No fabulous nightclub performer can go onstage to perform without her scintillating feather boa! We have boas in any color of the rainbow, to fit with the spectrum of your style. No drag queen, fashion model, or other stunningly stylish figure would settle for less, and neither should you. When you have just the right feather boa for your big moment onstage, you'll be reminded that it's the little things that really make an outfit sing.
Adult Black Feather Boa
Nothing says Star Power like a feather Boa! Take your outfit or costume to the next level with this Black Fashion Boa. This boa features fluffy, thick black feathers and measures 6 feet long! This versatile and elegant accessory is a perfect addition to endless costumes and outfits! Great for any dress up party or event!
Adult Cash Money Takin' Over Boa
You'll be rolling in the dough this year when you get all spiffed up with our Cash Money Boa Accessory. Whether you're dressing up as a supervillain, a mob boss, or a pimp this year, you'll certainly be a friend of money when you're wearing this great accessory. Featuring a boa that wraps around the neck which is made entirely of fake dollar bills, you are not going to want to miss out on this loaded boa accessory.
Adult Red Feather Boa
Add a touch of glitz and glamour to your Halloween costume with this Women's Red Feather Boa! You'll look like you just came out of the Victorian era or the movie Cabaret. Whether you're going out on Halloween as a stage performer or a famous celebrity this is the perfect Halloween accessory. Purchase a Women's Red Feather Boa online!
Adult Hot Pink Feather Boa
Whether you are dressing up as a diva, a Barbie, or a princess, you will certainly be looking the part this year when you are wearing our Hot Pink Boa Accessory. With this one, you will receive the boa you need to make sure you feel like a star all day long. Featuring a hot pink feathered boa that boasts both style and comfort, you are going to love having this dazzling accessory around your neck.
Adult Classic Pink Feather Boa
Turn heads this Halloween and wear this glamorous Women's Pink Feather Boa with your costume! The Women's Pink Feather Boa will add a touch of class to your Halloween outfit that would make even Liza Minnelli jealous. Add this costume accessory to any singer dancer or iconic celebrity disguise for a classical look. Shop for a Women's Pink Feather Boa online!
Adult Green Feather Boa
Add some pizzazz to your Halloween costume by wearing this gorgeous Women's Green Feather Boa. This is the perfect accessory for a glamorous stage dancer singer or iconic movie star costume from the 1920's. Shop online for a Women's Green Feather Boa to wear with any costume whether for Halloween or a themed costume party!
Adult Gold Tinsel and Feather Boa
Add a little extra flash and pizzazz to your costume this year when you put on our Gold Boa Accessory. With this fun accessory, you will receive just the dazzling boa you need to capture the crowd's attention in an instant. Perfect with a flapper girl or disco dancer get-up, you won't want to miss out on this one. Featuring an all gold feathered look with shimmering accents for that extra shine and sparkle, you're going to love this boa.
Rainbow Boa Accessory
Make your costume pop with color and wear this stylish Rainbow Feather Boa Accessory. This vibrant feather boa will go great with any rock star famous singer or Pride costume. The Rainbow Feather Boa Accessory is one size and can be worn over shoulders or around the neck for a glamorous style. Purchase a Rainbow Feather Boa Accessory for a colorful Halloween costume!
White Deluxe Boa
Fashionable as always, the White Deluxe Boa is a multi-use accessory and is made from real feathers. It works well for any number of costumes, from dancing girls to divas!
Red Fashion Boas
Be a true diva this Halloween with the Red Boa Fashion. This stylish looking accessory will go great with glamorous costumes in need of a little extra oomph. Strut through the party like a model out on the runway. We guarantee nobody will be able to take their eyes off you.
Hot Pink Feather Boa
Give yourself such a fashionable appearance using this Hot Pink Feather Boa. Such an accessory is perfect for accentuating a variety of ensembles. It comes as a simple boa completely covered with feathers. The bright color makes it great for Halloween costumes modeling shows princess play and other fun activities. Search through some of our other products and 2018 Halloween Costume Accessories to see what else can be added to create a flashy attire.
Kids' White Feather Boa
Whether your child is dressing up as a magical angel or a beautiful diva, they're going to be feeling on top of the world when they're wearing our White Child Boa Accessory with the rest of their look. With this item, you will receive just the boa your tyke needs to look gorgeous as ever. Featuring an all white feathered boa that is both comfy and stylish, your kid is going to love donning this one this year.
Black Deluxe Boa
The Black Deluxe Boa can go with almost any costume that requires a fancy or slightly grandiose touch. Made from real feathers, it's an accessory that you'll find numerous uses for!
Pink and Black 20's Boa Accessory
You'll be looking stylish as ever this year when you get all decked out with our Pink and Black 20's Boa Accessory. With this one, you will receive just the boa you need to instantly become the most dazzling person in the room wherever you go. Featuring a hot pink and black feathered boa that will pair perfectly with any number of flapper girl get-ups, you are going to have the time of your life wearing this one this year!
Adult Yellow Feather Boa
Put the finishing touches on your Halloween costume when you wear this Women's Orange Feather Boa. The neon color will add a classic flare to your outfit while also making it stand out. Completely transform your costume whether you're a clown or a rock star. Purchase the Women's Orange Feather Boa in time for Halloween!
Adult Silver Tinsel and Feather Boa
Upgrade your costume with the Boa - Silver! There's no costume in the world which can't benefit from a silver boa. Throw this dazzling feather boa around your neck and you'll be feeling like a star in no time. Buy yours today and then scan our site for the rest of your Halloween costume needs.
Adult White Feather Boa
Whether you're dressing up as an angel, a diva, or a flapper girl, you'll be looking and feeling like a star this year when you're wearing our White Boa Accessory. With this one, you will receive just the boa you need to spread a little magic at the costume party this year. Featuring an all white feathered design that will have you feeling warm and cozy all night long, you're going to have a blast with this stylish accessory.
Blue Boa Accessory
The Women's Blue Feather Boa is that extra bit of class that will put the icing on the cake of your Halloween costume! It comes in a standard size and looks glamorous when draped over shoulders or wrapped around the neck. Transform your Halloween costume when you shop for a Women's Blue Feather Boa online!
Purple Boa Accessory
Spice up your look with some extra color this year when you get all dressed up with our Purple Boa Accessory. With this one, you will receive just the boa you need to really feel like a star. Featuring an all purple feathered boa that is equal parts stylish and comfortable, you're going to love having this great accessory around your neck. Pair with any number of costumes from our site and you'll have the night of your life!