Facial Hair

The bearded lady can't entertain at the circus without her beard, and a dastardly villain can't tie a young lady to the train tracks without a long curly mustache! Facial hair makes the face, so find the mustache, goatee, or even soul patch that will give you the face you need for your costume. That way, when you ride up on your fixed gear bike in your hipster costume, you can have the iconic hipster mustache to go with the look.
Kids' The Lord of the Rings Gandalf Wig and Beard
This Adult Lord of the Rings Gandalf Beard and Wig Set is sure to have your child ready for an epic adventure this Halloween. The long white wizard's hair and matching beard will have your little one looking good enough to lead the Fellowship towards victory!
Adult The Lord of the Rings Gandalf Beard
Give yourself the look of a wizened wizard with our Gandalf Beard Kit. This grey beard and wig set features gentle curls the each past the chest. Become the mighty Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit in this wizard beard kit.
Adult Black Handlebar Mustache
If you want a look as dandy as those worn by strapping 1800s men, then our Real Black Handlebar Moustache is for you! This fake mustache is curled into a handlebar style that was popular in the late 19th century. Pair this distinguished lip wig with a patriotic skimmer hat or a bamboo cane for a quality period look.
Boys' White Santa Beard and Mustache Set - Economy
Sometimes the kids like dressing up as Santa Claus, too! Help them look like Old Saint Nick's Mini-Me with this Child's Santa Claus Beard. They'll need the rest of the getup if they want to look convincing, but the beard is certainly an excellent start!
Adult Variety Pack of Mustaches
Not sure what moustache to wear with your costume this year? Then make it easy with our 12 Pack of Moustaches! With this set, you will receive all of the moustaches you need to make sure you choose the best one for your costume's look this year. Featuring brown, black, and gray moustaches all in different styles, such as the "Party Boy", the "Scoundrel," and the "Bandit," you'll certainly find one that works for you with this great kit.
Boys' White Santa Beard and Mustache Set - Deluxe
Make this holiday season even happier with this Boys' White Santa Beard and Mustache Set. Make your little one the star of the holiday party in a look that'll put a smile on all your guests' faces. The snow-white set is made from soft, synthetic fibers that look realistic and feel comfortable on the skin, and the attached elastic band makes it easy to slip on and remove throughout the night. Get ready to capture lots of cheerful memories with this novelty costume accessory. Santa's coming to town, and your little elf will be the talk of the party with this authentic disguise.
Adult White Santa Eyebrows - Deluxe
Intensify your Santa Claus costume this year with a fun accessory. Buy the Deluxe Santa Eyebrows today! These large white eyebrows are perfect for any Santa ensemble. Master the appearance of Saint Nick with these eyebrows.
Adult 14-inch Gray Mustache and Beard
You'll be looking truly burly this year when you show up to the party wearing our Gray Moustache and Beard. Whether you're dressing up as an old man, a homeless man, or anyone else in need of some wild flair, you are going to absolutely love this facial hair set. Featuring a long gray bushy beard that comes down to the chest as well as a matching moustache, you're going to have a blast wearing these.
Adult White Short Beard and Mustache
For any distinguished costume.From Garden Gnomes to Little Blue Men
Adult Gray Old Man Self Adhesive Mustache and Eyebrows
You'll be yelling at all the kids to get off your lawn this year when you dress up with our Elderly Moustache and Eyebrows. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a grouchy old man who knows a thing or two about the olden days. Featuring a bushy gray set of eyebrows as well as a matching bushy moustache, you definitely don't want to miss out on these easy to apply pieces of facial hair this year.
Abraham Lincoln Beard
Head to the party wearing the Abraham Lincoln Beard and you'll be telling everyone what it's like being one of the tallest presidents to ever rule over America. With this one, you will receive just the set of dark facial hair you need to complete your Honest Abe look. Featuring a bushy black beard that starts from the sideburns and wraps below the chin, you are going to love sporting this presidential look this year.
Uncle Sam Beard
It's time to stir up some eligible recruits into action and get them into shape to defend the country. This self-adhesive Uncle Sam Beard will be the final touch you'll need to point at people and let them know exactly what you want.
Adult Black Mustache
A black moustache can be the finishing touch to a lot of costumes. This adult sized Black Moustache is perfect for a Senor costume, or Mario outfit, or an adventurer or outlaw. This moustache is made out of 100% human hair, so it's as realistic as they get.
Brown Moustache and Beard
You'll be the leader of the motorcycle gang this year when you get all dressed up with our Brown Moustache and Beard. With this set, you will receive just the beard and moustache you need to instantly assert yourself as the king of the crew. Featuring a burly brown beard that comes down to the chest as well as a matching brown moustache, you definitely don't want to miss out on this facial hair with the rest of your look this year.
Adult White Santa Beard and Mustache
Take on the role of Christmas' biggest character with our Simply Santa Beard & Moustache. This full beard kit covers you from the lip down in a furry set of facial hair. Pair this beard with a white wig and other Santa accessories for a complete look.
Santa Eyebrows Accessory
Take your Santa Claus costume up a notch this year when you put on our Santa Eyebrows Accessory. With this fun accessory, you will receive just the pair of eyebrows you need to become the happiest man to ever call the North Pole home. Featuring a white and bushy pair of eyebrows to pair with the rest of your Saint Nicholas attire, you are going to have an absolute blast sporting these on your face this year.
Men's Brown Handlebar Moustache
Looking for the perfect mustache to complete your look this year? Look no further than our Men's Brown Handlebar Moustache! Perfect alongside a whole variety of costumes and accessories from our site, your look is sure to be a huge hit when you're wearing this fun moustache! This all-brown moustache is easy to put on and remove, super versatile, and crafted to stay in place all night, so it'll be easy-peasy to come up with the perfect Halloween look to rock this year!
Santa Eyebrows
A well-known feature of Santa's face is his bushy white eyebrows, and if yours don't have quite enough fluff to pull it off on their own then you can grab these Santa Eyebrows to help complete your look. We also carry Santa Eyebrow Whitener, so you can make your own eyebrows white, but maybe those aren't bushy enough to look convincing. Well, that's where these fake eyebrows come in! You'll be even harder to recognize with these on, and if you combine it with any of our excellent Santa suits and accessories like our Santa Wig and Beard Set, the kids might start to wonder if you're the real deal! Give them a Christmas to remember!
Adult White Santa Eyebrows - Self Adhesive
The missing piece to any face can be made complete with Santa Eyebrows! A luscious, full white beard cannot go without a pair of bushy and long brows to embody Old Saint Nick. Be sure to check out the Santa accessory kit and belly costume to fulfill this traditional character!