If you’re searching for the perfect costume to celebrate your love for chocolates, treats, and all things sweet, then you’ll feel right at home in one of our looks inspired by the classic film starring Gene Wilder.

Whether you’re looking to roll around as one of your favorite little green-haired Oompa Loompas, transform yourself into a great big blueberry as Violet Beauregarde, or become the mastermind behind it all as Willy Wonka himself, we’ve got all the looks you need to make your candy-coated dreams come true.

We have Willy Wonka costumes and accessories for kids and adults. That means everyone from Grandpa Joe to Odie, your four-legged Oompa Loompa, can get in on the fun. So grab your Golden Ticket and climb aboard - it's time for a trip down the Chocolate River!

From Halloween to cosplay events to playtime with the kids, our lineup of iconic Willy Wonka looks will give you a sugar rush you’ll never forget.