Superman Costumes & Accessories


It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Superman! Be ready to save Metropolis at a moment’s notice with our Superman costumes and accessories for adults, kids, and pets. When duty calls, hop into that phone booth (do those even exist anymore?) and transform into the Man of Steel, whose only weakness is kryptonite (and maybe Lois Lane). Put on the most iconic superhero costume in history and you are ready to take on any comic book convention! Find more DC costumes and accessories for sale online from today.

DC League of Super Pets Superman Toddler Costume
Your little one is ready to join the Justice League and save the planet with this DC League of Super Pets Superman Toddler Costume! Immediately recognizable and absolutely iconic, your child has one of the most beloved superhero costumes of all time. This comfortable padded jumpsuit includes a detachable cape and padded boot tops. When your kid is on one of their super adventures, don't let them forget their trusty dog, Krypto, so they can save the day together!
Adult DC Comics Supergirl Costume
You'll be the sexiest superhero at your next Halloween party when you wear the Sexy Superman Supergirl Women's Costume. This costume includes a mini dress with a royal blue long sleeved top that has a large Supergirl logo on the chest, a red cape, a gold belt, a pleated shiny red skirt, and tall red boot covers with gold tops. Supergirl is Superman's cousin in Superman comic books and the 1984 movie who shares his super powers and vulnerability to Kryptonite. You can complete the look with accessories like red heels and boots, blonde wigs, hosiery, 5 Inches Gold Cuff Bracelet, black eyelashes, red petticoats and red Lace Ruffle Shorts, sold separately on our website. You'll be ready to fly into action this Halloween when you wear this sexy superhero ensemble.
Adult Justice League Superman Costume
I's easy to transform from Clark Kent to Superman when you have the Superman Costume Kit. Kit comes with shirt and cape. The shirt is blue and red with the Superman Logo on the front and the cape is the traditional red Superman Cape. You can choose to wear this kit with suit pants as if you are Clark Kent in the midst of changing into his superhero uniform or with jeans as a modern day Superman. It makes a great alternative to the traditional Superman Halloween Costume.
Adult Justice League Superman Costume
Dressing up as the Man of Steel was a common childhood past time for most boys - we don't see why the fun has to stop after double digit age. This Adult Superman Costume for Men features the iconic blue jumpsuit with red shorts and classic red and yellow ?S? emblem. Also included is a pair of red boot tops, a yellow belt, and a long, flowing red cape. Kal-El, the last son of Krypton, was not only one of the first superheroes, but in many ways the first friendly Alien the world knew. You can take this outfit to even more extraterrestrial heights by purchasing a wig, red boots, and more accessories from our site. If you still dream of being faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful locomotive, and all the rest, then order this Superman Adult Costume today before it flies away for good!
DC Comics Superman Pet Costume - Classic
The next big trick you need to train your dog on is learning how to fly, because when you dress them up in our Pet Superman X-Large Costume they'll be taking to the skies. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your pup into the strongest canine superhero to ever chew on a bone. Featuring a red Superman cape with a matching collar, you're going to absolutely love this heroic and fun look on your pup.
Baby/Toddler DC Comics Supergirl Deluxe Costume
Your little super hero will be ready to fly around on Halloween night when you dress her in the Deluxe Supergirl Costume for Toddler. This Halloween costume features a short blue and red dress with a Supergirl logo on the chest and attached leggings, a matching red cape, red boot tops and a bright yellow belt. This classic outfit will comfortably fit size 2T toddlers, and is all you need to make your infant look like the original Supergirl. Also be sure to check out the 6 Inch Glow Stick and Halloween Blinking Safety Light, easily found on our website, to keep your child safe while she's flying from door to door on Halloween night. This is an affordable, low-maintenance way to make your daughter part of the Halloween fun. Just make sure you act before this deal goes back to the planet Krypton.
Kids DC Comics Supergirl Costume
Up, up and away this Halloween with the Supergirl TV Show Child Costume. Included in the set is a dress, gold belt and removable red cape. The dress has a red skirt, blue bodice and a large S logo on top. Finally, after years out of the spotlight, Supergirl has her own TV show. This officially licensed outfit is designed to look like the one worn by Melissa Benoist in the show. Kara Zor-El arrived on earth much later than expected. She was supposed to care for her cousin Kal-El, but while she was in space in suspended animation, he grew up. As an adult, she becomes a superhero but she starts out in the shadow of her more famous cousin and struggles to reach the bar he has set. We know that kids who have older brothers and sisters can relate to that feeling.
Kids Justice League Superman Costume
We can't guarantee your child will win a race with a speeding bullet, or stop a train dead in its tracks, but he'll feel as powerful as America's favorite superhero in this Kid's Superman Costume! Included is a blue jumpsuit, available in small, medium, or large, with the man of steel's signature red shorts and iconic yellow and red ?S? logo screen printed onto the outfit. You'll also receive a bright yellow belt with printed-on red belt loops, red boot tops, and a flowing red cape. Watch his sense of adventure take flight when he dons the work uniform of the defender of truth, justice, and the American way. You can even add a black wig (also available on this site for purchase) to complete the classic Superman look. Whether he's flying around the neighborhood for Halloween, attending a themed costume or birthday party, or just letting out his inner hero at home, he'll love this Superman Costume for Children. Up, up, and away!
DC Comics Supergirl Pet Costume - Classic
We love dressing up our pets, it's adorable! This year, turn your pup into the cutest superhero to ever save the day when you pick up our Pet Supergirl Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to give your dog the heroic makeover of a lifetime. Featuring a fun blue and red Supergirl dress with a gold banded belt and a Supergirl emblem on the back, you're going to have a blast showing off your adorable little pupper hero with this one!
Kids DC Comics Supergirl Tutu Dress
Make Your Daughter Feel Super with this Supergirl Sequin CostumeYour daughter will be one superhero who's pretty in pink at her birthday party when she wears this awesome Girls Pink Supergirl Sequin Costume. The costume includes a pink dress with a tutu and Supergirl logo
Adult DC Comics Supergirl T-Shirt
The planet Krypton lost an angel when Supergirl left the planet for Earth. You can save the day with this Adult Womens Supergirl T-shirt W/ Cape. Pair this with some bright red boots and leggings and no one will be able to look away from your hero physique.
Superman Big Dog Pet Costume
Lex Luthor, Doomsday, and Parasite better watch out, because when your dog is wearing the Pet Big Dogs Superman Costume this year, they're certainly going to be in a lot of trouble. Turn your pup into Superdog this year with this incredible Superman dog costume. Featuring a cute blue Superman shirt along with a detachable red cape, your furry friend will be flying in the sky and taking down villains before you can even say "Fetch."
Kids Justice League Superman Costume
Nobody would dare mess with your kid when he's donning the Superman Photo Real Kids Costume this year! When you think of the most powerful superhero in the world, Superman is always the first one that comes to mind. With this awesome get-up, you will receive a blue photo printed Superman jumpsuit with boot tops, a red belt, and a matching red cape. Lex Luthor, Parasite, and all those other DC villains better watch out!
Kids Justice League Superman Deluxe Costume
Rise up as the Man of Steel with the Deluxe Superman Costume for Kids! This officially licensed DC set is perfect for any little son of Krypton who wants to defend Metropolis this Halloween. The polyester jumpsuit is based on Superman's own suit and features muscle pads and 3D boot tops. Superman's iconic red cape and belt are also included. Shop on our online store for great values on all our Justice League costumes!
Kid's DC Comics Supergirl Costume
Be a powerful and fabulous superhero! Let your own superhero girl show the world why this comic book legend has been a favorite for decades. The DC Comics Supergirl Toddler/Child Costume includes all of the essentials to become this important and much-loved character
Adult Justice League Superman Deluxe Costume
Save the day this Halloween, in our Adult Justice League Movie Superman Costume Deluxe! This costume is a single, easy to put on piece?even the boots and cape are attached! There are also foam muscles built into it, to give you Superman's physique to go with his outfit! Any fan of the Justice League will appreciate this costume's accuracy, and all the ladies will appreciate your washboard abs! Join the Justice League this Halloween, in our Adult Justice League Movie Superman Costume Deluxe!
Baby/Toddler Justice League Superman Costume
Your little one will be ready to save the world this year when they're all dolled up in our Superman Romper Infant Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to grant your baby super strength, flight, X-ray vision, super speed, and more fun powers! Featuring an adorable blue and red Superman romper with the hero's logo on the chest, as well as a bright red cape, you're going to love this super cute superhero look on your cherub this year.
Adult DC Comics Supergirl Costume
If you've been feeling heroic lately, show it with the Adult Supergirl Costume. This Halloween costume includes a long sleeved royal blue leotard with a Supergirl logo on the chest, a pointy ruffled red skirt, long matching red cape, tall red boot tops, and a shiny, light yellow utility belt. It will comfortably fit the figure of size Small, Medium and Large women, and you can complete the look with a blonde wig, red hot shorts, red thigh high boot tops, or Adult Patent Mary Jane Shoes in Red, sold separately on our website. Superman fans young and old are sure to appreciate the authentic details of this outfit, which is modeled after the one worn in the movie Superman Returns. Supergirl is Superman's cousin who is also from the planet Krypton and shares his super powers. Your next Halloween party will be one to remember when you fly over dressed in this outfit.
Adult DC Comics Supergirl Costume
Supergirl is Superman's female counterpart and cousin. She's popular and definitely better looking than he is. The Superhero Supergirl - Sexy Costume features a blue corset with metallic gold details and trim and the red and yellow Supergirl ?S? insignia. The costume also includes a short red pleated skirt, and a red cape that fastens around the neck with a Supergirl logo. Shoes aren't included, but we have many pairs of boots or shoes to complete the look. Supergirl, or Kara Zor-El as she was known on Krypton, has all the same powers as Superman. You'll have the power to turn mens' heads when you wear this Supergirl costume. You might not be able to leap tall buildings, but when you fly into a Halloween party you'll make quite the stir.
Adult Justice League Superman Costume
You'll be ready to save the day and more this year when you're wearing our Superman Mens Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to tackle the challenge of ridding the city of crime, danger, and evil. Lex Luthor won't stand a chance when you're wearing this blue bodysuit with the embroidered Superman patch on the chest. Along with the bodysuit, you'll also receive a deluxe yellow belt, a pair of red shorts, red boot covers, and a bright red cape.
Kid's Justice League Superman Deluxe Muscle Chest Costume
Help your little hero become the Man of Steel with this Superman Deluxe Muscle Chest Costume! This costume features a jumpsuit with a padded muscle chest and Supermans classic blue and red outfit with his iconic red and yellow S. Also included is a long red cape, yellow utility belt, and red boot tops to complete the heroic look. Your kid will be faster than a speeding bullet in this classic Superman costume!
Adult Justice League Superman Muscle Chest Costume
Show how super of a man you are this Halloween in the Superman Muscle Chest Top Costume for Men. This costume includes muscle chest top and cape. Clark Kent, or better yet his alter ego Superman, is known for his great muscles! With this muscle chest, skip the gym and get the buffed look! The shirt features superman's colors, the signature ?S? on his chest and flowing red cape! Look like the comic book great! This costume is perfect alternative for people who don't like full costumes. Created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster in 1932, this legend has become a part of comic book history. The fascinating red caped character has been saving the day, but managing to keep his true identity under wraps! Wear this great look to any Halloween or superhero themed party and watch the women swoon with joy! Who knows, by the end of the night you may have found your very own Lois Lane!
DC Comics Superman Pet Costume - Classic
Nothing can defeat your pup (except Kryptonite!) when you order the Superman Dog costume. The foam chestpiece keeps your little buddy comfortable. The attached cape and belt complete the ensemble. Dress up your pet for Halloween or your next cosplay event! This is an officially licensed Superman costume.
The Flash Supergirl Kids Costume
Get ready for your child to unleash their inner superhero with our Supergirl Kids Costume from The Flash movie! Made with high-quality materials, the blue jumpsuit is both comfortable and durable, so your kid can play and be the hero all day long. The jumpsuit is features the iconic S-shield logo and the red cape completes this heroic costume, so they can fly around just like Supergirl! This officially licensed DC Comics costume is perfect for Halloween, costume parties or anytime your little one is feeling invincible. So get ready for some super fun, and watch your young superhero in training show off their skills in style with this awesome Supergirl Kids Costume. Looking for group or family costume ideas? Supergirl and the rest of the Justice League are always on the top of costume lists. Be sure to check out the rest of our officially licensed Batman and Flash costumes from The Flash movie and find a costume for the whole family!
Superman Walking Pet Costume
If your furry best friend wants to get in on the heroic action this year, then don't miss out on our Pet Superman Large Costume! With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your dog into the first superhero who has ever chased its tail and barked while fighting a supervillain. Featuring a blue Superman shirt with a detachable red cape, you and your pup are going to love this adorable superhero doggy costume.
Adult DC Comics Supergirl Costume
General Zodd, Darkseid, and Lex Luthor won't stand a chance against you this year when you're all dressed up in our Adult Supergirl Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the most powerful superheroine in all of DC Comics history. Super strength, super speed, flight, X-Ray vision, dragon breath - is there anything Supergirl can't do? Featuring a blue Supergirl jumpsuit, a crimson red cape, a golden belt, and a pair of red boot covers, you're going to love this magnificent look this year.
Adult DC Comics Supergirl Costume
When you have a super powered cousin who is beloved the world over, you've got some pretty big shoes to fill. We think you can fill the Women's Supergirl TV Costume very nicely. This licensed dress with removable cape and belt is the same design worn by Melissa Benoist, who plays Kara Danvers/Supergirl on the hit CW TV series. When the planet Krypton is about to be destroyed, Lara and Jor-El send their infant son, Kal-El, to earth. Kara Zor-El is also sent to earth. The tween is told by her parents to look after her cousin, Kal. However, her ship gets caught up in an asteroid storm and remains in suspended animation. Years later, it breaks free and Kara finally lands on earth to find that her cousin has grown up and become Superman.
Adult DC Comics Supergirl Deluxe Costume
What's that in the sky? It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Kara Zor-El! Superman is cool and all but it's his cousin who has all the fashion sense in the family! Kara is smart funny powerful and fearless and so are you! You may not be able to fly but you'll feel like you're walking on air when you show off your own fearless strength and sleek style with the Supergirl Costume for Teens. This sassy costume ensemble puts a fashionable spin on this infamous red and blue superhero uniform making it a perfect choice for all your dress up needs from Halloween to cosplay. This royal blue belly shirt features long sleeves and an attached red cape. The instantly recognizable yellow and red Superman S logo is emblazoned across the chest while shining gold trim adorns the collar wrists and bottom of the shirt. The included red mini skirt and shiny gold belt matches the shirt and cape. The included matching red and gold boot tops help to pull this superpowered ensemble together. You can even
Kids DC Comics Supergirl Costume
Showcase your kids superhuman strength, speed, and invulnerability in this DC Comics Supergirl Costume! As a cousin to Superman, Supergirl shares both his superpowers and iconic red and yellow S logo on her superhero outfit. This costume features a dress with a velvet blue long sleeved top and shimmery red skirt and cape. Accented with a wide gold belt and red and gold shoe covers, this superhero costume will save the day!
Kid's DC Comics Supergirl Costume
Your little super hero will love the shiny, colorful details of the Toddler Supergirl - Kids Costume. This Halloween costume includes a shiny dress with dark blue top, bright red skirt, matching attached red cape, and details like an authentic Supergirl logo on the chest, wide shiny yellow belt, and long red boot tops with yellow collars. It comes in one standard size that will comfortably fit most toddlers from size 2T to 4T, and requires no cosmetic accessories to look just like the original outfit. But if your Supergirl is going to be flying around the neighborhood on Halloween night, make sure you pick up a 6 Inch Glow Stick or Halloween Blinking Safety Light, both easily found on our website. This is an affordable, authentic way to make your toddler part of the Halloween fun.