Pet Costumes

The only way to make your pets more adorable is to dress them up in our pet costumes! Our dress up for dogs will let your best friend come with you whenever you’re going out in costume. We know your dogs need comfort, so we make our pet costumes with them in mind. Animals feel effortlessly comfy in our pet costumes, because we ensure they’re designed to be just as fun for your dog as they will be for you.
Despicable Me Minion Stuart Walking Pet Costume
One thing your pup and a Minion have in common is that they both like to have a good time and cause a little trouble! With the Pet Minions Stuart Costume, you will receive everything you need to transform your pup into the cutest little yellow Minion to ever play fetch and ask for a treat. Featuring a blue overalls and yellow long sleeve step in shirt with padded arms, as well as a matching Stuart headpiece, your doggy is going to love this fun look.
Despicable Me Minion Bob Walking Pet Costume
Your pup will be making everyone smile this year when you dress them up in our Pet Minions Bob Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your furry buddy into the cutest little Minion in town. Featuring a blue overalls and yellow shirt Minion step in shirt with padded arms and a matching plushy Bob headpiece with goggles, you're going to love this adorable look on your doggy this year.
Teen Titans Robin Pet Costume
Holy Halloween, Batman! The Robin Costume for Pets is just what your furry friend needs to patrol Gotham as The Caped Crusader's sidekick. This officially licensed DC product features a polyester shirt in the style of The Boy Wonder himself. Also included is a matching eye mask and detachable cape. Order on our online store for great deals for human costumes as well!
Ghostbusters Slimer Pet Costume
If your being pestered by a precious poochie poltergeist, they need this Ghostbuster Slimer Pet Costume! Depicting the Ghostbusters most iconic troublesome spectre, this adorable little outfit includes plush jumpsuit with attached arms and Slimer-face hood that is begging to have its picture taken! For multi-puppy families, it's a perfect match with a doggy Ghostbusters costume with stuffed Proton Pack. We're who you're gonna call for every pet Halloween costume! Check out our entire selection and order your Ghostbusters Slimer Pet Costume today!
Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Pet Costume - Light Up
Is your pet ready to protect the galaxy from Zurg and his minions? Equip them with the Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Pet Costume - Light Up from Complete with light-up jet pack wings, your furry friend will be invincible as they take off to infinity and beyond. Buzz's iconic space suit and purple hood are sure to delight Disney lovers everywhere. Whether you're attending the Halloween party of the season, enjoying a movie night at home, or going out for a stroll, your dog or cat is sure to turn heads in this Buzz Lightyear pet costume.
Spider-Man Pet Costume
In the heart of New York City, where towering skyscrapers touch the sky and a sense of wonder fills the air, your furry friend can now swing into action as the iconic Spider-Man with the Spider-Man Pet Costume. This isn't just a costume; it's an opportunity for your loyal companion to step into the spider suit of one of Marvel's most beloved superheroes. Imagine your beloved pet adorned in this striking costume, instantly transformed into a miniature version of the wall-crawling hero. Inspired by Spider-Man's legendary suit, this costume captures the essence of the hero's iconic red and blue attire, complete with the distinctive web pattern that's synonymous with this beloved Marvel character. It's a tribute that comes straight from the heart of the Spider-Man franchise. Meticulously designed for both comfort and mobility, this costume ensures your pet can confidently prowl at costume contests, steal the spotlight at Marvel-themed events, or simply patrol the neighborhood as a symbol of protection and heroism. As you and your pet venture through the city's bustling streets, you'll create cherished memories reminiscent of the epic adventures and unbreakable sense of responsibility that define Spider-Man. Whether you're hosting a Marvel-themed gathering, participating in a cosplay event, or simply spreading joy and inspiration in your community, the Spider-Man Pet Costume is the ultimate choice. Let your furry friend embody the spirit of Spider-Man, the superhero who reminds us that with great power comes great responsibility. Your pet will capture the admiration of onlookers and inspire smiles wherever they go. With this costume, your pet can feel like a true guardian of justice. Your pet is already a symbol of hope for you so why not remind him or her that anyone can be a hero on Halloween?! After all, pets make life better, just like Spider-Man.
Snow White Dopey Walking Pet Costume
This year, get ready to turn your beloved pup into the happiest little dwarf around with our enchanting Snow White Dopey Walking Pet Costume. Dopey, while not the brightest dwarf in the group, is undeniably full of love and charm—just like your furry friend! With this delightful costume set, you'll receive all the elements needed to transform your dog into an endearing Disney character, making them the star of the show. The centerpiece of this costume is a green and blue step-in shirt, meticulously designed to replicate Dopey's distinctive attire. The shirt features attached arms, allowing your dog to step into character effortlessly. Not only will your pet look the part, but they will also be comfortable and able to move freely, ensuring an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Complementing the shirt is the purple hat complete with adorable Dopey ears. This accessory adds an extra layer of authenticity to your pet's transformation into the lovable dwarf from Snow White. It's a symbol of Dopey's timeless charm and playfulness.
Pet's Classic Star Wars Darth Vader Costume
The force is strong in you and your animal. Make them apart of your special occasion when your get this Darth Vader Costume for Pets. It's officially licensed and looks like they just stepped on the dark side! Comes with a Vader inspired cape that mimics his armor, a detachable cape, and even an adorable headpiece! It's sure to make the fans at your party look in awe! Plenty of sizes to accommodate dogs of all shapes and lengths! It's worth the experience to see your puppy in this great get up. Don't forget to get your favorite Star Wars lines ready when you dress up your pup.
Snowman Walking Pet Costume
Embrace the winter wonderland vibes with our Snowman Walking Pet Costume, ensuring your pup is all set for snowy adventures this year. This ensemble comes complete with everything needed to transform your furry friend into the most adorable snow dog in the neighborhood. The costume features a fluffy white snowman jumpsuit adorned with brown stick arms, classic black coal accents on the chest, and a charming red and green scarf. Topping off the look is an equally charming black top hat headpiece that adds a touch of frosty elegance. Your doggo will capture hearts as they roam around in this Frosty-inspired outfit. The attention to detail and cozy design make this costume a must-have for any winter festivities, from family gatherings to holiday parties. With the Pet Snowman Costume, your pup will embody the spirit of the season and spread joy wherever they go. Prepare your furry friend to be the cutest snow dog on the block and watch them enjoy the winter wonderland in style. This costume is not only adorable but also comfortable, ensuring your pup's tail wags with delight while they rock this Frosty look. Get ready for a flurry of compliments and smiles when your pet dons this charming outfit. Order now and let the snowy fun begin!
Child's Play Chucky Pet Costume
Is your dog a little on the devious side? Why not turn him into a cute little demon Chucky doll with our Child's Play Chucky Walking Pet Costume? You're going to need an exorcist once the spirit of Chucky possesses your furry friend in this set of dog overalls that comes complete with unruly red hair, arms, and a plush knife in hand! Take your pup for a Halloween stroll around the neighborhood with his spooky new Chucky costume on and he'll be sure to garner attention!
Tigger Pet Costume
Let your pet become the beloved tiger from the Hundred Acre Wood with this Tigger Pet Costume. Aside from the springy striped tail, the most wonderful thing about this Tigger costume for pets is the soft, comfortable material that will keep your pet cozy all day long. Perfect for Halloween or everyday dress up, this costume looks great on cats and dogs alike.
Beauty and the Beast Pet Costume
Beauty and the Beast? More like Beauty and the Cutie. Transform your beloved pup into the most dapper and adorable Beast this year with our Beauty and the Beast Pet Costume. Your furry friend will exude elegance and charm as they step into the role of a true prince! While they may take on the persona of the Beast, deep down, your pup will always be the prince of your heart. This super-detailed costume set ensures that your dog not only looks the part but also captures the magic of this beloved Disney tale. The centerpiece of this enchanting costume is the Beast headpiece, which adds an air of regal sophistication to your pet's appearance. It's a symbol of the transformation that occurs in the heart of the Beast, showcasing the inner prince that resides within. Complementing the headpiece is a blue and yellow suit jacket adorned with an attached turquoise gem bow, an attached shirt, and a pair of pants. This ensemble mirrors the attire of the Beast in the Disney classic, ensuring your pup embodies the character's unique charm and style. The costume is designed for both aesthetics and comfort, allowing your dog to move freely and comfortably while looking handsome and princely.
Veterinarian Walking Pet Costume
Your pup will be giving all the other dogs health advice this year when you dress them up with our Pet Walking Vet Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your furry friend needs to give out prescriptions of "Take more walks" and "Play fetch at least 3 times a day." Featuring a white and blue veterinarian costume with a stethoscope printed on the front with attached arms, you're going to love this cute look.
Mariah Carey Fur Trimmed Pet Jacket
Celebrate Christmas in style this year with our Mariah Carey Fur Trimmed Pet Jacket! Printed on stretch velour fabric, this bright red jumpsuit with white fluffy trim is the perfect way to get your pets in the spirit of the season. This adorable little number includes a hood featuring a Santa hat and a screen-printed image of Mariah Carey on the back. The closure is Velcro along the torso, making it super simple to put on or take off your pet. They'll be stealing the spotlight and putting on a show for the whole neighborhood to enjoy!
Wizard Of Oz Flying Monkey Pet Costume
Turn your pup into one of the Wicked Witch of the West's evil monkey henchmen this year when you dress them up in our Winged Monkey Pet Costume! With this set, you will receive everything your dog needs to carry out all kinds of evil demands from a nefarious green witch. Featuring a cute gray jumpsuit complete with wings, ears, and a hat, you don't want to miss out on this fun villainous look for your dog this year.
Teen Titans Robin Big Dog Pet Costume
If you're dressing up as Batman this year, then don't forget to get your pup in on the action with our Pet Robin Big Dog Costume! Every superhero needs a sidekick, and there's no better sidekick in the world than Robin. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your little furball into the cutest sidekick to ever come out of Gotham. Featuring a red and green Robin shirt, a yellow cape, and a black eye mask, you're going to love this adorable look on your dog.
Toy Story Bo Peep Pet Costume
The sheep won't stand a chance against your dog when she's wearing this adorable sheep herder costume! Our Toy Story Bo Peep Walking Pet Costume is the perfect look for any pretty little pup looking to impress a certain cowboy hat-wearing sheriff this Halloween. Featuring a beautiful pink dress with a cute sheep print design on the skirt, as well as a matching pink hat, your dog will have everything she needs to dazzle everyone around her this Halloween! Your pup will feel like a million bucks in this cute and cozy costume.
Pet NYC Taxi Costume
This Halloween your favorite furry friend is going to be driving around all over the place when you buy him or her the NYC Cab Taxi Pet Costume! This awesome costume will give your pups its own yellow taxi cab to drive. Whether you're going for a walk with your dog or just hanging around the house you're going to have a blast watching your dog cruise around like a human all day. Buy yours today!
Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Pet Costume
Your pup will be ready to join Joker's gang of mischievous henchmen this year when you pick up our Pet Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your little furry friend into a wild and chaotic supervillain who loves playing a good trick. Featuring a step in Harley Quinn shirt with a "Puddin" necklace and a blonde, pink, and blue wig, your dog will feel like a true menace this year sporting this DC look.
Friday the 13th Jason Pet Jersey and Mask
Take your dog for a walk while they're wearing the Jason Pet Costume and watch how quickly the other dogs run away in fright. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your pup into an adorable serial killer who will be burying all kinds of bones in the backyard. Featuring a red and black hockey jersey with a Jason mask print on the sleeve, as well as a hockey mask for your pup to wear over their head, you're going to love this cute and spooky look this year.
Mariah Carey Holiday Pet Jumpsuit
Let your pup celebrate Christmas in style this year by taking a note from the Queen of Christmas herself, Mariah Carey! With our Mariah Carey Holiday Pet Jumpsuit, your pet will be looking like a total fashionista this holiday season. This luxurious red patterned jumper has a hood with adorable white patterned antlers and is lined with faux fur. The closure is Velcro along the torso, making it easy to put on and take off your pet.
Monsters Inc. Mike Walking Pet Costume
Your little fur monster will be looking absolutely adorable this year when you dress them up with our Monsters Inc. Mike Walking Pet Costume. With this set, you'll receive everything you need to transform your pup into everybody's favorite one-eyed green monster! Featuring a step-in green Mike Wazowski shirt with a plush body, attached green arms, and a blue Monsters Inc. hard hat, this costume that will have your pet looking like the most monstrous of monsters this Halloween season. As your pup trains to become the scariest monster they can be, this fun look will be sure to keep everyone entertained this year!
The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Pet Costume
If you're a die-hard fan of Tim Burton's dark and whimsical masterpiece, "The Nightmare Before Christmas," then it's time to get your beloved pup in on the spooky action this year. Introducing our enchanting "The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Pet Costume" – the perfect choice for canine companions who want to embody the charm of Sally, the beloved undead rag doll from the film. This costume set is not just adorable; it's a loving homage to the iconic character. For this adorable look, you'll receive everything you need to transform your furry friend into the spitting image of Sally. The main attraction of this costume is an intricately designed patched dress that captures the essence of Sally's unique and endearing appearance. Your pet will not only look the part but also feel comfortable and unrestricted, as we've meticulously crafted the costume to allow for ease of movement. Adding an extra layer of authenticity to this costume is the included blue headpiece adorned with a striking Raggedy Ann-style red wig. This finishing touch brings Sally's iconic look to life, complete with her distinctive red hair. When your pup rocks our Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Pet Costume, you're not just dressing them up; you're inviting them to become a part of the enchanting world of Halloween Town! Whether you're planning to attend a Halloween party, participate in a themed event, or simply want to delight your friends and family, this costume is the ultimate choice for a pup as cute as yours!
Rugrats Reptar Pet Costume
Your pup will be looking like they belong on Nickelodeon this year when you get them all dressed up with our Pet Reptar Rugrats Costume! With this one, you will receive just the cute and fun get-up you need to turn your furry friend into the most adorable dinosaur in town. Featuring a green Reptar hoodie with blue spikes on the back, a purple open mouth with teeth, and yellow eyes, you are going to love this precious Rugrats look on your pup this year.
Pet Football Costume
If there's nothing your dog loves more than playing fetch with his favorite ball he'll love wearing the Football Costume For Pets! This adorable one-piece brown and white football costume is perfect for Halloween and Superbowl parties. Sometimes it's hard to find an amazing costume for your furry friend but this fantastic football costume is a touchdown!
Batman Pet Costume
Turn your pups into an adorable superhero this Halloween when you buy the Batman Pet Costume. This heroic get-up comes with a gray Batman shirt with a yellow Bat logo, a detachable cape, and a black headpiece. We can't promise you that your dog will be stoked about wearing it (you know how dogs get!), but hopefully you can get a few pictures of your dog's cuteness before he starts trying to disrobe. Dress alongside him, either as Robin or Batman yourself, and make an awesome superhero team together. Pick up your Batman Pet Costume today, and this Halloween fight crime with your doggy!
Despicable Me 2 Minion Pet Costume
Thinking about throwing a costume party this Halloween without dressing up your pets, too? Despicable! Let your dogs and cats join in on the festivities with this Despicable Me 2 Minion Pet Costume. This adorable and comfortable costume guarantees ultimate levels of cuteness overload. Designed with the comfort of your pets in mind, this costume will keep your furry friends comfy all night long. The costume is so realistic, you might even accidentally mistake your pet for a real-life minion. Bonus points if your pet is named Banana, Apple, or even Bapple. This goofy little number also comes with a headpiece that fits nice and snug on the heads of cats and dogs alike. Even though minions are pure evil, your pet will look heaven-sent with how adorable this Despicable Me 2 costume is. Also, as you can see, this yellow-and-blue overall ensemble is too cute to pass up. Plus, it’s super fitting that the movie was produced by Illumination Entertainment because dressing your pet in this Despicable Me get-up is sure to illuminate the night with smiles, laughter, oohs, and ahhs. The costume features a giant G on the back so your pet will be repping Gru all night long like a real minion. Made from soft and durable materials, your canine and kitty companions can transform into a miniature version of your favorite character. Even better, consider dressing up as another Despicable Me 2 character on Halloween, namely criminal mastermind Felonious Gru. That way, you and your pet will be a matching pair. You’ll get a kick out of trick-or-treating with your pet in tow the way minions follow Gru around in the movie. Don’t forget to snap pictures as a dynamic, despicable duo because this costume will create memories that you’ll want to cherish forever.
Pet's Classic Star Wars Chewbacca Costume
Dressing up as Han Solo this Halloween? Well, don't forget to invite your animal best friend along by purchasing the Chewbacca Pet Costume! This comfortable brown and tan ensemble is perfect for pets. It even includes Chewie's classic belt and pouch. Complete this Star Wars look with an accompanied costume.
Police Big Dog Pet Costume
Your pup will be the coolest member of the K-9 Unit this year when you dress them up with our Pet Big Dog Police Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your furry friend into a skilled canine cop who knows a thing or two about fighting crime and playing fetch. Featuring a blue police shirt and a matching police headpiece, you're definitely not going to want to miss out on this one.
Batman Big Dog Pet Costume
Go play fetch with a Batarang while your pooch is all decked out in our Pet Big Dogs Batman Costume! With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your canine friend into the cutest furry superhero to ever come out of a DC comic book. Featuring a gray jumpsuit with a yellow Batman logo on the chest and a blue cape, as well as a black ears headpiece, you're going to love this heroic look on your dog this year.