Adult British Redcoat Costume

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100% Polyester
The redcoats are coming the redcoats are coming! The redcoats will come quickly when you order the British Redcoat Costume for Adults from because we ship everything promptly. The set includes a coat vest and pants. The coat is red of course which is how the British army got their nickname. Red Dye was cheap to produce. When you have a military as large as the Brits you need to spend wisely so the uniforms were red. In the heat of battle when many muskets were fired a large cloud of smoke was created and that impacted soldiers' visibility. Having bright coats helped the Brits from being killed by friendly fire. But the Continental Army changed all that. The Yankee scoundrels as the British called them would not attack the British soldiers head on. Instead they would hide behind stone walls and trees and slither on the ground. Under these circumstances having a brightly colored coat was a disadvantage. There is no disadvantage to our costume. It will look great one you. Place
100% Polyester
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Dry Clean Only
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Tan Vest With Pocket Flaps And Gold Buttons
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