Kids Historical Costumes

If history is your child's favorite subject and playing pretend is their favorite thing to do, our historical costumes can bring their classes to life! In a powdered wig or a caveman fur, your child will love putting their knowledge to use in a costume pulled from history. See how much they know about the period they're dressing up for, and you can make their next school play or themed birthday party into a new way to learn!
Kid's Uncle Sam Costume
Americans love to display their patriotism! The red, white, and blue jacket of the Child Uncle Sam Costume is perfect for little boys who want to show their enthusiasm for the U.S.A by honoring their country in a truly classic inspired costume. This design features a fun oversized hat with red and white alternating stripes at the top. There is a band of blue with white stars printed above the brim. A long sleeved royal blue jacket is also included to incorporate even more of the country's colors. The long collar is designed with red and white stripes to contrast nicely against the mostly blue front. There white buttons on both sides of the front. The back of the jacket is longer than the front for that old time look. The included pants have vertical stripes in red and white. This costume also comes with a cute red and white bow tie. Goatee, gloves, white shirt, and shoes not included.
Kid's Colonial / Pilgrim Girl Costume
Your little Pilgrim will settle right in to a night of Autumnal fun when she wears the Grey Pilgrim Girl - Kids Costume. This Thanksgiving or Halloween costume includes a long gray dress with a long white apron and round white collar, and a white bonnet. You can complete the historical look with accessories like Round Eye Glasses Clear, Black Patent Maryjane with Heel Child, Girls White Tights, White Gloves for Child, and Gold and Silver Colonial Style Shoe Buckles, sold separately on our website. This simple outfit is modeled after those worn by Pilgrims, who were early settlers of the Plymouth Colony in modern day Massachusetts around 1620. This authentically detailed costume will be a festive addition to any Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween or school event. Whether your child is carving up turkey or picking up candy, she look appropriately festive in this genuine ensemble.
Girls' Statue of Liberty Costume
Your child will be a beacon of freedom, justice, and liberty for all this year when they're wearing our Child Statue of Liberty Costume. With this cute set, you will receive everything your kid needs to become one of the most important symbols in American culture. Featuring a long green gown with an attached shoulder drape and a foam crown headpiece, your little one will be looking cute as can be in this special American outfit.
Kids President Abraham Lincoln Costume
When Abraham Lincoln was accused of being two faced in his politics, he replied, ?If I were two-faced, would I really be wearing this one?? Still, we think both you and your boy will be pleased with this President Abraham Lincoln Boy's Costume. It features a White dickie and black tie shirt front with an attached black vest, as well as a long black waistcoat and matching black pants. Finally, you'll also receive a black stovepipe hat. Add in the iconic beard (also available through this site) and your boy will be ready to preserve the Union through thick and thin. Abraham Lincoln's presidency was cut tragically short, and there's no telling what he might have accomplished if he hadn't been assassinated. But we're grateful for what he did do during his time in office. Order today!
Kids' Theodore Roosevelt Costume
If your kid loves learning about American history, then you know they're going to have a ball dressing up in our Child Theodore Roosevelt Costume this year! With this set, you will receive everything you need to become one of the most highly respected and revered presidents to ever live in the White House. Featuring a classic set of Teddy Roosevelt presidential attire, your kid is going to have the time of their lives wearing this great patriotic look.
Baby/Toddler Newborn Rosie the Riveter Costume
Your daughter will be looking tough as nails this year when you dress her up in our Rosie the Riveter Baby Costume. With this adorable set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tot into a strong American icon who has no problem getting her hands dirty and putting in the work. Featuring an adorable blue faux denim Rosie jumpsuit with a matching red polka dot headband, you're going to love this set.
Kid's Rosie the Riveter Costume
Teach your little girl that she can do it all! The Girl's Rosie the Riveter Costume includes a jumpsuit and head wrap and recalls a part of the past that all youngsters should learn about. Rosie was an icon created during a World War II government campaign to encourage women to take factory and other war-essential jobs usually held by men. She was based on several real women who worked to support war efforts and she was seen in movies, newspaper ads and posters. The most famous of these is a poster featuring Rosie with her elbow up saying "we can do it." Later on that became a rallying cry for the feminist movement, because if women could do jobs like that during wartime, they could do it during peacetime too. Help your child learn about an important piece of history by putting this in your shopping cart today.
Kid's Thomas Jefferson Costume
Drafting legislation at his age might require moving him up a couple of grades, especially when he's dressed in the Child Thomas Jefferson Halloween Costume. Included in the costume are a green jacket with an attached vest, black breeches, a jabot, and cuffs. Other parents will be impressed with his incredible maturity and knowledge of the Constitution, and ask for pointers. The neighbors will be delighted to see your son trick or treating in this historical attire and perhaps might ask him his opinion on the lucrative Louisiana Purchase and about the Lewis and Clark Expeditions. In school, he'll become an enforcer on individual liberties and rights, scaring away any bully who intends on causing harm to another kid. Our accessories page offers a colonial boy's wig that would suit this costume and make for humorous picture opportunities you'll surely remember.
Kids General George Washington Costume
We cannot tell a lie: we're mad about the mythology of our first president, from chopping down the cherry tree to having wooden teeth. Now your little boy can get in on the historic fun with the General George Washington Boy's Costume. Featuring a light brown vest with attached white shirt and lacy jabot, this outfit of America's original highest official also comes with a brilliant blue long jacket with lining that matches the vest. You'll also receive a pair of khaki colored pants, and Washington's legendary black tri-cornered hat with a golden brown ribbon detail. Add a pair of colonial style black boots and his unforgettable white wig (also available here through our accessories page) and your little boy will be ready to lead an army across the Delaware! Washington could never have imagined the impact he'd still have on today's society, but we think he'd be proud - and we know you'll be proud of your boy when he dons this General George Washington Costume for Boys!
Kid's Patriotic Soldier Costume
Get your kid ready for the battlefield this year when you dress them up in our Patriotic Soldier Kids Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to lead the troops, come up with battle strategies, and take on the enemy in style. Pair this awesome historical look with some great weapons and accessories from our site, and your little one will be sure to have the time of their life this year.
Kid's Pioneer Boy Costume
Your little one will be exploring ancient America in style this year when you dress them up in our Pioneer Boy Child Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your boy into the cutest little patriot in town. Featuring a red striped shirt, a pair of brown pants with attached black suspenders, and a set of black boot covers, your little guy will be all ready to make great discoveries this year when they're wearing this one.
Baby/Toddler Amelia the Aviator Costume
Your little one will be soaring through the sky this year when you dress her up in our Amelia the Aviator Toddler Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your tyke into a magical little explorer who knows a thing or two about weaving in between clouds. Featuring a cute brown aviator jacket with an attached scarf, a pair of beige pants, and an aviator hat, she's going to love this fun and stylish pilot look.
Kid's Ben Franklin 46 Costume
Early to bed, early to rise, and you can be one of the founding fathers. The Ben Franklin Child Costume is a playful, historical outfit that will transform your child into the father of electricity. It includes a long jacket with attached vest and a jabot. Franklin was famous for many things, the most famous is his electricity experiments with kites. It was very dangerous, and he could have been killed so stay inside if there is lightning. At our low prices, even a poor Richard can afford this costume. Order today. Glasses and wig are not included.
Kid's Colonial / Pilgrim Girl Costume
Staging a theater production or play about Plymouth? Or maybe you are attending a Thanksgiving costume event something along the lines of a reenactment to show how the very first ever Thanksgiving feast went with the Native Americans? Whatever the reason is dress yourself in authenticity for the occasion that also shows the classic look of the Pilgrims and what they were way back then in the pages of history books. Introducing the Pilgrim Child Costume for Girls (Medium Size)! Hop back into the time period when the first Pilgrims arrived to America and see what it was like to wear those clothes and those designs on them. You can obviously become one for your event including Halloween and assume the persona of a historical figure. Neat accurate and fun how can you go wrong? And don't forget about Halloween since that also counts as a valid holiday to put on a costume.
Kid's Colonial Girl Martha Washington Costume
Martha Dandridge Custis Washington was the wife of George Washington, the first president of the United States. Although the title was not coined until after her death, Martha Washington is considered to be the first First Lady of the United States. Our Child's Colonial Girl Martha Washington Costume comes complete with a gown and navy blue blouse with white sleeve trimmings. The outfit comes in two sizes: medium and large, to ensure a comfortable fit. The outfit is versatile as it can be worn for any costume party, Halloween, or any history project presentation. This costume is one of our most coolest in stock and at such an affordable price it's sure to be a great steal this Halloween. Shoes are not included with the outfit but our Black Patent Maryjane with Heel Child will work perfectly.
Kid's Amelia the Aviator Costume
Fly around the world with your friends this Halloween when you buy the Child Amelia the Aviator Costume! Amelia Earhart was the first female aviator to fly by herself across the Atlantic Ocean. And it only took her fifteen hours to do it too! With your purchase of this fun costume you too will look just like this amazing American pioneer. This costume comes with a brown faux leather pilot's jacket a pair of beige pants a white scarf and a matching faux leather hat. Pair this get-up with a pair of fun boots from our site and you'll be all ready to hop in your plane and fly. It's a lot of fun being Amelia on Halloween because instead of walking you can just fly to all of the candy houses while trick or treating! You can't beat that. Buy your Amelia Earhart child costume today and go make this Halloween as fun as soaring through the sky.
Kid's Civil War Soldier Costume
The Civil War was a divisive time in American History but it was also an important period and ushered in a lot of change. Commemorate this important event when you put on the Civil War Soldier Costume. During the war brothers fought against brothers. General John Crittenden fought for the North and his brother General George Crittenden fought for the South. In the beginning neither side had uniforms but eventually the Union adopted blue uniforms and the South adopted gray. The Confederacy was out gunned and outmanned. The North had access to more weapons and had an army twice the size of the South. The war lasted four years with most battles being fought in Virginia and Tennessee as well as some in Pennsylvania Texas New Mexico and Florida. Research some more about the Civil War so you can really get into character. Put on this costume and step into history.
Kids Betsy Ross Costume
You're a grand old flag, you're a high-flying flag! There are plenty of songs dedicated to the American flag, and now your little girl can be a part of history as the creator of the USA's iconic symbol in this Betsy Ross Girl's Costume! It features an elegant colonial style dress with a red and white striped A-line skirt and a blue star spangled bodice with red ribbon lacing and an attached white petticoat. You'll also receive a matching cap with white lace detail and a white and red striped bow. If your pretty little patriot wants to fly even higher, visit our accessories page for extra touches like glasses, stockings, historical style shoes, and more. This is the perfect opportunity to teach her an indispensable piece of American history, and have her pass along that knowledge. Order the Girl's Betsy Ross Costume today, and make Old Glory new again!
Kid's Martha Washington Costume
Celebrate one of the historical figures that made our country what it is today when you put your child in this Martha Washington Costume for Kids! Including cap shirt and skirt in colonial style they will have a complete and immediately recognizable costume that is perfect for trick-or-treating school plays everyday dress up or just taking pictures with Grandma! Add some old lady glasses to this costume to really take this character over the top! Find more awesome ideas when you shop our full selection of historic Halloween costumes and 2018 Halloween Costume Accessories for the entire family! Made of high-quality and comfortable materials for a costume that they will love to wear again and again! Choose a costume that can be used throughout the entire year! Don't wait until the last minute! Get a great price and fast shipping when you order your Martha Washington Costume for Kids online today!
Kid's Betsy Ross Costume
Betsy Ross is credited with creating the first American Flag, so it makes sense that this dress features the iconic red, white, and blue colors of the national flag. The short sleeved top of the dress is fashionable in white with two red stripes going down the sides to the waist. There is a pretty crisscross design on the front of the bodice. The skirt portion is truly eye-catching with a band of blue at the waist from the included apron. The apron features a rounded blue design with white stars printed on bold blue material. The floor length skirt portion of the dress showcases stunning red and white vertical stripes. A white cap is also included in this colorful ensemble. Glasses, footwear, and shoe buckles sold separately. See our online accessories for even more creative ideas.
Kid's Colonial Boy Costume
Experience the olden days in the black and white design of the Child Pilgrim Boy Costume. Your son will look and feel like he's from the original colonies once he steps into the shortened black britches of this costume. This outfit is created with authenticity in mind, so be sure to add a good pair of white stocking socks and pilgrim shoes to his feet. The waist is highlighted with a simple black belt with a gold buckle on the front. The long sleeved shirt displays an oversized white collar and white wrist cuffs, This costume also includes an genuinely inspired pointed black hat. The front of the hat showcases a white ribbon above the brim with a gold buckle reminiscent of the belt buckle. Your child will love reenacting the first pilgrimages to the United States in this boldly contrasting ensemble. White stockings and shoes not included. See our online Size Chart to determine your best fit.
Kid's Amelia Earheart Costume
Encourage your little girl to look up to strong women as their heroes. They can start with the Amelia Earhart Costume for Kids. Everyone has heard of Earhart and her doomed trip around the world. But there is so much more to her life that you and your child can discover. Amelia's mom encouraged both her daughters to be free thinkers even allowing them to wear bloomers (pants) at a time when most girls wore only dresses. A tomboy as a child Amelia climbed trees collected insects and even built a homemade roller coaster. As an adult she helped care for flu victims during the pandemic before contracting the flu herself. She had a long road to recovery but while she was recovering she took the time to learn mechanics which came in handy during her piloting career. Don't limit this outfit to just Halloween. Keep this in your child's dress up collection so your child can celebrate this amazing woman every day.
Kid's Pioneer Girl Costume
Your daughter will be exploring the prairies of historic America this year when you dress her up in our Pioneer Girl Child Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your little angel into an adorable settler of the original colonies. Featuring a pretty blue printed dress with ruffled edges and a white apron, as well as a matching blue bonnet, you're going to love this cute patriotic look this year.
Kid's Deluxe Colonial Girl Costume
Heres your childs chance to step into the past with this historical Deluxe Colonial Girl Costume! Jump into the era of the American Revolution with this traditional dress. This costume consists of a lovely period accurate brown dress with tan ruffled trim, a matching long apron, and a tan bonnet hat. Your daughter will have a great time as a Colonial Girl!
Kid's Southern Belle Costume
Your little angel will be talking with that Southern charm this year when she's wearing our Kids Southern Belle Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a beautiful Southern lady who knows all the ins and outs of proper social etiquette. Featuring a beautiful white dress with pink trim and bows, a matching pink belt, and a cute Southern hat, you're going to love this precious look on your child this year.
Baby/Toddler Newborn Uncle Sam Costume
Your little one will be looking truly American and truly adorable this year when you dress them up in our Uncle Sam Baby Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tiny tot into the cutest personification of the USA. Featuring a white shirt with an attached red, white, and blue patriotic jacket, a pair of matching striped pants with blue booties, and a cute American top hat, you're going to love this one.
Kid's Abraham Lincoln 46 Costume
Four score and seven years ago, costume choices were limited. But Abe Lincoln was a popular costume, especially for school plays and other functions and it is still popular today. The Abraham Lincoln Child Costume is an homage to one of the most important figures in American History. It includes a jacket, a black hat and beard. The hat is a classic tall stovepipe hat, the iconic style that is forever linked to the president.
Kid's Colonial Boy Costume
Celebrate history in the blue and white character costume of the Colonial Boy Kids Costume. The front of the loose long sleeved design is done in blue fabric. There is button detail on the front for a truly genuine look. Your child will feel just like a boy from the colonial times in this awesome costume displaying a real looking jabot for that white frilled flare of the old times. Matching pants are also included and can be worn with tall stocking socks for an authentic capri-length look. Don't forget the striking black hat with white details around the upturned brim. The style looks so authentic, your child will love reenacting his favorite moments from history. The hat is specially designed for an ergonomic, snug fit for maximum comfort. Shoes and toy weapon are not included. See our online accessories suggestions for even more creative ideas.
Baby/Toddler Cave baby Boy Costume
Your little one will be protecting the tribe from dinosaurs and dangerous critters this year when you dress them up in our Boys Cavebaby Costume. With this adorable set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to hunt for food, light fires in the cave, and look absolutely precious all at the same time. Featuring a cute animal print romper, a messy black wig hat, a set of black furry leg warmers, and a brown club prop with a protruding white bone, you're going to love this cave baby look this year.
Kid's Prairie Girl Costume
Your daughter will be all ready to hop into her Conestoga Wagon this year when she is wearing our Prairie Girl Costume. With this cute set, you will receive everything your little girl needs to tend to the farm lands, churn butter, and hang out all day in the prairies. Featuring a beautiful gray dress with white lace accents, a matching white belt, and a gray hat, she's going to love this beautiful look this year.