Auburn/Red Wigs

Women's Aquaman Mera Wig
Make a captivating entrance at the party with the Women's Aquaman Mera Wig that's bound to make heads turn. As you channel the regal presence of the Queen of Atlantis, all eyes will be on you. This eye-catching headpiece includes the vibrant red wig necessary to embody the essence of your favorite aquatic superhero from the DC Comics universe, Mera. Pairing this stunning wig with a corresponding Mera costume from our collection, you'll effortlessly assume the role of this formidable character, ready to command water and confront adversaries. The meticulously designed wig captures the iconic look that defines Mera's powerful presence. Whether you're attending a costume party, convention, or simply embracing your inner superhero, the Adult Mera Wig will ensure you stand out in style. Elevate your transformation into the Queen of Atlantis and add an air of authority to your portrayal with this must-have accessory. Order the Adult Mera Wig today and get ready to unleash your aquatic prowess with confidence and flair.
Women's Stranger Things Barb Wig
Someone has to be the responsible friend, and there's no better example than Barb from Stranger Things. Add this Women's Stranger Things Barb Wig to your costume or cosplay to nail Barb's sassy attitude and signature look. Styled in her signature updo with high-quality synthetic materials, this wig perfectly encapsulates Barb's character and will put the finishing touches on your outfit.
Women's Sexy DC Comics Poison Ivy Wig
Get ready to conquer Gotham City with this official Women's Sexy DC Comics Poison Ivy Wig. Every supervillain needs to look the part, and this is the perfect Poison Ivy accessory to show everyone you mean business. Transform yourself into the notorious femme fatale with the essential accessory to complete her iconic look. This vibrant red synthetic hair with subtle golden highlights flows delicately past the shoulders for a look that can kill. Complete with cascading vines and leaves for the perfect finishing touch, you'll be able to harness the power of nature for a night full of villainous fun. This enchanting wig is soft and manageable, so you can brush and style it with ease. Made from high-quality materials, it will stay comfortable and stay put all night long, so you can replicate all the venomous beauty of Poison Ivy herself without the hassle. With the perfect balance of beauty and power, take charge of the night with this fiery hairpiece, and transform yourself into the seductive villainess of your dreams. Whether you're dropping jaws at a comic convention or trying to win your next Halloween costume party, you'll make everyone green with envy in this realistic, flame-tipped wig.
Girls' DC Superhero Girls Poison Ivy Wig
Let her channel all the confidence and power of her favorite supervillain with this licensed Girl's DC Superhero Poison Ivy Wig. This wavy red hairpiece, complete with delicate green tresses, is the perfect accessory to take her Halloween costume to the next level. Gotham City's bad girl botanist is back and better than ever with this eye-catching hairpiece, sure to give your little one conviction of Poison Ivy herself. Crafted from high-quality synthetic fibers, this wig is designed to be comfortable on her skin and stay securely put to her head for a whole night of crime and villainy. Just like Poison Ivy has a soft spot for nature, you have a soft spot for your kids. So why not make their dreams come true, and give them all the tools they need to take on the world. Whether she's kicking butt at a Halloween costume party or commanding the crowd at the next comic convention, this authentic wig is just what she needs to look and feel as beautiful and strong as her favorite villainess. Show her that she can be bold, she can be invincible, and she can do whatever she sets her mind to. Give your little princess the Halloween of a lifetime with a costume she'll never forget.
Evil Clown Red Wig
Don't be surprised when everyone starts running away from you when you're wearing our Evil Clown Red Wig. If you're dressing up as a dark and sinister clown this year, then this spooky wig is certainly the one for you. Featuring a wild and messy red and black set of hair that will pair perfectly with the rest of your sinister clown attire, you are definitely not going to want to miss out on this fun wig this year.
Girls' DC Superhero Girls Batgirl Wig
Every hero needs the ultimate sidekick. Unlock your full superhero potential with this Girl's DC Superhero Batgirl Wig. Perfect for kids and adults alike, this wig is just the accessory you need to wield all the spunk and power of Batman's fearless sidekick. Crafted from synthetic fibers, this hairpiece is designed to fit comfortably and stay put no matter what your mission entails. Whether you're trying to create an inspiring look for your next Halloween costume party or you're getting in character for a cosplay event, this premium wig will help you channel your inner warrior and kick supervillain butt all night long. The vibrant copper color and long, sleek silhouette of this wig make it the essential accessory to take on any adventure without giving up your secret identity. You can easily become the real deal this Halloween, without the hassle of expensive haircuts or box dyes. Simply secure this wig to your head, and get ready to save the day and look good doing it. Heroes of all ages can command attention with this no-fuss accessory that won't let you down. This is how costuming was meant to be.
Girls' DC Superhero Girls Katana Wig
Make your little one's dreams come true with the officially licensed Girl's DC Superhero Katana Wig. This long, black wig, complete with a deadly bright red streak, is perfect to help her channel all the power and confidence of her favorite DC superhero. Made from high-quality synthetic fibers, this wig is designed to stay sleek, feel comfortable, and fit securely to her head, so she can look her best through all of her daring adventures. Let her be the hero she's always wanted to be in this eye-catching wig that'll make her look and feel just like the fearless Katana. The ultimate accessory for trick-or-treating, cosplay events, and themed parties, this headpiece will make her indistinguishable from the real deal. Whether she's fighting bad guys on the playground or in your back yard, give her the tools she needs to take flight and save the world in style. Whatever the occasion, let her have her moment of glory, and show her that greatness is at her fingertips. So get your sword ready and gather your courage for a night of excitement and justice. The town can rest easy knowing she's on the case.