Santiago of the Seas Costumes & Accessories


Ahoy matey! Your child will be all ready to set sail and ride the stormy seas this year when you pick up one of our stylish scallywag get-ups or sword accessories from our Santiago of the Seas collection. Is there anything more fun than swashbuckling with skeletons, hunting down treasure, and baking in the sun on Caribbean beaches all day? Pirates have it made, and your child will certainly be basking in the fun of the pirate life this year while all dressed up as their favorite TV pirate, Santiago. Our Santiago pirate costume collection is a real treasure, so be sure to check it out!

Santiago of the Seas Toddler Costume
Your family is in for some rip roaring adventure on the high seas this year when your little one is wearing this Santiago of the Seas Toddler Costume! This adorable and comfortable outfit includes a costume jumpsuit designed like Santiago's pirate outfit, blue pirate hat and belt to make them look just like their favorite cartoon character. Durable and made of high-quality materials for a costume they will love to run around in and find all the hidden treasures!
Kids' Santiago of the Seas Sword
Your little one can be swashbuckling all year long with this Santiago of the Sea Santiago Toddler Sword Accessory! Made of durable and safe foam, this replica of Santiago's sword is just the thing to add some playful action to your child's costume this year. A great way to make their costume stand out or just to add another layer of imagination to everyday play time, show off how much your toddler loves Santiago of the Seas with a prop accessory that is safe, versatile and adorable!
Santiago of the Seas Lorelai Toddler Costume
Your little one will be the cutest mermaid in the sea this year when you dress her up in our Santiago of the Seas Lorelai Toddler Costume. If your daughter dreams of sailing the ocean, exploring the beaches, and searching for treasure with some friendly pirates, then you know they're going to absolutely love donning this magical mermaid wear. Lorelai is a 150 year old mermaid who just so happens to be the pirate captain's best friend. It's no wonder your daughter wants to dress up as this enchanting sea girl this year! With this adorable Santiago of the Seas costume, you will receive everything your little one needs to become a really cute navigator of the sea. Featuring a pretty pirate jumpsuit printed with pale blue and white striped pants and a pink pirate vest with gold accents and a belt, as well as a purple and gold accented pirate jacket and a purple and gold head scarf, this special costume is one of a kind. Your daughter will have the time of their life finding buried treasure and taking down skeleton armies when they're all decked out in this precious wear. Whether your child is going trick or treating with friends or dressing up for the pirate-themed birthday bash, they're going to have the time of their life donning the wear of their favorite mermaid character from their favorite television show. Bring the oceanic fun to the next level with a Santiago of the Seas costume theme with all your daughter's friends. Dressing up with Santiago, Tomas, Barbarito, Kiko, and all the rest will make for a pirate night of mischief and fun like never before. Pick up your Lorelai costume today, and then scan our site for the rest of your pirate costume and accessory needs!
Santiago of the Seas Tomas Toddler Costume
Your little one will be playing all kinds of fun songs at sea this year when they're all decked out in our Santiago of the Seas Tomas Toddler Costume. If your child dreams of sailing the stormy seas and living the adventurous life of a scallywag, then they're going to absolutely love donning this fun pirate get-up. Tomas is the cousin of pirate ship captain, Santiago, and he has a knack for playing melodic songs with his trusty guitar. Your tyke will be making up pirate songs and getting the whole ship singing and dancing this year when they're all dressed up in this iconic Tomas wear! With this adorable Santiago of the Seas costume, you will receive everything your little one needs to go on all kinds of beachy adventures to uncover buried treasure. Featuring a blue printed jumpsuit with a bright blue pant design and a horizontally striped white and blue shirt, as well as a bright shimmery green and yellow accented vest with a skull belt, and a yellow and green pirate headband to top it all off, this costume is sure to be a hit wherever your tyke goes. One thing is certain while sporting this wild buccaneer look, your child will be ruling the seas! Perfect for Halloween parties and trick or treating, costume-themed birthday bashes, or just for dressing up while watching Santiago of the Seas, this fun costume is sure to please. If you really want to make this a special time for your child, consider making it a pirate costume theme and dress up with your little lad to match! With all kinds of fun pirate gear and accessories on our site, you'll be more than ready to adventure oceanic storms with your child and come back with tales you'll never forget. Pick up your Tomas toddler costume today, and go make this a magical night only a pirate can muster!