Baby & Toddler Costumes


Whether it is your little one’s first Halloween or they are going to a themed dress-up party, you will find the cutest outfit in our selection of baby & toddler costumes! Sizes range from newborn to toddler and there are so many collections to browse, like animals, fairytales, and holidays. Bring to life beloved characters with our Officially Licensed cartoon costumes or find the perfect outfit for adorable newborn pictures. With so many cute costumes for kids, your little one will always want to play dress-up!

Baby/Toddler Sonic The Hedgehog Sonic Costume
You already know how quickly your little one can devour his Halloween candy, but this year you'll be shocked at how quickly he can collect it when he goes trick or treating in the Toddler's Toddler Sonic Romper Costume! The outfit consists of a one-piece jumpsuit and a character headpiece so that your son or daughter will be comfortable enough to run through the neighborhood with Tails, Amy, Knuckles, and all of their other friends on an epic Halloween adventure. If your little one loves the video games as much as they love the TV show, the outfit is also perfect for wearing during gameplay to add even more fun! Playtime will also always be exciting when your tot has this outfit to wear, so make sure you buy this versatile garment for your Sonic lover today!
Iron Man Toddler Costume
Your little one will become the smartest Avenger when they put on the Iron Man Toddler Costume. This padded jumsuit comes complete with a mask, gloves, and boot tops - everything they need to become Iron Man. Fly into the sky in style in this costume and pair up with Hulk, Captain America, and Black Widow to take down Thanos and save the world!
Lion Cub Costume and Rattle for Babies
Want to have a roaring good time with your tot this Halloween? Order the Infant/Toddler Lion Cub Costume. This three-piece set is worthy of the king of the beasts and includes a headpiece with mane, brown footie jumpsuit with white tummy and a gray mouse rattle. The Lion and the Mouse is a fable by Aesop and tells the story of a mouse that was caught by a lion. He pleads to be let go and promises to one day help the lion. The big cat finds this amusing but lets the mouse go. Sometime later, he is caught in a trap and the mouse gnaws through the ropes and sets the lion free. The moral of the story is even little beings can be powerful, something that is worth teaching your child. But until your child is old enough to learn fables, you can dress her in this playful outfit and take lots of photos.
Paw Patrol Skye Costume for Babies and Toddlers
Let your toddler take to the sky this Halloween in this Paw Patrol Skye Toddler Costume! This officially licensed outfit is a great choice for any fan of the flying pooch. It includes a pretty pink tutu dress, a headpiece, and Skye's winged pup pack. The lovely dress features a satin bodice with a printed zipper and pockets. The scalloped waistband sits above a sparkly tulle skirt, which coordinates with sheer accents on the shoulders of the dress. Grey wings come out of the light purple backpack to help your child soar through the neighborhood. The headpiece is designed to look like Skye's pilot goggles with her orange fur on top. If your child is a pup that's just gotta fly, they're going to love wearing this Paw Patrol Skye Toddler Costume!
Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume for Toddlers
Your daughter will be heading to the Wizard of Oz this year when she's wearing our Toddler Dorothy Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your daughter needs to team up with the Lion, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man as they make their way down the yellow brick road. Featuring a pretty blue and white plaid dress, a blouse, and a matching bow, you're going to love this adorable look on your daughter this year.
Hulk Toddler Costume
Your child will be able Hulk SMASH any obstacle that comes their way when they throw on our Hulk Toddler Costume. You'll have the cutest Avenger out there when you step out with your little Hulk in tow. This costume comes complete with a padded jumpsuit, mask, gloves, and boot tops - everything you need to transform your little one into the strongest Avenger.
Baby/Toddler DC Comics Robin Costume
Batman's sidekick Robin is known as the Boy Wonder to legions of fans all over the world. Now your own little boy wonder can garner his own adoring crowd in this Robin Infant Costume! It features a red and green romper, made to look just like Dick Grayson's acrobat-based superhero outfit, down to the yellow utility belt, matching yellow lacing on the front, and the recognizable black and yellow ?R? symbol on the left chest. Also included is a long black cape and matching black eye mask. He'll be keeping a smile on his face (and yours) while he keeps the streets of Gotham City safe and free from crime. And don't forget, we have plenty of Robin costumes for sale on our site once he outgrows this one! Start his adventure now, and order the Robin Costume for Infants today!
The Child Toddler Costume
This Officially Licensed Toddler "The Child" Halloween Costume comes with everything your child needs to become the adorable force sensitive creature from the series. Featuring a darling headpiece and cream-colored robe with attached hand covers, our "The Child" costume is perfect for your cosmic companion. Bowl not included. This is an"Officially Licensed" product. Please check the size chart in the images for a proper fit. The item is quality and safety tested. Rubies has been great costumes and accessories since 1951.
Avengers: Captain America Toddler Costume
It’s time for the Avengers to fight back this Halloween! This officially licensed costume will have your little superhero feeling brave during the scariest season of the year. As a fan favorite, Captain America is extremely strong and fast. Hurry, it’s time to meet up with the Avengers!
Monster Jam Grave Digger Toddler Costume
If your little one dreams of entering the monster truck ring and flying over ramps and destroying school buses, then they're going to have the time of their lives sporting our Monster Jam Grave Digger Toddler Costume this year. The Grave Digger is one of the most iconic monster trucks in the Monster Jam series, striking fear in all their competitors while freestyling in the ring with pure ease and finesse. Your tot will be revving up their engine and starting all kinds of monster truck fun this year when they're wearing this classic Grave Digger get-up. With this Monster Jam Grave Digger costume, you will receive everything your kid needs to put the pedal to the metal and show the world just how much skill they have behind the wheel. Featuring a sandwich board-styled costume with the Grave Digger monster truck replica in full effect, this costume is sure to please. The Grave Digger's black truck design with the green graveyard and flame aesthetic with purple souls makes this one a real haunting truck to remember. With a costume that's as cool as this, your child is sure to feel like the life of the party no matter where they go. Whether you're taking your kid to a live Monster Jam event or just dressing them up for Halloween, this Grave Digger get-up is sure to be a huge hit. If you're looking to really rev up the engines and bring the fun to the next level, consider picking up our El Toro Loco kids costume as well if you have another child who wants to celebrate the Monster Jam series! There's nothing more fun than matching costumes with the entire family. Pick up your Grave Digger costume today, and go make this a real revved-up night to remember!
Paw Patrol Rubble Costume for Toddlers
Join the rest of the team this season with our adorable Paw Patrol Rubble costume! Become the ironic English Bulldog Rubble and join your friends as you help and repair Adventure Bay! Parents and friends alike will love the cute and fun design of this great outfit for Halloween! Featuring a jumpsuit, headpiece, and pup pack, this costume will see them through as many projects as they can handle! So join the rest of the Pup Patrol this year as Rubble, with our amazing offering!
Paw Patrol Chase Costume for Babies and Toddlers
Chase the German Shepherd is a natural leader, born and bred. Take care of the town in this Boys Toddler Paw Patrol Chase Child Costume. The complete costume includes a soft brown, long sleeved jumpsuit with an attached tail and shiny blue vest printed with pockets and a silver zipper, and a yellow starred police badge on the end of it. A blue backpack to match the vest is also included with the same star badge. A headpiece is also included featuring a policeman's cap with tall brown ears poking out from the sides. Have a sibling dress as Marshall the fire pup for a great matching costume! Have a safe time trick or treating this Halloween, just look out for cats and feathers- Chase is allergic!
Baby/Toddler Wizard Of Oz Glinda Deluxe Costume
Are you a good witch or a bad witch? We're guessing your little girl is sweet and kind just like Glinda the Good Witch. If she loves The Wizard of Oz movie, she'll want to have the best Glinda Halloween costume! Our Wizard of Oz Glinda the Good Witch Deluxe Toddler Costume includes a puffy pink dress with silver stars designed throughout the gown and Glinda's famous diamond crown. Wand is sold separately. Let good magic reign as your toddler defends Halloween from the Wicked Witch of the West! Buy a Wizard of Oz Glinda the Good Witch Deluxe Toddler Costume!
DC League of Super Pets Superman Toddler Costume
Your little one is ready to join the Justice League and save the planet with this DC League of Super Pets Superman Toddler Costume! Immediately recognizable and absolutely iconic, your child has one of the most beloved superhero costumes of all time. This comfortable padded jumpsuit includes a detachable cape and padded boot tops. When your kid is on one of their super adventures, don't let them forget their trusty dog, Krypto, so they can save the day together!
Kids Girl Pretty Witch Light Up Costume
If your daughter dreams of casting spells, talking to animals, and brewing potions with her friends, then she's going to absolutely love our Light Up Pretty Witch Girls Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your daughter into a magical witch who loves performing rituals during the full moon. Featuring a gorgeous black, purple, and orange light up dress with a matching pointy witch hat, it doesn't get much better than this.
Baby/Toddler Suzie Strawberry Costume
Your little angel will be the cutest strawberry in the patch this year when you dress her up in our Suzie Strawberry Baby/Toddler Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into an absolutely precious berry who loves being cuddled and squeezed. Featuring a bright red shaggy body with green leaf and flower accents around the collar, as well as a matching green leaf headband, you won't want to miss out on this one.
Spiderman Toddler Costume
Your little one's spidey senses will be tingling in our Spiderman Toddler Costume. This padded jumpsuit comes with a mask to protect your little one's identity, gloves so they can shoot webs, and boot tops. Your little spider can hang out with MJ and Ned as they run around town solving mysteries and saving New York City.
Baby/Toddler T-Rex Costume
Get ready for a roaring good time with the T-Rex infant/toddler costume. The green jumpsuit features a fun tail topped with shiny scales. The attached hood completes the look. Perfect for Halloween or playtime! Shop children's costumes online today.
Baby/Toddler Teagan The Dragon Costume
Let your daughter's imagination run rampant on Halloween this year when you dress her up in the Teagan The Dragon Infant's-Toddler's Costume. This cute costume comes included with a jumpsuit that covers from head to toe. The jumpsuit features a light purple body with pink polka dots and a pink belly. The feet of the suit have tiny pink claws on them as a dragon's would. Lastly, the suit features a hood that has a face printed on, teeth in the opening, hair on the top, and spikes running down the back all the way to the attached tail. This is a fiery costume that your child is sure to love. Bring a much cuter side to dragons this year when you put him or her in this comfortable suit.
Santiago of the Seas Toddler Costume
Your family is in for some rip roaring adventure on the high seas this year when your little one is wearing this Santiago of the Seas Toddler Costume! This adorable and comfortable outfit includes a costume jumpsuit designed like Santiago's pirate outfit, blue pirate hat and belt to make them look just like their favorite cartoon character. Durable and made of high-quality materials for a costume they will love to run around in and find all the hidden treasures!
Baby/Toddler Pastel Unicorn Dress Costume
Your child will be looking far too magical for words this year when you dress them up with our Pastel Unicorn Baby/Toddler Dress Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into the cutest horned mythical being to ever soar through the sky. Featuring a pretty pastel blue and pink dress with a unicorn face hood with a horn, she's going to absolutely love wearing this celestial costume this year.
Baby/Toddler Paige the Dragon Costume
Your little one will be breathing fire and playing in the sky with all their friends this year when you dress them up with our Toddler Dragon Costume. With this adorable set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into the cutest dragon to ever guard a whole cave of treasure. Featuring a purple and pink shaggy body with a tail, a matching dragon face hood, and shoe covers, you're going to love this special look.
Space Jam: A New Legacy Bugs Bunny Costume for Babies and Toddlers
Your tot will be dribbling all across the basketball court this year when you dress them up in our Bugs Bunny Space Jam Toddler Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your kid into an absolute all star in the paint. Featuring a hooded Bugs Bunny jumpsuit with an attached 3D head, an attached bunny tail, attached shoe covers, and attached hand covers, you're not going to want to miss out on this hoppin' look!
Baby/Toddler Baby Carrot Costume
Your little angel will be the cutest vegetable in town this year when you dress them up in our Carrot Baby Costume. With this adorable set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into the crunchiest cutest little carrot to ever come out of the ground. Featuring a bright orange tunic with ridge line accents, as well as a matching orange tunic with a green leaf adornment, you won't want to miss out on this precious look this year.
Captain America Toddler Costume
Red, white, and blue. Those are the trademarks of Captain America and what will be your little one's too when they put on our Captain America Toddler Costume. Defend enemy's attacks with the included shield and always be one step ahead of the enemy while wearing the included utility belt. Throw on this padded jumpsuit with included mask and boot tops to completely transform into America's favorite Avenger.
Baby/Toddler Octopus Costume
Your kid will be the master of the ocean this year when you dress them up with our Octopus Child Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to spread out their tentacles and have some fun. Featuring a light blue furry body with squiggly polka dot tentacles, as well as a pair of white leggings and a cute octopus face hood with a white hat, you're going to love this adorable oceanic look on your kid this year.
Baby/Toddler Dapper Drac Costume
Your son will look ready to take charge of the family manor in our Boy's Dapper Drac Costume! For his first Halloween, your son will look gentlemanly in this black and red tuxedo, and the bowtie featuring a plastic bat will charm any adult into giving him all the candy he wants! There's a lot of frills on this suit, but it's all in one piece, so he won't be in danger of losing any costume pieces! He'll also receive a high vampire collar and cape, which no fashionable vampire would be caught undead without. Make his first Halloween stylish and spooky, with our Boy's Dapper Drac Costume!
Baby/Toddler Little Clown Costume
Your little one will be bringing laughter and joy to all this year when you dress them up in our Lil Clown Baby/Toddler Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your little angel into a magical little entertainer who lives to play, cuddle, and giggle. Featuring a colorful blue, yellow, and red jumpsuit, as well as a matching hat and a pair of booties, you definitely don't want to miss out on this precious clown look this year.
Baby/Toddler Vintage Wolf Costume
Welcome a baby wolf into your home and smile this year! Purchase the Vintage Wolf Infant/Toddler Costume for your child and take memorable photos. This grey and white three-part ensemble is adorable. It features grey and white shoe covers, a furry white and grey body with a tail, and a wolf head hood. Thick socks will easily complete this look. Also accessorize with grey leggings for warmth. All accessories are sold separately.
Baby/Toddler Rock Stars Elvis Costume
Elvis was always using the word ?baby? in his songs, and now you can bring a little bit of the king into your own baby's life! This Infant/Toddler Romper Elvis Costume features a one piece white romper detailed with printed red, blue, and gold rhinestones, as well as a screen printed belt. Additional details include red patches at the bell bottom legs, and a red scarf printed along the collar and chest. You can take this outfit to even higher hunka burnin' love heights by adding a microphone, also available on this site. Pop stars are getting younger and younger these days, now you can have your youngest be the King in the Elvis Infant/Toddler Romper Costume.