Rewards Double Points on Holiday Decorations, Costumes, and Accessories Rewards Double Points on Holiday Decorations, Costumes, and Accessories

Adult Holiday Costumes

If you're putting presents under the tree this year, or if you're going out to hear Christmas wishes at the mall, our Christmas costumes are the merriest way you can ring in the season! When you deck the halls around your home, you can decorate your own look too with some of our holiday sweaters, or an elf costume. Perfect for entertaining kids, our Christmas costumes remind us all of how special this time of year really is.
Adult Bunny Jumper Costume
Head to the party wearing the Bunny Jumper Adult Costume and you'll be hoppin around all night long. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a fun and cozy bunny who knows a thing or two about jumping, leaping, and hopping. Featuring a coral pink jumpsuit, a pair of mittens, bunny face shoe covers, and a bunny ears headpiece, you are definitely not going to want to miss out on this hippity hoppity attire.
Adult Mean Girls Costume
Head to the holiday party wearing the Christmas Mean Girls and you'll be making new friends all night long. After all, who doesn't love Santa? With this set, you will receive everything you need to look and feel just like the most popular Mean Girl in school. Featuring a red Santa dress with white faux fur trim, a black bow belt, and a matching Christmas hat, you're going to love this special look this year.
Women's Angelic Robe and Halo
Bring something celestial and holy to the party while wearing our Women's Angel Costume. Angels are often a traditional and long-running outfit to dress as for a variety of occasions. People have been turning themselves into angels for so long as part of plays, performances, and even Christmas events. This particular outfit comes as a single, long, white gown. It flows all the way down to the feet while featuring minor decorative folds along the chest. There is also a white belt tie to wrap yourself together. The sleeves are long and opened wide which makes for a great source of ventilation. You can appear as the holiest being in attendance wearing this Angel costume. Have a look at some of our accessories to see what else you can add to the ensemble.
Adult Frosty the Snowman Inflatable Costume
Spread joy and celebrate birthdays in style with our Frosty the Snowman Adult Inflatable Costume. Whether it's the holiday season, Halloween, or any other festive occasion, you can't go wrong with everybody's favorite snowman. This set includes the perfect inflatable snowman get-up to bring smiles and cheer wherever you go. Complete with a battery-operated fan for easy setup, you'll be ready to greet everyone with a jolly "Happy Birthday" or a warm "Season's Greetings." Embrace the magic of Frosty and create cherished moments in this delightful costume.
Adult Jesus Costume
Halloween isn't the only holiday for dressing up. We've got the perfect religious costumes that are perfect for any holiday! This Jesus Men's Costume features a robe with a red shoulder drape attached, a crown of thorns and even the perfect wig and beard to finish off this holy look. Pair this costume with a pair of our Men's Brown Sandals and our Biblical Staff in Brown, both sold separately on this website, and you'll have the perfect Jesus costume for any Christmas or Easter event! This Jesus costume is just one of our many religion-inspired outfits that are perfect and authentic-looking for all occasions. You'll have all the makings to really shine this holiday season in this Jesus Men's Costume.
Women's Elf Jovi Costume
You'll be Santa's best helper this year when you get all dolled up in our Adult Jovi Elf Deluxe Costume. With this elegant set, you will receive everything you need to become a gorgeous elf who knows a thing or two about making toys. Featuring a stunning pink dress with red festive accents and white fur trim, a red buckled belt, a pair of red shoe covers, and a matching pink and red hat, you can't go wrong with this cute look this year.
Ginger Bread Man Adult Unisex Costume
Embrace the spirit of the season and spread holiday cheer with our Ginger Bread Man Adult Unisex Costume. Whether it's Christmas, Halloween, or any occasion, this festive ensemble is a must-have. Hop out of the oven and transform into the life of any gingerbread house with this set. It includes a charming brown jumpsuit adorned with colorful gumdrop and bowtie designs, as well as a matching smiling Gingerbread Man headpiece. Get ready for a jolly and cheery experience as you captivate everyone with your delightful gingerbread charm.
Adult Curvy Jovi Costume
Team up as the ultimate holiday couple with our amazing Women's Curvy Jovi Costume! Help bring the spirit of Christmas back this season with our incredible and lovely outfit you'll never want to take off. With our signature quality and style, this great seasonal costume is perfect for couples and you'll wear it again year after year. Featuring a pink velvet dress, this exceptional costume provide a perfect base for your own traditional touches. Pair this costume up with our Buddy the Elf for a fun seasonal twist to the normal repertoire!
Adult Reindeer Comfy Wear Costume
You'll be feeling cozy and festive all at once this holiday season when you're wearing our Comfy Wear Reindeer Mens Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a magical little reindeer who just wants to help Santa fly his sleigh. Featuring a brown and beige cozy onesie with front zip closure and a matching hood with deer ears, eyes, a snout, and antlers, you're going to love this special look this year.
Adult Elf Jumper Costume
Looking for a costume that'll help keep the winter chill off this year? We've got the perfect outfit for you with our Adult Elf Jumper! This great piece is perfect for couples making toys in the workshop or just for a fun and festive design. You'll love the colorful construction with a cozy build that is perfect for cold winter nights and festive celebrations. Featuring a stripped full body jumper, you're holiday nights won't be complete without it. So snuggle up next to the fire this year with our incredible offering, the holidays are here, it's time to enjoy them!
Adult Red and Green Elf Tunic
Need an outfit to wear to a Christmas party but don't want to spend a lot of money? Order the Economy Elf Tunic, which includes a long top and a cord. The standard size green and red tunic features a zigzag hemline, sleeves and a zigzag collar with pompom accents. It is green on the right side and red on the left, but the right sleeve and collar are red while the left sleeves and collar are green. Put this on and help out Santa at your home on Christmas day or at a community or school holiday event. You can even out it on for Halloween and again for the December holidays. Wear it with tights or green pants. Shoes and tights do not come with this costume, but you can order elf footwear and tights from our accessories section.
Adult Christmas Tree Costume
If you want to spread holiday cheer but are looking for an original alternative to the Santa suit, look no further than the Mens Christmas Tree Costume. This Christmas or Halloween costume features a dark green, tree-shaped foam costume covered in red and green satin circles that look like ornaments, and silver ruffle that looks like garland. It also includes a large, shiny gold star on the top and two foam gift box-shaped shoe covers. Pants and long-sleeved shirt are not included, but you can wear any dark green or black outfit underneath the foam tunic. The Christmas tree is a tradition from Germany dating back to the 15th century, and is the subject of the classic German Christmas carol 'O Tannenbaum? (O Christmas Tree). The tradition of putting a star at the top originated in Russia, and is based on the red star, a religious symbol. Look just like the Christmas symbol this Christmas or Halloween.
Men's Elf Buddy the Elf Costume - Deluxe
You'll be the most jolly guy in the room this year when you show up to the holiday party wearing the Buddy the Elf Deluxe Adult Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to let the whole world know about your giant quest through candy cane forests and the Lincoln Tunnel. Featuring the classic green jacket, a pair of yellow tights, a cone hat with a feather, a black buckled belt, a pair of black shoe covers, and a brown curly wig, you're going to love this high quality Christmas look.
Adult Light Up Chanukah Sweater Costume
Light the menorah while wearing this Men's Light Up Chanukah Sweater! Celebrate the holiday festivities in style with this item. You receive a sweater top decorated with little light up designs. Not only does it fit the occasion but brings flashy detail everyone will get a kick out of. Pick it out for family gatherings, community events, or even ugly sweater parties! Browse around at our website's collection of Chanukah products to include.
Adult Curvy Mrs. Claus Traditional Dress Costume
Help out the best you can around the North Pole in our Women's Curvy Mrs. Claus Traditional Dress. Play the part of Santa's wife in this classy ensemble. You receive a couple of items to make the outfit complete. It comes with a dress and corset belt. Then, complete it with the hat and you are ready for Christmas fun. Use this attire to portray Mrs. Claus during various events and activities. Take a look around our selection of matching products to see what else is available!
Adult Blue Wiseman Costume
Get out your frankincense and myrrh this year and head to Bethlehem when you pick up our Adult Blue Wise Man Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a magical wise man who knows a thing or two about riding a camel through the desert. Featuring a blue robe, a fez, and a matching belt, you are going to absolutely love wearing this fun Biblical look this year with friends.
Adult Plus Size Jesus or Joseph Costume
There's just something about a celebration that someone dresses up for. The Plus Size Jesus Costume features a long white robe with an attached red drape and a crown of thorns. This costume is available in one standard plus size that is designed to fit most men up to 300 lbs comfortably. We've also included a curly brown wig and beard set to accurately capture this religious figure. The dramatic bell sleeves are sure to make a statement while you lead a prayer. Pair this robe with a pair of our Men's Brown Sandal and Shepherd's Crook or Biblical Staff in Brown, both sold separately on our website, for a more authentic look. This is a great ensemble for Easter, Christmas or any church function. You can even embody this savior for Halloween in this Plus Size Jesus Costume.
Chanukah/Christmas for Two Sweater
Celebrating two holidays this year? Then show the world your holiday spirit the right way with our Chanukah/Christmas For Two Sweater. With this set, you will receive just the sweater couples costume you need to experience both the magic of Christmas as well as Chanukah, all at once. Featuring one joined sweater with prints supporting both Christmas and Chanukah, you are going to absolutely love wearing this one with your friend or partner this year.
Adult Plus Size Plush Santa Suit Costume
Bring some extra cheer to holiday gatherings this year when you wear the Adult Plus Size Plush Santa Suit Costume. Wear this comfortable outfit and give out Christmas gifts at a community event. Or put it on to visit your own family; just be sure to have on a pair of glasses and very large beard to disguise your facial features. You will bring joy to all the kids and children-at-heart who still believe in the magic of Christmas. Santa, originally known as Sinterklaas to the Dutch, was originally depicted as a bishop. But the Americans changed that. In 1837, Clement Clark Moore described him as a jolly old elf in his timeless poem A Visit from St. Nicholas. In 1863, cartoonist Thomas Nast depicted Santa as a stout man in a coat and striped pants. Today, Santa is a plump man in a red suit and elfish hat. Don't forget to order accessories to go with the suit. We have a white beard, bell, Santa bag and more available to order.
Adult Crimson Imperial Plush Santa Suit Costume
Dressing up as Santa Claus this year? Then don't miss out on our Adult Crimson Imperial Santa Costume. With this amazing holiday set, you will receive all of the attire you need to talk to snowmen, play with the reindeer, and eat all of Mrs. Claus' cookies in one sitting. Featuring a red lined jacket with zip front closure, a pair of lined pants with pockets, a Santa hat, a belt, and a pair of black boot tops, you won't want to miss out on this jolly look.
Adult Deluxe Velvet XX-Large Santa Suit Costume
Ho ho ho! Off to deliver presents we go! You will surely be all set to do Santa's work on Christmas or even Halloween, when you buy and put on this amazing Adult XX Large Deluxe Velvet Santa Suit which includes the following pieces: Santa pants, jacket, and coordinating belt, hat and boot tops. Whether you want to play Santa at the department store, your office party, or on the street for the Salvation Army, or whether you want to show up to your next Halloween party or take your kids trick or treating, this Halloween Santa costume is a great find. Should you desire additional accessories, consider one or more of these items: Santa Accessory Kit, Santa Belly Costume, and Deluxe Pro Santa Full Wig and Beard Set. Adults and children alike will be drawn to you instantly when you have this Santa Suit on, and you will feel the magic of Christmas instantly!
Adult Simply Suited Santa
Put on this modern and sophisticated twist to St. Nick in this Simply Suited Santa Claus costume. Outfit features a long sleeve red suit jacket with a plush white shawl lapel, single white button front closure, white pocket flaps on sides and a black silk pocket square; matching red pant bottoms and the iconic signature red and white Santa hat complete this sleek look. Includes jacket, pants and hat; all other accessories shown sold separately. Great for themed events and parties, photos, fun runs or for any other dress up occasion.
Adult Angel Costume
You're kind to everyone spend your free time doing volunteer work and you never miss a chance to help a senior citizen cross the street. Your friends say you're an angel in disguise so this Halloween show your true identity in the Angel Costume for Women! Be a vision in white when you wear this gorgeous dress and headpiece. You'll be an ethereal beauty in this lovely white dress which has sheer bell sleeves a white waist sash and a high-low hem. Put the silver tinsel halo on with your dress and you'll be on cloud nine. The dress comes in small medium and large and will look heavenly with a pair of white or silver shoes. Take your costume to a higher level with a pair of feathery white wings and an angel harp. Get your special someone to dress like the devil for the ultimate good and evil couples costume.
Adult Reindeer Mascot Costume
Join the ranks as a reindeer that delivers gift in a great mascot costume! Purchase the fun Reindeer Mascot Adult Costume. This two-part costume includes a deer headpiece and a brown, beige, and tan jumpsuit with attached mitts and matching shoe covers. Finish this look with brown comfortable shoes like sneakers. For fun, purchase pom poms as accessories. All accessories are sold separately.
Adult Deluxe Velvet X-Large Santa Suit Costume
Want a Santa Suit that you can be proud of wearing in front of your kids on Christmas Eve? Then why not consider this Adult Deluxe Velvet X-Large Santa Suit which includes these very fine items: Santa jacket with coordinating pants, with matching belt, hat and boot tops. This is a wonderful Halloween Costume that can be worn at just about any time. Wear it to Christmas parties, charity events, winter events, school productions and promotional events. Children and adults alike will be attentive whenever they see you-- that's the natural draw of this amazing character. Should you like additional accessories, consider these: Heavy Duty Suspenders for Adults, Deluxe Pro Santa Full Wig and Beard Set, Santa Belly Costume and Velvet Santa Bag with Bells. Enjoy your Christmas, Halloween and Winter Holidays by getting this lovely Deluxe Santa Suit, and spreading the joy by watching them smile ear to ear.
Adult Crimson Regency Plus Costume
The holiday season doesn't come around often, have us make your special time with your friends and family great with our Adult Standard Size Crimson Regency Plush Santa Suit. It's a beautiful and well designed suit that's sure to bring out the holiday cheer in your mood. It has a plush satin texture and a vibrant red hue that will pop and bring attention to your chic suit. It comes with a matching pair of pants that will complement the style of your top half. It's topped off with a fashionable signature Santa hat that is sure to bring a smile to everyone's face. Make sure that you add some Santa swag like a faux toy box, beard and wig, or even a pair of white gloves to match your look. Keep the holiday spirit alive and kicking when you wear this Adult Standard Size Crimson Regency Plush Santa Suit.
Adult Ugly Elf Christmas Sweater Dress Costume
Kick your ugly christmas sweater party into high gear with the Women's Ugly Elf Christmas Sweater Dress! Stay warm, but look cool (ironically, of course) with this horrendous beauty. Your friends will have no choice but to crown you Queen of Christmas, or King if you're bold enough, with the Ugly Elf sweater dress on your side. The outfit is perfect for any occassion that needs livening up. There's nothing it can't handle, from Christmas parties to caroloing with the family. So what are you waiting for? Order the Women's Ugly Elf Christmas Sweater Dress today!
Adult Deluxe Elf Costume
Show off your skills as an elf this holiday season in the Women's Deluxe Elf Costume. Purchase the red and green ensemble and impress everyone with your impromptu toy building abilities. Have fun in this colorful outfit and complete the look with red, green, or black sneakers or boots. Also accessorize with elf ears. All accessories are sold separately.
Mens Christmas Caroler Costume
Whether you're singing Oh Christmas Tree or Jingle Bell Rock, you'll certainly be looking the part this year when you are wearing our Mens Christmas Caroler Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to sing your heart out with all of your friends and family. Featuring a fun and festive holiday jacket, an ascot, a matching shirt front, and a pair of pants, you definitely don't want to miss out on this special look this year.
Adult Velvet Miss Santa Costume
Oh, Santa Baby! Youll be melting snow in this Velvet Miss Santa Costume! This adorable costume features a luxurious velvet red dress that is sleeveless and mid-thigh length and a matching capelet. The dress and capelet have soft, thick white faux fur trim. The costume also includes a black vinyl belt and boot tops, a Santa hat, and matching mitts. Youll be the cutest Miss Santa in the whole North Pole!

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