Kids Career Costumes

If career day at school didn't help your child make up their minds, they can try on a job with a career costume that puts them in the shoes of their neighborhood fireman, policeman, or teacher! They can keep the neighborhood safe for a day, or play office with the best of them, when they have one of these outfits to help them get into their play-pretend. When they go to work for real someday, they'll remember how much fun they had trying it out for the first time!
Kids Camo Trooper Costume
Give your kid a shot at upholding the code of honor and defending the American way with this Commando Child Costume! This awesome soldier's uniform for kids includes a jumpsuit, a padded vest, knee pads, and a face scarf. The jumpsuit is made of the digital camouflage worn by U.S. soldiers in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and it features an American flag patch applique on the left shoulder. With cargo pockets and a more traditional camouflage print, the padded vest will make your child ready for combat. The olive green knee pads make crouching comfortable, and the black face scarf feature the image of a skull to intimidate enemy forces. To complete your child's soldier outfit, be sure to add a toy gun, boots, and a helmet, which can all be found separately on our website. Dressed in this Commando Child Costume, your kid is sure to breeze through basic training and leave their mark on the battlefield!
Kids Tan Firefighter Costume
Has your child always wanted to be a hero? With the Boys Tan Firefighter Costume, they can be the brave fireman they know and love! This costume is perfect for make believe or Halloween. It comes with a jacket & overalls. Combine it with any of our awesome firemen costumes and accessories for an awesome look!
Kids Green Army Boy Costume
Your little one will be in charge of all the toy soldiers this year when you dress them up with our Green Army Boys Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a fun green figurine who knows their way around a rifle and a parachute. Featuring a green jacket, pants, a tank top, a belt, a mask, a helmet, and boot tops, you're not going to want to miss out on this great army get-up.
Kids' Junior Fighter Pilot Jumpsuit and Hat
Off you go into the wild blue yonder! Don't fly away from this site until you order the Boy's Jr. Fighter Pilot Costume for your child. This green jumpsuit comes with a blue hat. Several patches accent the suit, including an American flag, an eagle head and an ACE patch. Fighter pilots engage in plane to plane combat, known as dogfights. And kids, especially boys, love to hear the tales of daring heroics. The first known dogfight occurred during the Mexican revolution in 1913, but it wasn't until the first World War that they became an important part of military strategy. The most well-known and feared pilot from that war was Manfred Von Richthofen, also known as the Red Baron. He was the nemesis of the allies and remains a nemesis of Snoopy. Your child's Halloween will really take off once he puts on this outfit.
Kids' Blue and Gold Junior Airline Pilot Costume
Travel across the world this Halloween when you put on the Child Airline Pilot Costume! Forget trick or treating in your home town. Fly your plane and get candy from every country in the world while wearing this awesome pilot costume! Pick up yours today, and then scan our site for more great Halloween gear and attire.
Kid's Deluxe White Nasa Junior Astronaut Costume
Get your child ready for take off on Halloween night when you dress him in the Deluxe White Nasa Junior Astronaut Suit Boys Costume. This Halloween costume features a bright white full body jumpsuit complete with zippered pockets and front, NASA patches, and a black belt and suspenders. It also includes a matching NASA cap. The jumpsuit comes in sizes Small, Medium and Large, so you can be sure it will fit comfortably. This officially licensed outfit looks authentic on its own or with one of our selection of astronaut accessories like the Jr. Astronaut Helmet for Astronaut Costume, Jr. Astronaut Boots, Childs Jr. Astronaut Space Gloves, Jr. Astronaut Backpack, or Astronaut Helmet Hat Child. If your little astronaut plans on flying around the neighborhood on Halloween night, be sure to check out the 6 Inch Glow Stick or Halloween Blinking Safety Light, sold separately on our website.
Kids Marine Costume
Your little guy will be the best soldier in the force this year when you dress them up in our Marine Blues Dress. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your little munchkin into a truly adorable Marine who knows a thing or two about combat on the water. Featuring a navy blue Marine jacket with red trim, a pair of blue and red pants, a white belt, and a white and black hat, you definitely don't want to miss out on this stylish attire.
Kids S.w.a.t. Team Costume
The Special Weapons and Tactics Team, or SWAT Team, are real life heroes, and now your young boy can take a walk in their world with this SWAT Team Kid's Costume. Featuring a dark vest with the SWAT logo in the iconic military print, this action packed outfit also includes a pair of black boot tops and a helmet with eye shield and the same white logo. Of course, no SWAT Team member is ready for action without his tools, so we've also included a flashlight, phone, pair of binoculars, handcuffs, and a grenade - everything needed for dangerous missions. You'll find more accessory options elsewhere on our site, from guns to shields to camouflage makeup and more. As a member of one of the country's most elite fighting forces, your boy will learn traits like precision and grace under pressure - and you'll sleep a little more soundly at night knowing he's watching your back! Order the Kid's Swat Team Costume today!
Kids' FBI Agent Costume
Whenever something serious happens the FBI immediately becomes involved especially with all the recent events that have been going down in the United States. Whether it's an investigation or some kind of aftermath of a situation the agents are on the spot to see what happened and act accordingly. They are after all the Federal Bureau of Investigation! Introducing the FBI Agent Costume! Dress up as an agent and look the part for your next Halloween party or for your next costume party of the year. You technically have authority or you are one over" the police and some of the other branches of justice so kind of feel important and look like a big deal whenever you arrive on the scene! Look serious intimidating and professional as you put on this uniform and upgrade the look with some sunglasses (if you want). Others won't know whether it's you or an actual FBI agent at the party!"
Kid's Deluxe Black Firefighter Costume
Your child will look like he's ready to douse the flames just like real firemen in the Junior Firefighter Black Costume for Boys. This kids Halloween costume features a black fireman's jacket with bright yellow and reflective silver-colored strips, contrasting gray elbow pads, matching pants with knee pads and cargo pockets. The suit is available in size X-Small, Small and Medium, so you can be sure it will fit your little fire fighter comfortably. The pictured Childs Firepower Supersoaking Backpack is sold separately on our website along with Childs Jr. Fire Chief Boots, helmet and fire extinguisher and axe props. If your child plans to go house to house on Halloween night saving the neighborhood, be sure to check out the 6 Inch Glow Stick and Halloween Blinking Safety Light, easily found on our website.
Kid's Nurse Costume
Your daughter will be saving lives left and right this year when she's wearing our Nurse Girls Costume. With this fun medical set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to tell all kinds of fun hospital tales to her friends and family. Featuring a white nurse dress with blue accents and a "Nurse" tag on the chest, as well as a matching white hat with a red cross on the front, your daughter is going to love sporting this heroic attire this year.
Kid's Earth in Space Costume
Your little one will be the most magical kid in space this year when they're wearing our Child Earth and Ship Costume. With this galactic get-up, your kid will receive everything they need to become our home planet out in the galaxies above. Featuring a blue and green planet Earth body with a white and black space ship hand puppet, your child is going to have a cosmic blast wearing this special costume this year.
Kid's Astronaut Suit White Costume
Your child will be traversing the galaxies in style this year when they're sporting our Boys White Astronaut Suit. With this set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to hop in their space ship, explore new planets, and talk to extraterrestrials with all of their best buds. Featuring a white astronaut jumpsuit with a NASA badge on the chest, as well as other emblems on the sleeves, your kid is going to love this cosmic costume.
Kids Firefighter Costume
If there's a fire that needs to be put out, your child will be the first one they call when you pick up our Firefighter Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your kid needs to become the most fearless firefighter in the force. Featuring a brown firefighter jacket with yellow and silver striped accents, a pair of overalls, and a black Fire Crew hat, your child is going to have the time of their lives telling fun firefighter stories to their friends while wearing this one.
Kid's Registered Nurse Costume
If your little girl loves to take care of people, dreams of being a nurse, or just simply adores nurse's attire then out Kids Registered Nurse Costume is made especially for her! This simple costume comes complete with a white Nurse dress and matching hat. Both pieces proudly display a red medical cross graphic. The outfit comes in a variety of different sizes from extra small to extra large to provide a comfortable fit. This nurse uniform is one of our most popular Occupational costumes for girls and at such an affordable price it's sure to be a great steal this Halloween. Tights and shoes are not included with the outfit but can be purchased separately! However, any pair of comfortable white shoes or sneakers will look excellent with the costume. You can also enhance the look by accessorizing from our large assortment of accessories such as a Nurse Stethoscope.
Kids Veterinarian Costume
If your little girl has a love for animals of all kinds, then she'll love this adorable Veterinarian Child's Costume. Featuring a pair of pastel pink scrubs pants, as well as a matching top with pink writing, this professional looking outfit will have people both admiring and encouraging her to learn more about the veterinary profession. Pets are members of the family, so the doctor that puts them at ease and makes them feel better when they're sick is an important figure indeed. You're daughter will love dressing up as a powerful but caring medical expert, and the super low price will make you wag your tail as well! Be sure to make a visit to our Accessories page for other important equipment such as head reflectors, stethoscopes, stuffed animal patients, and more. Then get ready for a time full of fur, love, and curiosity!
Baby/Toddler Jr. Firefighter Costume
Your young tyke is going to feel and look like a real hero when you buy the Lil Junior Fireman Costume! What would we do without firemen? These brave guys and girls run into burning buildings and face crises head on just to keep us all safe and protected. When your child is dressed up as a fireman themselves they're going to absolutely love feeling like the town hero! With your purchase you will receive everything you need to make this a truly special Halloween for your little guy or girl. Trick or treating as a fireman is the best. If your son or daughter's friends are up for it make it a Town Hero theme this Halloween! I'm sure a police officer a nurse a librarian and a surgeon would love to join you. Pick up your Lil Junior Fireman Costume today and go make this Halloween a truly heroic one.
Kid's Combat Trooper Costume
Your little one will be making you proud this year when they're all decked out in our Combat Trooper Boys Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a modern warrior who knows how to make it through boot camp in one piece. Featuring a green helmet, a camo mask, a camo jumpsuit, a tactical vest with accessories, dog tags, and a set of black knee pads, your kid is going to love this powerful look.
Kid's Sailor Girl Costume
Your little angel will be setting sail in style this year when you get her all dressed up in our Girls Sailor Costume. With this cute set, you will receive everything you need to turn your daughter into a precious little sailor who knows all about the water and the waves. Featuring a pretty navy blue sailor dress with white and red accents and trim, as well as a matching white sailor hat, she's going to be looking absolutely precious in this one.
Kids Construction Worker Costume
Your kid will be the first one people call when they need something fixed this year when you dress them up in our Construction Worker Boys Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your child into the hardest worker to ever wield a hammer and some power tools. Featuring a muscle padded shirt with an orange vest print, a tool utility belt, and a yellow construction Foreman hat, your child is going to love this awesome look this year.
Kid's Swat Vest Costume
Your little one will be ready to go on all kinds of high profile missions this year when they're wearing our SWAT Child Vest. With this set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to bust down doors and take down criminals with ease. Featuring a black vest with the word "SWAT" printed on the back in white, your kid is going to feel like the most powerful agent in the force while donning this one.
Kids Black Team 6 Costume
Your kid will be entrusted with all of the most dangerous and secretive missions of the army this year when you dress them up in our Black Team 6 Kids Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a real tactician and strategist on the battlefield. Featuring a black jumpsuit and vest with accessories, a black helmet with a green visor, a face scarf, and a set of knee pads, your child is going to love this one.
Baby/Toddler Bennett Bomber Bunting Costume
It's time to choose your baby's first Halloween costume, and you should aim high. Get him the Bennett Bomber Bunting Infant Costume and let him take to the sky! The blue polyester bunting is decorated with red and white stripes and white stars and looks like an aircraft. The costume comes with a fun red, blue, and yellow propeller hat that will keep his head warm while the family trick-or-treats. The Bennett Bomber bunting costume for infants is the bomb!
Kids Er Doctor Costume
Doctors on TV are always yelling for 4 CC's of this or that. We'd like to think that stands for Cool Costumes. We're probably wrong, but you'll still love this Child's ER Doctor Costume! Featuring bright green scrubs style pants and shirt, this costume is perfect for the child with a penchant for helping people. Also included in this package is a light green surgical mask, as well as a professional looking name tag, and the all-important mark of a doctor - a stethoscope! Don't forget to report to our Accessories ward where you'll find great additions like head reflectors, doctors bags, fake syringes, and more. Whether making house calls in the neighborhood or removing candy from its wrapper with surgical precision, this ER Doctor Children's Costume will be a delight for everyone. And that includes you, since this price is less than you'll pay for any medical appointment! Pick one up today - STAT!
Kids Top Cop Costume
Be on the lookout this Halloween for this boys top cop costume! With padded foam muscles, this high quality polyester jumpsuit comes printed with a classic policeman's uniform and badge and is also equipped with official policeman's hat to keep you looking tip-top while patrolling the streets! Add a toy bull horn to give this little cop a bit of tactical realism! Check out the rest of our action-packed costumes for children and adults and beat the Halloween rush when you order your boys Top Cop costume online now!
Kids' Police Officer Costume
When criminals are wreaking havoc in the streets, your child will be the first one they call when you dress them up in our Police Officer Kids Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to lay down the law in style. Featuring a blue suit jacket with golden buttons and a silver badge planted on the chest, a matching pair of pants, and a badged blue hat, you certainly don't want to miss out on this heroic look for your kid this year.
Kids' Orange Astronaut Jumpsuit and Hat
Houston we have - an astronaut! Get your kids the Astronaut Child Costume this Halloween! The orange jumpsuit has several zippers and a black strap-on belt necessary for any outer space adventurer! The Flight Commander hat is also included, and the sewn patches detailing who the head pilot is will make your kid feel ready to venture into the deep abyss of space. Get it online today!
Kid's Desert Soldier Costume
The blazing desert heat will have nothing on your tyke this year when they're wearing our Desert Soldier Child Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your kid needs to suit up and head to war while looking strong and skilled as ever. Featuring a green and beige camo shirt with muscle padding and an American flag emblem on the sleeve, an attached green belt, and a matching pair of camo pants, your child is going to love this powerful look.
Kids Muscle Man Sailor Costume
Dress your boy up like Popeye this Halloween when you buy him the Boy's Muscle Man Sailor Costume. Sailors have a lot of work to do taking care of the ship and sailing the stormy seas, so of course they have big muscles to get the job done right. When your boy puts on this muscle padded costume, he too will have muscles like a sailor! The costume comes with a navy blue muscle jumpsuit with muscular arms attached, a white belt, and a white sailor's hat with a compass emblazoned on its front. Welcome everyone aboard your ship this Halloween with a friendly, "Ahoy matey!" Pick up your Boys Muscle Sailor Costume today, and bring this Halloween to the sea!
Baby/Toddler Fireman Costume
When your toddler hears the fire truck sirens blaring in the streets he runs out to the window to have a look! Seeing the blazing red fire truck race down the road and better yet a real fireman putting out a fire will leave him speechless! If you have just such a toddler on your hands you know this amazing Fireman Toddler Costume is perfect for him! This fantastic bunker gear as it is known in fireman lingo consists of the fireman jacket and trousers! Your baby will look like a genuine fireman ready to put out the flames from a forest fire burning building or even your kitchen stove! You'll be proud knowing your baby boy is the most courageous serviceman in the household with strength and a heroic heart to match! This Fireman Toddler Costume consists of soft material so your baby will find hours upon hours of delightful fun playing the role of a fireman right at home or even at a school party! He'll simply adore this Fireman Toddler Costume so much that he'll wear it durin