Ghost Costumes & Accessories

Adult Beetlejuice Vinyl Mask with Hair
Say his name three times and he'll appear. "Beetlejuice!" The Beetlejuice Three Quarters Vinyl Mask with hair is a replica of the mask worn by this famous undead movie character. The mask is easy to find, but his suit might be a little tougher. Beetlejuice.
Ghostbusters Slimer Pet Costume
If your being pestered by a precious poochie poltergeist, they need this Ghostbuster Slimer Pet Costume! Depicting the Ghostbusters most iconic troublesome spectre, this adorable little outfit includes plush jumpsuit with attached arms and Slimer-face hood that is begging to have its picture taken! For multi-puppy families, it's a perfect match with a doggy Ghostbusters costume with stuffed Proton Pack. We're who you're gonna call for every pet Halloween costume! Check out our entire selection and order your Ghostbusters Slimer Pet Costume today!
Men's Beetlejuice Wig
Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! Say his name three times, and he'll appear. Or, you can embody the iconic ghoul right at home, by topping off your look with this life-like Men's Beetlejuice Wig. Perfect for costume parties, Halloween movie marathons, and comic conventions alike, this unique headpiece is just what you need to replicate all the excitement and terror of the enchanting world of Beetlejuice. This headpiece features messy white hair and an attached grey striped skullcap, designed to capture the likeness of his wild mane and his sickly skin tone that's spooked audiences for decades. Let loose and embrace the chaos with a high-quality wig that's sure to unleash your inner creature of the night. Made from lightweight, high-quality, durable materials, this wig is designed to rest comfortably on your skin, stay in place, and withstand the passage of time, so you can spook your friends all season long, and look good doing it. No need for hair gel or styling products - transform yourself into the monster of your dreams with ease, and get ready to be the life of the party with a costume accessory that'll scare everyone to death!
Kids' Haunted Ghost Costume
Your youngster can haunt the neighbor in the Boy's Ghost Costume. The hood and long robe will turn him into a spooky spirit. White fringe hanging from the arm and the bottom of the all-white robe. The hood features black eyes and a mouth, with holes to see out of. There are many people who believe in ghosts and that they are the spirits of the dead. Some think that any soul may remain on earth. Others believe that all souls want to move on but some are stuck here. These ghosts have unfished business on earth, are angry about their deaths or want to avenge either their deaths or seek revenge against someone who wronged them in life. Halloween is said to be the day of the year when ghosts are the most active. We bet your child will be pretty active in this eerie outfit. Glove and shoes are not included.
Kid's Forsaken Souls Costume
Tortured spirits will be freed from their thralls of their living beings when this deadly beauty arrives to the scene. The Forsaken Souls Child Costume features black dress with ghost details, lace-up chest, and hood. Check out our accessories page for makeup that will make you look even more terrifying. As you make your way around town on Halloween, the ghostly apparitions will start to rise up and haunt the Earth. Lead the souls to their new home, in the eternal underworld, where they can roam free from the search of their lifeless bodies. The Forsaken Souls Costume will make your queen of the Netherworld. You will be ruler of the underworld, and master to the souls of the dead. The eternal kingdom shall be yours!
Kids Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Deluxe Costume
Help out the ghosts and other undead creatures who are walking around the neighborhood this year by wearing the Beetlejuice Deluxe Child Costume and scaring away all of the living residents so that you can all help yourself to their candy. The ensemble comes with a black and white striped top and matching pants set. To accessorize, a mask that covers the forehead with an attached wild grey wig is also included so that you can really emulate the look of this hilarious character this Halloween. The hilarious 80s film quickly became a Halloween favorite and maintains its popularity to this day, so everyone on the block will really appreciate this look when you go trick or treating this year. Get your friends to dress up as some of the other characters to create a fun group theme!
Adult Creepy Hooded Ghost Costume
Head to the party wearing the Hooded Ghost Mens Costume and you'll be haunting everyone's dreams all week long. With this set, you will receive everything you need to spook and scare all your friends with a well timed "Boo!" Featuring an all white hooded robe with tattered edges and skeletal print on the front, as well as a matching white ghostly mask, you don't want to miss out on this horrifying look this year.
Girls' Hauntingly Cute Ghost Tutu Costume
Your daughter will be looking haunting as ever this year when you dress her up with our Child Ghost Tutu Dress Costume. With this gorgeous and spooky set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a beautiful little ghost who loves scaring her friends with a well timed "Boo!" Featuring a dazzling white ghost face tutu dress with black accents, as well as a matching headpiece, she's going to love this precious look.
Women's White Beetlejuice Wig
Dressing up as a creepy and devious poltergeist this year? Then don't miss out on our Beetlejuice Womens Wig! With this one, you will receive just the wig you need to become your favorite ghostly spirit who has a knack for breaking the rules and doing things his own way. Featuring a messy white wig that will pair perfectly with the rest of your black and white Beetlejuice attire, you definitely don't want to miss out on this one.
Kids' Cool Ghoul Costume
Your little one will be looking ghoulish as ever this year when you dress them up with our Cool Ghoul Kids Costume. With this creepy set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a spooky poltergeist who loves haunting all their friends. Featuring an all white hooded robe with black stitch designs, a long white dangling chain, and an evil white ghost mask, they're going to love this scary costume this year.
Adult Ghost Bride Costume
If you're a lover of the macabre and undying love then the Ghost Bride Costume for Women is a suitable choice that meets all your desires! This Halloween go dressed as the undead lover from beyond the veil - prove that love is indeed undying and everlasting! The dress contains a mock exposure to the elements and streams of red sprayed sporadically throughout it. A single rose will sit on your hip attached to a white belt that complements the outfit. The veil is messy and frazzled to go along with the entire aesthetic. The greyish wig will make you look the part of a horrifying ghoul back for revenge! A matching rose headband with red drapes gives the illusion of a fatal blow at a once innocent love. The black bouquet of roses comes separately but is also a must-have! Be a bloody Valentine and order it online with fast shipping!
Adult Beetlejuice Scary Adam Overhead Latex Mask
Become your favorite spooky character from Beetlejuice this year when you get all dressed up with our Beetlejuice Adam Adult Mask. With this one, you will receive just the mask you need to show your love for your favorite horror film. Featuring a life-like Adam mask with an extremely long nose, a creepy set of teeth, spooky skin spikes on the top of the head, and contours all along the cheeks, you can't go wrong with this one.
Adult Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Costume
Your child will be playing all kinds of wicked pranks on their friends this year when you pick up our Teen Beetlejuice Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your kid needs to become a terrifying poltergeist who likes to have a little spooky fun from time to time. Featuring a white and black striped jacket, a matching pair of pants, and a dickie, your child is going to have the night of their lives sporting this one.
Adult Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Deluxe Costume
Beetlejuice is brought to life in the black and white striped suit of the Deluxe Beetlejuice Adult Costume. This fun and eye-catching ensemble has everything you need to begin your transformation as the iconic character from the '80s. This bold look features a long sleeved dress jacket with vertical stripes down the front and horizontal ones on the arms. A single black button sits at the center of the design for a closed look. For a complete look, a dickie with an attached tie is also included. A pair of matching pants with vertical stripes is also included. Complete the look with our Beetlejuice Mask or Ghost Stories Tm Makeup Kit, both sold separately. Wig and shoes are not included. This costume comes in accommodating sizes and fits up to a Size 46 men's jacket. See our online Size Chart to determine your best fit.
Makeup Ghost Kit
Your ghostly look will be eerie as ever this year when you dress up using our Makeup Ghost Kit. With this kit, you will receive everything you need to haunt all your friends from the moment you walk through the party doors. Featuring a white and black makeup tray with 2 makeup sticks, you will be looking and feeling just like Casper when you're all dolled up with this easy to apply makeup this year.
Adult Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Costume
Looking for a high quality Beetlejuice outfit for the costume party this year? Then look no further than our Beetlejuice Halloween Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to get summoned from the Netherworld to spook all the mortals in a flash. Featuring a black and white striped jacket, a matching pair of pants, and a dickie, you are going to have the time of your life this year when you're wearing this devious look.
Kids Ghostly Spirit Costume
Be a gorgeous ghost in the Ghostly Spirit Costume for Girls! This all-white ensemble includes a long dress hooded gauze coat and wig. This costume will get you in the Halloween spirit and you'll be an ethereal beauty when you wear it. Have a haunting Halloween in the Ghostly Spirit Costume!
Adult Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Costume
If you want to share your love of the classic comedy horror film but still want to show off your figure, look no further than the Sexy Beetlejuice Women's Costume this Halloween. This costume features a black- and white-striped, long sleeved mini dress with a white top and ruffled white hem trim, gold button and chain details in the center, and the word ?BEETLEJUICE? in gold letters on the hem. It also includes a frizzy gray wig, and a white collar neckpiece with a black tie. Beetlejuice is an obnoxious bio-exorcist in the classic 1988 movie ?Beetlejuice,? about a recently deceased young couple. His job is to scare humans away for other ghosts. You can complete the look with accessories like black heels and tall black boots, black eyelashes and hosiery, sold separately on our website. You'll look creepy yet sexy in this revealing Beetlejuice themed outfit.
Beetlejuice Pet Costume
Your pet will have a paw-some good time dressed for a party in the Beetlejuice Costume for Pets and will steal the spotlight with their crazy cuteness. They will be wreaking some havoc as Michael Keaton's character as they walk the streets on Halloween. The outfit comes with a black and white jacket with dickie. It also includes a funky wig with grey hairs sticking straight up to complete the look. If you want to show everyone your dog knows how to have a good time, this outfit is the one for your furry baby!
Ghostbusters Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man Pet Costume
Your pet deserves a great Halloween costume too. Give them a fun outfit with this Ghostbusters Stay Puft pet costume. The outfit includes a shirt to wrap around your dog's body and a cute little hat that looks just like the Stay Puft man's iconic outfit. Dress your pet up this Halloween and wear your own Ghostbusters costume so you can hit the town together.
Adult Beetlejuice Eyeball Gloves
Dressing up as Beetlejuice this year? Then don't even think about heading to the party without our Beetlejuice Adult Eyes Gloves! With this set, you will receive just the pair of gloves you need to really show your support for your favorite poltergeist horror film. Featuring a pair of spooky gloves with bloody blue eyes that were attached to the end of each finger, you're going to have the time of your life scaring all your friends with these.
Adult Beetlejuice Scary Barbara Overhead Latex Mask
Other partygoers' mouths will be just as wide as yours when they see you wearing the Barbara Mask from Beetlejuice. This mask depicts the look of Barbara after she attempts to become a monster. The plucked out her eyes and set them down on the top of her tongue.
Adult Cool Ghoul Costume
Nobody will be messing with you this year when you show up to the party wearing our Cool Ghoul Mens Costume. With this haunting set, you will receive everything you need to give everybody a proper fright and a scream. Featuring a long white hooded robe with black stitch mark print all over, a long white chain for extra spooky flair, and a matching white ghoulish mask, you're going to love this horrifying look this year.
Adult Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Costume
You'll love the way you look in this Sexy Betel Witch Costume. This garb includes black and white striped corset, black and white leggings, with belted black glitter tulle skirt, and matching hat and neckpiece. Witches have always been popular, especially around Halloween. They have been portrayed in various forms of media like The Wizard of Oz, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Vampire Diaries, and the Chronicles of Narnia. Witches are known for their power in spells, fire, and flight. Witches were even the focus of the third season of the popular series American Horror Story: Coven. This particular costume does not include a broom, pair of shoes or green wig. Cast a spell on the competition this year and take home that trophy for best costume at this year's Halloween contest.
Black and White Beetlejuice Makeup Set
Calling all Beetlejuice fans! Step into the world of the dark and mysterious with this Black and White Beetlejuice Makeup Set. This kit includes one tube of white cream makeup, a black makeup stick, and black tooth wax to help you bring all the charm and terror of the world's favorite ghoul to life. Use the cream makeup for a haunting white base, then use the black makeup stick to age yourself up with lines and creases. For the perfect final touch, use the black tooth wax to create realistic gaps in your teeth, and voilà! You'll look just like Beetlejuice himself! With easy-to-follow instructions, you don't have to be a makeup artist to replicate the signature look of Beetlejuice. Both the makeup and the tooth wax are easy to apply and easy to remove, designed to give you all you need for a creative and iconic look without the hassle. Pair with a black and white striped suit and an untamed head of hair, and nobody will be able to tell you apart. Take a page from the Handbook of the Recently Deceased, and embrace the strange and unusual. With a simple look that pops, you're sure to terrify at your next Halloween event.
Adult Forsaken Souls Curvy Costume
Show off your frighteningly seductive side in a Women's Forsaken Souls Curvy Costume. This provocative dress is sure to ensnare all your followers this year. Sure to make a great costume for any holiday event or dress up party. Stun the crowd in an absolutely amazing costume at the next costume party. Trick or Treating will become such a treat for everyone this year.
Adult Ghost Groom Costume
You'll be ready to seal the deal with your undead mate this year when you get all dressed up in our Ghost Groom Mens Costume. With this spooky set, you will receive everything you need to become a ghoulish groom who promises to stay with his partner even beyond the grave! Featuring a black tattered coat, a matching vest, and a pair of pants, you can't go wrong with this ghostly groom look this year.
Kids' Beetlejuice Wig
Elevate your child's Beetlejuice costume to the next level of spookiness with our Kid's Beetlejuice Wig. This unique hairpiece is the perfect addition to transform your little one into the mischievous and outrageous ghostly character from the Netherworld. Complete with a disheveled white hairstyle that perfectly captures Beetlejuice's signature look, this wig will effortlessly complement the rest of your child's Beetlejuice ensemble. Whether they're wreaking havoc or delivering ghostly quips, your kid will embrace the chaotic spirit of this beloved character with confidence. Get ready for them to rock this eerie hairdo and become the life of the Halloween party. Order the Beetlejuice Child Wig now and watch as your child takes center stage with a truly unforgettable and haunting appearance that pays homage to the iconic movie character.
Adult Short White Hooded Cape
You'll be spooking all the guests at the party this year when you get all dressed up with our White Hooded Ghost Cape. With this one, you will receive just the cape you need to become an eerie yet beautiful presence no matter where you go. Featuring an all white cape with an attached hood that is easy to adjust, you are going to absolutely love wearing this ghostly cape with the rest of your poltergeist attire this year.
Women's Spooky Beauty Ghost Costume
Head to the party wearing the Ghostly Woman Womens Costume and all the other ghosts and ghouls will surely be trying to make friends with you before the night is through. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the most beautiful ghoul to ever wear white. Featuring an all white hooded dress with jagged and tattered edges and sleeves, with white and gray skeletal print on the front, you definitely don't want to miss out on this one.