Mattel Games Costumes


You'll be ready to get your game on this year when you're all decked out in one of our classic get-ups from our Mattel Games collection. Mattel is responsible for some of the best kinds of family games, such as Uno, Magic 8 Ball, Pictionary, Balderdash, and Rock Em' Sock Em' Robots! With our board game, card game, and toy-inspired Mattel costumes for adults and kids alike, you're sure to be winning big this year. For a themed family outing like no other, consider our Mattel collection for your Family Halloween costumes this year! Nothing says family more than board games mixed with big laughs and great memories!

Mattel Games Uno Kids Costume
Does your kid love classic card games? Let them show that off with this Mattel Games Uno Kids Costume! Made of high-quality materials, this sandwich board style costume is a great way to stand out with a design that is universally unmistakable yet rarely seen. Comprised of high-quality materials, for a costume that can't lose! Perfect for gaming events or trick-or-treating, this unforgettable crowd favorite costume is guaranteed to make people throw their wild cards out!
Mattel Games Uno Reverse Adult Costume
Reverse, reverse! You'll be running the table and sending everyone in the opposite direction this year when you get all decked out in our Mattel Games Uno Reverse Adult Costume. As the infamous reverse card, you get to control the direction of play. Just when your opponents think they're about to throw down their last card and go out, hit them with a surprise Reverse card and make them think again! With this fun get-up, you will receive everything you need to show up to the party ready to play some cards and bring home the cash. Featuring a red Uno Reverse Card designed foam tunic tabard complete with the instantly recognizable double directional arrow signs in the center and two corners, this costume is a real showstopper. Whether you're dressing up for Halloween or just looking for an Uno-inspired look to wear at your next game of cards with your grandparents to show them you mean business, it doesn't get any better than this iconic card game look. Be bold and throw down your reverse card right out of the gate, or strategize and play conservative and bust out your big reversal at the end. No matter your style of play, you'll certainly be making the most out of your hand while donning this one. Don't forget, Reverse cards aren't the only special cards in the Uno deck. To really make this an unforgettable night of cards, get your friends to dress up as Skip cards and Draw cards in the other colors of blue, green, and yellow to complete the set. After all, playing Uno is only as fun as the people you play alongside with, so make it a group Uno theme and you'll be feeling victorious no matter who throws down their last card and goes out.
Mattel Games Magic 8 Ball Adult Costume
We see an amazing time in your future when you are wearing this incredibly cool Mattel Games Magic 8 Ball Adult Costume! Featuring a black sandwich-style costume with paper message inserts for the front, you will be the one with all the answers. Have fun fielding questions from partygoers all night long in this comfortable, easy and durable costume that never fails to get people talking. Perfect for any place in serious need of some costumed excitement and fun!
Mattel Games Magic 8 Ball Kids Costume
Your child will have all the answers when they are wearing this fun and amazing Mattel Games Magic 8 Ball Kids Costume! This can't miss clever choice includes a black sandwich board style costume with an 8 Ball logo on the back and message inserts for the front that turn your kid into everyone's favorite handheld fortune teller. Made of durable materials for a costume that lasts, this is a fun and quick costume that will give your kid all the answers!
Mattel Games Red Rocker Kids Costume
Your kid can rock them and sock them, but they can't stop them! The timeless boxing robots are back for a rematch with this Mattel Games Red Rocker Kids Costume! Featuring a red padded jumpsuit, boot covers, arm gauntlets and mask, your kid will have a classic salute to the nostalgic toy. Made of durable and comfortable materials, this high-quality costume is great for trick-or-treating or costume parties and even better when paired with a Blue Bomber!
Mattel Games Uno Adult Costume
You are really thinking outside the box this year when you have this Mattel Games Uno Adult Costume! This durable sandwich board style costume turns you into one of the most classic family card games of all time with a look no one will ever forget. Show that card and board games will always be the king of family entertainment when you have this versatile pullover costume! Terrific for any costumed event throughout the year!
Adult Mattel Games Magic 8-Ball Inflatable Costume
You are bound to have great fortune this year when you walk in wearing this Mattel Games Magic 8 Ball Adult Inflatable Costume! Inflatable costumes are all the rage, and now you can hit the costume party scene dressed as everyone's favorite household fortune teller. Powered by a concealed fan, this lightweight, dependable and durable costume will keep its spherical shape all night along. This costume is an iconic as the actual toy that was created almost 60 years ago!
Mattel Games Blue Bomber Kids Costume
The Red Rocker will be ready to rock 'em and sock 'em with your kid when they enter the ring wearing this Mattel Games Blue Bomber Kids Costume! These robots have been at it for decades, and now your kiddo can get in on this lifelong rivalry with this amazing costume. Included is a blue padded jumpsuit, boot covers, arm gauntlets and mask. Have your kid's best friend or sibling be the Red Rocker so they can have some fun together!