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Whether you're planning one stunning outfit or a new look for every day, your next con is covered with our cosplay selection. When you head to a convention, we know you need comfort as well as style, so our superhero and pop culture costumes balance the two to give you the best weekend out. When you look back at your con pictures, you'll be glad you went all out with a costume made to fit your every need effortlessly!

Addams Family Nevermore Academy Uniform Kids Costume
If your kid is feeling like they don’t quite fit in, look no further than the Nevermore Academy! This academic institution accepts all outcasts, freaks and monsters and is where the whole Addams Family went to school! In this Nevermore Academy Uniform Kids Costume, your child will be able to master their supernatural abilities and befriend the death-obsessed Wednesday Addams. This kids costume includes a matching blazer jacket and below the knee skirt set that is blue and black and has the Nevermore Academy crest. Under the blazer is a purple sweater-looking top with an attached white collar and black tie.
Kids Classic Star Wars Jedi Deluxe Costume
May the Force be with you, youngling. The Deluxe Jedi Child costume is an authentic, officially licensed Star Wars costume. It features a light tan tunic and matching shirt, dark brown pants, a printed belt with long flaps in front, and dark brown boot tops. Add a child-sized Jedi Robe and a lightsaber to complete the costume. We have the lightsabers of all your favorite Jedis, including Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, Anakin, Mace Windu. We even carry Darth Maul's red double lightsaber. If you love Darth Maul, pick up some red and black makeup. Learn to harness the power of the Force. Move things with your mind. Choose the Light Side, young Jedi, and beware the lure of the Dark Side. Wear this Deluxe Jedi costume and help defend the galaxy from the evil Sith.
Adult The Force Awakens Rey Deluxe Costume
You dueled the dark Kylo Ren and survived Jakku. Now, be Rey in this fabulous Star Wars Rey Deluxe Adult Costume! You'll likely meet various evil forces from Star Wars, and you'll be prepared to fight them all in this classic Rey disguise! This look is complete with a grey colored top with attached front and back wraps, pants with boot tops, 3D cuffs, 3D belt and arm warmers!
Adult Classic Star Wars Princess Leia Deluxe Costume
Join the Rebel Alliance and save the galaxy in this Star Wars Deluxe Princess Leia Costume Adult! Practice your Force techniques and master your Jedi skills so you can become the bravest woman warrior at your Halloween party or Cosplay event. Once you've perfected your lightsaber abilities, you'll need to make sure you look the part of an Imperial Senate member, which is why this ensemble comes with a Wig, Dress and the Princess of Alderaan's signature belt accessory. The dress resembles the floor length, white gown that fits Leia loosely, making it easier to fight off evil members of the Galactic Empire. Cinch your waist with the white belt adorned with silver accents in geometric shapes, and put on the wig made to look like the character's trademark cinnamon bun up do to complete your look. After you're all dressed up, grab your friends wearing other Rebel Alliance ensembles, like Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, or Han Solo and you'll be guaranteed to win the best group costume contest a
Kids The Last Jedi Rey Deluxe Costume
The team of Finn & Rey is an unstoppable force to reckon with. This Rey costume contains a crisscross slate grey top, white arm cuff, leather pants, boot tops and 3D belt. Here is a great costume that you will enjoy this Halloween. Everyone will be raving about how awesome you look in this Star Wars Episode VIII ? The Last Jedi Foxtrot 1 Super Deluxe Child Costume. Purchase today, before it's too late.
Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Uniform Kids Costume
Wednesday Addams has always felt like an outcast and finally finds her place at the Nevermore Academy, a place where she can perfect her supernatural abilities. New school means new outfit and your kid can get her new fit with this Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Uniform Kids Costume! Your kid can embrace their gothic style with this matching black, gray and white striped blazer jacket and long skirt set. The blazer features the Nevermore Academy emblem and a gray sweater-like top with an attached collar and tie. The whole Addams Family will be so proud of you when you show off your new Nevermore Academy Uniform!
Girls' Star Wars Princess Leia Wig
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... started offering the Adult Star Wars Princess Leia Wig! So, if you are eager to transform into the galaxy's most formidable princess this Halloween, swap out the phrase, "Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?" for "Trick or treat!" during spooky season with this Star Wars Princess Leia wig. Featuring her signature side braids wrapped into buns, this wig captures the essence of Your Highnesses. You can join in on a couple’s costumes by asking your partner to dress up as Han Solo for even more excitement.
Addams Family Nevermore Academy Uniform Adult Costume
Roll call for all outcasts! Nevermore Academy has accepted your application so get ready for class with this Addams Family Nevermore Academy Uniform Adult Costume. Join your friend Wednesday Addams and master your extraordinary supernatural abilities in your new favorite school uniform. This adult costume includes a matching blue and black striped blazer jacket with the Nevermore Academy crest and a flowy midi-length skirt. Also included is a sleeveless purple sweater-looking top with an attached white collar and black tie. You’ll be looking sharp for when Wednesday introduces you to the whole Addams Family!
Adult Dark Knight Batman Deluxe Muscle Chest Costume
Delve into the world of the Dark Knight in the eye-catching black superhero suit of The Dark Knight Adult Costume. This elite ensemble features a broad chest design with a bat shape on the front as well as chest and ab details created on the torso of the suit. The long sleeves have three pieces of material standing up on the sides for that authentic movie inspired look. A thick gold belt wraps around the waist and features a Dark Knight inspired emblem on the front. Don't forget to attach the cape that also comes with this costume for a realistic touch. In addition, this outfit includes a black Batman headpiece with eye cut outs, bat ears, and an open design that will let your mouth and jaw be seen. The jumpsuit also comes with attached pants and boot covers for a head to toe finish unlike any other.
Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Rave'n Dance Girl's Costume
Your child will be talking about all things dark and morbid this year when they're all dolled up in our Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Rave'n Dance Dress Kids Costume. If your little angel loves the dark, witty, and sarcastic sense of humor of Wednesday, then you know they're going to fall in love with this dazzling Wednesday look. Everybody knows Wednesday Addams lives on the darker side of life, which is why she's one of the best characters in the entire Addams family. While donning this elegant garb, you bet your daughter will be expressing her dark and mysterious beauty alongside all her outcast friends and classmates at Nevermore Academy. With this Wednesday Raven dress costume, you will receive everything you need to make sure your child is all dressed up and ready for class at Nevermore Academy. Featuring an absolutely stunning black and dark brown accented dress with elegant layers of fabric, a stylish black collar around the neck, and a dark gothic belt design around the waist, your child is going to love this unique and enchanting look. A dress that is both drop-dead gorgeous and comfortable to wear, this look can't be beaten. Whether your daughter is heading to a Halloween party, going trick or treating with friends, or just looking to get dolled up as her favorite Addams family member, she's going to fall in love with this one of a kind dress. To really complete the look, be sure to check out our site for makeup kits, dark wigs, and jewelry to accessorize. When your daughter's friends dress up as Enid, Yoko, Bianca, and all the other great Nevermore Academy characters, your child will surely be on cloud nine. Pick up your Wednesday Addams dress costume today, and go make this a night she never forgets!
Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Rave'n Dance Women's Costume
This Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Rave'n Dance costume for women features an a-line dress crafted from black gauzy fabric, accented with dainty ruffles for a unique and fashionable look. Perfect for Halloween or themed-parties, this costume is sure to be a standout!
Kids Classic Star Wars Yoda Costume
Your little one will be leading the Jedi Council in no time this Halloween when you pick up our Classic Yoda Star Wars Costume for Infant/Toddler! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your tot into a true Jedi Grandmaster. Complete with a beige hooded robe as well as a green Yoda ears headpiece, your kid is going to love it! Buy yours today, and then scan our site for more fun Star Wars gear and accessories!
Girls' Wednesday Enid Sinclair Wig
Not everyone has to show off their bold, gothic streak this year! Show off your Enid Sinclair flare with this Girls' Wednesday Enid Sinclair Wig from With bright platinum, shoulder-length curls, and a few pastel strands here and there, this high-quality Enid Sinclair children's wig will have you bringing style and sass to the party - just beware the full moon!
Spider-Man 2: Spider-Man Child Costume
Webs spin pretty fast from your child's wrists, especially when he's transformed into the amazing Super Man! This Halloween, get your child revved up for the costume season when you get him this Spider-Man Homecoming - Spider-Man Deluxe Muscle Boy's Costume! His muscles will bulge! His superpowers will grow stronger! As a superhero, he'll fight enemies left and right all Halloween!
Adult Wednesday The Thing Shoulder Sitter
Looking for the perfect accessory item to complete your Wednesday Addams look? Then look no further than our Wednesday Nevermore Academy Thing Shoulder Sitter. The Thing is a truly unique and peculiar character in the Addams Family world. A walking hand with mysterious origins who has been around for generations, with nobody quite knowing its identity... very spooky! A creepy and fun accessory for your Addams Family look this year, you definitely are not going to want to miss out on this great shoulder sitter. With this item, you will receive just the Thing shoulder sitter accessory you need to creep out all your friends and give everyone a fright. Featuring a life-like hand with all kinds of stitch mark accents all over the hand, with a dirty set of fingernails, this fun accessory is a must-have. Attaching it to your costume is easy as can be, as all it takes is the included magnets to perch the Thing right atop your shoulder. Wednesday Addams is great on her own, but with the Thing right there beside her the entire night, she's an even more dynamic dark force of energy to be reckoned with. Whether you're heading to a Halloween party or going trick or treating with the family, this Thing shoulder sitter is sure to please. If you're still on the hunt for the rest of your Wednesday Addams costume, be sure to check our site. With our Wednesday dress costumes, as well as wigs, makeup kits, and other stylish jewelry and accessories, you'll be all ready for whatever the world throws your way. Be sure to team up with your other favorite Nevermore Academy friends, like Enid, Bianca, and Yoko, for a truly fun night. Pick up your Thing shoulder sitter today, and go have an enchanting time you'll never forget!
Adult Mortal Kombat Sub Zero Costume
Head to the party wearing the Adult Sub Zero Mortal Kombat Costume and you'll be getting fatalities all night long. With this set, you will receive everything you need to cast balls of ice from your hands like a true ninja pro. Featuring an ice blue tunic with attached shoulder armor, a pair of black pants with attached shoe covers, and a matching headpiece with a foam face Sub Zero mask, you're going to have the time of your life sporting this one.
Adult Mandalorian Mandalorian Costume
Head to the party wearing the Adult Beskar Armor Mandalorian Costume and you'll be the most protected guy in the room. Nothing can get through Beskar armor, it's just too powerful of a material. Whether your foes are wielding lightsabers or shooting blasters, you won't feel a thing while you're sporting this great wear. Featuring an armored jumpsuit with padded details, attached shoe covers, a black cape, gloves, and a Mandalorian mask, you're going to love this look.
Adult Classic Star Wars Jedi Robe
What would a Jedi be without an awesome robe to show off his skill and rank? Not everyone had the right to wear these robes, but when you order the Men's Jedi Knight Robe you can fit right in with the highest ranking Jedi in the galaxy. You will look cool and confident while dealing with the bad guys in the only way they understand. Order now and prove how good of a warrior you are.
Adult Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume
Villains are just as stylish as most women, some just follow the style of their own drummer, like Harley Quinn. She is very flamboyant, as you can see in the Women's Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume, which is based on the outfit worn by Margot Robbie in the 2016 DC film. This outfit includes a blue and red crop jacket with attached shirt, blue/red shorts black/gold belt and black fishnet stockings. The top has the message "Daddy's Lil Monster" on front. In the movie, a secret government agency, ARGUS, recruits villains to its special forces squad instead of imprisoning them. Harley Quinn is one of those recruited. She is an off the wall character, probably crazier than her love obsession, the Joker. Once a respected psychiatrist, she met and fell in love with the Joker when he was sentenced to Arkham Asylum and that was her downfall. There is no downfall to our costume; you can have some fun being a little crazy this Halloween.
Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Uniform Adult Costume
Finally, Wednesday Addams found a place that not only accepts her love of the macabre and all things death but encourages it! At Nevermore Academy, Wednesday Addams can follow in Morticia and Gomez Addams’ footsteps and master her supernatural abilities. Now you can update your Wednesday Addams look and add her new school uniform to your wardrobe rotation in this Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Uniform Adult Costume. This adult costume features a black, gray and white striped blazer jacket and long skirt. The jacket has the Nevermore Academy crest on it and the costume also includes a gray sweater-like top with an attached white collar and black tie.
Women's Wednesday Addams Wig
Elevate your eerie elegance with the mesmerizing charm of the Wednesday Addams wig. Whether you're hesitating to fully embrace the Morticia look or simply captivated by Wednesday's unique flair, the answer lies in the Women's Wednesday Addams Wig, awaiting you at Envisioned to impeccably complement your costume or cosplay, this meticulously designed wig is your ideal choice for this year's transformative festivities. Immerse yourself in the persona of Wednesday Addams as you don her signature double braids and sleek obsidian bangs, perfectly encapsulated by this adult wig. Its uncanny resemblance to the beloved character promises to envelop you in an aura of gothic mystique, exuding the same audacious style that Wednesday embodies. Prepare to blur the lines between reality and fiction, embodying the eerie charm that has captured hearts for generations. Unveil the uncanny with every strand – this Wednesday Addams wig breathes life into your Halloween portrayal, ensuring an unforgettable and hauntingly immersive experience. Summon the enigmatic spirit of Wednesday herself, casting a spell that resonates beyond mere appearance. This year, seize the opportunity to etch your presence into the memories of all who cross your path. As the season approaches, seize the chance to infuse your festivities with a touch of dark sophistication. Let the Women's Wednesday Addams Wig weave its magic, making this Halloween a chapter destined to linger in the minds of all who bear witness.
Women's Wednesday Enid Sinclair Wig
Looking for something a bit brighter than the go-to Wednesday Addams look? Show off your Enid Sinclair flare with this Women's Wednesday Enid Sinclair Wig from With bright platinum, shoulder-length curls, and a few pastel strands here and there, this high-quality Enid Sinclair adult wig will have you bringing style and sass to the party - just beware the full moon!
The Batman Riddler Adult Deluxe Costume
Riddle us this! The more there is of me, the less you see. What am I? Im darkness. Darkness falls upon Gotham in the DC Comics movie, The Batman when the Riddler wreaks havoc throughout the city. This criminal genius is obsessed with Batman and leaves cryptic clues and puzzles at the scene of his crimes for Batman to solve. Now get Batman to solve your riddles in this officially licensed Adult Deluxe Riddler Costume! This ominous costume features a green hooded jacket with the Riddlers mysterious question mark printed on it. Also included are an attached mock sweater hood, green leather-like mask, and glasses.
Adult Bob Ross Painted Top
You'll be ready to film a how to video in seconds when you put on our Bob Ross Costume Top for a Halloween party! When you take out your paint set in this costume top, you'll feel like a master. Paint a bush in this costume top and all your costume party guests are going to be wowed. Plus, you won't have to worry about an uncomfortable costume when you have on this simple shirt!
Avengers: Spider-Man Iron Spider Child Costume
When you mix the technological mastery of Iron Man with the athletic prowess of Spiderman, you get Iron Spider, and your child is just going to love dressing up as this fascinating superhero this year with our Iron Spider Boys Costume With this set, you will receive a red, blue, and gold spider tech jumpsuit with attached shoe covers and a matching Spiderman mask. Perfect for annihilating foes and villains in multiple ways, your son is going to love this look.
Mandalorian Child Costume
Watch them return Grogu to his jedi home when your little one puts on our Mandalorian Child Costume. This costume features a padded muscle jumpsuit with an attached bandolier, utility belt, a plastic helmet mask, gloves, boot tops, and a detachable black cape. They will soar through the galaxy and protect Grogu efficiently in this costume and be the talk of the town for millenniums to come.
Adult Marvel Captain America Shield
Save the day and protect your powers with our Captain America Shield Prop. Boys can fight for liberty and justice with this superhero accessory. This accessory features the classic shield from the 2011 Captain America: The First Avenger film. This toy shield includes a 12" hard shield with a blue rim, silver, red and white with a blue center and a centered white star. Complete your Captain America superhero costume with this authentic hard shield. This is an officially licensed Captain America movie product by Marvel Studios.
Avengers: Captain America Child Costume
Your tot will be fighting for justice and defeating bad guys this Halloween when you get him all decked out in the Deluxe Captain America Super Hero Adventures Costume for Toddler If your child loves Captain America from the Avengers films, then he is going to absolutely love this heroic American get-up. Featuring a red, white, and blue muscle padded jumpsuit with attached gauntlets and boot tops, as well as the matching Captain America headpiece, Thanos won't stand a chance. Buy your Captain America toddler costume today!
Adult Elvis Glasses
You won't look like you rule rock and roll without these officially licensed Elvis Glasses. The traditional gold, aviator style sunglasses will match any Elvis costume, adding to your authentic King of Rock and Roll look.
The Batman Adult Deluxe Costume
Some call him the Caped Crusader, others the Dark Knight but now he’s Vengeance! The Batman is a DC Comics film adaptation of the legendary comic and stars Robert Pattinson as a young Bruce Wayne in his early crime-fighting days. Transform into The Batman and wage a vengeful war against Gotham’s criminals in this officially licensed Adult Deluxe Batman Costume straight out of the movie! This deluxe costume features a muscle chest padded jumpsuit styled like the fierce new Batsuit with attached arm gauntlets and boot tops and includes a detachable cape, utility belt, and 1/2 mask. Criminals Beware! The Bat is back!