50s Decade Costumes & Accessories

Adult Rock Stars Elvis Costume
Just because his nickname was ?The King? doesn't mean the boys have to have all the fun! You'll get them all shook up in this Elvis Presley Sexy Women's Costume. Featuring a slim fitting low cut white jumpsuit with a large stand-up collar, this officially licensed outfit never fails to dazzle with its rhinestone and faux ruby stud detailing. Cinch it all together with a flashy red scarf, plus a wide white belt with even more gold and spangles, and get ready to gyrate that pelvis and make your fans scream, fawn, and faint to the ground. Looking for a way to take your performance to Vegas levels? Take a gander at our section of accessories for flashy shoes, capes, microphones, and more. Perfect for Halloween or a music themed costume party. Pack your bags and check out of the Heartbreak Hotel, because with this Sexy Elvis Women's Costume, you'll never again have to be lonesome tonight!
Adult Rock Stars Elvis Deluxe Costume
Get ready to rock and roll in the white, gold, and red design of the Adult Deluxe Elvis Costume. This jaw-dropping look will have all the ladies on the edge of their seats watching you shake it up on the dance floor. This bold costume features a long sleeved jumpsuit with gold detailing down the arms and on the high collar and chest. A red scarf can be wrapped around your neck or tucked into the jumpsuit, as there is a low cut v neck on the front where you can show off a nice chest or cover it up with the red scarf. A coordinating belt wraps around the waist in white, gold and red. The long flared pants truly stand out with tall slits on the sides showcasing a strip of red fabric. Wear a a pair of your best dress shoes, so you can keep everyone entertained for the whole night. Sunglasses, wig, and shoes sold separately.
Adult Rock Stars Elvis Costume
Always ready for a good time, the king has returned in the white, red, and gold design of the Adult Elv is Costume. The long sleeved white jumpsuit is crafted with comfortable stretchy material for that skin hugging look Elvis loved. There is a high collar and gold designs on the front. The chest area is open where the included red scarf can be seen for a bold pop of color. A coordinating belt wraps around the waist to bring the look completely together. Wear a pair of your favorite dress shoes, so you can spend the night getting all shook up on the dance floor. See our Accessories Tab for additional creative looks. Sunglasses, wig, shoes, and microphone sold separately. Refer to our online Size Chart to determine your best fit. This officially licensed costume can accommodate most men up to a size 46 chest.
Kids Rock Stars Elvis Deluxe Costume
Your little one will be the cutest thing to ever hit the stage this year when you dress them up in our Deluxe Toddler Elvis Costume. With this adorable set, you will receive everything your kid needs to sing all your favorite classics. Whether they're singing Hound Dog, Can't Help Falling in Love, or Mystery Train, they'll surely be looking like pure magic when they're sporting this great Elvis Presley costume. Pair with a matching wig from our site to really complete the look!
Adult Elvis Glasses
You won't look like you rule rock and roll without these officially licensed Elvis Glasses. The traditional gold, aviator style sunglasses will match any Elvis costume, adding to your authentic King of Rock and Roll look.
Kids Rock Stars Elvis Costume
You're never too young to be a fan of the original King of Rock and Roll, and with this Elvis Presley Child's Costume, your little heart breaker will be ready to wow! This costume features a white jumpsuit adorned with red, yellow, and blue sequins and detailing. Also included is a matching white belt with similar spangled decoration, and a brilliant red scarf to tuck in to the wide neckline. If you're really looking to make the girls scream with delight, dance on over to our accessories page where you'll find Elvis wigs, microphones, shades, and more to complete this look. Whether you like the ?old? or the ?young? Elivs, you're sure to love the sight of your child in this musical legend's getup. No one is ?nothing but a hound dog? when dressed like the King, so be sure to order your Child Elvis Presley Costume today!
Women's Blonde 1950's Wig with Detachable Headband
Take your style back in time, and recreate all the glitz and glamour of the 50's with a little help from this Women's Blonde 1950's Wig with Detachable Headband set. With blonde locks that stay in place all night and a chunky black headband, you'll be the star of the show in any room you enter. This synthetic platinum blonde wig is the perfect accessory for a classic 50's look, and the detachable headband can be adjusted for a comfortable fit and easy styling. Whether you're going for a pin-up girl or a Hollywood starlet, this wig is exactly what you need for all things retro. Get ready to have the time of your life with vibrant color and long-lasting volume that'll take your costume to the next level.
Adult Rock Stars Elvis Costume
You don't always have to wear a crown to get treated like a King - especially with this Grand Heritage Elvis Halloween costume for adults. This officially licensed costume features Presley's iconic white full body jumpsuit, available in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes. The jumpsuit showcases faux gemstones and golden studs to reflect bright lights, be they on the stage or in your friend's living room. The look wouldn't be complete without flared bell bottoms legs with red detailing, and tie it all together with a vibrant red scarf and a wide golden belt just as flashy as any Vegas concert. Want to turn up the volume even more? Head over to our Accessories pages for finishing touches like shoes, sunglasses, microphones, and of course the King's unforgettable hair do. This Grand Heritage Adult Elvis Costume will change any old Hound Dog into a Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love! Don't be cruel to your fans or yourself - snatch up yours today!
Boys' Black Elvis Wig
Your little on won't need any Blue Suede Shoes to have everyone All Shook Up. Pair his Elvis costume with this Child Elvis Wig and he'll look just like the King of Rock and Roll this Halloween. The officially licensed wig features his signature flipped hairstyle and sideburns.
Men's Black Elvis Wig - Deluxe
Get ready to move those hips with this Deluxe Men's Black Elvis Wig. This high-quality black hairpiece has all the volume and charm you need to look like the King himself from head to toe. This wig features jet-black synthetic fibers for a look that'll knock your socks off, and is adjustable to fit every head shape and size. Perfect for costume parties and Elvis impersonations alike, this iconic wig will make you the star of the show and have all the ladies swooning. So get into character and hit the dance floor with an unmistakable head of hair that just screams rock and roll!
Baby/Toddler Rock Stars Elvis Costume
Elvis was always using the word ?baby? in his songs, and now you can bring a little bit of the king into your own baby's life! This Infant/Toddler Romper Elvis Costume features a one piece white romper detailed with printed red, blue, and gold rhinestones, as well as a screen printed belt. Additional details include red patches at the bell bottom legs, and a red scarf printed along the collar and chest. You can take this outfit to even higher hunka burnin' love heights by adding a microphone, also available on this site. Pop stars are getting younger and younger these days, now you can have your youngest be the King in the Elvis Infant/Toddler Romper Costume.
Adult Pink 50s Poodle Costume
Travel back to the 50s in this Womens Grand Heritage Pink 50s Poodle Dress. With this ensemble, youll get a pair of sunglasses, a scarf, a blouse, a belt, a skirt, a petticoat and socks. The blouse is white with the picture of a poodle printed on the left part of the chest. This costume loves poodles, as the skirt is a big, puffy pink skirt with pink trim and a white poodle on a leash pictured on it. Finally, youll top of the 50s look with a black belt, neck scarf, and white socks. Find a strapping gentleman to be a greaser in a leather jacket, and pretend like you are the cutest couple at Riddell High, all Halloween.
Adult Pink Rhinestone 1950's Glasses
Just combine these pink horn-rims with a beehive wig and you've got a very funky 50's look! These 50s Pink Rhinestone Glasses feature small rhinestones at the corners, giving them that extra tacky look!
Baby/Toddler Rock Stars Elvis Costume
Elvis is known as the king of rock an roll and he is still one of the most well known people in American music history. Show your enthusiasm for the king with this Elvis Jumper Costume for Newborns and rock on. This costume features a black cap that says ?The King? across the forehead, a white onsie with large collar and golden decorations that resemble Elvis's famous white suit that he would wear during costumes. This costume also includes white pants and black booties that say ?Elvis? on the right foot and ?Lives? on the left foot. This adorable costume is sure to attract lots of attention. If you love Elvis then this costume is great for dressing up your aspiring rock and roller whether it is for Halloween or some other celebration.
Men's Black Rock 'n' Roll Wig
It wouldn't be surprising if you Can't Help Falling in Love with this timeless Elvis-impersonation costume. The Men's Black Rock 'n' Roll Wig from Costumes.com is an amazing way to pay tribute to the one and only King of Rock and Roll. Go all out by pairing this wig-and-sideburn combo with long gold chains, a buttoned shirt with only one button in place, and a popped camp collar. Don’t forget the loose tapered jeans and blue suede shoes. Bonus points for those of you who go the extra mile and glue hair to your chest for an authentic look.
Kid's 50's Diner Waitress Costume
Your daughter will be making every customer happy this year when she's wearing our 50's Diner Waitress Girls Costume. With this adorable set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a beautiful waitress who knows just how to serve her customers right. Featuring a beautiful black and pale blue dress, a matching apron, and a pale blue hat headband, you can't go wrong with this precious diner look for your daughter this year.
Kid's Grease Costume
He doesn't have his license yet, but he'll be looking and feeling like a genuine bad boy of the 50s in the Kids Greaser Costume. The costume features black pants, a black vinyl front zipper jacket, and mysterious and cool sunglasses. With a jar of pomade, your son can style his hair in the fashionable pompadour, get in his Mercury Eight hot rod, and go cruising for babes around the fast food joints. Okay, maybe not quite considering that those cars are relics and he doesn't yet have an interest in girls, but the spirit of rebellion that the subculture encompassed will be there in his swagger as he goes trick or treating this year. If there's a Halloween party to attend, make sure to put on some rockabilly to get him dancing the Hully-Gully.
Adult Blonde Greaser 1950's Wig
Ever feel like you were born in the wrong era? Step back in time with the Adult Blonde Greaser 1950's Wig! This wig isn't just hair; it's a rock 'n' roll throwback that's ready to twist and shout! With its blonde locks, you'll embody the spirit of the 1950s and the rebellious charm of the greaser style. Whether you're attending a retro-themed event or just looking to add a touch of old-school cool to your Halloween look, this wig ensures you'll be the embodiment of rockabilly flair, ready to shake, rattle, and roll.
Women's Grease Good Sandy Wig
Get ready for some old-fashioned summer lovin' with this classic Women's Grease Good Sandy Wig. This authentic accessory is just what you've been looking for to complete your iconic Pink Lady look this Halloween. Featuring platinum blonde locks with sideswept bangs, a high ponytail, and a red ribbon tied into a bow to finish off the look, this high-quality synthetic hairpiece is natural-looking and easy to style, so you can look the part without the hassle of box dyes or styling products. Whether you're planning a night at the drive-in or playing the part on stage, this realistic wig will help you embody the spirit of Grease and boogie all night long. Crafted from lightweight, comfortable materials, this wig is designed to keep you feeling good and looking your best as you dance the night away 1950's style. Timeless, elegant, and ever so iconic, this show-stopping hairpiece is sure to turn heads everywhere you go. Whether you're charming and daring like a Greaser, or you're sensitive and sweet like a Pink Lady, finish off your look with the perfect accessory to channel all the excitement nostalgia of the time period. So what are you waiting for? Turn back the clock in an effortless look that'll never go out of style.
Kids' Fifties Girl Costume
Your little angel will be looking too cute this year when she's wearing our 50's Girl Kids Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a beautiful pink poodle princess. Featuring a gorgeous two toned pink dress with an attached pale pink jacket, a dark pink poodle skirt, and a black faux leather belt, you are going to fall in love with this precious look on your tyke this year when she's wearing this one.
Adult Tux Jacket With Tail Costume
The Formal Tuxedo Adult Costume is a four piece adult costume versatile for any costume party, formal event, or Halloween. The black outfit ensemble consists of pants, bow tie, tail, and a jacket. This costume comes in a variety of sizes ranging from small, medium, large, and extra large. This is one of our most coolest costumes in stock and at such an affordable price it's bound to be a great steal this Halloween. Unfortunately, shoes are not included with the outfit but any pair of black dress shoes will look excellent with the costume. You can add to the tuxedo look by accessorizing with our large assortment of accessories such as a Black Parade Cane, Silver Handle Cane, White Gloves with Snaps, or Durashape Top Adult Hat.
Adult Grease Jacket
Join Danny Zuko and the crew when you buy the Grease Mens T-Birds Jacket. This high quality faux leather jacket has a front zipper and features the T-Birds logo on the back. Pair this jacket with a white shirt and a pair of blue denim jeans, and you'll be channeling the 50's like a pro! This Halloween, head to the party as one of the T-Birds, and all the girls will be staring. Pick up your Grease Mens T-Birds Jacket today!
Adult Black Rhinestone 1950's Glasses
If the 50's were a decade you'll always remember, then these Black 50's glasses will bring back some great memories! These cat eye inspired glasses feature six rhinestones on each side of the eye. This would go well with any poodle skirt or sock hop costume!
Kid's Poodle Skirt Costume
The Kids Poodle Skirt Ladylike fashion and the poodle skirt dominated the 1950s. A poodle skirt is a wide swing skirt with a poodle appliqued or transferred onto the fabric. Our Poodle Skirt offers a retro throwback look with a light pink skirt with a black poodle graphic. Poodles were not the only items used to adorn these skirts, they are just the best remembered. These type of skirts complimented the tailored look favored in the 50s. Whether as at left with a broader front panel or at right with the slightly larger flare to the skirt. This top is one of our most coolest in stock and at such an affordable price it's sure to be a great steal this Halloween. Shoes are not included with the outfit but our Black Child Ballet Slippers will look excellent with the costume. You can add to the retro look by accessorizing with our large assortment of accessories such as: Black 50s Glasses or Poodle Earrings.
Grease T-Birds Pet Jacket
Your pup will be barking to the tune of Summer Nights this year when you dress them up in our Pet Grease T-Birds Jacket. With this adorable set, you will receive just the jacket your little furball needs to become the cutest T-Birds member to ever slick back their fur and give you those eyes. Featuring a black faux leather jacket with "T Birds" printed in white on the back, you're going to love this one.
Adult Auburn 1950's Funny Housewife Wig
Get the gorgeous 1950s Housewife aesthetic with our Adult Auburn 1950s Funny Housewife Wig! This short and curly reddish auburn wig with a red bow accent in the back is perfect for when you want to tap into your femininity and show the guys who's really in charge. Talk about girl power! You'll be sure to turn heads and make a statement when you show up to the costume party with this stylish 'do.
Adult Milkman Costume
You'll probably be handing out candy instead of milk this Halloween, but you'll still look great when you wear the Milkman Costume Adult! The ensemble comes with a white shirt and matching pants as well as a number of accessories--a hat, a black bowtie, and a belt--so that you'll look just like the milkmen from the 1950s. Whether you're the one walking around the neighborhood and trick or treating with your little ones, you're at home distributing the goodies, or you're at the Halloween bash, this outfit is the perfect retro look that not many others will have. Wear this costume with your special someone dressed in a poodle skirt to create an adorable couple's look for the get together. Accessorize with a sleek pair of shoes to complete your slick 50s attire.
Adult Elvis Cape
The Adult Elvis Cape is a flashy, colorful addition for any Elvis costume. It's white, waist length, and has an intricate red, gold, and blue eagle pattern on the back. This amazing cape is an officially licensed Elvis Presley item.
Adult Black Greaser 1950's Wig
You won't need to break out the comb for this one, but chances are you will anyway. This pompadour will have you reminiscing of the classic rebel without a cause, even if you're not old enough to remember it. It's not often that a hairdo has such a significant cultural impact that it's instantly recognizable as part of a group and time in history. This is one of them, and what greasers did, pioneered most of what we consider cool.
Men's Black Elvis Wig
Become the King of Rock & Roll himself and shake it up this Halloween with this Men's Black Elvis Wig. Whether you're showing up and showing out at your next costume party, perfecting your Elvis impersonation, or just dressing up for a night on the town, get ready to rock around the clock with this iconic and timeless hairpiece. Made from high-quality synthetic fibers, this jet-black wig is comfortable and fits securely to your head, so you can strut your stuff all night without the hassle. Get ready to move and groove in style with a timeless look that'll make you feel legendary.