Are you creepy, kooky, and/or spooky? Then our lineup of Addams Family costumes and accessories has everything you need to look dreadful - in a good way!

If you have a soft spot for everyone’s favorite dark and spooky family from the 60s, then you’re going to love dressing up in one of our Addams Family looks this year.

From the morbid and witty Wednesday Addams to the eccentric multi-billionaire patriarch Gomez to the absolutely electric Uncle Fester, we have all kinds of options to choose from. Spruce up any Addams Family look with one of our Thing shoulder sitters, or add a ghastly touch to your overall appearance with our makeup kits for Morticia and Wednesday. Put together your own gothic get-up with our assortment of wigs, masks, and costumes. You'll be looking good in time for the family reunion on Cemetery Hill.

From Halloween to cosplay events to family weekend at Nevermore Academy, our range of Addams Family costumes and accessories are sure to be a scream at your next get-together.