Kids Decade Costumes

No matter what year's style has your child mesmerized, they can step into the fashion of the 20s, 50s, or the 80s with our decades costumes. You'll find their outfit is adorable anywhere at any time, so give them a Swingin' 60s birthday party or bring them out trick or treating as "The King." Even if they've only seen these decades in movies, they can live out their fantasies as an 80s glam-pop star, Elvis Presley, or a hippie at Woodstock.
Kids Rock Stars Elvis Deluxe Costume
Your little one will be the cutest thing to ever hit the stage this year when you dress them up in our Deluxe Toddler Elvis Costume. With this adorable set, you will receive everything your kid needs to sing all your favorite classics. Whether they're singing Hound Dog, Can't Help Falling in Love, or Mystery Train, they'll surely be looking like pure magic when they're sporting this great Elvis Presley costume. Pair with a matching wig from our site to really complete the look!
Kids Rock Stars Elvis Costume
You're never too young to be a fan of the original King of Rock and Roll, and with this Elvis Presley Child's Costume, your little heart breaker will be ready to wow! This costume features a white jumpsuit adorned with red, yellow, and blue sequins and detailing. Also included is a matching white belt with similar spangled decoration, and a brilliant red scarf to tuck in to the wide neckline. If you're really looking to make the girls scream with delight, dance on over to our accessories page where you'll find Elvis wigs, microphones, shades, and more to complete this look. Whether you like the ?old? or the ?young? Elivs, you're sure to love the sight of your child in this musical legend's getup. No one is ?nothing but a hound dog? when dressed like the King, so be sure to order your Child Elvis Presley Costume today!
Kid's Hippie Costume
Spread the message of peace love and understanding to your child. Start with the Hippie Costume for Kids. Included in this colorful set are pants and a shirt with attached vest. The vibrant pants feature a pattern of flowers in red orange yellow green and blue. Flowers represent peace for the members of the hippie counterculture in the 1960s and 1970s. That is a great message to convey and we all should continue to strive for peace. The white long sleeve shirt features a v-neck with collar and attached is a vest with the same floral print. Blue fringe trims the bottom of the vest. Forget about all those dark and scary costumes that you have seen. Order this bright and cheery outfit. Place an order today and take advantage of our low prices quick shipping and great service. Sandals eyeglass frames wig bandana jewelry and flower are not included.
Baby/Toddler Rock Stars Elvis Costume
Elvis was always using the word ?baby? in his songs, and now you can bring a little bit of the king into your own baby's life! This Infant/Toddler Romper Elvis Costume features a one piece white romper detailed with printed red, blue, and gold rhinestones, as well as a screen printed belt. Additional details include red patches at the bell bottom legs, and a red scarf printed along the collar and chest. You can take this outfit to even higher hunka burnin' love heights by adding a microphone, also available on this site. Pop stars are getting younger and younger these days, now you can have your youngest be the King in the Elvis Infant/Toddler Romper Costume.
Kid's Psychedelic Swirl Disco Shirt Costume
Girls will go crazy for you this Halloween when they see you in the Boy's Psychedelic Disco Swirl Costume Shirt! You'll be cooler Tony Manero or even Prince when you slide into this groovy shirt. You can't rock the dance floor if you don't have a far out disco outfit. This Boy's Psychedelic Disco Swirl Costume Shirt features iridescent fabric with geometric swirls that give the illusion that it moves which makes it the perfect choice for the disco scene. This includes one costume shirt in boy's sizes x-small small medium large and x-large. Shoes pants and jewelry are sold separately. Prepare to travel back to the 1960's and 1970's with this disco outfit. No one will be able to resist your dance moves and swagger! Boogie on down to the disco when you wear this Boy's Psychedelic Disco Swirl Costume Shirt for trick or treating on Halloween or at a themed costume party.
Kid's Wild Costume
Your little rebel will have the time of her life this year when she's sporting our Wild Child Girls Costume. With this free spirited look, your little tyke will be breaking all the rules without breaking a sweat. Featuring a black "I heart the 80's" shirt with colorful designs, a pair of pink and black tiger stripe pants, a pink sash belt, fishnet glovelets, and a matching pink headband, you won't want to miss out on this one.
Baby/Toddler Rock Stars Elvis Costume
Elvis is known as the king of rock an roll and he is still one of the most well known people in American music history. Show your enthusiasm for the king with this Elvis Jumper Costume for Newborns and rock on. This costume features a black cap that says ?The King? across the forehead, a white onsie with large collar and golden decorations that resemble Elvis's famous white suit that he would wear during costumes. This costume also includes white pants and black booties that say ?Elvis? on the right foot and ?Lives? on the left foot. This adorable costume is sure to attract lots of attention. If you love Elvis then this costume is great for dressing up your aspiring rock and roller whether it is for Halloween or some other celebration.
Kid's 80s Punk Rock Star Girl Costume
You may not have been born in the 1980s but that doesn't mean that you're not ready to rock. Doesn't matter how old or young you are you are wild at heart no matter the age! Let your inner rocker out this Halloween season and impress others at the party with your new look. Includes mesh shirt top with attached skirt and leggings.
Kid's Peace Lovin Hippie Costume
Teach your child the value of peace love and understanding and start by ordering the Peace Lovin' Hippie Costume for Girls. The dress includes an attached vest and comes with a coordinating headband and fringe boot tops. In the 1960s and 1970s young people rebelled against the older generations and that was reflected in the way they dressed. Long hair for men and colorful clothes for all was in fashion. They wanted and end to war and preached for peace not bad values to have. Flowers representing peace and love were used often in fashion. Real flowers were worn in the hair and clothes featured flower patterns just like our mini dress. The v-neck dress also has long sleeves that are a little flared at the end. The attached brown vest is trimmed in fringe and accented with a colorful peace symbol flowers the word peace. Glasses and jewelry are not included.
Kid's 50's Diner Waitress Costume
Your daughter will be making every customer happy this year when she's wearing our 50's Diner Waitress Girls Costume. With this adorable set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a beautiful waitress who knows just how to serve her customers right. Featuring a beautiful black and pale blue dress, a matching apron, and a pale blue hat headband, you can't go wrong with this precious diner look for your daughter this year.
Kid's 80'S Rock Star Boy Costume
Rock and roll returns in the bold red, black and white design of the 80s Rock Star Boys Costume. This look includes a bold red bandana, which can be worn over your child's head or one of our long rock star wigs. A black mesh shirt fits loosely over the snug skull and crossbones tank top that is also included. There is an eye-catching silver belt with a pattern of small shiny squares that wraps around the waist. Straight leg zebra pants are also included, so your son will feel capable of really putting on a wild performance. There is a coordinating red bandana that can be tied around the leg, so your child will have that full rock inspired appearance. Wear this look with studded gloves, wrist bands, and a microphone, which can all be purchased separately. Shoes not included.
Kid's White Disco Pants Costume
Your child will feel on top of the world dancing in our White Disco Pants for Boys this year. With this pair, you will receive just the set of pants your child needs to really bust a move out there on the dance floor. Nobody will be able to keep up while he is wearing these dapper white pants. Pair these with a shimmery disco shirt and some disco accessories from our site and your kid's costume will really be a hit.
Kid's Grease Costume
He doesn't have his license yet, but he'll be looking and feeling like a genuine bad boy of the 50s in the Kids Greaser Costume. The costume features black pants, a black vinyl front zipper jacket, and mysterious and cool sunglasses. With a jar of pomade, your son can style his hair in the fashionable pompadour, get in his Mercury Eight hot rod, and go cruising for babes around the fast food joints. Okay, maybe not quite considering that those cars are relics and he doesn't yet have an interest in girls, but the spirit of rebellion that the subculture encompassed will be there in his swagger as he goes trick or treating this year. If there's a Halloween party to attend, make sure to put on some rockabilly to get him dancing the Hully-Gully.
Kids' Fifties Girl Costume
Your little angel will be looking too cute this year when she's wearing our 50's Girl Kids Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a beautiful pink poodle princess. Featuring a gorgeous two toned pink dress with an attached pale pink jacket, a dark pink poodle skirt, and a black faux leather belt, you are going to fall in love with this precious look on your tyke this year when she's wearing this one.
Kid's Poodle Skirt Costume
The Kids Poodle Skirt Ladylike fashion and the poodle skirt dominated the 1950s. A poodle skirt is a wide swing skirt with a poodle appliqued or transferred onto the fabric. Our Poodle Skirt offers a retro throwback look with a light pink skirt with a black poodle graphic. Poodles were not the only items used to adorn these skirts, they are just the best remembered. These type of skirts complimented the tailored look favored in the 50s. Whether as at left with a broader front panel or at right with the slightly larger flare to the skirt. This top is one of our most coolest in stock and at such an affordable price it's sure to be a great steal this Halloween. Shoes are not included with the outfit but our Black Child Ballet Slippers will look excellent with the costume. You can add to the retro look by accessorizing with our large assortment of accessories such as: Black 50s Glasses or Poodle Earrings.
Kid's Psychedelic Swirl Disco Diva Costume
Do you need a far out costume for Halloween? The Women's Disco Diva Psychedelic Swirl Costume is the perfect choice for a trippy disco outfit! You'll love the iridescent long sleeved dress and head bandana that features purple green pink silver and blue colors in a pattern of swirls. The Women's Disco Diva Psychedelic Swirl Costume includes a black and white circle belt one head bandana and a dress available in x-small small medium and large that fits most adults. The go-go boots and peace sign jewelry can be purchased separately. Whether you're hitting the dance floor going trick or treating heading to a Halloween party or a disco themed occasion this is the best disco outfit. Travel back in time to the 1970's when everything was about peace love happiness and dancing! Wherever you go everyone will become entranced when you wear the Women's Disco Diva Psychedelic Swirl Costume!
Kid's 70s Disco Fever Costume
If your child loves to dance, then the white and black 70's Disco Fever Kids Costume is the perfect ensemble to show off his moves! This fun themed outfit features a stylish long sleeved white jacket with an attached black shirt and white vest. The black collar of the shirt shows on the outside of the jacket for a bold contrast. Black cuffs are also visible near the wrists. Coordinating white pants are also included with this flashy look. Jewelry and shoes are not included. We recommend pairing this look with comfortable black dress shoes. Everyone will want to boogie with your stylish little guy at his next costume party! This item is great for Halloween and themed dances. Boys who enjoy entertaining an audience will especially love this design!
Kids Grease Jacket
Join Rizzo and the gang when you put on the Grease Girls Pink Ladies Jacket. This pink jacket is a real treat, featuring the Pink Ladies logo right on the back. Pair this with a funky skirt, and there won't be any stopping you. Buy your Grease Girls Pink Ladies Jacket today, and this Halloween, sing Summer Nights and all the rest of your favorite songs!
Kid's Flower Power Costume
Attention ladies and gentlemen, the train is pulling in to Funkytown station! Introduce your child to a time of peace, love, and granola with this groovalicious kid's Flower Power Halloween Costume. Included is a psychedelic vest hemmed in bright red fringe and patterned in a floral design with all the colors of a 1970's rainbow. A pair of matching color pants flare out into bell bottoms, while a simple black tube top ties it all together and proves once and for all that we can all just get along. Your kid will have a far out time getting to know their Awe Sooky Sooky side, and you'll dig the vibes when you see the reflection of your own awesome possum years. Take it to the max by accessorizing with 70's era wigs, jewelry, footwear, and more. And at the end of the day, don't forget to just let it all hang out. LOO-kin' GOOOOOOOD!
Kids 80 Material Girl Costume
Take a trip back in time to the outrageous and carefree 1980s when you put on this Material Girl Costume for Kids! This complete, attention-getting multi colored tutu style costume is a great way to celebrate the music and style that made this decade so terrific! Perfect for any costumes occasion year-round or just everyday play time! Makes a terrific family costuming theme when everyone dresses in iconic 80s fashion! Find everything you need and our radical selection 1980s costumes and accessories for the entire family!
Kid's Black Disco Pants Costume
Do you love to dance the night away? If you're looking for a unique Halloween costume then you can't go wrong with a disco outfit. Put together the best disco costume with these Black Disco Pants for Boy's! You can wear them with any disco shirt and they're super comfortable to move around in whether dancing the YMCA or going trick or treating. The Black Disco Pants for Boy's feature a high waist and is tailor made to look like iconic disco pants from the 70's. These pants are 100% polyester and available in boy's sizes small medium large and x-large. Take a trip down memory lane when you boogie on Halloween with the Black Disco Pants for Boy's! These pants are so versatile that you can wear them with any costume top to complete your Halloween costume! Grab your dance partner and hit dance floor with the Black Disco Pants for Boy's!
Kids Lunch Lady Costume
Your daughter will be serving up everyone lunch this year when they're wearing our Lunch Lady Girls Costume. With this adorable set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into the cutest lunch lady to ever make a sloppy joe. Featuring a pale blue dress with ketchup and mustard prints, a gray haired wig, and a black hair net, you're going to love this precious lunch lady look on your tyke this year.
Kid's Totally 80's Costume
Do you want your Halloween to be 80's to the max? Be terrific and tubular in the Totally 80's Costume For Girls! This blue off-the-shoulder shirt wide black belt pink and black tutu blue animal print leggings and black fishnet glove are totally rad. You were born too late to experience this awesome decade for yourself but you'll have so much fun pretending you're in the 80's.
Kid's 20's Lil' Gangster Costume
Come here... I'll make you an offer you can't refuse. What is that offer exactly? Well it's to buy the Lil' Gangster Child 20's Costume for Halloween this year! Trust me this costume is a real Italian treat. When you put this mobster get-up on you'll feel just like the kingpin of a giant underground criminal organization. Everybody will secretly fear you and respect you whenever you walk into the room dressed as this powerful mob boss. With your purchase you will receive a long black shirt with an attached pinstripe vest a white tie and a pair of matching pinstripe pants. Pick up a fancy fedora and a toy gun from our site then throw on some shiny black dress shoes and your gangster costume will be ready for business. Go trick or treating as this special mobster this Halloween and you'll certainly have the time of your life. Pick up your costume today and go make this Halloween your best one yet!
Kid's Gangster Suit Costume
Your little guy will be the most intimidating mob boss in town this year when you dress them up in our Gangster Suit Boys Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your kid needs to get the whole gang together for a wicked heist. Featuring a black and white pinstripe suit jacket with pockets and black buttons, as well as a matching pair of pinstripe pants, you are going to love this special look.
Kids Rock Stars Michael Jackson Jacket
Michael Jackson was the last true superstar in the world of pop music, and now your child can moonwalk in his legendary footsteps with this Boys Michael Jackson Red Military Costume Jacket! The jacket is bright red with a high collar, and brilliant gold colored detailing printed on the chest, shoulders, sleeves, and torso. It's the perfect piece for your child to throw on over his own pants for a quick costume. Or, you crank up the amp by adding additional items from our accessories page, like wigs, hats, sunglasses, microphones, gloves, and more. The red military style jacket was one of Michael Jackson's signature looks. All your boy has to do is strike the right pose, and there will be no doubt that the King of Pop has returned! Order the Michael Jackson Boys Red Military Jacket today!
Kids Rock Stars Michael Jackson Deluxe Jacket
With our Michael Jackson Deluxe Billie Jean Jacket, you are the one! Michael Jackson is known as the King of Pop and thanks to all his popular songs, this item is going to be a big hit. It is a long sleeved jacket which is open with no fasteners. Black is its only color but does have numerous attached shining, metallic sequins. Wear it to perfect your performances when on the stage! This Billie Jean jacket is great for young fans to enjoy along with other products on our website.
Kid's Poodle Dress With Scarf And Belt Costume
This Poodle Dress with Scarf & Belt is just doggone stylish! The top is designed with black and white stripes, which is separated by a black patent belt from the bubblegum pink skirt. A silver sequin dog leash extends from the belt to a black applique of a French poodle. Available in several sizes that range from 4 to 12, this retro chic dress is the cool choice for a Halloween party or sock hop event. In the 1950s, American teenagers were more rebellious and independent than they had been in generations past. Favorite pastimes included drive-in movies, bowling and dancing to rock and roll. In the 1950s, many American teens lived in a home with a TV. Your daughter can have fun pretending to be a part of this generation when she wears this cool dress. Shoes, eyeglasses and scarf not included, but may be purchased separately.
Kid's Boogie Girl Costume
Bust out the disco ball this year because someone is bound to be a dancing queen in our Child Boogie Girl Costume! This costume includes a halter top jumpsuit with matching gloves! The jumpsuit resembles a disco ball itself with the multicolored stretchy poly knit that shimmers from across the room! You will shine in the lights, and be mesmerized by the great silhouette! There is a tradition era collar around the neck The pants run straight until the knee area and then flare into a strong bell bottom! The elbow length gloves perfectly match the jumpsuit, truly finishing this outfit in true disco style! To really complete the Child Boogie Girls' Costume take a look at our immense variety of disco accessories! Now, gather up your favorite disco albums, and teach your child the signature moves!
Kids Flower Costume
Do your grandparents always talk about how great the 60s were and you wish you could've experienced the decade yourself? Unfortunately time machines don't exist yet but we have the next best thing: the Flower Child Costume for Girls! This groovy hippie costume can be ordered in small medium or large and includes a shirt a pair of pants and a head scarf. You'll exude 60s style in the comfortable blue bellbottom pants. The lovely floral shirt has bell sleeves and is a vivid sight in pink purple turquoise orange green and yellow. Once you put on the matching head scarf you'll look like you're ready to rock out at Woodstock or attend a drum circle. The 60s were all about peace and love two things everyone could use a little more of. That amazing decade was outta sight and you will be too when you wear the Flower Child Costume!