Envisioned to impeccably complement your costume or cosplay, this meticulously designed wig is your ideal choice for this year's transformative festivities. Immerse yourself in the persona of Wednesday Addams as you don her signature double braids and sleek obsidian bangs, perfectly encapsulated by this adult wig. Its uncanny resemblance to the beloved character promises to envelop you in an aura of gothic mystique, exuding the same audacious style that Wednesday embodies. Prepare to blur the lines between reality and fiction, embodying the eerie charm that has captured hearts for generations. Unveil the uncanny with every strand – this Wednesday Addams wig breathes life into your Halloween portrayal, ensuring an unforgettable and hauntingly immersive experience. Summon the enigmatic spirit of Wednesday herself, casting a spell that resonates beyond mere appearance. This year, seize the opportunity to etch your presence into the memories of all who cross your path. As the season approaches, seize the chance to infuse your festivities with a touch of dark sophistication. Let the Women's Wednesday Addams Wig weave its magic, making this Halloween a chapter destined to linger in the minds of all who bear witness.
Women's Wednesday Enid Sinclair Wig
Looking for something a bit brighter than the go-to Wednesday Addams look? Show off your Enid Sinclair flare with this Women's Wednesday Enid Sinclair Wig from Costumes.com. With bright platinum, shoulder-length curls, and a few pastel strands here and there, this high-quality Enid Sinclair adult wig will have you bringing style and sass to the party - just beware the full moon!
Adult Mean Girls Costume
Head to the holiday party wearing the Christmas Mean Girls and you'll be making new friends all night long. After all, who doesn't love Santa? With this set, you will receive everything you need to look and feel just like the most popular Mean Girl in school. Featuring a red Santa dress with white faux fur trim, a black bow belt, and a matching Christmas hat, you're going to love this special look this year.
Adult Red Riding Hood Costume
Head to the party wearing the Red Riding Hood Womens Costume and you'll be telling everyone about that time you almost got eaten by the Big Bad Wolf. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the most gorgeous adventurer to ever trek through the woods. Featuring a beautiful red, black, and white dress with a matching red hooded cape, you don't want to miss out on wearing this one this year.
Women's Blonde 1950's Wig with Detachable Headband
Take your style back in time, and recreate all the glitz and glamour of the 50's with a little help from this Women's Blonde 1950's Wig with Detachable Headband set. With blonde locks that stay in place all night and a chunky black headband, you'll be the star of the show in any room you enter. This synthetic platinum blonde wig is the perfect accessory for a classic 50's look, and the detachable headband can be adjusted for a comfortable fit and easy styling. Whether you're going for a pin-up girl or a Hollywood starlet, this wig is exactly what you need for all things retro. Get ready to have the time of your life with vibrant color and long-lasting volume that'll take your costume to the next level.
Adult Red Sequin Wizard Of Oz Dorothy Shoe Covers
If you can't find shoes that precisely match your Dorothy costume, or they're far too expensive, consider these shoe covers. They slip on most any slipper, are decorated in red sequins, and have a red satin bow accent to make your costume authentic.
M&M's Green Adult Costume
Become everybody's favorite little chocolate circle this year when you get all decked out in our M&M's Green Adult Costume. Head to the party donning this special green costume and you'll be making a case for why the green M&M is the best one in the bag. M&M's are a true classic when it comes to chocolate, having been around for almost 100 years! With such a timeless snack, it's no wonder kids and adults have fallen in love with these colorful little orbs of chocolate. Put on this M&M costume, and you're sure to be the life of the party wherever you go. With this fun green M&M costume, you will receive everything you need to steal the show in a flash. Featuring a bright green officially licensed M&M foam tabard tunic with a big white lowercase "M" printed right on the front, this costume is sure to be a hit for any occasion. Just put on a pair of black pants and a white undershirt and you'll be ready to play the part of your favorite colored M&M. It's not easy being the most delicious snack in the room, but somebody's gotta do it! Whether you're headed to a Halloween party with friends or going trick or treating with the kids, this costume is sure to bring a smile to everyone's face. If you have a friend or partner who wants to tag along and match you, be sure to show them our M&M's Yellow Adult Costume so you can storm the town as an M&M duo that can't be beaten. Also, be sure to check our site for other fun candy costumes for adults and kids. Nothing beats a chocolate candy family costume theme when trick or treating! Pick up yours today, and go make this your most magically delicious night yet.
M&M's Yellow Adult Costume
You'll be looking and feeling like a great big ball of chocolatey sunshine this year when you get all decked out in our M&M's Yellow Adult Costume! If you're a huge fan of M&M's in all their forms, then you're going to absolutely love sporting this classic wear this year. Whether you want to be a classic chocolate-filled M&M, a peanut M&M, a white chocolate M&M, or any other type is totally up to you. As the yellow M&M, you're clearly the happiest of the bunch of chocolatey circles, so don't hold back on spreading some candy cheer to all your friends and family while donning this one. With this Yellow M&M costume, you will receive everything you need to show your love for M&M's in the biggest way possible. Featuring a bright yellow officially licensed M&M foam tabard tunic with a big white lowercase "M" printed right on the front, this costume is the real deal. The tunic also features two big white eyes, black eyebrows, and a smiling mouth right on the front, giving this M&M way more personality than the ones you find in the bag. Just throw on a pair of pants and a white undershirt and you'll be ready to rock! Whether you're trick or treating with your kids or heading to a Halloween party with friends or coworkers, this yellow M&M costume is sure to be a big hit. After all, who doesn't love M&M's? Team up with a partner for an unforgettable M&M costume theme night. With our green adult M&M costume on our site, we have just the look your bud will need to make this theme night a great success! We also have some great Hershey Kiss and Hershey Chocolate Bar costumes for the kids if you want to trick or treat in style as a bunch of chocolates together. Pick up yours today!
Adult Captain Marvel Captain Marvel Costume
Head to the party wearing the Adult Captain Marvel Hero Suit Costume and you'll instantly steal the show. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a powerful extraterrestrial superhero who no Skrull in the cosmos above can even touch. Featuring a red, blue, and gold printed jumpsuit with a gold star on the chest, as well as a matching red belt, you're going to love this unstoppable costume look this year.
Karen Wig
You'll be asking to speak to the manager all night long when you're wearing our Karen Wig. With this fun item, you will receive just the wig you need to become every customer service representative's worst nightmare. Featuring a gorgeous set of blonde hair in an updo, you bet you'll be writing to corporate with this one. Pair with a matching costume and accessories from our site, and you'll have the night of your life.
Women's Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jacket with Shirt
Halloween is a time to be someone else for a while. This year you can be a little crazy with the Women's Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Kit Costume. Included in this set is a jacket with attached shirt. The short jacket is half red, half blue and on back features the message "Property of Joker" Officially licensed, it is based on costumes worn by Margot Robbie as Harley in the 2016 film. Harleen Quinzel was a respectable psychologist until she met the Joker, a patient that she become obsessed with. She became Harley Quinn and helped him break out of the asylum but he never returned the love that she gave him. While she doesn't have super powers, she is a gymnastic and can inflict some damage while doing a flip.
Women's The Nun Costume
You'll be the most demonic presence in the room this year when you show up to the party wearing our Adult Deluxe The Nun Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to strike fear into everyone's hearts without even blinking an eye. Featuring a black habit with white lining as well as a matching evil Nun mask with a white lifeless face and sharp fanged teeth, you're going to love this horrific look this year.
Adult Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume
Head to the party sporting the Harley Quinn Womens Costume and you'll have everybody's eyes on you the entire night. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the gorgeous and wild trickster villain we all have come to love. Featuring an embroidered red and blue jacket with sequin embellishments, a raglan shirt, red and blue sequin shorts, and a black studded belt, you don't want to miss out on this sassy attire.
Adult Plastic Long Cigarette Holder
Complete your flapper girl look this year when you pick up our Plastic Cigarette Holder. With this item, you will receive just the holder you need to keep your cigs at a distance while looking classy and cool as ever. Featuring a black holder with silver tip ends, this holder will pair perfectly with our pack of fake cigarettes from our site. Walk into the party with this holder at your side and you'll certainly make a statement!