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M&M's Red Adult Costume
M&M's Red Adult Costume
Get ready to be the wittiest treat at any party with our M&M's Red Adult Costume. Step into the world of delectable delights as you transform into everyone's favorite color M&M. Red has been the main M&M spokescandy since 1996 and doesn’t want to give that celebrity status up anytime soon! If you are quick-witted, an expressive extrovert and like to be the center of attention, Red is the right M&M for you. This enticing costume set includes everything you need to become the life of the party. The bright red snack-inspired foam tabard tunic captures the iconic M&M's charm and will make you stand out in any crowd. If someone claims all M&Ms taste the same, you will be ready to prove them wrong! Whether you are attending a costume party, Halloween gathering, or any event where snacks take center stage, this delectable ensemble is a must-have. Dressing up as the M&M’s is a classic Halloween costume and is a quick and easy group costume idea. Indulge your playful side and bring smiles to everyone as you embrace this delectable world with our officially licensed M&M costumes. Grab a color for all your friends or family! Don't miss out on the chance to become the tastiest M&M in the bag. Grab your M&M's Red Adult Costume today and get ready to spread sweetness and joy wherever you go!
M&M's Green Adult Costume
M&M's Green Adult Costume
Become everybody's favorite little chocolate circle this year when you get all decked out in our M&M's Green Adult Costume. Head to the party donning this special green costume and you'll be making a case for why the green M&M is the best one in the bag. M&M's are a true classic when it comes to chocolate, having been around for almost 100 years! With such a timeless snack, it's no wonder kids and adults have fallen in love with these colorful little orbs of chocolate. Put on this M&M costume, and you're sure to be the life of the party wherever you go. With this fun green M&M costume, you will receive everything you need to steal the show in a flash. Featuring a bright green officially licensed M&M foam tabard tunic with a big white lowercase "M" printed right on the front, this costume is sure to be a hit for any occasion. Just put on a pair of black pants and a white undershirt and you'll be ready to play the part of your favorite colored M&M. It's not easy being the most delicious snack in the room, but somebody's gotta do it! Whether you're headed to a Halloween party with friends or going trick or treating with the kids, this costume is sure to bring a smile to everyone's face. If you have a friend or partner who wants to tag along and match you, be sure to show them our M&M's Yellow Adult Costume so you can storm the town as an M&M duo that can't be beaten. Also, be sure to check our site for other fun candy costumes for adults and kids. Nothing beats a chocolate candy family costume theme when trick or treating! Pick up yours today, and go make this your most magically delicious night yet.
M&M's Yellow Adult Costume
M&M's Yellow Adult Costume
You'll be looking and feeling like a great big ball of chocolatey sunshine this year when you get all decked out in our M&M's Yellow Adult Costume! If you're a huge fan of M&M's in all their forms, then you're going to absolutely love sporting this classic wear this year. Whether you want to be a classic chocolate-filled M&M, a peanut M&M, a white chocolate M&M, or any other type is totally up to you. As the yellow M&M, you're clearly the happiest of the bunch of chocolatey circles, so don't hold back on spreading some candy cheer to all your friends and family while donning this one. With this Yellow M&M costume, you will receive everything you need to show your love for M&M's in the biggest way possible. Featuring a bright yellow officially licensed M&M foam tabard tunic with a big white lowercase "M" printed right on the front, this costume is the real deal. The tunic also features two big white eyes, black eyebrows, and a smiling mouth right on the front, giving this M&M way more personality than the ones you find in the bag. Just throw on a pair of pants and a white undershirt and you'll be ready to rock! Whether you're trick or treating with your kids or heading to a Halloween party with friends or coworkers, this yellow M&M costume is sure to be a big hit. After all, who doesn't love M&M's? Team up with a partner for an unforgettable M&M costume theme night. With our green adult M&M costume on our site, we have just the look your bud will need to make this theme night a great success! We also have some great Hershey Kiss and Hershey Chocolate Bar costumes for the kids if you want to trick or treat in style as a bunch of chocolates together. Pick up yours today!