Aquaman Costumes & Accessories


Want to reign supreme as the King of the Seven Seas? Take a deep dive into our Aquaman costumes and accessories for adults and kids and live out all your underwater adventures! Swim to the undersea realm of Atlantis and transform into the aquatic superhero of the Justice League, his ally Mera, or his nemesis Black Manta. Either way, you’ll look like the catch of the day! Don’t forget to check out the rest of’s impressive selection of officially licensed DC comics & accessories.

Kids Justice League Aquaman Deluxe Costume
Your child will be talking to the fish, sharks, and sea creatures this year when you get them all decked out in our Deluxe Boys Aquaman Costume. If your little one dreams of swimming in the ocean with the speed and power of Aquaman, then they're going to love this aquatic attire. Featuring a foam-padded gold and green muscle jumpsuit with attached gauntlets and boot tops, as well as a matching golden belt, your child is going to feel like the true King of Atlantis donning this outfit.
Women's Aquaman Mera Costume - Deluxe
You'll be queen of the party this year when you walk into the room wearing the Deluxe Mera Womens Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to talk to the fishes, manipulate water, and rule the sea with ease. Featuring a glimmering teal jumpsuit with scaly designs, 3-D gauntlets and leg guards, as well as an elegant gold headdress, you'll be ruling Atlantis like a true monarch in no time. Team up with Aquaman and Black Manta for a fun DC Comics theme like no other!
Adult Justice League Aquaman Deluxe Costume
Become the most desired treasure in the sea this year when you get all dressed up in our Mens Deluxe Aquaman Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the rightful King of Atlantis and the true master of the ocean. Featuring a foam padded gold and green muscle chest jumpsuit with attached green gauntlets and boot tops, as well as a golden belt, you're going to love this fun aquatic get-up.
Boys' Aquaman Beard and Wig Set
Enhance your child's Aquaman transformation this year with our Boys' Aquaman Beard and Wig Set, ensuring they sport a full-grown beard as a vital part of their heroic ensemble. This comprehensive set includes everything required to make your young one resemble more than just a hint of stubble. Comprising a realistic wig featuring long brown hair and an accompanying matching beard, your child is bound to emanate the appearance of a mature and rugged sea king while engaging in oceanic conversations with aquatic creatures and battling notorious supervillains. Elevate their Aquaman portrayal to a whole new level of authenticity with this meticulously crafted wig and beard set. Dive into the world of underwater heroics and epic adventures by securing this fantastic accessory – order now and watch your child become the ultimate ruler of the seas in both appearance and spirit!
Men's Justice League Aqua Man Beard and Wig
Get ready to be the star of the show, both on land and in the sea, with our officially licensed Men's Justice League Aqua Man Beard and Wig. Become the hero the world needs and embark on your journey in style with this realistic costume wig, guaranteed to give you all the charm, confidence, and power of the King of the Sea himself. Crafted from high-quality synthetic materials, this wavy brown wig with highlights is just what you need to look and feel like the superhero you've always dreamed of being. This light-weight hairpiece is designed to be soft and comfortable on the skin and stay put on your head all night, so you can feel good and look your best though all your daring adventures. Embody the spirit of the sea at your next Halloween party, comic convention, and beyond with an authentic finishing touch to your ensemble that's sure to turn heads. No need for complicated styling products or box dyes - simply fasten this wig to your head and get ready to dive into the exciting world of DC's Justice League. With the right accessory, you can be unstoppable, ready to take on any obstacle that stands in your way.
Adult Aquaman Mera Tiara
Make a regal statement as the Queen of the Ocean this year by adorning yourself with our Adult Aquaman Mera Tiara. This exquisite headpiece is all you need to showcase your oceanic majesty with unparalleled elegance. As the true sovereign of Atlantis, you will command attention and admiration throughout the night. The tiara boasts a resplendent gold design with pointed accents reminiscent of a crown, enhanced by delicate fish fin motifs that capture the essence of your aquatic realm. Incorporate this captivating accessory into your Mera superhero ensemble and embody the essence of a true monarch. The tiara is a perfect complement to your Mera costume, radiating authority and glamour in every detail. Elevate your Halloween experience by embodying the essence of the ocean's queen and seize the opportunity to reign over the festivities with unparalleled grace and beauty. Acquire your Adult Deluxe Mera Tiara now and embark on a journey to rule the night with an undeniable aquatic allure.
Kids' Gold Aquaman Trident
If you or your child is dressing up as Aquaman this year, then you certainly don't want to miss out on picking up our Aquaman Trident Accessory. The Trident of Neptune is a truly powerful weapon used by Aquaman, and it's meant to symbolize the rulers of Atlantis. With this fierce addition to your look, you will receive a gold three forked weapon with a long handle for distance swings and strikes at foes. One thing is for certain, when this trident is at your side, you won't have to worry about a single villain in the world.
Silver Justice League Aquaman Trident
Aquaman carries this Justice League Aquaman Trident into battle. The gold trident is the perfect accessory. It is made of plastic and long enough to show off your status as king and warrior. Browse from our listing of costumes and accessories to see what else you add to the super look!
Women's Aquaman Mera Wig
Make a captivating entrance at the party with the Women's Aquaman Mera Wig that's bound to make heads turn. As you channel the regal presence of the Queen of Atlantis, all eyes will be on you. This eye-catching headpiece includes the vibrant red wig necessary to embody the essence of your favorite aquatic superhero from the DC Comics universe, Mera. Pairing this stunning wig with a corresponding Mera costume from our collection, you'll effortlessly assume the role of this formidable character, ready to command water and confront adversaries. The meticulously designed wig captures the iconic look that defines Mera's powerful presence. Whether you're attending a costume party, convention, or simply embracing your inner superhero, the Adult Mera Wig will ensure you stand out in style. Elevate your transformation into the Queen of Atlantis and add an air of authority to your portrayal with this must-have accessory. Order the Adult Mera Wig today and get ready to unleash your aquatic prowess with confidence and flair.
Adult Justice League Aquaman Costume
Be the King of Atlantis in the Aquaman Costume For Men! Arthur Curry wasn't always a citizen of the seahe had a fairly normal childhood until he realized he could breathe underwater and communicate with fish. His mother revealed on her deathbed that she was the Queen of Atlantis and that Arthur would someday rule over the seas. His father a lighthouse keeper taught Arthur how to use his powers and he soon became an aquatic superhero known as Aquaman. You'll be a hit on land or under the sea when you wear this red and green stretch fabric bodysuit yellow belt black shorts green gloves and green boot covers with fins. Complete your costume with a golden trident and you'll look so much like Aquaman that your friends will wonder if you actually are a master swimmer with super strength and the ability to control sea life.
Baby/Toddler Justice League Aquaman Costume
Your little tot will be ruling the sea and all the fishes this year when you dress them up in our Toddler Aquaman Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your kid needs to become the true King of Atlantis. Featuring a gold and green muscle chest jumpsuit adorned with scale designs, your child will be looking truly aquatic donning this special get-up. Black Manta won't stand a chance when your tyke is all decked out in this heroic attire, that's for sure.
Kids Black Mantha 12 Mask
Scour the ocean depths for buried treasure in our Black Manta Kids Half 2018 Halloween Masks. Black Manta is one of the most popular villains in DC Comics history. He is Aquaman's archenemy having appeared numerous times in cartoons comic books and video games. Now Black Manta appears in the Aquaman feature film. This half 2018 Halloween Masks is modeled after his iconic look and is perfect for young fans to dress the part. Look through the rest of our superhero and Aquaman products to include more with the order!
Girls' Aquaman Mera Costume - Deluxe
Your daughter will be teaming up with Aquaman and taking on bad guys in no time this year when she's all dressed up with our Deluxe Mera Girls Costume. Black Manta won't stand a chance against your little aquatic angel while she's donning this powerful sea attire. Featuring a teal scaled design jumpsuit with 3D gauntlet and leg details, as well as a royal gold headdress with fish fin accents, she's going to love this oceanic look.
Adult DC Comics Black Manta Light Up Mask
Searching the depths of the ocean means you'll need our Black Manta Adult Light Up 2018 Halloween Masks. Black Manta is a renowned villain in the DC Comics Universe. He appears in the Aquaman movie as the hero's archenemy. This particular 2018 Halloween Masks looks just like the film version. It even lights up allowing for better vision in the dark. Have it ready for Halloween parties cosplay conventions and other superhero events! Check out toy weapons and other Aquaman or Black Manta products to include.
Boys' Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Black Manta Costume - Deluxe

If your child has dreams of wreaking havoc at the bottom of the sea, then they're going to have an oceanic blast while wearing our Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Deluxe Black Manta Kids Costume. There's no villain more feared in the ocean than the one and only Black Manta. With expert level swordsmanship, the ability to breathe underwater, and genius level intellect, it's no wonder that Aquaman sees Black Manta as his biggest arch nemesis. While sporting this killer look, you bet your kid will be looking and feeling just like this evil king of the ocean.

With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your kid into their favorite aquatic DC Comics villain. Featuring a black muscle padded polyester jumpsuit with faux silver metallic accents on the arms and around the neck, your kid will be a truly unstoppable force in the water this year. With the additional silver faux metallic 1/2 mask with bright red big eyes, you know for a fact your tyke will be haunting Aquaman and Mera's dreams for a long time while wearing this one. Perfect for all kinds of aquatic battles, they will certainly be ready for war while wearing this one.

Whether your child is dressing up for Halloween, a birthday party, or a comic convention, they'll be looking the part in spades with this wicked Black Manta costume. Be sure to accessorize with villainous weapons and gadgets from our site to really complete the look. To make this costume stand out even further, get the whole DC Comics gang together and dress up as a team. Heading to the party as Black Manta alongside Aquaman, Mera, Bane, Joker, Batman, and all the other great DC heroes and villains is sure to make this a night your kid never forgets.

Mera Deluxe Tiara
Enhance your powers of telepathy and hydrokinesis using this Mera Deluxe Child Tiara. Mera is one of the main characters from the Aquaman comic book series and plays a major role in the 2018 Aquaman film. This tiara is modeled after the one worn on the big screen. It is golden in color has three points along the top and sides for added protection. Have this for your child to complete their Mera costume in time for Halloween and various superhero events.
Adult Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Necrus Trident
Looking for the perfect accessory to pair with the rest of your aquatic villain costume this year? Then look no further than our Necrus Trident Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Accessory! You'll be causing tsunamis and hurricanes with nothing but the pound of your trident when you're wielding this killer accessory. Whether you're dressing up as King Orm or any other Aquaman villain, this powerful trident is sure to cause some chaos in the ocean. Sinister, sleek, and totally wicked to wield, you're going to love gripping this trusty aquatic staff. With this awesome Aquaman Trident replica, you will receive just the weapon you need to become the master of the ocean. Featuring a dark metallic aesthetic trident with a sinister 3-pronged fork design, this weapon is sure to instantly make you feel more powerful from the moment you wrap your hand around it. Coming in three different parts that screw in for your convenience with assembly, you are definitely not going to want to miss out on this one-of-a-kind trident. Whether you're heading to a Halloween party, a cosplay event, or a convention, you're going to have the time of your life when you're the most powerful oceanic force to ever sit atop the Atlantean throne. If you're looking for the rest of your Aquaman and villain attire, be sure to check out our site for the rest of your aquatic costume and accessory needs. Make it an Aquaman costume theme with friends to really make a splash in the ocean. Just imagine the memories you'll make with Aquaman, Mera, Black Manta, and all the rest of your favorite DC Comics characters right alongside you. Pick up your Necrus Trident today and go make some waves and have your best night yet!
Boys' Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Aquaman Costume - Deluxe
Make your little one the ultimate ocean ruler in this Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Deluxe Aquaman Kids Costume! Watch as your child dives into imaginative adventures, swimming alongside magnificent sea creatures in unparalleled style. Equipped with this deluxe set, your child will embody the legendary Aquaman, possessing the ability to breathe underwater, summon colossal waves with a mere gesture, and defeat wicked aquatic foes like the infamous Black Manta. With its remarkable design, the costume features a padded muscle jumpsuit that mirrors Aquaman's powerful physique. The accompanying attached boot covers perfectly complement the ensemble, completing the authentic Aquaman look. Embrace the opportunity to acquire this exclusive DC Comics attire that will ignite your child's imagination and unleash their inner hero. Prepare them for thrilling adventures as they safeguard the depths of the ocean. Don't miss out on this exceptional Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Deluxe Aquaman Kids Costume, tailored to ignite your child's bravery and creativity.
DC League of Super Pets Aquaman Toddler Costume
Hit the high seas with some action-packed fun this year when your baby is wearing this DC League of Super Pets Aquaman Toddler Costume! The king of Atlantis is ready for whatever the world throws at them with this comfortable and cuddly version of the Aquaman suit that includes a padded jumpsuit and attached boot tops. This costume is perfect for all kinds of costume events, movie watch parties or just everyday play time!