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The DC Comics vs. Marvel debate may be one that goes on for eternity, but this year you can certainly show your support for your favorite DC Comics heroes and villains when you’re donning one of the powerful get-ups from this awesome collection.

Girls' DC Superhero Girls Harley Quinn Costume - Deluxe
Your daughter will look brilliantly wicked in this DC Superhero Girls Harley Quinn Deluxe Costume. Harley is one of the many students at Super Hero High working on various skills to use in battle. Many may know Harley has a villain but this popular animated series depicts her as a lovable goof. This costume includes a white top with black and red diamonds. This ensemble also comes with blue shorts and attached red and black leggings. A black wristband, belt, and eye mask also come with this garb. Fans of the cartoon or the character in general will enjoy dressing the part in this Harley Quinn costume. Take a look through our accessories and toy weapons for more superhero items to include with your order.
Adult Dark Knight Catwoman Costume
Share your excitement about the new The Dark Knight Rises movie with the Sexy Batman The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Women's Costume. This costume includes a form fitting black jumpsuit with 3/4 sleeves, a wide black belt with a molded gray buckle, elbow length black gloves, a pointy black Catwoman headpiece, and a pointed black eyemask. Catwoman is a super villain in Batman comic books, games, shows and movies. She is a skilled gymnast and burglar, and has sharp retractable claws, bullwhips and a cat o'nine tails. This outfit is based on her look from the 2012 movie ?The Dark Knight Rises.? You can complete the costume with accessories like black and brown wigs, tall black faux leather boots and heels, and black eyelashes, sold separately on our website. Also be sure to check out our other Batman costumes, easily found elsewhere on our website for a fun group costume.
Kids Dark Knight Joker Deluxe Costume
Some men just want to watch the world burn - but others simply want an unforgettable Halloween costume! For those in the last category, we have the Deluxe Joker Costume for Children. Outfit includes a pair of purple striped pants, and a solid purple long jacket with attached green vest, brown and yellow tie, and gray shirt. Last but not least (and certainly laughing!) is The Joker's terrifying and iconic made up face - including the red paint covering the smile-like scars. To take this look even further, pick up a make up kit from our accessories section, along with a pair of purple Joker gloves. Nicholson played him as an evil, whimsical clown prince. Ledger took him into over the edge psychotic territory. Now your child can add their own spin in this Deluxe Joker Child's Costume!
Deluxe Catwoman Girl's Costume
The coolest cat in all of Gotham! Selena Kyle
Teen Titans Robin Pet Costume
Holy Halloween, Batman! The Robin Costume for Pets is just what your furry friend needs to patrol Gotham as The Caped Crusader's sidekick. This officially licensed DC product features a polyester shirt in the style of The Boy Wonder himself. Also included is a matching eye mask and detachable cape. Order on our online store for great deals for human costumes as well!
The Batman Riddler Adult Deluxe Costume
Riddle us this! The more there is of me, the less you see. What am I? Im darkness. Darkness falls upon Gotham in the DC Comics movie, The Batman when the Riddler wreaks havoc throughout the city. This criminal genius is obsessed with Batman and leaves cryptic clues and puzzles at the scene of his crimes for Batman to solve. Now get Batman to solve your riddles in this officially licensed Adult Deluxe Riddler Costume! This ominous costume features a green hooded jacket with the Riddlers mysterious question mark printed on it. Also included are an attached mock sweater hood, green leather-like mask, and glasses.
Girls' DC Superhero Girls Harley Quinn Costume
Are you looking for a fun Halloween outfit for your little puddin'? We suggest the DC SuperHero Harley Quinn Child Costume. Included in this ensemble are a jumpsuit, eye mask, bracelet, and black belt. The jumpsuit features a top with red and black harlequin diamond designs and short black sleeves. Harley is one of the most popular DC characters because she is a little mad and falls somewhere between villain and anti-hero. She started out as a sidekick to Joker, who she calls Mr. J and is obsessively in love with. But she has moved on, made a friendship with Poison Ivy and becomes part of the Suicide Squad. She didn't have any super powers until Ivy injected her with an antitoxin that gives her increased strength and agility. Our costume can't give your child any super powers but it can be part of a fun Halloween. Wig is not included.
The Batman Adult Deluxe Costume
Some call him the Caped Crusader, others the Dark Knight but now he’s Vengeance! The Batman is a DC Comics film adaptation of the legendary comic and stars Robert Pattinson as a young Bruce Wayne in his early crime-fighting days. Transform into The Batman and wage a vengeful war against Gotham’s criminals in this officially licensed Adult Deluxe Batman Costume straight out of the movie! This deluxe costume features a muscle chest padded jumpsuit styled like the fierce new Batsuit with attached arm gauntlets and boot tops and includes a detachable cape, utility belt, and 1/2 mask. Criminals Beware! The Bat is back!
Kids' DC Comics Harley Quinn Mallet
Your daughter will be ready to handle herself in any battle with foes this year when she's wielding the Harley Quinn DC Super Hero Girls Mallet. With this powerful item, you will receive just the weapon your daughter needs to complete her Harley Quinn look. Featuring a long silver handle attached to a black and red checkerboard design mallet, this special weapon is both stylish and powerful. Perfect for smashing Batman, Robin, and other foes, she's going to love this accessory at her side.
Baby/Toddler DC Comics Robin Costume
Batman's sidekick Robin is known as the Boy Wonder to legions of fans all over the world. Now your own little boy wonder can garner his own adoring crowd in this Robin Infant Costume! It features a red and green romper, made to look just like Dick Grayson's acrobat-based superhero outfit, down to the yellow utility belt, matching yellow lacing on the front, and the recognizable black and yellow ?R? symbol on the left chest. Also included is a long black cape and matching black eye mask. He'll be keeping a smile on his face (and yours) while he keeps the streets of Gotham City safe and free from crime. And don't forget, we have plenty of Robin costumes for sale on our site once he outgrows this one! Start his adventure now, and order the Robin Costume for Infants today!
Kids DC Comics Harley Quinn Tutu Dress
Sometimes, it can be just as fun to play as a superhero villain. Introducing the Girls Harley Quinn Tutu Dress! If your daughter is set on going as Harley Quinn for Halloween, be sure to add this dress to her wardrobe. With that tutu dress, all what's left is to add some props and face paint for a killer look! Pretending to be a superhero can be cool and fun. However, being a villain, especially on Halloween can be just as exciting! Made from polyester, the dress comes with an eye mask, headpiece, collar, and glovelets.
Kids DC Comics Robin Deluxe Costume
Sidekicks are often underrated characters in comic books that are overshadowed by the main protagonist time and time again, but if your little one knows the importance of these heroes, then he'll love dressing as Batman's protege with the Deluxe Robin Child Costume. The outfit comes with a muscle chest jumpsuit with attached 3D gauntlets and green boot tops so that your little one can hide the comfortable shoes that he's wearing in order to prevent his feet from hurting after a night of saving Gotham--or a Halloween evening of trick or treating! A yellow belt and matching cape are also included, and the green eye mask will provide your tot with the finishing touch that will allow him to conceal his true identity from the villains that he may face when he's walking through the neighborhood this Halloween.
Kids Teen Titans Starfire Deluxe Costume
Whether she's a fan of Teen Titans or Teen Titans Go!, your child will enjoy setting foot in the Girl Starfire Deluxe Costume this Halloween. As the alien with the pink hair from a far away planet, Starfire is pretty as she is powerful. If this sounds like your little one, give her an awesome costume that's comfortable and cute. The Girl Starfire Deluxe Costume comes with a dress, boot tops, a belt and gauntlets.
Kids Teen Titans Starfire Deluxe Costume
Your daughter will be releasing all kinds of powerful UV starbolts this year when she's all dressed up in our Deluxe Girls Starfire Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your little angel into an alien princess superhero from the Teen Titans. Featuring a bright purple dress, a silver belt, matching gauntlets and an arm band, as well as a pair of purple boot tops, she's going to love this extraterrestrial look.
Adult DC Comics Batgirl Costume
Batman and Robin may get most of the glory, but Batgirl can kick criminal butt with the best of them - and she certainly looks better in skin tight clothing than Adam West ever did! This Adult Batgirl Costume for Women features a slim fitting black mini dress with a scooped neckline and bat wing hem along the short skirt. We've also included a pair of matching black boot tops, along with black gauntlets, black cape, and a black bat eye mask. Last but not least, you also receive a bright yellow utility belt that matches the yellow bat symbol on the chest. Dial up your crime fighting fashion at our accessories page by adding makeup, stockings, boots, a wig, and more. You'll be ready to show the boys how it's done in this Women's Adult Batgirl Costume!
Kids Dark Knight Catwoman Costume
Your girl will look as sassy as her favorite Batman character when she wears the Catwoman Costume for Girls. This costume includes a black jumpsuit with a front zipper detail and attached boot tops, a wide black utility belt, headpiece and a shiny black molded eye mask. Catwoman is a super villain in Batman comic books, TV shows and movies. She is known for her athletic and gymnastic abilities, burglary skill, and tight black costumes with climbing spikes and retractable claws. She uses a bullwhip and cat o' nine tails for self-defense and for gymnastic stunts. Whether your girl likes to watch Batman TV shows, saw the Catwoman movie or is excited about the new The Dark Knight Rises, she's sure to enjoy this authentically detailed costume. Be sure to check out our other super hero costumes, easily found elsewhere on our website for a fun group costume.
Blue Beetle Kids Costume
If your child dreams of wielding high-powered cannons, swords, and shields, they'll have a blast with our Blue Beetle Boy's Costume. This set has everything they need to channel their inner hero and take on Victoria Kord and other formidable foes. The blue armored jumpsuit with attached boot tops exudes strength and power, while the Blue Beetle 1/2 mask adds an authentic touch to their superhero transformation. Don't miss out on this opportunity for your child to showcase their heroic spirit. Get their Blue Beetle costume today and let them unleash the true power of insects upon the world.
DC League of Super Pets Superman Toddler Costume
Your little one is ready to join the Justice League and save the planet with this DC League of Super Pets Superman Toddler Costume! Immediately recognizable and absolutely iconic, your child has one of the most beloved superhero costumes of all time. This comfortable padded jumpsuit includes a detachable cape and padded boot tops. When your kid is on one of their super adventures, don't let them forget their trusty dog, Krypto, so they can save the day together!
The Batman Deluxe Kids Costume
Batman is waging a vengeful war against crime in the DC Comics film, The Batman. During Batmans early crime-fighting days, he must hunt down the cryptic Riddler, who is targeting the elite of Gotham. Your little hero can don their own Batsuit straight from the movie with this officially licensed Deluxe Batman Costume! Stop the widespread corruption that plagues Gotham in this deluxe muscle padded jumpsuit that has attached boot covers and 3D arm gauntlets. This costume also includes a detachable cape, 1/2 mask, and utility belt to create the ultimate superhero outfit!
Adult Justice League Wonder Woman T-Shirt
Join your friend's in the DC universe with this Wonder Woman Costume Kit for Women. The cape and headband will make you stand out from the crowd. You'll be able to use the Lasso in truth that you recreate from some yellow rope to find the best drink in the party.
Teen Titans Robin Big Dog Pet Costume
If you're dressing up as Batman this year, then don't forget to get your pup in on the action with our Pet Robin Big Dog Costume! Every superhero needs a sidekick, and there's no better sidekick in the world than Robin. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your little furball into the cutest sidekick to ever come out of Gotham. Featuring a red and green Robin shirt, a yellow cape, and a black eye mask, you're going to love this adorable look on your dog.
Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Pet Costume
Your pup will be ready to join Joker's gang of mischievous henchmen this year when you pick up our Pet Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your little furry friend into a wild and chaotic supervillain who loves playing a good trick. Featuring a step in Harley Quinn shirt with a "Puddin" necklace and a blonde, pink, and blue wig, your dog will feel like a true menace this year sporting this DC look.
Adult Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Costume
Whether you've played the game or just want a sexy super villain look, you'll enjoy wearing the Sexy Batman Arkham City Harley Quinn Women's Costume. This costume includes a burgundy and black faux leather corset top with black side straps and matching shoulder straps, form fitting black and burgundy pants with a wide studded black belt, a matching faux leather choker, and long burgundy and black glovelettes. This costume is based on Harley Quinn's look from the 2011 action-adventure video game ?Batman: Arkham City.? Harley Quinn is a supervillainess in Batman comic books and TV shows who is the Joker's girlfriend. You can complete the look with accessories like tall black faux leather boots, blonde wigs, black eyelashes and makeup, sold separately on our website. You'll be ready for action in this revealing ensemble.
Womens Robin T-Shirt Costume Kit
She's no ordinary sidekick! Join Batman in the fight to rid Gotham city of it's chaos causing villains this Halloween. The Robin (Female) T-Shirt Adult Costume includes a printed t-shirt
Adult DC Comics The Joker Cane
This Joker Cane Costume Accessory is ready to be the finishing touch on your unforgettable and complete Joker costume! Made of high-quality and durable materials create as Dynamic a character as you can with the inclusion of the clown Prince of crimes trademark walking stick! Check out all of our Joker costume 2018 Halloween Costume Accessories to build your perfect look! Order yours online today!
Kids DC Comics Joker Costume
Your child will be feeling like the King of Gotham this year when you dress them up in our Joker Kids Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your kid into a truly chaotic criminal who loves nothing more than to stir some anxiety in Batman and those who believe in justice and order. Featuring a purple pinstripe jumpsuit with attached shoe covers, as well as a spiky green hair headpiece, your little one is going to have the time of their life donning this look.
Adult Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume
Head to the party sporting the Harley Quinn Womens Costume and you'll have everybody's eyes on you the entire night. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the gorgeous and wild trickster villain we all have come to love. Featuring an embroidered red and blue jacket with sequin embellishments, a raglan shirt, red and blue sequin shorts, and a black studded belt, you don't want to miss out on this sassy attire.
Adult Dark Knight Batman Deluxe Muscle Chest Costume
Delve into the world of the Dark Knight in the eye-catching black superhero suit of The Dark Knight Adult Costume. This elite ensemble features a broad chest design with a bat shape on the front as well as chest and ab details created on the torso of the suit. The long sleeves have three pieces of material standing up on the sides for that authentic movie inspired look. A thick gold belt wraps around the waist and features a Dark Knight inspired emblem on the front. Don't forget to attach the cape that also comes with this costume for a realistic touch. In addition, this outfit includes a black Batman headpiece with eye cut outs, bat ears, and an open design that will let your mouth and jaw be seen. The jumpsuit also comes with attached pants and boot covers for a head to toe finish unlike any other.
Adult Arkham Knight Deathstroke Deluxe Costume
Become one of the most twisted psychopaths in Gotham City in our Batman Arkham - Deathstroke Deluxe Adult Costume! This full bodysuit will turn you into one of the members of the motley crew of inmates in Arkham Asylum. Show your love for the DC Comics Universe in this canon-accurate Deathstroke costume!
Adult Justice League Batman Costume
Protect your version of Gotham City in the Adult's The Batman Costume. This jumpsuit will have you ready to defeat all of the supervillains in town and remind your kids who the superhero is. The one of a kind outfit will be sure to strike fear into all criminals around.

Show off your superspeed as the Flash, soar through the sky as Superman or Supergirl, or become a shadow crusader as Batman with all of these instantly recognizable superhero costumes. From Wonder Woman to Blue Beetle to Aquaman to Robin to Shazam, superheroes and their sidekicks in all of their current and vintage costume forms are ready to be worn from this iconic collection.

If you’re feeling villainous, don’t worry. With our Joker, Harley Quinn, Black Manta, Deadshot, and other supervillain looks, we’ll be sure you’re looking stylish as you wreak havoc across the Earth and make all of the superheroes sweat.

From Halloween to cosplay events to DCEU movie premieres, our collection of DC Comics Costumes and Accessories for all ages (and species) will have you and your family ready to save the day in style!