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We're not saying we know your alter-ego, but we are saying that we've never seen you and Batman in the same place at the same time. Consider us your Lucius Fox, ready to deck you out in all the gear you need to clean the streets of Gotham City.

Adult Batman Returns Penguin Latex Mask
Become the infamous Penguin from Batman Returns with our Batman Returns The Penguin Adult Latex Mask! Featuring a wicked Penguin mask with his iconic bird-like nose, this mask will transform you into one of the most sinister villains in all of Gotham. Perfect for Halloween or any occasion, this mask is a must-have for any fan of the Batman franchise. Don't miss out on this villainous look - pick up your mask today and team up with Joker, Harley Quinn, and other DC Comics villains!
Kids' The Flash Batman Utility Belt
Looking for the coolest utility belt around to complete your kid's Batman costume this year? Then look no further than our The Flash Batman Kids Utility Belt Accessory. If your child loves all things Batman and dreams of being the Dark Knight crusader of Gotham, then they're going to love this killer belt. Everybody knows Batman is just a regular human with some killer fighting skills and weapons. And that's why his utility belt is so important! Without his belt, Batman would be missing all his awesome Batarangs, weapons, and gadgets that make him so great, so it's no wonder your kid wants to have a utility belt as part of his look this year. With this wicked belt, you will receive just the item you need to bring your child's look to the next level. Featuring a stained metallic aesthetic vinyl molded belt complete with vials and compartments and a powerful buckle design, your kid is going to love this one. Whether they're fighting the Joker, Harley Quinn, the Penguin, or Poison Ivy, they'll surely have the upper hand with this one of a kind belt around their waist. Perfect for slaying enemies all while being comfortable to wear and easy to put on, you can't go wrong with this one. Whether your kid is going trick or treating with their friends or attending a cool comic convention, this belt will certainly serve them well. Make it a truly unforgettable time for your child by coordinating a DC Comics superhero costume theme with their friends. Just imagine how much fun your kid will have with the Flash, Thor, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and all the other great heroes at their side. If you're still looking for the rest of your child's Batman costume gear, be sure to check our site for Batarangs, masks, and other great attire and accessory items. Pick up your Batman utility belt today!
Men's The Flash Batman Half Mask
Not a villain in the world will be able to stop you this year when you're all decked out with our The Flash Batman Adult 1/2 Mask. If you dream of kicking the Joker and Harley Quinn out of Gotham, then this mask is certainly for you. Whether you're patrolling the streets of Gotham and cleaning the town of criminals, or partnering up with Robin and taking down big foes like the Penguin and the Riddler, you'll be more than ready for battle when you have this powerful mask on. Perfect with any Batman costume, this mask is sure to please. With this fun Batman cowl mask, you'll be ready for whatever Gotham throws your way. Featuring a black Batman-shaped cowl mask complete with pointed ears, furled eyebrows, and an overall chiseled look, it doesn't get any better than this. A mask that is both snug and stylish, you'll have a blast all dressed up as your favorite shadowy superhero with this one. Whether you're tossing Batarangs or zooming around in your Batmobile, when you have this killer mask, nobody will be able to take you down. Whether you're headed to the comic convention or the Halloween party, when you're donning the look of the Dark Knight you'll instantly be the life of the party. If you're still looking for the rest of your Batman costume and gear, be sure to check our site. With Batarangs and utility belts and other great accessories and costume garments to choose from, you'll be ready to take over Gotham in no time. Team up with Robin, Catwoman, the Joker, and the rest of the DC Comics Gotham gang to really make this a special night to remember. Pick up your Batman mask today, and go become the Dark Knight hero you've always dreamed of becoming!
Adult The Flash Batman Utility Belt
If you're dressing up as the Dark Knight this year, then you definitely don't want to go to battle without The Flash Batman Adult Utility Belt Accessory around your waist. Batman is powerful even without all his gadgets and equipment, but he's even more powerful when he has his Batarangs and other weapons at his side. Now with the utility belt around your waist, not a single weapon, gadget, or tool will be out of reach. Perfect for taking down the Joker, Harley Quinn, the Penguin, and all those other baddies, you're not going to want to miss out on this one. With this hardcore Batman utility belt, you'll be leaping from the shadows in style to beat up foes and criminals. Featuring a sleek metallic aesthetic vinyl molded utility belt with vials and compartments and a cool buckle, this belt is the real deal. Easy to put on and pairs perfectly with a wide variety of different kinds of Batman looks, there's not a single soul in all of Gotham that will try to mess with you when you're donning this daunting utility belt. Whether you're headed to a Halloween party, a comic convention, or a DC Comics get-together, you'll of course be a welcome guest when you are rocking this one of a kind utility belt. After all, who doesn't love the Dark Knight? If you're still on the hunt for the rest of your Batman look, be sure to check our site for the rest of your costume, gear, and accessory needs. Whether you need a Batman mask or a pair of Batarangs, we certainly have you covered. To really make this a special night, be sure to pair up with Robin and hit the town as a duo. Nothing's more fun than dressing up with your best bud! Pick up your Batman utility belt today, and go make this a night of villain butt-kicking you'll never forget!
The Flash Batman Batarangs
Take down villains left and right with The Flash Batman Batarangs Accessory as you complete your Dark Knight look this year. If you love all things Batman and are planning on dressing up as him this year, then make sure you don't leave the house without these killer weapons. Batman can take care of business without his tools and gadgets, but he's that much more powerful when he has a pair of Batarangs at his side. Show up to the party wielding these, and you bet the Joker, Harley Quinn, and all the other villains will be fleeing in a flash. With this awesome Batman Batarang replica, you'll be ready for all kinds of fierce battles with enemies. Featuring a pair of all black bat-shaped Batarangs made of foam that have all kinds of accented pointed edges for extra damage, you're not going to want to miss out on these. Take these with you on a cruise through town in your Batmobile, and you'll be looking and feeling stylish as ever. No matter what Batman costume you're wearing this year, these Batarangs will pair perfectly and will fit right in. Head to the Halloween party or the comic convention like a really powerful superhero this year when you're gripping these wicked Batarangs. If you're still looking for the rest of your Dark Knight attire, be sure to check our site for Batman utility belts, masks, and other cool gear and accessories. Take your Gotham fun to the next level by partnering up with friends for a Gotham costume theme. Just imagine how much fun you'll have walking into the room with Robin, Catwoman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and all the other DC Comics heroes and villains ready to do battle with you. Pick up your Batman Batarangs today!
Adult Black Superhero Boots
Your superhero outfit needs some super accessories to really complete it, so buy the Super Hero Boot Adult! These black boots are flat and extend to the knees. They are taller in the front than in the back.
Girls' Sequin DC Comics Batgirl Costume - Deluxe
When you fight crime in a city as riddled with lawbreaking as Gotham, you need to keep your identity a secret. We can help. Order the Girls' Sequin DC Comics Batgirl Costume - Deluxe and your child will be ready to protect the city from the Lady Moth, Killer Shiva, Huntress, Clayface, Scarecrow and many others. This costumes features a black sequin bodice with the gold Bat Girl emblem and a black glitter tiered skirt with metallic gold and black bats. Put on the sleek metallic black cape, gold gauntlets, black and gold boot tops, and black mask, and get ready to be a superhero!
Boys' The Flash Batman Half Mask
The Flash Deluxe Batman Adult Costume
The Flash Batman Kids Costume
Batman Child Costume
Your child will become the most notorious vigilante and be able to defend Gotham City when they put on our Batman Child Costume. The Riddler and Penguin don't stand a chance against this padded jumpsuit with attached utility belt, boot tops, mask, cape, and gloves. Catch them off guard when your little one throws the included batarang at them. Put this on today and throw the Joker in Arkham Asylum once and for all!
Batman Toddler Costume
Your little one will be able to defend you from any threat when you put them in our Batman Toddler Costume. The padded jumpsuit will instantly transform your little one into Gottham City's notorious vigilante complete with boot tops, mask, gloves, and a batarang tto detfetnd against enemies. Throw up the bat signal and watch as your little one springs into action!
Justice League Batman Dark Knight Plush
Kidrobot has teamed up with DC Comics to present a cuddly new take on the most heroic human on Earth, Batman with the new Dark Knight Batman Plush. The Justice League Dark Knight Batman plush is here to fight off the lack of cute in your collection and keep your toys safe from the evil clutches of Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons. Pack a plush punch to your collection by adding this 8 inch Batman plush toy to your collection today!
Batman Batmobile Model - Single Blind Box
Few vehicles are as iconic (and beloved) as the Batmobile. Put the bat-pedal to the bat-metal with one of our favorite ultra premium Batmobile replicas. The one you get will be a surprise!
Batman Small Pet Costume
Your dark and mysterious little hero will be ready to defend Gotham in our Batman Small Pet Costume! The caped crusader has never looked more adorable than when your furry companion is sporting a replica of his unmistakable superhero suit! Terrific for any die hard fan of DC comics or its iconic detective, the Joker won't stand a chance with this cute little hero on the case. Perfect for a Batman movie marathon, or for no reason at all, other than to make everyone smile! Whether you're dressing up a guinea pig, a kitten, or a cute little bunny, your pet will have a blast in this adorable costume.
DC League of Super Pets Batman Toddler Costume
Get your little one ready to defend Gotham City alongside Ace the bat hound when you give them this DC League of Super Pets Batman Toddler Costume! The caped crusader is back with this pint-sized replica of his classic Batsuit as it is seen in DC League of Super Pets. Comfortable, complete and irresistibly cute, this costume includes a padded jumpusit, padded boot tops, a detachable cape and foam headpiece. Perfect for heroic adventures or movie watching!
Batman Kids Adaptive Costume
The Joker doesn't stand a chance when your kid is wearing this Batman Kids Adaptive Costume! This amazing combo includes a costume top with an accessibility flap, cape, seatless pants and foam mask to duplicate the legendary crime-fighting look of the caped crusader! Perfect for any comic book fan or those who just can't get enough of Bruce Wayne and his crime fighting activities! Comfortable and durable for a fit that feels as incredible as it looks, you can't go wrong with this one.
DC Originals - Batman Head Knocker
For all the old school comic book fans out there, here comes the classic Batman NECA Head Knocker! This 8" Caped Crusader is cast in resin and then hand painted for incredible detail. He's a head-bobbling hero sure to reduce crime in the vicinity of your desk or shelf!
DC Originals - Batman #2 Head Knocker
Fire up the Bat Signal, 'cause this Caped Crusader is ready to serve justice! This Batman NECA Head Knocker is a stern warning to would-be criminals near your desk or shelf. The 8" head-bobbling figure is cast in resin and then hand painted for incredible detail.
Batman Arkham Knight Prop Replica Nightwing's Escrima Stick
From the second chapter in the most successful Batman video game series ever! This exact replica of Nightwing's signature Escrima Stick was created directly from the digital files used in Batman: Arkham City. It features signature LED lights and a vibration to simulate the in-game “electrical pulse” that makes it such a powerful weapon. The replica measures 12 inches retracted, and springs open to 18 inches. Batteries not included.
Batman (1989) - Prop Replica - Grapnel
Justice is always Darkest before the Dawn. From the 1989 movie that defined Batman for a new generation, this full-size replica of Batman's signature Grapnel Launcher is over 7" in length. It includes a screen-accurate foldable handle, grapnel hook attachment, and a motorized spool that retracts the rope and hook after firing. Uses two LR1 batteries, not included.
Adult Justice League Batman Costume
The Dark Knight is in for the fight of his life when you are wearing this Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Armored Batman Deluxe Costume for Adults! This complete costume puts you in the middle of the fight of the century as you sport a replica of the Caped Crusader's famed armor used to fight Superman! Take your costume to the max when you check out our entire selection of officially licensed DC Comics 2018 Halloween Costume Accessories! Order yours now!
Adult Dark Knight Joker Plus Size Costume
Walk into the party donning the Joker Plus Size Costume and you'll send everybody into a panicked frenzy. Nobody knows how to silence a room quite like the Joker. With this set, you will receive a bright purple suit jacket with a green vest and tie printed shirt, as well as the matching evil Joker mask. Team up with Bane, Kingpin, Harley Quinn, and some of your other Gotham villain buds this year and go turn your night into a true villainous celebration.
Kids' Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Batman Vinyl Mask
Jump into action when you are wearing this Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Vinyl Batman 2018 Halloween Masks for Kids! Complete your perfect Dark Knight costume or wear with any existing outfit for an unexpected and hilarious twist! Comfortable and made of high-quality materials! Shop our entire selection of officially licensed DC Comics and Batman 2018 Halloween Costume Accessories! Order yours today while supplies last!
Adult Dark Knight Batman Costume
Team up with Robin and Catwoman and patrol the streets of Gotham this year when you pick up our Adult Batman Dark Knight Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a true master of combat. Featuring a black jumpsuit with gray body accents, boot tops, a golden belt, and a matching black cape with a cowl headpiece, you'll be destroying evil villains like the Kingpin, the Penguin, Bane, and the Riddler with ease this year.
Kids Dark Knight Batman Deluxe Muscle Chest Costume
Gotham's hero and protector is here to put an end to crime and violence. The Toddler's Deluxe Batman Dark Knight Rises Costume features a muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot tops, bat logo on the chest, mask, cape with scalloped edge detail, and gold utility belt. Be sure to add a pair of gloves to complete the look of the Caped Crusader. Your son will be ready to protect the streets from evil foes like the Joker and Bane. There isn't a villain alive who can take down the Batman. Your son will love this fantastic ensemble. He will be putting criminals behind bars at Arkham Asylum in no time. His experience dressed in the Deluxe Dark Knight Rises Costume will be filled with plenty of excitement.
Kids Justice League Batman Costume
The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Deluxe Batman Armored Costume For Kids includes a muscle chest jumpsuit with 3D gauntlets
Kids Justice League Batman Deluxe Costume
Save Gotham City and Metropolis in your own way with this Boy's Dawn of Justice Deluxe Batman Costume. Batman tries to takedown Superman but the two will have to team up in order to protect others. This outfit comes modeled after his suit in the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice film. Orders come as a muscle padded jumpsuit. It features his iconic symbol cape and 2018 Halloween Masks. Everything here is perfect for young fans to duke it out with Superman villains and any other threats!
14.5-inch Batman Candy Bowl
Bring the Dark Knight into your very own home this year when you pick up our Candy Bowl - Batman. With this item, you will receive just the Gotham themed candy bowl prop you need to get all the trick or treaters rooting for their favorite superhero. Featuring a black Batman figure holding a plastic bowl for all your chocolates, sweets, and treats, you're going to love placing this bowl out on your porch or on your dining room table.
Adult The Dark Knight Rises Batman Mask
Finish off your dark caped crusader costume with this fantastic replica mask. The Batman Full Mask for Adults is a replica of the mask worn by Batman in the Dark Knight movies. Become the protector of Gotham city with this costume mask!

The Justice League's nocturnal caped crusader has had many evolving looks over the years. From the golden age of tights and spandex to the Dark Knight's tactical gear, you can become the bat you wish to see in the world with our decades-spanning collection of Batman costumes and accessories. Grab your gauntlets and boot up the Batmobile, it's time to fight some crime. Or...

If you're an agent of chaos, perhaps becoming one of Batman's iconic foes is more your style. From the Joker and Harley Quinn to Selina Kyle - a.k.a. Catwoman - to the darkness-molded Bane, whatever villain you choose to become, your Batman - and the rest of the DC Comics Superheroes - will have his work cut out for him.

From Halloween to cosplay events to nightly meet-ups with the police commissioner, we have everything you need to keep your community safe - or to cause mayhem in a city that's gone to the dogs. And don't worry - your secret is safe with us.