Elf Costumes and Accessories

Men's Buddy the Elf Wig
Head to the party wearing the Adult Buddy Elf Wig and you'll have everybody feeling the Christmas spirit all night long. With this one, you will receive just the wig you need to drizzle syrup and candy on your pasta and get in wicked snowball fights with all of the bullies in town. Featuring a curly red wig that will pair perfectly with the rest of your Elf attire, you don't want to miss out on this one.
Kids Elf Girl Costume
Your daughter will be the happiest elf in the toy shop this year when she's sporting our Elf Girl Costume. With this adorable set, you will receive everything you need to turn your little angel into a magical toy maker who loves to have snowball fights, play with the reindeer, and eat Ms. Claus' cookies. Featuring a red velvety jacket, a black belt, a green snowflake skirt, striped socks, and a festive red and green hat, you're not going to want to miss out on this holiday look.
Kids' Elf Buddy The Elf Costume
Your child will love to dress up as the famous elf character, Buddy, this holiday season! Purchase the Children's Buddy The Elf Costume today. Practice all the best lines from the 2003 movie while wearing the yellow, white, black, and green ensemble. Wear black sneakers or elf shoes to complete this look. Also accessorize with a curly brown wig. All accessories are sold separately.
Buddy the Elf Adult Costume
Ever feel like an oversized Elf in a regular person's world? Show your true Christmas colors with this festive Buddy the Elf costume! You'll be unmistakeable in Buddy's bright yellow leggings, green coat with white collar and cuffs, large belt and green and yellow hat. All you need is an infectious grin and enough holiday cheer to last all year. The Buddy the Elf adult costume comes in multiple sizes and fits most men comfortably. If you know Buddy, you know he's not one to skimp on decorations, so don't forget to pick up some Elf worthy accessories like pointy shoes, curly wigs, and gloves. Remember: the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear - the second best way is to dress up in bright colors and run around in a revolving door as fast as you can.
Boys' Little Holiday Elf Costume
Your little guy will be playing with reindeer and making toys all holiday long when they're sporting our Elf Boys Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a magical helper who just wants to help Santa at the North Pole. Featuring a red velvety jacket, a pair of green pants, a pair of red and green striped socks, and a black belt and a hat, you won't want to miss out on this festive look this year.
Adult Curvy Jovi Costume
Team up as the ultimate holiday couple with our amazing Women's Curvy Jovi Costume! Help bring the spirit of Christmas back this season with our incredible and lovely outfit you'll never want to take off. With our signature quality and style, this great seasonal costume is perfect for couples and you'll wear it again year after year. Featuring a pink velvet dress, this exceptional costume provide a perfect base for your own traditional touches. Pair this costume up with our Buddy the Elf for a fun seasonal twist to the normal repertoire!
Kid's Candy Cane Elf Princess Costume
Spread all kinds of Christmas cheer this year when you buy the Toddler/Child Christmas Candy Cane Princess Costume! Whether you're dressing up for the holidays starring in a play or just bringing the spirit of Christmas to Halloween this fun wintery get-up will certainly serve you well. With your purchase you will receive a gorgeous dress and a pair of red and white striped leggings. The top of the dress is red and lined with white faux snow fabric along the collar waist and sleeves. The skirt is bright green laid over a white skirt and features white polka dots printed atop it. Pair this costume with some fun elf shoes and a Santa hat from our site and you'll be ready to bring joy to everyone you see. Buy your candy cane princess costume today and go make this holiday a truly special one.
Green Elf Shoes
The holiday season is full of cheer and glee. When you're dressing as Santa's helper you'll have to be sure that every bell and whistle is perfect on you! Make sure that your kicks look tight with our Green Elf Shoes. With festive holiday coloring you can be sure that you'll have the cheeriest aura!
Adult Green and Red Plus Tights
Dressing up as a fun and festive Elf from the workshop this year? Then don't forget to put on our Adult Green and Red Plus Tights! With this set, you will receive just the pair of tights you need to make toys, have snowball fights, and play with Santa's reindeer all day long. Featuring a merry pair of both red and green tights that will have you feeling spirited as ever, you're not going to want to miss out on this great holiday attire.
Adult Santa's Elf Costume
Whether it's Christmas or Halloween, the Adult Santa's Elf Costume will certainly serve you well. Spread some Christmas cheer while wearing this fun and festive Elf get-up. Tell everybody all about Santa's workshop and how delicious Mrs. Claus's cookies are! Buy your costume today and then scan our site for the rest of your attire needs!
Adult Elf Jumper Costume
Looking for a costume that'll help keep the winter chill off this year? We've got the perfect outfit for you with our Adult Elf Jumper! This great piece is perfect for couples making toys in the workshop or just for a fun and festive design. You'll love the colorful construction with a cozy build that is perfect for cold winter nights and festive celebrations. Featuring a stripped full body jumper, you're holiday nights won't be complete without it. So snuggle up next to the fire this year with our incredible offering, the holidays are here, it's time to enjoy them!
Adult Red and Green Holiday Striped Tights
Get a bit more festive with these Women's Red and Green Striped Tights. This item comes as a pair of full-length tights starting from the waist and covering everything below. They are patterned as red and green stripes to get in on the holiday spirit. Take a look at some other accessories, costumes, and more to see what else you can add.
Adult Red and Green Elf Tunic
Need an outfit to wear to a Christmas party but don't want to spend a lot of money? Order the Economy Elf Tunic, which includes a long top and a cord. The standard size green and red tunic features a zigzag hemline, sleeves and a zigzag collar with pompom accents. It is green on the right side and red on the left, but the right sleeve and collar are red while the left sleeves and collar are green. Put this on and help out Santa at your home on Christmas day or at a community or school holiday event. You can even out it on for Halloween and again for the December holidays. Wear it with tights or green pants. Shoes and tights do not come with this costume, but you can order elf footwear and tights from our accessories section.
Red Elf Shoes
Decorate your feet with the fun and stylish Adult Red Elf Shoes. These funky red pairs will show everyone you are ready to have some fun and dance the night away. The red cloth elf shoes have a rubber sole and are about 10 inches long and 3 inches wide. They fit right over your feet and are comfortable to wear throughout the night. The top of the shoes has an elastic band so that it keeps the shoes snug and fit. It is the perfect shoes to wear with an elf, clown or jester costume.
Adult Red & Green Elf Hat With Bells
Jingle all the way during the holidays with this Adult Red & Green Elf Hat with attached bells! This hat fits most adults and is split red and green with little jingle bells attached to all the tips. The top of the hat stands up with a curve in the tip. This elf hat is the perfect holiday accessory to complete your elf costume or give your outfit an extra festive pop!
Adult Beige Pointy Elf Ears
Put the finishing touch on your Santa's helper look with the Pointy Elf Ears. This accessory includes a pair of realistic, pointy elf ears. Make your elf costume even more genuine with this affordable set.
Infant Elf Costume
Your little angel will be helping Santa out in the toy shop this year when you dress them up with our adorable Infant Elf Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your tiny tot needs to become everybody's favorite little Christmas miracle. Featuring a cute elf romper with fabric fasteners and nonskid soles, as well as a matching headpiece, you definitely do not want to miss out on this special holiday look for your tyke.
Kid's Santa's Little Elf Costume
Perfect for Christmas pageants and family get-togethers this Santa's Little Elf Girls Costume is a lovely and adorable way to ring in the season! This green elf dress with red collar and candy cane underlay and elf hat gives your little one a complete and festive costume that will make everyone's Christmas bright! Made of high-quality and comfortable materials so your celebration won't be interrupted with costume adjustments! Add some rosy cheek makeup or toy tools to develop this little elf into its own lovable character! Find more great ideas to maximize this look in our huge selection of Christmas costumes and 2018 Halloween Costume Accessories for the whole family! With Mom and Dad as Santa and Mrs. Claus and the kids as elves you are guaranteed a Christmas morning no one will ever forget! Now is the perfect time to lock down your Christmas costumes! Your holidays begin when you order your Santa's Little Elf Girls Costume online today!
Adult Red and Green Elf Tights
Do you have an elf costume and just need one last piece to give it the full look? If so, look no further, the Adult Red and Green Elf Tights is the perfect piece for you! This accessory is sure to make you stand out in style! One leg is red and the other is green to give you a funky look! You will be Santa's favorite and most fashionable elf this season! The tights are also great to help you stay warm on those chilly holiday nights.
Women's Elf Jovi Costume
You'll be Santa's best helper this year when you get all dolled up in our Adult Jovi Elf Deluxe Costume. With this elegant set, you will receive everything you need to become a gorgeous elf who knows a thing or two about making toys. Featuring a stunning pink dress with red festive accents and white fur trim, a red buckled belt, a pair of red shoe covers, and a matching pink and red hat, you can't go wrong with this cute look this year.
Adult Green Elf Shoes
The Green Elf Shoes are the perfect finishing touch to becoming one of Santa's official helpers this Halloween or Christmas Holiday season. Green, adorned with little pom-poms and curled toes, this is the perfect accessory! Made out of faux green leather, it'll match your Elf costume perfectly.
Red and Green Elf Pet Collar and Hat
Everybody will know who Santa's favorite helper is this year when your pup comes running through the door wearing our Pet Elf Collar and Hat Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your little furball into the most adorable elf to ever roll around in the snow at the North Pole. Featuring a red and green hat with a golden bell at the top as well as a matching collar, you're going to love this one.
Red and Green Elf Pet Costume
Bring some holiday cheer to all with this Dog Elf Costume. Such an adorable little outfit is perfect for the cutest member of your family. This set comes with a green body piece featuring red pom pom decorations. It has front sleeves and an open back for better comfort. A matching hat is included along with four leg bands. Have this ready for some Christmas photographs to remember all year long. Browse for adult versions of elf costumes on our site to match!
Men's Elf Buddy the Elf Costume - Deluxe
You'll be the most jolly guy in the room this year when you show up to the holiday party wearing the Buddy the Elf Deluxe Adult Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to let the whole world know about your giant quest through candy cane forests and the Lincoln Tunnel. Featuring the classic green jacket, a pair of yellow tights, a cone hat with a feather, a black buckled belt, a pair of black shoe covers, and a brown curly wig, you're going to love this high quality Christmas look.
Adult Elf Costume
The Christmas - Mens Elf Costume includes shirt
Adult Green Elf Deluxe Shoes
Keep your feet cute and comfy at your next costume party with our unforgettable Deluxe Green Elf Shoes for Adult. This item features a luxurious plush green fabric with a curled toe. There is a bell dangling from the tip of the shoe and dark green trim around the ankle.
Men's Green Elf Wig
Make your Halloween and Christmas ensembles extra special this year with this Men's Green Elf Wig. Use this versatile hairpiece to channel the luck of the Irish on St. Patty's Day, to replicate the look of your favorite chocolate factory workers for the Halloween costume party, and to add a cheery twist to your Christmas elf costume to make this holiday season a special one. This wig is made from high-quality synthetic fibers that imitate real hair, and the vibrant green color will make your costume pop. For your best possible experience, this light-weight wig comes complete with an included wig cap for a comfortable and secure fit to keep you looking festive all year long. So what are you waiting for? Use this ultimate accessory to make every holiday one to remember.
Adult Elf Tunic Costume
Be bright and festive this holiday season as a jolly elf! In this Adult Elf Tunic Costume, you will be one of Santas best helpers. The tunic is velvety bright green and red with three-quarter length sleeves. The bottom of the tunic and sleeves are cut in a zigzag pattern and there is a zigzag cut collar with jingle bells on the ends. Also included is a gold cord belt. This Elf costume is perfect for any holiday celebration!
Kids Velvet Elf Costume
Now your kid can suit up as one of Santas helpers in this Velvet Elf Costume! This festive elf costume features a velvety red tunic, that is zigzag cut at the bottom and trimmed with gold. The tunic also has a gold cord belt and white long sleeves and collar. Also included are green baggy pants, red elf shoes that have gold laces and upturned ends accented with white pompoms, and a merry red and green elf hat with a matching white pompom. Your little elf will look like they came from the North Pole!
Adult Elf Shoes
If you are helping Santa deliver presents, dont forget your shoes! Complete your merry elf costume with these Adult Elf Shoes! These adorable elf shoes are bright green with a red zigzag cut collar around the ankle. The collar has a green ribbon that ties around the ankle and little jingle bells that make a merry sound with each step. The toes of the shoe are curled up like a traditional elf shoe and have a little red pompom on the tip. These shoes fit most adults and will make your elf costume extra festive!