There’s nothing as refreshing as cracking open a nice cold can of Coca-Cola, which is why you’re going to be everybody’s favorite guest at the party when you show up wearing one of our classic Coke get-ups from our Coca-Cola collection.

Settle the Coke vs. Pepsi debate once and for all by becoming the spokesperson for your favorite big red brand of pop. Whether you love drinking Coca-Cola from a can or the more vintage route of guzzling it from a glass bottle, we have just the costumes you need to show your support for the best fizzy drink in the world. Featuring the classic red Coca-Cola colors with the iconic white script, all printed atop a foam tabard tunic that is easy and comfy to wear no matter where you’re headed, you’re going to love donning any one of these special soda get-ups.

And what goes better with a bottle of Coke than a delicious snack? Whether you prefer something salty or sweet, you're sure to find your new best friend donnig one of our other Food and Drink costumes.

Perfect for Halloween parties, football games, and wherever else a bottle of pop is welcome, you’re going to love these iconic soda adult costumes this year!