Black Adam Costumes


There's some heated debate in the DC Universe on whether Black Adam is stronger than Superman. While there are certainly some good arguments to be made on both sides, settle the debate once and for all this year when you choose a powerful Black Adam costume from our premium collection of Black Adam get-ups. Whether you're headed to the costume party with friends or dressing your kid up as a miniature godly mutant, you certainly won't want to miss out on one of these elite DC anti-hero and superhero costumes.

Men's DC Comics Black Adam Costume - Deluxe
DC Comic's new antihero is ready to make his cinematic debut, and in this Black Adam Adult Deluxe Costume you are right there with him! This costume includes a padded jumpsuit with foam backed boot tops, attached arm gauntlets and a cape. When donning this comfortable deluxe costume, you will make a powerful entrance to any costume party or comic con you find yourself at. Black Adam is guaranteed to be one of the most popular new superhero looks!
Boys' DC Comics Black Adam Costume - Deluxe
Fun action and adventure are your destiny when your child puts on this Black Adam Kids Deluxe Costume! Including padded jumpsuit with foam backed boot tops and attached gauntlets and cape, you have one of the hottest new looks to come out of the DC movies! And with high-quality construction and comfortable materials, you will find this suit is also perfect for everyday play time, comic book conventions or any place else your tyke wants to show your Black Adam fandom!
Men's DC Comics Black Adam Top with Cape
Before the new movie comes out, make sure you are ready with this Black Adam Adult Costume! Including costume top and cape, you have what is going to be one of the most popular DC comics looks to premiere this year! Comfortable and durable for a costume that is perfect for walking around a comic book convention or just watching DC comics movies at home, when you're wearing this one you will certainly be taking your love of DC Comics to the next level!
Adult Shazam Black Adam Deluxe Costume
Head to the party as Captain Marvel this year when you put on our Deluxe Adult Shazam Black Adam Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the only superhero who can rival Superman in terms of super strength, flight, and invulnerability. Featuring a black bodysuit with a yellow lightning bolt design on the chest, a pair of yellow boot covers, a yellow belt, and yellow arm guards, you're going to feel invincible donning this powerful attire.