Kids Pirate Costumes

If your child is looking for buried treasure, they can find one of our pirate costumes without even digging for it! He can join the crew of the Black Pearl, or the Flying Dutchman if he prefers, with our dramatic and swashbuckling pirate costumes. With the range of choices, he can choose a pirate look to perfectly fit what's in his imagination. Then he can spend a day on the high seas feeling like one of the crew!
Kid's Seven Seas Pirate Costume
Even when your little one dresses in the Seven Seas Pirate Child Costume, he won't have to get on a boat and travel across the ocean to find the buried treasure as long as you take him trick or treating around the neighborhood! The complex outfit is composed of a multiple garments, including a black jacket with an attached shirt front underneath and a pair of comfortable black pants. Other items, such as black boot tops, a belt, and a classic pirate hat with an attached red head scarf underneath, also come with the outfit so that your tot can appropriately accessorize. Your son and his mateys are going to have a blast on their treasure hunt through the neighborhood this year when you take them trick or treating!
Santiago of the Seas Toddler Costume
Your family is in for some rip roaring adventure on the high seas this year when your little one is wearing this Santiago of the Seas Toddler Costume! This adorable and comfortable outfit includes a costume jumpsuit designed like Santiago's pirate outfit, blue pirate hat and belt to make them look just like their favorite cartoon character. Durable and made of high-quality materials for a costume they will love to run around in and find all the hidden treasures!
Kid's Captain Cutlass Pirate Costume
Lead the charge against landlubbers in the Boy's Pirate Captain Cutlass Costume. Being a pirate isn't easy but it sure can be thrilling when in-charge of a crew. This outfit comes as a long jacket with golden trim designs. A brown belt is included which has a red scarf attached. A classic tricorn hat tops off the ensemble to show you are the captain. Get this outfit ready for Halloween and pirate themed events. Browse our toy weapons to find a fitting sword and other 2018 Halloween Costume Accessories.
Kid's Pirate Costume
Get ready for the next big adventure with a costume that will transport your little lad back in time to a place where money was not a problem just as long as you had a fast ship and loyal crew. If your child loves adventures and always feels more at home on the sea then you need to get him the best costume possible for their next Halloween party or costume themed event. The best costume is just around the corner with the Boys Thrilling Pirate Costume. This costume might seem simple but in fact it has all of the best qualities you could ever ask for in a pirate costume all wrapped into one simple package. Like the name suggests this thrilling costume is full of excitement and is just waiting to be worn my a fun and sword savvy pirate like your little man! From the classic torn pants to the iconic shirt your child will be ready to set sail on a brand new adventure when they wear this costume this Halloween. When your child is dressed like this swashbuckling criminal you will have to
Kid's Caribbean Pirate Costume
The pirate captain is ready to weigh anchor and set sale on a grand adventure. But he needs more crew so dress your child in the Caribbean Pirate Costume for Kids. Themed birthday parties and trick or treating are just two of the grand adventures your child can experience while wearing the black head scarf arm ties belt and white shirt with attached brown vest. The shirt features a black patch on front and lacing detail. The sleeves are cut into strips from the elbow to the wrists but the black arm band gathers them into place. At the bottom is a zigzag cut. The vest is longer than the shirt and has a zigzag cut as well. You won't have to give up much of your pirate booty to get this garb. Order it from us at our everyday low price. Boots pants eye patch and toy sword are not included.
Kid's Buccaneer Costume
Have some high seas adventures in this Girl's Buccaneering Costume. Live the life of a pirate and search for hidden treasures. This particular outfit comes as a dress with a tattered black and white striped skirt. The top has an attached black vest with a skull design. There is also a red sash belt included. Pick up the Buccaneering costume for Halloween parties pirate events and other occasions. Look through the rest of our website to find toy weapons and more 2018 Halloween Costume Accessories.
Kids Pirate Boy Costume
Get your kid all suited up for battle with a skeleton army at sea this year when you dress them up with our Pirate Boy Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a cute swashbuckling adventurer who is ready to hunt down lost treasures. Featuring a stylish gray and white top, a pair of black pants with shoe covers, a belt, a black and red skull scarf, and a pirate hat, you're going to love this one.
Kids Pirate Costume
Your tyke will be ready to swashbuckle at sea this year when you dress them up with our Child Pirate Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your little one needs to commandeer ships and sail the stormy seas. Featuring a pretty black and red dress with golden trim and accents, a red and black belt with a gold buckle, and a matching pirate hat, your daughter is going to love this beautiful buccaneer look this year.
Kids Princess Of The Seas Costume
Your daughter will be looking like royalty on the pirate ship this year when she's wearing our Princess of the Seas Girls Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your daughter needs to become a gorgeous young sea raider who loves swashbuckling and hunting down ancient buried treasure. Featuring a red and gold shirt with an attached black belt, as well as a red and black sparkly skirt and a hat, you can't go wrong with this precious look.
Kids Captain Black Costume
No storm will be taking your kid down this year when you dress them up in our Captain Black Pearl Kids Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to steer their pirate ship through the ocean no matter the weather! Featuring a black jacket with an attached black vest, a pair of black pants with attached boot tops, a black skull hat, and a golden waist sash, you're going to love this adorable captain look on your kiddo this year.
Kids Crimson Pirate Costume
Not all pirates have to be donned in raggedy black clothes! Now you can bring the fashion runway straight to any party in the Crimson Pirate Girls Costume. This outfit will have your child stealing the center of attention as she rules the ship taking on the high waters!
Kids Scar let Pirate Costume
You are in for a rough time on the Open Seas when you are wearing this Scar-let Pirate Costume for Adults! This black torn and tattered pirate costume is a terrific way to make your original pirate character stand out over all the others and is a terrific costuming option for any occasion year round! Find your perfect pirate sword and pistol when you shop our entire selection of pirate costumes and 2018 Halloween Costume Accessories! Get a great price and fast shipping when you order today!
Kids' Salty Taffy Costume
Your daughter will be looking cute as candy this year when you dress her up in our Salty Taffy Kids Costume. With this adorable set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a beautiful buccaneer who knows a thing or two about swashbuckling with armies of skeletons at sea. Featuring a pretty pink, blue, and black dress, an aqua blue head scarf, and a pair of black boot tops with pink buckles, she's going to love this one.
Kids' Pirate Buccaneer Costume
Your boy will be leading the ship at sea this year when you pick up our Pirate King Boys Costume. With this adventurous set, you will receive everything you need to turn your kid into a brave and bold seafarer who has mastered the art of treasure hunting. Featuring a black and red printed skull shirt, a pair of black and white striped pants, a red waist sash, and a matching headband, they're going to have a blast at sea with this one.
Kid's Renegade Pirate Girl Costume
Your daughter will be the captain of the ship in no time this year when she's wearing our Pirate Girl Renegade Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your little angel needs to navigate the ocean on the path to treasure with all of her crew. Featuring a black and white top, a red sash belt, a brown and black striped tattered skirt, and a red skull headband, she is going to look like a star wearing this one.
Baby/Toddler Pirate Boy Costume
Pirate ships have sailed through the rough Caribbean seas with pirates on board on the lookout for treasure chests of gold silver and jewels galore! Unshaven pirates manned the sails while the younger crews helped out! Your bundle of joy will transform into one of history's lesser known but important pirate boys when he wears this adorable Pirate Boy Baby Costume! The one exception is that your baby will be endearingly cute! Even while wearing tattered pants like real life pirates wear while being tumbled across the mighty ocean your child will be fussed over! The top is designed to resemble authentic loose-fitting pirate shirts! Your child will have plenty of wiggle room to fight pirate battles on enemy pirate ships pretend he's taking cover from the stormy seas or raise the ship's mast when necessary! And he'll be doing it all as the sweetest pirate boy to ever sail the seas! Plus this Pirate Boy Baby Costume is made from soft material so you baby will enjoy hours upon hou
Santiago of the Seas Lorelai Toddler Costume
Your little one will be the cutest mermaid in the sea this year when you dress her up in our Santiago of the Seas Lorelai Toddler Costume. If your daughter dreams of sailing the ocean, exploring the beaches, and searching for treasure with some friendly pirates, then you know they're going to absolutely love donning this magical mermaid wear. Lorelai is a 150 year old mermaid who just so happens to be the pirate captain's best friend. It's no wonder your daughter wants to dress up as this enchanting sea girl this year! With this adorable Santiago of the Seas costume, you will receive everything your little one needs to become a really cute navigator of the sea. Featuring a pretty pirate jumpsuit printed with pale blue and white striped pants and a pink pirate vest with gold accents and a belt, as well as a purple and gold accented pirate jacket and a purple and gold head scarf, this special costume is one of a kind. Your daughter will have the time of their life finding buried treasure and taking down skeleton armies when they're all decked out in this precious wear. Whether your child is going trick or treating with friends or dressing up for the pirate-themed birthday bash, they're going to have the time of their life donning the wear of their favorite mermaid character from their favorite television show. Bring the oceanic fun to the next level with a Santiago of the Seas costume theme with all your daughter's friends. Dressing up with Santiago, Tomas, Barbarito, Kiko, and all the rest will make for a pirate night of mischief and fun like never before. Pick up your Lorelai costume today, and then scan our site for the rest of your pirate costume and accessory needs!
Kids' Pirate Girl Costume
Your daughter will be looking fiercer than ever out there on the open seas when she's wearing our Pirate Girl Kids Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a magical sea explorer who has no problem getting into a duel with an army of skeletons if needed. Featuring a stylish black and red striped dress with a waist sash, as well as a black head scarf, you're going to love this one.
Kid's Lil' Pirate Cutie Costume
Your little one will be telling all their friends where the best treasures are this year when you dress them up in our Toddler Pirate Cutie Costume. With this adorable set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into the most precious buccaneer in town. Featuring a pretty pirate dress with a black and gold skull belt and a matching headpiece, you're going to fall in love with this look on your little munchkin.
Kid's Buccaneer Princess Costume
Some girls want to be a princess dance at royal balls with their prince rule over the land. Other girls want to have adventures and rule over the seas. If your child is the latter then order the Buccaneer Princess Costume for Girls. It includes a black and white striped headband and a pirate dress. The eclectic dress blends black red gold and stripes to create an outfit worthy of a sea princess. The bodice is highlighted by a black and gold skull and crossbones accent at the neckline. It also features short puff sleeves and an attached black vest with gold accents. It also features a skirt with a zig zag cut that alternated between solid red and a black and white striped pattern underneath a shorter layer of black fabric. She's too pretty to swab the decks but as a princess she can command the crew to clean the decks.
Baby/Toddler Lil' Pirate Boy Costume
Yo ho! Yo ho! It's a pirate's life for your little matey when you bring home the Lil' Pirate Boy Costume for Toddlers. This epic ensemble is sure to become your little captain's favorite go-to disguise for Halloween cosplay or dress up. From trick-or-treating on Halloween to imaginative play in your own living room your little seafarer's quest for adventure is sure to be a success when he gets all geared up in this adorable rogue's disguise first. His crew will have no choice but to fall in line when the captain dons this adorable ensemble he means business! This white pirate shirt features a folded collar and tattered edges at the ends of the three quarter sleeves. The attached black vest features a shining gold trim that contrasts with the dark vest. The vest connects at the front with a gold clasp that keeps the accessory in place. The included black and red striped pants boast a tattered hem that matches the tatters on the white shirt sleeves. The included matching black and r