It's Lit


Sometimes you just want to add a little extra flair to your look or your outdoor décor. With all the items in our It's Lit collection, you'll find all of the light up costumes, decorations, props, and accessories you need to light up the world and have the time of your life. Featuring light up witch costumes for the kids, light up Wonder Woman belt accessories, light up St. Patrick's Day ties, light up Halloween door decorations and so much more, you'll be feeling bright as ever with any of these items in your kit.

Kids Girl Pretty Witch Light Up Costume
If your daughter dreams of casting spells, talking to animals, and brewing potions with her friends, then she's going to absolutely love our Light Up Pretty Witch Girls Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your daughter into a magical witch who loves performing rituals during the full moon. Featuring a gorgeous black, purple, and orange light up dress with a matching pointy witch hat, it doesn't get much better than this.
Kids' Wizard of Oz Glinda the Good Witch Light Up Wand
If your daughter is dressing up as Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz this year, then you definitely don't want to miss out on our Glinda Kids Light Up Wand. After all, how is Glinda going to cast her magical benevolent spells without her special wand? With this magical accessory, you will receive a fun silver wand with a long slender handle and a dazzling star design studded with colorful gems. Perfect for casting spells, your daughter is going to love this wand.
3 Foot Slashing Bat Light Up Animated Prop
Is your goal to scare your trick-or-treaters, or perhaps to scare the guests as they walk into your party this Halloween? Then this Creepy Hanging Bat Animated Prop is perfect for you! Hang this bat and watch as its eyes flash red, and it causes a jump from each person who dares to walk by. Use this in combination with many of our other props, and you could give anyone who ventures by your house a fright to remember this Halloween!
10 Inch The Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie Light Up Pumpkin
Halloween is a time for spooky scares, and even The Nightmare Before Christmas has some to offer. Grab the 10 Light Up The Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie Pumpkin to add a real scary character to your decorations. This infamous boogeyman is always ready to try and take down the Pumpkin King, and he'll stop at nothing to corrupt the good things of both Halloween and Christmas it makes him the perfect addition to a trick-or-treat space.
12 Foot Ghostly Reaper Light Up Animated Prop
October and Halloween to be precise is the time of spooky apparitions and otherworldly visitors. Use the 12 Ft. Light Up Ghostly Reaper to add a huge, scary character to your next time of costume fun. This immense ghoul will draw everybody's attention, even if they think they aren't easily scared. It even lights up, so it's the perfect addition to the outdoor decorations among haunted graves, creaky old trees, and zombies clawing up out of the ground.
Adult Light Up Santa Hat
Uh oh - Rudolph isn't gonna be happy about this. Now you can light up the night sky all on your own as you strut your stuff in our unique Adult Light Up Santa Hat! This bright red plushy Santa hat has a white faux fur trim adorned with embroidered Christmas lights that light up and a white pom at the hat's tip, making it the ultimate accessory to wear to the Christmas party. Pair it with a big white beard to become the jolliest old Saint Nick anyone has ever seen! Just be careful on your way down the chimney.
Women's WW2 Wonder Woman Light Up Lasso
You'll be able to wrestle the truth out of anyone this year when you're wielding the Wonder Woman 2 Light Up Lasso. Wonder Woman uses her Lasso of Truth whenever she needs to break through some lies and get to the bottom of things. With this fun accessory, you will receive just the lasso you need to do the same! Featuring a gold lasso design with lights that light up on command, you're going to love this awesome accessory.
16 Inch The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Light Up Pumpkin
Add the perfect amount of illumination to your walkway or Halloween party with this 16" Light Up The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Pumpkin. You can make this large pumpkin the centerpiece of your buffet table or use it to welcome guests into the front door. The jack-o-lantern resembles Jack Skellington's white skull head with his stitched mouth and big eye holes. Even better, plug in this pumpkin and let the Pumpkin King light up those dark Halloween nights!
Kids Light Up Fairy Witch Costume
Your daughter will be a cross between Tinkerbell and a magical witch this year when she's wearing our Child Light Up Fairy Witch Costume. With this set, your daughter will receive everything she needs to cast spells and spread magical pixie dust wherever she goes. Featuring a gorgeous black, orange, and green dress that lights up, as well as a matching pointy hat with a spider and spiderweb design, she's going to have a blast with this one.
Kids Light Up Twinkle Witch Costume

This item does not ship internationally. 

Twinkle twinkle little witch! Forget about those dark and drab witch outfits, we have an ensemble that is bright and so much fun! The dress features a colorful orange tulle skirt, a delightfully detailed green bodice with lacing and a perfectly pointy coordinating witch hat. Who knew witches could be so much fun? Your daughter will look like a magical candy corn princess this year when she's all dolled up in our Light Up Twinkle Witch Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your daughter needs to ride on her broomstick and talk to the planets, moon, and stars. She's going to love this celestial look this year.

Kids Light Up Purple Fairy Costume
Your daughter will be the most magical fairy to ever come flying out of a fairytale this year when you dress her up with our Child Purple Fairy Costume. With this adorable set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to spread joy, love, and pixie dust with ease. Featuring a beautiful purple and blue light up dress with matching wings and a gold antenna headband, she is going to love this enchanted look this year.
Creepy Skull Light Up Door Cover Decoration
Give all your guests a proper spook when they come to the door this year when you decorate with our Skull Light Up Door Cover. With this one, you will receive just the door cover you need to add a little horror and magic to your overall home aesthetic. Featuring a bright orange door cover with black spider webs in each corner, as well as a black skull face in the center with red glowing eyes, you don't want to miss out on this one.
Girls' Wonder Woman Light Up Tiara Headband
Your daughter will be feeling like the Queen of all superheroes this year when she's wearing the Wonder Woman Girls Light Up Tiara atop her head. With stylish headpiece, you will receive just the tiara you need to instantly elevate your daughter's Wonder Woman costume from good to incredible. Featuring a golden tiara design with a white star planted front and center that lights up, your daughter is going to absolutely love this magical headpiece.
6 Foot Hanging Mummy Light Up Animated Prop
Get ready to turn your house into a graveyard this Halloween with our 6 Foot Animated Light-up Hanging Mummy Prop! It'll be the perfect frightful touch to your decorations, and you can count on it to make all your trick-or-treaters scream with fright! This undead corpse is covered in brown tattered robes with light up features and red glowing eyes. It's so spooky you'll be amazed. Hang it from a tree or porch and get ready to have a truly haunted Halloween this year!
Halloween Blinking Safety Light
Ease your late night trick or treating anxiety by using the Halloween Blinking Safety Light to keep an eye on your child. This item features a flashing red light and batteries. Perfect for parents with older children who will be walking ahead with friends.
Adult Light Up Chanukah Sweater Costume
Light the menorah while wearing this Men's Light Up Chanukah Sweater! Celebrate the holiday festivities in style with this item. You receive a sweater top decorated with little light up designs. Not only does it fit the occasion but brings flashy detail everyone will get a kick out of. Pick it out for family gatherings, community events, or even ugly sweater parties! Browse around at our website's collection of Chanukah products to include.
3.25 Inch The Nightmare Before Christmas 3 Character Assortment Light Up Pumpkin
If you are a lover of all things Nightmare Before Christmas, then there's no question that you need to pick up our Nightmare Before Christmas 3 Piece Light Up Pumpkin - 3.25". With your purchase, you will receive three adorable miniature pumpkins featuring all of your favorite characters. With Jack Skellington, Oogie Boogie, and Big Head Sally as a part of your Halloween decor this year, you'll be smiling all autumn long. Buy yours today!
Adult Yellow Light Up Miner Hard Hat
Turn heads at Halloween events with this Adult Yellow Light Up Miner Hard Hat from Ideal for both attending costume parties and trick-or-treating, this durable hard hat delivers a bold and realistic statement. With its vibrant yellow hue and eye-catching light-up feature, you can transform into a real-life miner, construction worker, or even the adult version of Bob the Builder. Designed to fit the heads of adults comfortably, its adjustable design ensures a secure fit. Prepare to shine your way through the night and become the star of the show with this unique hard-to-miss and totally eye-catching accessory.
Batman Pet Light Up Collar and Cape with Leash
Your little superhero will look dark and mysterious as he keeps watch over the city this Halloween in our Batman Pet Light Up Collar and Cape with Leash! This outfit, featuring a black cape with yellow lining, a light up collar, and a yellow Bat logo centered on the back, as well as a yellow leash for walking, is sure to show the bad guys that your dog means business.
Kids' DC Comics The Flash Light Up Ring
ur kid will be the quickest one out of all their friends this year when you get them our The Flash Kids Light Up Ring Accessory! The Flash's ring serves one major purpose, to release the Flash's superhero suit so he can quickly transform from just a regular civilian to a totally wicked fast superhero who knows a thing or two about taking down bad guys. When your child has this stylish Flash ring on as part of their Flash costume, they'll be looking and feeling powerful as ever! After all, there's nobody in the world who is quicker than the Flash. With this great accessory, you will receive just the Flash ring your child needs to zoom around the entire Earth in less than a few seconds. Just imagine how many chores your tyke will be able to get done when they're as quick as the Flash! Featuring a golden yellow bulky ring with a lightning bolt emblem on the front, with the whole ring lighting up in activation, it doesn't get any better than this heroic piece of jewelry. Perfect with a whole variety of different Flash costumes, you bet your child is going to fall in love with this one. Whether your tyke is headed to a Halloween party, going trick or treating, or dressing up as superheroes with their friends, this ring is sure to be a hit. To really make it a special night your child never forgets, consider making it a DC Comics superheroes theme with all their friends. Thor, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, the Green Arrow, and all the other great DC Comics good guys would make great companions when your child is dressed as the Flash. If you're looking for other awesome Flash gear and accessories, be sure to check our site for more options. Pick up your Flash ring today!
20 Inch Shaking Spider Girl Light Up Animated Prop
Prepare for a bone-chilling Halloween experience with our 20 Inch Animated Light-up Shaking Spider Girl Prop. This terrifying prop will have your guests and trick-or-treaters fleeing from your porch in sheer terror. Picture a demonic doll face with piercing red eyes and fiery orange hair perched upon the body of a menacing black spider. To intensify the scare factor, we've added shaking functionality that will send shivers down anyone's spine. This nightmarish creature decoration is a must-have for those who seek spine-tingling thrills and screams this Halloween. Make your home the epicenter of fear with this hair-raising prop.
17.5 Inch Light Up Skulls Wreath Window Wall Decor
If you want to spook up your Halloween decorations this year, our 17.5 Inch Light Up Skull Wreath Decoration is just the right fit! It's a must-have to make sure all your trick or treaters know to beware when they come to your door. The wreath is made up of an array of skulls with different facial expressions and glowing eyes in blues, reds, purples, and greens. You'll love how it looks on your front door and it's sure to send all those trick or treaters running in fright! Get yours now and make your Halloween decorations complete!
3 Foot Hanging Witch Light Up Animated Prop
Hang this witch anywhere and watch how intruders are scared away! She measures 36 inches long and 30 inches wide. She's sure to have a presence. Batteries are not included, but are required to unleash her terror. Add this light up witch to any Halloween Decor and see what kind of fright she brews.
8 Inch Light Up Crystal Ball Prop
Ready to hear your fortune? Need to know if the grim reaper has you in his sights? The Light-Up Magic Crystal Ball can help. It can tell you what awaits. We know your future too. Order it today and you will get it soon because we ship quickly
4 Foot Flying Dragon Light Up Animated Prop
Whether you are going for a Deanery's vibe or just a Knights of the Round Table theme, you are going to get everyone feeling like they are in a fairy tale when you put up this Animated 47" Flying Dragon Decoration for your Halloween display. This dragon is going to move and breathe fire like all your favorite Harry Potter monsters, so get ready for the trick or treaters to be playing around with this all night long!
10 Inch The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Light Up Pumpkin
Want to add something sweet and spooky to your Halloween decor? Add the 10" Light Up The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Pumpkin, which has the big fun grin of the Pumpkin King. Stitches, big empty eyes, and a classic pumpkin shape all make sure this piece of decoration is just what your doorstep or haunted house needs. This ten-inch pumpkin is a great way to add something that movie fans young and old will love.
2 Foot Creepy Girl Clinger Window Wall Decor
Seeing somebody outside your window is terrifying enough as it is, but when you see the Creepy Girl Window Decor - 2' looking in, the scare factor gets taken to a whole other level! With your purchase, you will receive a truly spooky possessed girl prop to suction to your window. Just wait until your kids and guests see this demonic figure looking in at them when the lights go out. Talk about scary! Buy yours today, and then scan our site for the rest of your Halloween decorations.
7.5 Inch Light Up Mystic Crystal Ball Prop
When you tell fortunes, you need the right equipment. The Mystic Oil Slick Crystal Ball Prop will come in handy the next time you have a gypsy s�ance. The blue ball looks like it has cracks and designs inside, as if an image of your impending doom will show itself at any moment.
Boys' The Dark Knight Batman Batarangs and Safety Light
No only will you be able to soar through the sky with your batarangs, you'll get to project your symbol wherever you go. The Batman TM Batarangs and Safety Light are officially licensed Batman products that are designed to enhance any of our Batman costumes.
Superman Pet Cape and Light Up Collar with Leash
It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's your pup swooping down to save the day in our Superman Pet Cape and Light Up Collar with Leash! With this set you'll receive a bright red Superman cape with a light up collar and a leash for a simple yet exciting Halloween look for your little super dog. Perfect for a day at the dog park or just some spooky-season walks around the neighborhood, your dog in this adorable outfit will be the whole town's kryptonite.