Oktoberfest Costumes & Accessories

Oktoberfest Inspired Pet Costume
Everybody will be cheering your dog's name this year when they walk into the room wearing our Pet Oktoberfest Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your pup into the cutest little furball to ever make their way over from Germany. Featuring a green, white, and brown dirndl dress with red accents, floral print designs, and white lace, as well as a matching green hat with an attached yellow braid, you're going to love this look!
Adult Green Alpine Inspired Tyrolean Hat
You'll be ready for all kinds of woodland adventures this year when you're wearing our Feathered Alpine Hat. With this one, you will receive just the hat you need to brave the wilderness and turn life into a natural fairytale. Whether you're dressing up as Peter Pan, Robin Hood, or any other forest explorer on a mission, you're going to absolutely love wearing this fun green hat with its red feathered accent along the side.
Adult Plus Size Fraulein Costume
You'll be ready to drink and party all night long this Halloween when you buy the Fraulein Plus Size Adult Costume! Everybody loves a Bavarian beer girl. Walk into the party wearing this dazzling get-up and you'll be everybody's favorite person to see. With your purchase you will receive a knee-length Bavarian dress adorned with emerald green lace stitched in the front a red velvet apron with a bow along the skirt white lace trim and sleeves and a black mesh petticoat. Pair this costume with a pigtail hairstyle and of course a nice cold drink and you'll be all set to live it up with all of your friends. If you're looking for more great jewelry and 2018 Halloween Costume Accessories to dress up your costume be sure to check out our site. We have tons of fun options to choose from. Buy your plus size beer girl costume today and go make this Halloween a truly wild time!
Adult Fraulein Costume
Every year German culture is celebrated around the world at Oktoberfest festivities. First celebrated in Munich Bavaria Germany they have spread almost everywhere people of German ancestry have settled. The next time you celebrate Oktoberfest dress for the occasion in the Fraulein Costume for adults. This event has been celebrated in Munich since 1810 and it is the largest volkfest (beer fest) in the world with more than 6 million attendees. But you don't have to travel to Germany. Wear this to your local celebration and be the envy of all the other Frauleins there. The celebrations always have a great assortment of German food and German beers and they often parades as well. There is also a lot of open air concerts dances and theater. Local Oktoberfests may not have as much going on as the famous Bavarian festival but they are just as fun. After Oktoberfest is over wear this outfit on Halloween.
Kid's Gretel Costume
Your daughter will be re-enacting her favorite fairytale this year when you dress her up with our Gretel Girls Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a German fairytale character who knows to never believe a witch's word! Featuring a pretty white, green, and brown dirndl dress with an attached apron, you are not going to want to miss out on this fun look for your daughter this year.
Women's Blonde Wig with Braided Pigtails and Bangs
Show your love for Swedish culture this year when you get all dressed up wearing our Sweden Blonde Inga Wig. With this beautiful wig, you will receive just the set of hair you need to stun all your friends from the moment you walk through the door. Featuring a gorgeous set of blonde silky pigtails with front bangs, you're going to feel just like a superstar when you are wearing this stunning Swedish wig this year.
Adult Bavarian Maiden Costume
October is a doubly excellent month as far as this enticing costume is concerned. The Bavarian Maiden Beer Girl Gretchen Adult Halloween Costume features a cute and lovely brown and green peasant top dress with pink satin lace up. Stockings with matching bows are also included to make every guten tag a bright one. You'll be a busy girl serving up Oktoberfest fest style beer all month and will justly deserve a break for all your work at the end of the month. All the men at this year's adult themed Halloween party will raise their beer steins in adoration and proclaim you as the sexiest maid to ever grace their presence. Our accessories page features beer mug handbags, hair clips, and several other items that are perfect matches for your costume aspirations this year.
Lederhosen Pet Costume
Your pup will be all ready for Oktoberfest this year when you dress them up with our Pet Lederhosen Hound Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your furry canine friend into a real beer dog who knows a thing or two about pilsners and steins. Featuring a white and brown jumpsuit with a black floral design, a matching red scarf, and a green Alpine hat, you're going to fall in love with this adorable look on your pup this year.
Men's Green Oktoberfest Inspired Hat
Show off your Bavarian pride with this Men's Green Oktoberfest Inspired Hat. Whether you're pouring a pint at the beer tent, joining the parade, or just looking to celebrate the festivities in style, this vibrant green hat is the perfect accessory to complete your lederhosen look. This hat, made from soft green fabric, complete with a natural-looking green rope band and a multicolor feather, is just what you need to let loose and look your best for this classic German festival. Add a bit of flair to your wardrobe with this bold headpiece, crafted from high-quality materials designed to be comfortable and stay securely on your head all Oktoberfest long. See you there!
Adult Tavern Wench Plus Costume
When you wish to look unique and apart as an ale-serving damsel at the next Halloween Costume party or a SCA event, or the Renaissance Faire or even at a real-life role playing event, you must just go for nothing else but the Tavern Wench Adult Plus Costume. This comfortable and easy to wear tavern outfit comprises of a skirt in black, red or white, a hat, a blouse and a corset. You will look like a true to life female tavern server, serving pints of beer to customers. The dress is so comfy that you can dance all through the costume party night displaying a simple side of yours which you had secretly longed for always. To add more dimension to the bimbo girl looks, try wearing one of the Renaissance lady wigs that gives you a period hair style and you are sure to get many compliments. So remember to stand uncommon this Halloween!
Alpine Gray Hat
You'll be looking stylish as can be this year when you're wearing our Alpine Gray Hat. With this one, you will receive just the hat you need to take your explorer or hero look to the next level. Walk into the party sporting this fancy cap atop your head and you'll surely be making friends all night long. Featuring a gray hat with black, red, and gold rope cords at the base and a feathered accent on the side, you're going to love this one.
Kid's Hansel Costume
Bring your child's favorite fairytale to life this year when you dress your tyke up in our Hansel Boys Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your kid into a young boy who knows a thing or two about candy houses, evil witches, and bread crumbs. Featuring a brown pointy hat, a beige top, and a German lederhosen, you are going to love this fairytale inspired look this year for your son.
Adult Hansel Costume
Put a little fairytale magic in your Halloween celebration with this Adult One-Size-Fits-All Hansel Costume. It's a sweet set that comes with everything you need to transform you into little Hansel. This includes a brown, pointed hat, cutoff lederhosen, and a loose fitting white shirt with drawstring collar. Add a pair of brown shoes and that's it. Your'e done. Dressing up for Halloween doesn't have to be a time consuming ordeal. At least not with the Adult One-Size-Fits-All Hansel Costume in your corner.