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As one of the largest and oldest comic book companies, DC Comics has created some of the most legendary comic book characters of all time. Descend into Gotham’s underbelly in a Batman costume to take on the Joker, the Riddler, and his many other foes. Use your myriad of superpowers to save the world in a Superman costume or a Wonder Woman outfit, and join forces with Batman, Aquaman, and The Flash to form the powerful Justice League. Wreak some havoc while taking on high-risk covert missions with a Suicide Squad costume, or dress like their demented leader, Harley Quinn.

An extensive collection of DC Comics characters and their unique outfits from their many different movies and comics lives here at Costumes.com. Browse through our super selection of Officially Licensed DC costumes and accessories for kids and adults to create your ultimate superhero or villain costume!

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